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1:09 PM
Shocked this isn't some sort of trolling (yet)
@twobugs I was expecting Rebecca Black, tbh
I mean, I did check that it was a link to
I checked too, but @Sterno and @fredley are always breaking new ground with trolling
@KevinvanderVelden I did too!
Like, for example, how he ownered me as I was typing that
Such troll
So, was last night the first that @Sterno and @Wipqozn played Overwatch? :o
1:20 PM
I still haven't played it! :'(
(inb4 deownered)
@Fluttershy Yes
@Sterno Refused to join while I was playing. So rude
I had an amazing game as Roadhog. Fun hero but hooking is weird, especially hooking another Roadhog
My daughter was baking me chocolate chip cookies and had to keep running over to tell me every detail of the process. I didn't want to be a bad teammate
I suck so bad as Roadhog
Like, I'll fight him when he's on the other team and be all "OMG THIS FUCKER CAN'T DIE"
What seemed to happen would be I hooked him, he was able to shoot me and then hook me and shoot me again before I could shoot him a second time?
1:23 PM
Then I play him, and I last all of 3 seconds
I had like 30 kills though, I just avoided that guy and killed everyone else
85% of the match on fire but someone else was voted MVP :(
I even had play of the game!
Blizzard really needs to work on server stability. So many people were dropped last night
@Sterno What'd you think?
To be fair they are being flooded right now
Meh, it was the start of the biggest beta event yet. I'm not surprised. I personally didn't have any issues other than slow matchmaking
1:26 PM
@strixvaria You should set up a feed in here
@Fluttershy Yes
It was fun
I might have made @Wipqozn buy a new computer chair.
@Sterno That's adorable
@Sterno and a new headset
I love that can you vote for yourself
I always do, it's my own trolling method
@Wipqozn Yeah! :D Probably the most fun I've had with a competitive shooter in years.
I killed 5 people with a Hanzo ultimate last night. That was fun. :3
1:43 PM
I like this game a lot but it doesn't scratch quite the same itch as some other shooters like Titanfall or Halo 5
@twobugs Just a tip, hooking is hitscan.
So don't bother leading your target.
Interesting. I wouldn't have guessed since it looks like a projectile
Roadhog is fun though
@twobugs It scratches an itch for me, for sure, but it's hard to find anything that will compare to Halo for me. Titanfall came close though.
Halo is my favorite but the community is cancer. Titanfall is just a great pick up and play game
Titanfall filled that CoD void for me. Now CoDBlops3 is doing that. But I am excited for Titanfall 2.
2:04 PM
@Fluttershy I can't click all of them =[
Also this room doesn't have enough stars. Let's star stuff
There, important stuff starred
Aww. I can't click that strawpoll. Blocked.
So far I'm doing pretty great with Tobjorn
McCree is an unusual assault. Kind of a mid-range sniper.
I've been hit or miss with Torbjorn. I just can't find good places to put his turrets. :(
2:18 PM
Oh. Well that's an easy poll.
@Fluttershy Excellent.
@MadMAxJr No! You can't click all of them =[
It's so fun freezing people and then shooting them in the head with her right click.
Tobjorn is pretty much TF2 engineer. Turrets need to be placed out of main line of sight so that by the time they see a foe they are intercepting them before the objective and the foe has littel time to react.
I was surprised to see how small the maps really are.
I had fun as Bastion last night, too. I managed to get a play of the game that ended with me 4 kills ahead and sitting at 3 health. <_<
@MadMAxJr They're fairly compact, but I think the layouts are perfect. Probably some of my favorite map design in a competitive shooter.
2:20 PM
My roommate is playing Bastion. He needs to learn that he's squishy.
I was expecting some MOBA style creeps. I'm okay with it as-is
@MadMAxJr Battleborn has you covered for this!
.. I did also buy that.
@MadMAxJr He's unmatched in close combat as well.
Huh. so you can stack armor and shields? That's neat.
Flashbang -> Right-click -> Combat Roll -> Right-click will kill literally everyone.
2:27 PM
Yeah, I pulled off the tip suggestion for McCree. flashbang. fan the hammer, roll, fan the hammer.
Except D.Va, I guess.
I was surprised her DPS is so slow. But I guess that's how tanks work.
D.Va is weird. I don't really get her.
I haven't tried
I'm feeling pretty comfortable with Soldier 76. I guess I'd better branch out and try another class tonight
2:28 PM
I love Hanzo, though
Not Roadhog. I suck at roadhog
And Pharah is fun, too
Also, I'm going to save all 21 of these 21 days of Overwatch images and set my monitors to cycle through them
Soldier 76 has one nice feature nobody else has. HE CAN RUN.
That is nice
Although Pharah can fly
And Hanzo can run up walls, which is SO MUCH FUN
The ninjas are actually scary due to their movement abilities.
2:31 PM
Yeah, Genji is tough
He's a pretty big threat to Hanzo
Also, all of you should plan to stay home on Friday
I'm going to "work from home" so I can play Overwatch all day
I see a currency indicator on the main screen. Wonder when the microtransactions kicks in?
@MadMAxJr It's not microtransactions. It's for loot boxes
When you get a duplicate item, it's instead converted into a currency that can be used to buy other items
Oh, neat.
Yeah, I like the way they did that
Trade extra Tracer butts for Overcash.
2:33 PM
Genji is cool, he just feels like he takes a good amount of skill to even be decent
Since you basically have to land every hit of every burst
Genji has a surprisingly small hitbox.
Yeah, I can see him being tough to play
And his deflect isn't easy to utilize
@twobugs Oh god I got destroyed by his deflect last night
I fired a scatter arrow at his feet, which does 450 damage, and he deflected the whole damn thing back at me
I only have 200 health -.-
Nice. I tried to deflect a sniper shot and it just flew away harmlessly
And the guy shot me again
2:35 PM
Does Hanzo's sonar arrow do damage or is it effect only?
@MadMAxJr It does damage if you hit an enemy with the arrow.
Also, the sonar sticks to them.
Plus, if you hit someone with it, the sonar effect stays on them
Which is really cool
Same thing happens if you hit the payload, which is nice
@SaintWacko He's a huge threat to Bastion and Soldier: 76 as well.
He's probably the best direct counter to Bastion's turret, actually.
@Fluttershy Scatter arrow is pretty effective as well
Against any tanky character, really
Smaller characters are harder to hit with the whole burst
I haven't played Hanzo yet
2:38 PM
But it's still useful when you have someone almost dead and they run into a tunnel
Symmetra is really cool, though
I haven't played Symmetra :P
Zenyatta is annoying
I've found that I can be really effective with Tracer. I feel like I'm getting better at the whole headshot business.
To play against
Tracer's cool
Zenyatta is great but he can be frustrating to play as
2:39 PM
She's really hard to hit as Hanzo
Tracer can drain hp quick if you get headshots.
So squishy
He's basically hard countered by Tracer
It's interesting that some characters have hard counters
Zenyatta is hard countered by pretty much anything that looks in his general direction for longer than 2 seconds.
Well yes, but he has 0 movement so Tracer in particular is deadly for him
He can't do anything to avoid her
Zenyatta seems to be a glass cannon
2:41 PM
@Yuuki that's a pretty hard counter
He's a glass support
@Wipqozn Indeed, dude is paper.
But he has good damage and healing if you can stay back
yeah, makes sense
Don't all his buffs/debuffs alst until he dies?
I wonder how well he'd do if they replaced his health with armor.
@Wipqozn Or break LoS for longer than 2s.
2:42 PM
@Wipqozn Buffs, no. It's LoS.
@Fluttershy No, both of his orbs are lost on death.
It makes him interesting because it's hard to keep those up without movement
I just think he ends up being too punishing right now
They should let Harmony stick regardless of LOS so they can bring back his niche.
He used to be the best support for flank-heavy teams because of Harmony.
I just hate seeing 'LOOK INTO THE IRIS' running out to center field and I can't do a thing about it.
I dunno, that just seems a little crazy
2:45 PM
And now nobody really fills that niche in the supports. Lucio and Mercy stay with the team and Symmetra is more of a defense hero than a support hero.
I'm guessing the handful of knockback powers are the counter to that.
@Yuuki Oh, right. I just meant that his healing doesn't stay indefinitely while alive.
Couldn't figure out Lucio. Doesn't do enough damage for me to consider using his wall-run stuff to get better position.
Lucio can be incredible, you have to play him weirdly
His buff is an aura so you need to be near the action but not actively engaging?
I guess you are meant to use his right click to knock people off things.
2:47 PM
He's kinda like Zenyatta. Stay with the team and pew pew.
And use your right-click to knock people around.
I haven't seen enough spots for him to wall run. Kinda wish he had the vertical run like the ninjas.
Zenyatta seems like you need to hang back more
Since you can get exploded easily if you're close to anyone
Zenyatta is to hang back, hit the enemy tank with his debuff orb, and power up that ridiculous right click.
Recommendme a class?
I like the character interactions a lot
2:56 PM
thats it
I'm a widowmaker
All of them =p
Also: Mei
so much fun
Play what you like.. Just don't ignore the facts if you're on offense or defense.
I watched a team pick almost entirely support last night and that was just messy for them.
mei surely is fun and I see what you like about it, but I don't think that I can play it
Full Mei team
3:02 PM
I got a Reaper skin last night that I'm sad I won't have at launch.
Mei is a lot of fun
@Fluttershy This is part of the reason I don't want to play too much right now
hey this wasn't a troll at all
I didn't know pre-orders got a pre-death skin for Reaper
Oh come on, how did I not get PotG?
@twobugs It's not a big deal, because it's purely cosmetic, and I don't play Reaper often. But damn it's a nice skin.
It's the black and purple variant of his Plague Doctor skin.
3:04 PM
On at least three separate occasions, I used my ult (Lucio) to completely counter Pharah's ult and McCree's.
@Fluttershy Yeah, I just hate feeling like something has "no point"
Pharah, for being a human gundam, seems fragile.
@Yuuki Oh, let's break it down!
@MadMAxJr Wait, really? Cool
@twobugs They also get one for S:76.
3:05 PM
@MadMAxJr she is squishy, but a direct hit with her rocket his 120 damage. She's a glass cannon.
I still want her alt skin with the not-gundam head.
@MadMAxJr Origins edition, not pre-order.
Oooh. That's what that is. Okay
Pre-order only gets Noire Widowmaker.
Right, the data cable dreadlock skin
3:07 PM
I only wanted the Origins edition for the S:76 and Overgrown Bastion skin.
3:17 PM
33 consequent kills with tracer
+ a nicely placed ulti
Origins #1
I've got origins as well yay \o/
Always get the edition with the gaudy cosmetics. ALWAYS.
ME too
I got it from cdkeys, though
3:24 PM which was 10 euros cheaper
I bought from Blizzard because I'm lazy
which seller has the cheapest prices?
I just bought it off of Bnet. shrug
I just bought it off Bliz. Cost was pretty average for a game.
I don't have 50eur atm, hence asking
3:33 PM
Yeah, I don't really care about saving ~10ish bux
And with all the CDkey grey market stuff I'm not going to bother
I've heard Cdkeys is more legitimate than g2a, but I dunno.
Reinhardt's almost all melee. I need to try him and see how different the maps feel like that. I'm sure it's a lot of hiding behind the shield and advancing.
That feeling when you singlehandedly carry a team and no one wants to commend you because you played Bastion.
Seems like a lot of low level players don't know how to deal with Bastion.
Don't feed the grinder. You need utility and maybe a sniper.
Protip: don't jump at him.
This Winston raged so hard because I would take him down in less than two seconds whenever he jumped at me.
One, I now don't suffer from damage falloff when you're in my face. Two, your head is a lot bigger now.
3:45 PM
I'm not sure I get Winston yet. I get he's a tank. He has a shield. His electric gun hits multiple targets for slightly sub-par DPS.
@MadMAxJr He seems to be more based around using abilities
@MadMAxJr He's kinda like D.Va in that his strength is jumping past the enemy frontline and disrupting their weaker members (Zenyatta, Widowmaker, etc.)
His melee hit is actually kinda wimpy
Winston is super mobile too
Hmm. Okay, his jump is pretty good. In the test zone I was surprised how much height you could get.
@twobugs His ult is more for the knockback anyways.
3:47 PM
So his gun works well with that, since it does some weak homing
I guess that is kind of consistent across the tanks. Triggered mobility.
D.Va is mean in one solid respect. Never has to reload the fusion cannon.
I guess her damage is lower so she isn't just a Bastion clone with more HP
Yeah but the damage is kinda plinky and she slows down while firing.
I need to play around with D.Va
The flight mode is tricky. You have just enough to get from one perch to another on most maps.
Roadhog will always be my favorite tank.
3:50 PM
Reaper's mobility is really neat
Roadhog is super fun, but I doubt I can live up to my first game as him :P
Roadhog is pretty cut and dry. Get in close, shotgun everything.
If something is running away, hook it.
Reaper has some neat mobility, but he heavily telegraphs it
Reaper protip: You are neither invisible, nor invincible, when teleporting.
The delay on his teleportation can get you killed.
:29415026 I have so much fun lining up a Hanzo headshot against a teleporting Reaper
3:51 PM
Mobile chat protip: Editing sends as a regular message for some reason.
As in, you're not invisible during the teleportation itself? Or the windup/winddown
Reaper bots are amusing. They will start EVERY MATCH with turning to smoke.
I haven't played with bots at all
I kind of forgot you could even do that
You leave a marker where you're going to go, so it's easy to line up a shot there.
My roomie has a little anxiety over playing against real people. medium skill bots were a moderate challenge but beatable.
3:55 PM
@FAE and I played a game against medium bots last night. Their payload sat untouched because we were getting team kill after team kill as they all kept coming out of the same exit.
We did easy bots first. Oh god. They will run into your team in singles or pairs.
4:09 PM
@Fluttershy Yeah, that's the problem with bots. They bunch up and just come running straight for the objective
4:21 PM
@SaintWacko Yyyyep... We ended up with something like 7 team kills.
4:45 PM
I feel like some of the map balance is kinda off
Hanamura is a pretty big contender. The first choke is pretty defense-slanted, and the second capture point is just so close to the spawn
Two Reinhardt, two Bastion, two Mercy. Win prize.
@Yuuki There's a Hearthstone deck like this, the idea is to make the game so slow and frustrating your opponent concedes (no, seriously)
a.k.a. "Funbro".
Slowbro + Leppa Berry + Recycle + Heal Pulse + Block + Slack Off.
> You Block a defensive Pokemon in, Slack Off to heal any damage, Recycle to regain the Leppa Berry when PP runs low, then when the opponent starts using Struggle, Heal Pulse them.
A build quite possibly born in Hell.
I hope there's a hell that is just really boring
Personally, I love the maps in Overwatch.
4:55 PM
The maps themselves are great, I just think they need a few tweaks
Hanamura is a PITA on Attack.
The red gate on Habamura could use one more entry, I think, but otherwise, it doesn't feel like something a well coordinated team can't handle.
Yeah, I'll agree that it's not so bad to push up with a coordinated team.
Getting one is pretty tough when pubbing though.
The last point just feels brutal to attack
It's so close to enemy spawn
5:16 PM
I suspect some of these maps will need minor adjustment.
The first point in Hanamura isn't that bad I think, there are alternate routes in. I just think they need to add more buffer to the respawn or something for point 2
I think it's the egypt map... the defense point has a big arch next to it, stairs up over the arch, and there's a tiny little nook on the square just past the stairs. A turret there is amazing.
Only played there once, haven't really gotten a feel for it
If they storm the arch, it's a killbox. If they come the other way, it takes a looooong time to go up over the arch
The delay alone tells you which route they're on.
A decent Pharah can break just about any killbox though, it seems
Since she can just go up and ult
5:19 PM
provided they arent expecting it
Do you have to jetpack to do her alt or does she leap up as part of it?
ive boosted up as pharah and been immediately shot down before getting a chance to ult
Yeah, she's not very tanky.
You need a distraction before you use her ult
@MadMAxJr use shift to boost then ult while using space to float there
You can get some armor on her, but distraction is easy enough and should be used with her alt anyway
5:21 PM
Okay, so if you tap her ult normally, she does it from the ground? Yeah, jetpack sounds mandatory there.
A good Zarya shield on Pharah and then ult the other team for maximum kill
if you have a reinhardt shield up and use her ult from behind it, it has pretty good effectiveness in a lot of places
That reminds me, Zarya has a weird walking animation. I don't think her model is rigged quite right
Dear SFM makers. Have Heavy and Zarya hang out and trade guns.
@MadMAxJr "JUSTICE RAINS FROM slightly above eye level"
@MadMAxJr They're too busy making Widowmaker or Tracer porn. :|
5:23 PM
apparently people dont like overwatch questions. oh well
I think it's just one person downvoting your questions
yea that o-o guy
Don't worry too much about it, you have a ton of rep anyway
Meh, no need to be rude on my part
@twobugs Speaking of rep, you should accept my answer :P
@SaintWacko I don't want to shut down discussion!
But yeah, I might as well. That's definitive (for now)
5:25 PM
@twobugs But I want the last bit of rep to hit 20k!
I'm so close!
I have to figure out how to take down Zarya as offense. She can take quite a few hits. Her DPS isn't great and her ammo count isn't too long though. But she can hang out and block your route fairly well.
Yay overwatch \o/
I just played 6 or so games and it's fun
@MadMAxJr You have to be very careful because hitting her shield buffs her damage
It's an interesting mechanic
That I didn't know, and probably part of why she murders me.
I wonder if I can have McCree flashbang her during that with no ill effect.
5:41 PM
@twobugs Yeah, that's annoying
@MadMAxJr Hm, probably
It doesn't do any damage
If it can stun her during her shield, it should last long enough to negate the shield.
She gets the buff if you shoot whoever she shields, too
Today's art is Genji, and it's great.
i like have that o-o got upset at me for answering a question that was addressed in the wiki, and he did the same thing lol
w/e im just going to ignore him from now on
My advice is do not engage him
At all, ever
You will be happier for it. I speak from experience :P
5:47 PM
anyhow i now want to leave work and play overwatch
however i wont be home till ~9:30 pm tonight
so not going to be able to get much playing in
Do not pursue Retrosaur. It's a trolling war you cannot win.
Oh, is that who it is?
@MadMAxJr Oh, that's good to know
That explains a lot
I thought the way he was acting felt familiar
I wish that guy would just leave
6:19 PM
@MadMAxJr You can't
I handed a Pharah a shutdown play of the game by not getting sonic barrier off in time
I saw her fly up and it took me more than a second to realize she was setting up an ult
And sonic barrier has such a long cast time
I'm really a fan of lucio. He's a really fun support and he's not a very hard support either
Mercy has faster healing all the time and also her ult is pretty powerful too
Mercy is fun, I just played her a lot last beta
Zenyatta is good but he's hard to play unfortunately. Symmetra is pretty good too, since teleporters are great, but a healer is really nice to have
She's good as a builder hero though
I played some Mei last night but I'm not very good at playing Mei
I think partly because I forget about her shift and e
That one Symmetra last night was getting a ton of use out of her turrets
6:35 PM
I played a bit of the random hero weekly which was pretty fun, and got a POTG as symmetra
It looked super boring because it was just "oh like 3 people died and I don't know where"
I also feel like I might have gotten a shutdown or lifesaver if I got that sonic barrier up
symmetra has the little laser turrets right?
Yes, and teleporter ult
have you ever tried having like 2 symmetras and trapping one small room with all the laser turrets?
ive seen it done pretty well a few times in videos and people die pretty quickly when they walk in on it.
want to try it sometime
Informal poll of people on Discord last night: Who sounds older? Me or @Strixvaria?
I just can't see any reason to use Symmetra over someone capable of dealing higher damage faster.
6:42 PM
Teleporters are good
@Sterno @Wipqozn.
It is definitely not @Wipqozn
@Unionhawk Yeah, but it takes so long to charge, and has limited uses, so it's pretty meh imo. Especially when compared with, say, a decent Lucio.
@Unionhawk can't watch at work, but does it mention hiding if you hear "It's hiiiiigh noon" or "I've got you in my sights"?
Because friendly 76 and mccree don't say that
6:45 PM
Ryuu-ga waga teki wo kurou! That's Japanese for "move away from the payload now."
@Fluttershy It damn sure is when I'm around!
@Sterno i have only heard you guys separately so im not sure
im not sure how i sound though. you never sound the same as ou think you sound
@Unionhawk I didn't realize you couldn't hear friendlies saying their things.
Symmetra is great but she's not totally support
do i sound young or old?
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