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@Mithrandir This is why I use my old computer to download stuff and check it before I move it to the appropriate device.
Which, admittedly, is not a luxury everyone has.
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@Edlothiad Was 1 KG the uniform weight? I doubt it. That would depend on quality of the iron ore and craftsmanship of the smith. A bad smith with low quality ore will have to use more ore, resulting in heavier and generally low quality product. While a high quality ore would be fit to be hammered onto itself again and again, creating a high quality product, like the medieval Damascus steel.
I am guessing that the smiths of early and high middle ages did not possess the refined skills of a smith from the late middle ages who produced such low weight zweihanders.
As for using two hands, I reckon that was to properly utilize the range of the weapon. Given its length, it would be awkward to wield it with one hand
That was just one person claiming there couldn't possibly only be 1000 swords in the iron throne and it be that big because 1000 swords is only a ton of metal and that would only fill a bath tub.
Then going on to claim 1000 of something is always less than you expect, but let me tell you, (did a star just get removed?) 1000 elephants is a smelly mess, and a thousand balloons is a tough obstacle.
Right. Just thought you might be interested in swords
FWIW, I had the privilege of holding a longsword from 17th century. And it felt like >3.5 KGs. And it was just a longsword
Not a two-hander
that was my feeling as well
Oh just realized you guys call that kind of sword a Sabre, not a longsword.
Well it wasn't exactly a sabre either. It was kinda broader than the regular sabre
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@Mithrandir Yours was first and accepted so was always gonna happen :)
@Aegon I have Jon Snows (show) Longclaw and that's around 3kg though I haven't weighed it to test properly
Conclusion, the iron throne is at least 3 bathtubs big
Conclusion, comparing a product to a source in size ain't gonna work
@TheLethalCarrot about your iron throne answer, do you mind if I add another quote about it from Tyrion's POV?
What's the quote? I went through quite a few relevant ones and cut them out just so I wasn't droning on haha
lemme find it
The Iron Throne of Aegon the Conqueror was a tangle of nasty barbs and jagged metal teeth waiting for any fool who tried to sit too comfortably, and the steps made his stunted legs cramp as he climbed up to it, all too aware of what an absurd spectacle he must be. Yet there was one thing to be said for it. It was high.
emphasis not mine
9:09 AM
Yeah add it if you want I was 50/50 about including that one anyway
Like, on one side Tyrion might have more problems climbing on seats than most
but cramping seems a bit much for a normal seat
Oh yeah and just getting onto a normal seat isn't an absurd spectacle, even a slightly taller than usual one
@JarkoDubbeldam I improved the edit just so it was in my style of markdown (makes it easier for me later on). Note that my style will probably make it quicker for your edits later on as well > to quote and double space at end of a line causes a line break
If you press the quote button it puts a > on each line and breaks the quote on lines which makes it a bit awkward to edit later on
I was struggling to properly align the A Clash of Kings part, so thanks
Either double space on the preceding line or <br> between them
Or double line break and > I think
9:22 AM
nah, that starts a new paragraph
@TheLethalCarrot Creates a bigger space
I tried that :x
Aye not ideal but it's one of the ways :)
When I forget how to do something in markdown I either ask here or open edit on another answer to see how they did it haha
I tried to copy your earlier quotes :/ but then it ended up on the same line
ohwell, TIL
You can always ask in here if you need help, or link the post and i'll try to play with the markdown to try and fix it
Like spoiler hidden videos. I've bloody done it before but I can't remember how.
9:24 AM
Probably needed the double space
@Edlothiad I'm still trying to work that one out
Just watched a theory on why Sweetrobin is actually the son of LF, was not imprssed
@TheLethalCarrot I've done it, I know I've done it, I just can remember how.
9:25 AM
Lord Arryn?
Meh I don't care about Robin haha
He's just another Rickon like character in the show too
plus, we have THE HEIR
> ". . . bastard? For a start, you are the Lord Protector's bastard, never forget. The Waynwoods are very old and very proud, but not as rich as one might think, as I discovered when I began buying up their debt. Not that Lady Anya would ever sell a son for gold. A ward, however . . . young Harry's only a cousin, and the dower that I offered her ladyship was even larger than the one that Lyonel Corbray just collected. It had to be, for her to risk Bronze Yohn's wroth. This will put all his plans awry. You are promised to Harrold Hardyng, sweetling, provided you can win his boyish heart . .
> "Good. Now, Jon Arryn married thrice, but his first two wives gave him no children, so for long years his nephew Elbert was his heir. Meantime, Elys was plowing Alys quite dutifully, and she was whelping once a year. She gave him nine children, eight girls and one precious little boy, another Jasper, after which she died exhausted. Boy Jasper, inconsiderate of the heroic efforts that had gone into begetting him, got himself kicked in the head by a horse when he was three years old. A pox took two of his sisters soon after, leaving six. The eldest married Ser Denys Arryn, a distant cousin
> "He did indeed. And soon after, Ser Denys left his pregnant Waynwood wife to ride to war. He died during the Battle of the Bells, of an excess of gallantry and an axe. When they told his lady of his death she perished of grief, and her newborn son soon followed. No matter. Jon Arryn had gotten himself a young wife during the war, one he had reason to believe fertile. He was very hopeful, I'm sure, but you and I know that all he ever got from Lysa were stillbirths, miscarriages, and poor Sweetrobin.
> Petyr arched an eyebrow. "When Robert dies. Our poor brave Sweetrobin is such a sickly boy, it is only a matter of time. When Robert dies, Harry the Heir becomes Lord Harrold, Defender of the Vale and Lord of the Eyrie. Jon Arryn's bannermen will never love me, nor our silly, shaking Robert, but they will love their Young Falcon . . .
> and when they come together for his wedding, and you come out with your long auburn hair, clad in a maiden's cloak of white and grey with a direwolf emblazoned on the back . . . why, every knight in the Vale will pledge his sword to win you back your birthright. So those are your gifts from me, my sweet Sansa . . . Harry, the Eyrie, and Winterfell. That's worth another kiss now, don't you think?"
9:32 AM
That's a lot of text you just posted :P
@Edlothiad I need a new question to ask that's gonna get real popular cos I'm 2nd this month for SFF and if I don't I'll lose my place :P
> Elys was plowing Alys quite dutifully
@TheLethalCarrot You'll probably ride the wave, 1.5k for the month is pretty good.
@Edlothiad Nah it's GoT it's already dying out, though the Iron Throne one was 10 times more popular than I thought it would be
you probably need about 2.5k for the month to stay up there
Just get tickets to Star Wars opening day and ride that wave, that's what my plan is to stay in the top 4 for rep haha
9:36 AM
Hahaha it is a plan
Ask "Are those weird little fur balls force sensitive?" and you have an instant +1k :P
It's happening Wednesday
@TheLethalCarrot Self answer, +5k in bounties
I think I'm in one of the earliest regions, although obviously the places that do 12:01am screenings are first, where as I'm only seeing it at 5:10 pm
9:38 AM
I still need to get tickets for SW
So a full 17 hours for europeans to ask.
Aye though I'm not too fussed about answering/asking in SW
It is gonna drown out the activity in all the other tags though for a few weeks
It'll be about 24 hours after it's released in Taiwan :/
It's got very mixed reviews on IMDB right now, but we'll see
Too long for me to read though
@Edlothiad SW? A bit early yet isn't it haha
@TheLethalCarrot The LA premiere was a few days ago? And I think members of the public do sometimes get in for various reasons.
9:42 AM
Ah yeah didn't realise the date already haha
TBH from the trailers I can't really see where the story is going to go at all
ESB part II
Well yeah haha
I'm putting my money on it, just like TFA was ANH Part II
Rey trained by Luke = Luke trained by Yoda, etc etc, not very interesting
As excited as I am I'm ready to be very disappointed.
Probably a safe bet
That way if it is kak, I'll just think "knew it" but if it's good, I'll think "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS THIS WAS BLOODY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
That's how I deal with life.
9:45 AM
TBH they've set the trailers up so it looks like the story could go each and every way, though it'll probably take the common good vs bad route. My guess is it'll be a marmite film
You can't be disappointed if you already knew it would be.
@Edlothiad interesting suggestion
seems a bit of a... convoluted warning system though
@JarkoDubbeldam It's pure tinfoil and doesn't even make sense
it's all based on an oddity in the crypts
which to be fair is kinda odd
@JarkoDubbeldam I mean if he knew exactly how many would be made, hide something in the final few, surely
9:47 AM
'winter is here'
The crypts aren't that way though are they?
@JarkoDubbeldam Pahaha, "You might want to start thinking about food stores from here on out, you're going to get hungry"
Ooh dutch music on spotify again..
oh god
what song?
Weg Van Jou by Rob Dekay
hmm, don't know thatone
9:49 AM
Spotify always throws random dutch songs into my auto-created playlists
I only ever play my own playlist
Tbf the question had been up for 30 minutes, considering it took me a minute to find and write up I had 13 minutes where I could've gotten it.
You done mucked up den
10:03 AM
ya done goofed
Guys fix some tag wikis, I'm <100 suggested edits away from gold
There was one wiki edit in the queue this morning, I skipped it too
Ye cleared it
1 hour later…
11:14 AM
Think I've got the answer to a puzzle
He hired Jaime Lannister so they no longer need the poison? — TheLethalCoder 2 mins ago
I couldn't believe I was the first to say it haha
@TheLethalCarrot I mean it's puzzling, not SFF, not everyone thinks about GoT/aSoIaF constantly
Well no but enough people have seen the show that I thought it would have been mentioned haha
Again, most people don't think about it constantly, whether or not enough people have seen the show
11:21 AM
I know
Fortunately for those people, their off-season is a ton easier.
Aye it is
I fill my off season by asking/answering pointless questions about the series haha
"Hey, *insert nerdy friend* is Game of Thrones coming on again soon? I keep seeing adverts" "Yes, *insert other friend*, it's airing in a week, it's only been 18 months... *shudders*" "Oh awesome I love that show so much, that guy with the Black Hair he's the coolest, wait it's been 18 months, feels like just yesterday haha" "(nerdy friend awkwardly laughing) ha ha ha, yes just yesterday..."
Lol time, errr, flies by
11:52 AM
Can someone find me a asoiaf question to answer so I get my silver? :P
Awesome help thanks ;P
Hmm I can sort it down to all the ones you didn't ask, but am struggling to get all the questions you haven't answered
You'd have to run a SEDE query probably, then you can check for if it's closed or not too
And probably also weed out other bad questions or questions with good answers
etc etc
I'll keep plodding through the old questions, I just hit a patch of bad ones though
Just use that script
12:01 PM
I've looked through a lot on there too
12:37 PM
If I DV you don't get silver, hmmmm
Wouldn't I? haha
And is there something wrong with it or you just being you? :P
@TheLethalCarrot Me being me. and you need 80 positively scoring non CW answers, if I DV you don't add to the tally.
Ahhh okay
It's to stop someone from spamming 200 questions that all stay at 0
I get ya
12:42 PM
Happy Silver
Thanks :)
200 FPs to go!
1:08 PM
Woop got the badge now :) Only 80 answers for gold GoT haha
More people have silver ASOIAF than silver GoT
There's almost double the amount of GOT only questions as ASOIAF questions, so ye that is weird
It's TLP and JustinEthier that don't have the GoT one
Then I could open the top users page with less clicks, mouse was too far away
1:23 PM
I've been going to my profile page and clicking the silver badge :P
To see who has the silver badges that is
3 answers today though they'll only get the attention you've given them haha
1:45 PM
Why did Ned take Ice with him to KL? It wasn't used in combat cos it was too large, I suppose in case he wanted to use it for executions but I don't think he knew how little Robert did so I'd have thought he would think Payne would be doing most of them.
And even if he would do some he could have used a different sword
Because it works as a later plot point.
Aye but I'm thinking in universe reasons
Also "He who passes the judgement swings the sword" so Ned would want to swing the sword
Best I can think of is cos it's ceremonial. There's an argument cos it's cool but Ned isn't the sort to show off
@Edlothiad Aye but he could use a different sword
Sure he could. He could also bring his own sword.
1:51 PM
I know
I can see arguments either way for it
And he did have other swords cos he didn't use Ice in battle and it wasn't Ice he used against Jaime etc.
I don't see the argument for "he could use another sword"
He had other swords, it's not necessary to use Ice. But I meant arguments either way for taking Ice down
I was just wondering what you thought about the matter
I'd guess it's a bit like jewellery. You have a pretty ancestral sword, you bring it with you to look pretty
An executioner doesn't just grab any old axe or sword, they have an executioners axe or sword
Man's gotta show some respect for the person he's killing
I know but there were other executioners weapons around
1:54 PM
@Edlothiad but Ice is an old sword :/
Unless Payne was very strong and did the did Karate style
@JarkoDubbeldam But it's not any old sword ;)
Sure, it's some old sword
@TheLethalCarrot Deed, and sure there are other executioners weapons, but they're not his executioners weapon
Again respect to the beheading I guess
Side note: sometimes I like to ask a random question so the room is sort of on topic :P
It also sparks some decent discussion sometimes haha
1:58 PM
Alright tweeted E&L
Have you actually? haha
maybe he used it as a walking stick when he broke his leg?
Well considering it was the hardest loss to bear second only to Ned's death, I want there to be a good reason.
It was to have a plot hook for oathkeeper
E&L are usually quite good in replying, with all my tweets to them recently I've only had 1 go unanswered
2:01 PM
@JarkoDubbeldam In-universe though.
Yeah I think we can all agree on the out of universe reasoning
As a hard-core stark bannerman, I need to know why m'lords sword was taken an basterdised.
To be fair Oathkeeper and Widow's Wail are pretty awesome
Books only, in the show they just look like normal swords
They're not as cool as Ice, and they were given to DB Jaime and Joff...
I think he very much intended to use Ice btw
> Every eye in the hall was fixed on him, waiting. Slowly Ned struggled to his feet, pushing himself up from the throne with the strength of his arms, his shattered leg screaming inside its cast. He did his best to ignore the pain; it was no moment to let them see his weakness.
> "The First Men believed that the judge who called for death should wield the sword, and in the north we hold to that still. I mislike sending another to do my killing … yet it seems I have no choice." He gestured at his broken leg.
2:04 PM
@Edlothiad I don't know the red of the blade makes them pretty unique and cool in my opinion
@JarkoDubbeldam He doesn't use Ice in battle though so I doubt he'd have taken it to fight the Mountain
Ned was offered a Trial by Combat?
Naive as it might be, he could've taken it to chop off his head once the Mountain is restrained
Could have I suppose
Still not as cool as Ice.
Though at that point would he have had to bring the Mountain back with him and give him a proper trial?
@Edlothiad I think we're gonna have to agree to disagree haha
2:08 PM
And detract from the basterdisation
> I denounce him, and attaint him, and strip him of all rank and titles, of all lands and incomes and holdings, and do sentence him to death.
I think Gregor was past trial
Oh aye forgot about that
Both cool in their own right
To me Oathkeeper is better
@TheLethalCarrot Love the combination of Lannister Crimson and Baratheon Gold
@Edlothiad Also that Oathkeeper book replica apparently has the following specs:
Overall Length: 45'' Blade: 35 1/2''
Blade: Damascus Steel
Weight: 5 lb 1.5 oz
Edge: Unsharpened
P.O.B.: 6 3/8''
Thickness: 8.4 mm - 3 mm
Width: 62.5 mm
Grip Length: 5''
Pfft non-canon replicas, they can make them look as col or uncool as they please. The in-book Oathkeeper definitely looked nothing like that.
2:14 PM
That is as canon as a replica can get
They work with GRRM in designing all book replicas
Sure, doesn't make it canon though
It's a good realisation, but it isn't a perfectly precise realisation.
I'm pretty sure GRRM signs all the book replicas
Or the certificates rather
The weapons from the ICE & FIRE range, as opposed to the GAME OF THRONES range, are the only ones that include my illegible scrawl.
Sure, but my point still stands
Well it does but I was under the impression it is as close as they can get to what GRRM wanted
I believe he signs all designs off and has to approve the prototype before they go into production too
Alas, you can't order the hammer just yet. We're still in the design stage, but I have approved these drawings, so the next step is the prototype, which is now being made. Once I approve that, production can begin. And along about there somewhere, Valyrian Steel will begin taking orders.
@Edlothiad Would it make you happy if we say the replicas are semi-canon? :P
That's all good and dandy, but that doesn't make it canonical
I wouldn't even call them semi-canonical. There representations of the work. But they contradict the books, and should therefore be non-canon, now I'm not denying they're as true to the real thing as GRRM could possibly get, but that doesn't make them the real thing.
But if he/E&L consider them semi-canon then so be it. I will stick to what we're told in the books.
2:21 PM
How do they contradict the books?
@Edlothiad I'm not sure if they do but going off his quotes and his actions with the company it sounds to me like they are
> Most Valyrian steel was a grey so dark it looked almost black, as was true here as well. But blended into the folds was a red as deep as the grey. The two colors lapped over one another without ever touching, each ripple distinct, like waves of night and blood upon some steely shore.
That to me does not paint the same picture in my head as the replica shows.
> dark as smoke
(for Ice^)
No I suppose it's not exact though it is close
a grey so dark it looked almost black is not the feeling I'm getting from Ice there either
Which is why I choose to stick to the book descriptions, and not what can be made in reality, considering this is fantasy.
I'm going to hazard a guess that GRRM hadn't seen Damascus steel when writing about Valyrian steel or changed it to make it slightly different
Thinking that the swords would never have to be made
I'd say they are semi-canon. Canon where they match the books (ripple effect, hilts) and none canon where they don't i.e. blade colours
Which is why I don't consider "replicas" or "realisations" of fantastical objects with any regard. They're not supposed to be made
2:29 PM
I don't think the ripple effect matches that of the books, the books make it sound like layers, that just looks like the red was dotted about (albeit very impressively)
Well this is Damascus steel
which is layers and folded onto itself
There not as distinct and cut-sharp breaks as the books suggest and looks more mixed.
I am aware, but I'm talking about the look of the red and (dark) grey
Oh I misread I thought you was talking about just the ripple/layered effect
To be honest I think the picture on the site is of the design I'll find a picture of the sword
The actual blade appears to be regular Damascus steel "painted" red
So doesn't really match what is described
@Möoz IPS is strictly off-topic here! :P
2:39 PM
Only because all answers would boil down to : "Stick 'em with the pointy end"!
> It's a ceremonial sword, and for Ned probably represented centuries of lordly authority. Bringing it was, in a way, probably a comfort and a reminder.
3:07 PM
@CarrotLethal The ones explicitly made as part of the TV show license are just TV show replicas. The ones made for the books were done in close conjunction with GRRM, allowing for the fact that stuff like Valyrian steel doesn’t really exist.
When tectonic plates pull apart from each other could an earthquake happen? I know it happens when the move against each other but not sure about when they move away
When they move apart it can create big holes and volcanoes but not sure about earthquakes
maybe that's one for geologySE
> Divergent boundaries are typified in the oceanic lithosphere by the rifts of the oceanic ridge system, including the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the East Pacific Rise, and in the continental lithosphere by rift valleys such as the famous East African Great Rift Valley.
> Divergent boundaries can create massive fault zones in the oceanic ridge system. Spreading is generally not uniform, so where spreading rates of adjacent ridge blocks are different, massive transform faults occur. These are the fracture zones, many bearing names, that are a major source of submarine earthquakes.
In plate tectonics, a divergent boundary or divergent plate boundary (also known as a constructive boundary or an extensional boundary) is a linear feature that exists between two tectonic plates that are moving away from each other. Divergent boundaries within continents initially produce rifts which eventually become rift valleys. Most active divergent plate boundaries occur between oceanic plates and exist as mid-oceanic ridges. Divergent boundaries also form volcanic islands which occur when the plates move apart to produce gaps which molten lava rises to fill. Current research indicates that...
So can cause earthquakes? :P
seems like yes
3:22 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Earthquakes are hungry Dragon. It is known.
So if my geology is correct then and the event was purely natural, the Doom was caused by two plates moving apart
@Skooba It is known.
well, two plates don't just suddenly move apart
Well they do
Just not on the scale of the Doom
but "everything is bigger in fantasy"
The Freehold's grasp had reached as far as Dragonstone, but never to the mainland of Westeros itself. Odd, that. Dragonstone is no more than a rock. The wealth was farther west, but they had dragons. Surely they knew that it was there.
Why didn't the Valyrians go to Westeros? Is it just because they found dragonglass on Dragonstone so didn't bother continuing?
4:16 PM
Does anyone else see any similarities between the two? Cos I know I don't.
Q: Is name Rorrihim based in Houyhnhnm

jeanJonathan Swift - Gulliver's Travels - Houyhnhnm Tolien - Lord of the Rings - Rorrihim Reading the excellent Jonathan Swift, Gulliver's Travels One of the many strange people described in the Swift satire are the Houyhnhnm, basically talking horses people. Since I'm a non native english speaker...

woah, I never realized Gulliver's Travels was published in the 1720s
Mornin' and I don't think I did
4:34 PM
@TheLethalCarrot what use did they have for dragonglass?
They used it for structures and it is found in Valyria
I don't know I was just wondering, like Tyrion, why the never went to Westeros after Dragonstone
Well, didn't they get to dstone only a couple of years before aegon's conquest?
Well they only went to escape the Doom. Why run away to preserve your family just to turn around and risk it with a n invasion.
4:39 PM
Well by that logic why do the invasion ever?
They he’d Dragonstone before the Doom, no?
because Dstone in itself is pretty meh
But from the quote it implies they went to Dragonstone before the Targs fled?
> Two centuries before the Doom, Valyrians took possession of the island and built a castle upon it, which became the westernmost outpost of the Valyrian Freehold.[1] The castle towers were shaped by Valyrian magic to look like dragons to make the castle look fearsome, and placed a thousand gargoyles upon the walls.[8]

Twelve years prior to the Doom of Valyria, Aenar Targaryen, the head of House Targaryen, relocated his family, their five dragons, and all their wealth to Dragonstone, after his maiden daughter Daenys predicted the destruction of the Valyrian Freehold.
So the question stands then :P
Why go to Dragonstone and not onto Westeros
4:42 PM
Told you
Also terrible answer to that Tolkien question
Terrible question
But hey, now I have the full text of The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien on my work computer. I'm sure nothing will go wrong with that.
2 hours later…
6:23 PM
i just again realize how badly the show botched the Dorne plot.... how could leave out this lovely lady.... #flavoroftheday
7:16 PM
Its been so long since I've read the books that I forgot Dorne had a plot.
8:15 PM
No respect for my tags...
@amflare one of my favorites lines ever
@Skooba That movie is home to many of my favorite quotes. So good.
Which one is that one?
8:32 PM
Which one is what one?
Which PotC
@Edlothiad POTC1: Curse of the Black Pearl
Was that in the first one, they've all kinda merged in my head
Yep, its right after Elizabeth gets kidnapped and is arguing with Barbossa on the ship.
Specifically right after she finds out they won't let her go back ashore
8:49 PM
Ah yes
@Skooba Arianne is a great plot
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