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12:48 AM
Q: Is the lord of light real?

Alec AAre there any in-universe explanations that could explain the actions actions attributed to the lord of light, other than the idea that he exists and is behind them?

Q: Why does anyone want this character to be King?

OrnttAt the end of Game of Thrones S08E06, we see that But why does anyone want to vote for him to be King? The world of Game of Thrones has always been a very pragmatic one: those in power take actions to further their own power, not for some idea of a "common good". They are certainly not likely ...

1:28 AM
Q: Why doesn't Dany have bodyguards?

Alec AIs there any reason why she is alone in the throne room? What if someone was waiting to ambush her? It makes no sense.

2:27 AM
Q: When did the Unsullied learn to speak the common tongue?

CharlesWhen Daenerys first acquires the Unsullied none of them knew how to speak the common tongue. This is primarily exampled by Grey Worm having to take many lessons from Missandei (ex. S04E04), as well as Daenerys always speaking valyrian when she address them. (And at no point do we ever hear/see th...

3:07 AM
Q: Why didn't the other kingdoms want to be independent?

Gustavo GabrielIn the last episode of game of thrones, Sansa asks that the North to become independent and Bran allows it. Seeing this, Why didn't the other rulers ask for the same thing? Especially Dorne and the Iron Islands.

3:46 AM
Q: What was the significance of Daenerys's speech to the Dothraki in S08 E06?

Nog ShineIn S0806 of Game of Thrones, we see Daenerys speaking to the hordes of living Dothraki from a high dais. Are these random words spoken out of blue or do they have any significance?

4:09 AM
Q: Could Daenerys be brought back according to the rules of death?

MuzeDeductively Jon and Deanerys in the Game of Throwns were of the same blood and were able able to ride a dragon. Jon was resurrected by the God of Light and Daenerys invincibility to fire seem to align indirectly. Is it feasible that Daenerys could also be brought back in the same way by Bronn if ...

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5:27 AM
Q: New Targaryen Banner?

SailsThe Targaryen banner in S08E06 had a dragon with 4 legs. This is contrary to the official Targaryen sigil. Have we seen seen this banner before? Or is it the first time?

6:26 AM
Q: Did the scene in which John pet the Ghost shot after the filming was finished?

MitchEarlier Jon didn't touched his dire wolf Quote from the huffpost: Episode 4 director David Nutter told HuffPost that Jon just gave Ghost a look because the dire wolves are CG creations. “We felt it best to keep it as simple as possible,” said Nutter. “And I think that it played out m...

Q: What was Game of Thrones' total cost and revenue?

Alec AHearing about Season 8's total exorbitant costs, I'm interested in how much the show spent and made. Are there any estimates that include HBO Go subscriptions made primarily for GoT?

6:57 AM
> “We named our petition ‘Just try and write a massive fantasy epic as well as us, you ungrateful little shits,” exclaimed Benioff, smoking a joint made from a rolled-up thousand dollar bill. “I’d love to see them do it. I’d love to see them condense 1500 individual plotlines into one season in a way that makes everyone happy, without any source material whatsoever. I’m sure they’ll do just great.”
It's the Canadian Onion for anyone who didn't get it
Q: Arya the Explorer doomed to failure?

SailsThe last time someone seriously considered crossing the Sunset Sea was Elissa Farman. She took a year to build her ultra-ship using gold she got from selling three dragon eggs (absurdly expensive). She had the best crew with her and support from the Hightowers who were the second best sea farin...

@Sails but is it not fun?
@Aegon Elissa is one of my favorite characters from Fire and Blood
7:27 AM
@AnkitSharma Frankly, Even If anyone here were high on weed, they'd still do much better than D&D
@Aegon :D :D :D
@Sails She sure was interesting. Fire and Blood made me extremely Pro Aegon III though, even though I never paid him much mind before
What do you think about her eggs? I think it's strongly implied that the eggs she stole from Rhaena were the ones that ended up with Daenerys
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11:19 AM
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Q: Democracy in GRRMs world

SeamusthedogGiven that The Six Kingdoms are a democracy (of sorts), is there any history in the GRRM world of any other democracies?

@BaeltheBard is this a dupe of scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/212358/…
question start by talking about six kingdoms, but ask for planetos
so answer could also include kingsmoot, NW election and such
Dafuq you'd call a world PlanetOS?
@BaeltheBard lol it's not a democracy, it's a monarchy...
Anyone else think that Ayra sailing off into the sunset was strangely reminicent of Lion Witch and the Wardrobe? (if you've read the books).
I'm sure it's reminiscent of a ton of works, though.
11:33 AM
@Kepotx Dupe of a different one
@djsmiley2k yeah, the premise of the question kind of misses the point of the hilarious reception of Sam's suggestion of democracy
@NapoleonWilson in the books, the kids (by this point adults), sail to the west.... far far far far to the west
@TheLethalCarrot hmm, this one also only covers Westeros though
also, could be fun to organize a real, universal suffrage election
on the way they find 7 (or so) sailors (pirates?) who'd set out that way, found some treasure or something and had all died trying to get back.
11:36 AM
@djsmiley2k But it's a common motif, no?
Even further on they find weirder and weirder lands...
and then eventually they appear to land in 'heaven'
@NapoleonWilson I guess so
Maybe it's just because I read the books recently.
"hey, we start an election, but smallfolk need to travel to closer castle, then the ballot need to be escorted to KL, by foot. The results will be there in six months"
I'd understand more if she said she was going east, where Euron had gone...
@djsmiley2k Not by any chance the heaven where the righteous live eternally together with the angles?
@Kepotx Pffft that's season one travel times, by season 8 they'll be there in ~5 minutes.
11:37 AM
Cause that's called Valinor. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson IIRC there was waterfall
and they looked into the distance, and could see..... 'the world'
oh, yeah, i kinda forgot that moving a wholy army from trident to KL take less than to days
and the more they looked, the more their view of their local area of the world was visible. and they remembered how they wanted to go home
@Kepotx Yeah, that was most breaking point of the new season for me.
I realise there wasn't a 'lot' to go over, but 'snap' and they arrived was very much wtf?
@djsmiley2k meh, they didn't have any siege engines, so make sense
@djsmiley2k That already was an issue in previous seasons, though.
11:39 AM
The show and the books don't care about distances and travel times.. that's not what it's about
500 miles isn't that much
Makes sense that the people on land, and the people on horses, and the people in boats, and the people on a dragon, all landed at the same time?
I remember fans enraged by how Varys travels across the seas and how dragon fly to the wall in a minute.
@TheLethalCarrot thing is, Martin didn't explicitely tell "they did x miles in y days" so it dosn't seem weird
So all the bandits and such in the lands between KL and Winterfell very wisely went 'we won't attack here at all'
11:40 AM
a good way to do this is make implicit several days have past
Imagine you're cersei in KL, you see Denaries, Jon land outside
2 days later some of her army turns up on horses, but just the dothraki
do you 1. attack right now
2. wait until the unsullied and everyone else has arrived.
I also don't think in the final ep, that it's clear enough time had passed
until 'everyones here!'
/me is being slightly spoiler free there
Of course Smallmans beard has grown, but other than that...
@djsmiley2k well, it's possible you don't know when the unsullied will arrive, so you don't want to be caught with your pants down
also, didn't Jon travel with the unsullied?
The problem is Drogon. Go to him, scorpions can't reach him, he destroys everything
@JAD Cersi tho, she think 'haha Euron will get them, I'm all powerful'
@djsmiley2k but since they have now landed, they are not on sea anymore -> advantage gone
12:20 PM
Q: Why didn't Drogon attack this character after what he did?

defau1tIn the last episode of Game of Thrones when Jon tries to reason about why Daenerys did all that and to no avail at last ended up killings Daenerys. At this moment Drogon arrives filled with rage, he goes on burns the Iron Throne and does nothing to Jon Snow. Why did he leave Jon harmless?

1:19 PM
Q: Why didn't Drogon do this?

icemanIn Game of Thrones S08E06 Drogon almost immediately found out something was wrong with Daenerys. When he discovered she was stabbed by Jon Snow, why didn't he rip Jon Snow to pieces? Or vaporise him? Or better yet slow roast him? Was nephew Jon Snow wearing the thickest plot armour yet?

1:29 PM
Dany: "When I was a girl, my brother told me it was made with 1000 swords from Aegon's fallen enemies. What do 1000 swords look like in the mind of a little girl who can't count to 20? I imagined a mountain of swords too high to climb. So many fallen enemies, you could only see the soles of Aegon's feet."
Iron Throne:
That was deffo a reference to what it should look like
1:52 PM
yup, D&D is trolling us
same when sansa remind his uncle he is only a red shirt
"sit down uncle, you are not an important character."
better hear Ser Bronn of blackwater, master of coins, lor paramount of reach and lord of highgarden
2:35 PM
"Excuse me niece, I spent more than give years in dungeons, lost my family, lost my home, nearly lost my head - only because your bloody brother couldn't help himself once he saw the first westerlander wench. I think I am gonna finish my damn sentence, thank you very much"
@Aegon yeah, but north has suffered from the war
And somehow that's a valid reason to secede from a greater union.
You dumb child, what are your words? winter is coming
muh, you say that because riverlands never have suffered from the war
And they suffered the most, northern losses don't come anywhere near Riverlander losses
well, north of north have probably suffered a lot
and half of the army
I agree however that riverlands suffer the most
NK foraging is a bit more extreme, but didn't last as long as the war of five kings
2:45 PM
"I came, I saw, I died" - Nightius Caesar
while bran the cripled didn't move, didn't see and didn't die
I really wonder if the great council thing will be in the books
it would make way more sense (at least in the tv show) tah each kingdom became independent
I think there would be a great council
To elect Jon at least. Whether they elect him, idk
or the other aegon
even a baratheon bastard would make more sense than bran for loyalists
sad thing dany didn't legitimize one before she dies so she get a successor...
Dont think she'll fall for other aegon
She's forewarned about mummer's dragon even though she doesn't understand it yet
Drogon would be the rightful successor. But alas, he flew away, too.
(And he didn't give a crap for the throne. But well, neither does Bran. Only makes him a better king apparently.)
3:00 PM
Oh wait, we are not voting for the new King
to be honest, I can agree that the best king is the one who didn't want power (unless he gives it to someone who want power), but it is broadly assumed that bran knew that he would be king
he purposely did nothing, and therefore, accept the whole KL destroying, so he finally is king
Rober Baratheon was the bestest King who ever lived then
Problem is, Bran ultimately puts the power into the small council's hands now, for better or worse.
But of course the small council is full of cool people, like Tyrion, or Brienne.
...or Bronne, who'll sell the crown for the best p---y in town.
@NapoleonWilson three members of his family, and Tyrion had a pretty good incentive to name someone king so he could be both spared and hand of king
oh, you mean small one, not "the great" one
brienne, who swear to defend Catelyn's daugther, but still is in KL instead of Winterfell
But I guess this would be a similar problem with Drogon. He might want to rule and be an awesome an honourable king, being the magical super thing he is, but you ultimately need an interpreter for his commands, which might have to be Jon, I guess.
Though, we already know he didn't want to rule either, sadly. :'(
Next best candidate could be the Night King. But that was thwarted by Bran warging into Arya.
3:10 PM
@NapoleonWilson what about ghost?
he is magical
and related to AeJon
@Kepotx Well, at least she's defending her son, though. Or the guy who once was Catelyn's son.
But Tyrion also makes an excelent comment on the nature of casting shows. What you really need is an awesome background story!
then go for podrick payne
also, would give lot of heirs
and help to rebuild the brothel of KL
Because he's a humongous stallion?
that's a good story to tell children
The stallion that mounted the world even?
Prophecy confirmed!
3:17 PM
the stallion that mount the world whores
It's three dashes.
Wait, is he related to Ser Ilyn Payne (whoever that actually is)?
from a cadet branch, not the son of Ilyn
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5:17 PM
Q: Armies in Game of Thrones

StackOneHow does Daenerys' army keep multiplying in size after every battle in game of Thrones? Example: S8E3 Battle with the NightKing - Dothraki 1000s present, Unsullied 1000s S8E3 Last 5 minutes - Dothraki - below 10, Unsullied - below 10 S8E4 Cremation Scene - Dothraki 100s, Unsullied 100s S8E5 K...

5:56 PM
Q: What is the status of the TV and movie rights to ASOIAF after end of the original HBO series?

ThePopMachineNow, I'm not a Game of Thrones fan, but a number of facts are floating around the internet which I will outline below as I understand them. (I could dig up more citations, and I would appreciate if someone else did, but I personally can't invest the time right now for facts which don't seem to ...

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7:13 PM
They should sell the rights to remake season 8 to The Asylum or something as an ultimate slap in the face to the petition whiners. You want a remake? Check this one out! ;-)
The SyFy original version, complete with killer robots and Tara Reid!
Q: Is the Unsullied name meant to be ironic? How did it come to be?

CharlesBy definition, sully means to tarnish, stain, blemish, disgrace, dishonor, etc. When Daenerys first inquires about how the Unsullied are trained, the merchant has Missandei explain how every solider is first trained, degraded and punished until they're fully obedient to their master and don't fea...

2 hours later…
9:34 PM
Q: Why doesn't Euron get angry when Tyrion speaks about Cersei's pregnancy?

Luis MendoIn S07E7 Tyrion finds out Cersei is pregnant, Jaime being the father. Tyrion then leaves King's Landing. In S08E1 Euron wants to sleep with Cersei, but she says that he must wait ("You want a whore, buy one. You want a queen, earn her"). In S08E4 Cersei, having finally slept with Euron, lies to...

2 hours later…
11:53 PM
Q: What effect did this plot point ultimately have?

WossnameVague question title, unfortunately, to avoid spoilers - the real question is: What effect did the coming of winter ultimately have? 'Winter is coming' was a common refrain during the early seasons of the show, but once it came it seemed to be barely mentioned again. It didn't seem to have mu...


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