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3:46 AM
@TheDestroyer That would be a good choice. Peacock also sounds good if that info can be verified.
@Pandya Is there something wrong with your bot? It doesn't seem to detect post notices.
But Tiger should be national animal. No need of change into cow now. @KeshavSrinivasan @TheDestroyer
@SS Why tiger?
@KeshavSrinivasan He is running it only once a day. His bot is not running now.
@KeshavSrinivasan The Tiger as the National Animal of India symbolizes the power, strength, elegance, alertness, intelligence and endurance of the nation. It has been chosen as the National animal due to its grace,strength, agility and enormous power. It is found throughout the country except in the north-western region.
Royal Bengal Tiger is currently our National animal. @KeshavSrinivasan
4:02 AM
@KeshavSrinivasan Read the relevant transcript: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/37704302#37704302
4:19 AM
@Pandya OK, but even if you run it every so often rather than continuously, there should still be cases in the transcript where it detects post notices, right?
@Pandya I don't find any such instances.
@SS I would rather that the national animal have some religious significance. And now that Modi is prime minister it seems like the perfect opportunity to choose an animal with religious significance.
@KeshavSrinivasan Tiger is a mount to Parvati. Sometimes it is lion though.
@SS Well, lots of animals are Vahanas of some god or the other. But I'd want an animal with special significance, like a cow or a black antelope.
@KeshavSrinivasan How is a black antelope significant? I am not aware of it.
@SS The hide of a black antelope is used in Yagnas. Black antelope only live in Bharatavarsha. That's what makes Bharatavarsha so special. That is why Dvijas are recommended to live in Bharatavarsha.
@KeshavSrinivasan Oh! We call it blackbuck here. It's skin is put in Sacred threads for brahmacharis also.
4:32 AM
@KeshavSrinivasan yes, traces comments. You know post-notice detection feature is not added yet. Currently it tracks only comments.
It's skin is called Krishnaajina. It is mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana also. @KeshavSrinivasan
@Pandya Oh ok
तरुणौ रूप संपन्नौ सुकुमारौ महाबलौ |
पुण्डरीक विशालाक्षौ चीर कृष्ण अजिन अंबरौ || ३-१९-१४
फल मूल अशिनौ दान्तौ तापसौ ब्रह्मचारिणौ |
पुत्रौ दशरथस्य आस्ताम् भ्रातरौ राम लक्ष्मणौ || ३-१९-१५
@SS By the way, who is the actress depicted in your profile pic?
@KeshavSrinivasan She is Mahanati(Great actress) Savitri.
Savitri (born Savitri Nissankararao, 6 December 1936 – 26 December 1981) was an Indian film actress, playback singer, dancer, director and producer. She appeared mainly in Telugu and Tamil, as well as Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi language films. Widely regarded as one of the finest actresses of Telugu cinema, Savitri made her lead role debut with the 1952 Telugu film Pelli Chesi Choodu. In 1960, she received the Rashtrapati Award for her performance in the Telugu film Chivaraku Migiledi. In 1968, she produced and directed the Telugu film, Chinnari Papalu for which she received the state Nandi...
@KeshavSrinivasan She is the wife of Gemini Ganesan. You might know him.
4:39 AM
@SS Yeah, I've heard of him.
@SS I don't really watch black and white Tamil movies, the only black and white movies I like to watch are English movies.
@SS Bengal Tiger is found in Sunderbans.
@KeshavSrinivasan But she didn't get popularity because of his husband. She is the only actress who got the name MahAnati(great actress).
Though it is good, Cow is best choice as it represents Hinduism, and roots of India are based on Hinduism. Without Hinduism, there exists no country called India,
@SS This is my favorite genre of English black and white movies:
@TheDestroyer But bengal tiger is our national animal. They are found in many parts. There are some tigers in Nallamala also.
4:42 AM
Screwball comedy is principally a genre of comedy film that became popular during the Great Depression, originating in the early 1930s and thriving until the early 1940s. Many secondary characteristics of this genre are similar to film noir, but it distinguishes itself for being characterized by a female that dominates the relationship with the male central character, whose masculinity is challenged. The two engage in a humorous battle of the sexes, which was a new theme for Hollywood and audiences at the time. Other elements are fast-paced repartee, farcical situations, escapist themes, and plot...
@SS Cow is also found everywhere. It even shows our future generations, Cow is sacred.
Cow with Bump.
@SS And within that genre I especially like this sub-genre:
The comedy of remarriage is a subgenre of American comedy films of the 1930s and 1940s. At the time, the Production Code, also known as the Hays Code, banned any explicit references to or attempts to justify adultery and illicit sex. The comedy of remarriage enabled filmmakers to evade this provision of the Code. The protagonists divorced, flirted with strangers without risking the wrath of censorship, and then got back together. The genre was given its name by the philosopher Stanley Cavell in a series of academic articles that later became a book, Pursuits of Happiness: The Hollywood Comedy of...
@TheDestroyer How does it show our future generations? Cow with hump?
@SS They know the reasons why it is choosen as National Animal. Yes, only cow with hump is native to Bharata Varsha.
@SS Like how Ongole Breed looks similar to Nandi, Breeds native to India has bumps.
@SS Oh ok, the only old-time Tamil actresses I know are Padmini and Sarojadevi. I've actually met Padmini.
4:47 AM
@TheDestroyer I didn't why you said it shows our future generations.
@TheDestroyer But ongole breeds have become rare in our state. They are more in Brazil.
@SS What i meant is, they will know significance of cow.
@SS Yes. Few volunteers are saving the breed.
@KeshavSrinivasan Oh! that's good. Savitri has been a top heroine before they made their debuts.
@SS I just found out that I've seen two movies featuring Savitri: Karnan, where she came as Duryodhana's wife, and Thiruvilaiyadal, where she came as Parvati. Both of those are fantastic movies, but I don't remember anything about her roles in those specifically.
@SS what's the avatar about?
@Pandya She is south Indian great actress Savitri.
17 mins ago, by S S
Savitri (born Savitri Nissankararao, 6 December 1936 – 26 December 1981) was an Indian film actress, playback singer, dancer, director and producer. She appeared mainly in Telugu and Tamil, as well as Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi language films. Widely regarded as one of the finest actresses of Telugu cinema, Savitri made her lead role debut with the 1952 Telugu film Pelli Chesi Choodu. In 1960, she received the Rashtrapati Award for her performance in the Telugu film Chivaraku Migiledi. In 1968, she produced and directed the Telugu film, Chinnari Papalu for which she received the state Nandi...
There is a Topic of week on Movie and TV starting from tomorrow on women centric films. So I changed to her picture. @Pandya
4:56 AM
@SS Yes, I think I saw it it some old movies. Btw, had she contributed to Hindi films or only south films?
@Pandya Your request has been approved :P. ^^
@Pandya Yeah. She has acted in some Hindi movie and many movies in all the south Indian language films.
@Aghori I see that you've changed your username. Are you an Aghori now? :-)
@SS wow! Congratulation & Best of Luck!
1 hour later…
6:25 AM
I just posted my 400th question!
@KeshavSrinivasan wow great
@SS Bro! You are fan of MSD?
@KeshavSrinivasan I was waiting for

@Sreecharan LakshmiNarayanan Yogi I just posted a question about Sadagopam you might be interested. :P
Q: Who started the practice of Sadagopam?

Keshav SrinivasanThe Alwars (also spelled Azhwars) are a group of 12 ancient Vaishnava saints who lived in Tamil Nadu and are famous for their devotional poetry in praise of Vishnu. The collection of their 4000 poems, known as the Naalayira Divya Prabhandam, is considered by many to be the "Dravida Veda", or Sout...

@TheDestroyer Yup. I am
@SS me too.
6:52 AM
@SS Haha, good idea. @LakshmiNarayanan @Yogi Check out my question above about Nammalwar.
7:03 AM
@TheDestroyer even the cultural identity of the entire subcontinent is based on Hinduism and reactions to it.
@LakshmiNarayanan Yeah. Actually Bharata Varsha is Indian Subcontinent or South Asia.
@TheDestroyer oh ok!
@KeshavSrinivasan Okay
7:55 AM
I wonder how this question got 2 upvotes.
Q: Why in Hinduism, God is only for high caste?

S.J.AAs we know that Low caste people are not allowed to enter temple. Does Hinduism say only high caste can worship and low caste can not?

What research effort does it show?
@TheDestroyer Please don't edit questions which change the intention of the OP.
The OP meant to be rude. A troll post. No need to make it soft.
@SS There is a discussion room, you can participate if you want.
8:31 AM
@SS Ok. Changed it to Hindu God.
@SS Yes. It's rude and not relevant to present day Hinduism. So, downvoted it.
@TheDestroyer These are followed in a few rural areas. Where Khaap panchayats and sarpanch's words are final. 0.001 %
@SS Yes. Even in my own village, they don't allow them. They just stay outside Rama Temple.
@SS But fortunately, they didn't change religion.
3 hours later…
11:50 AM
@TheDestroyer @KeshavSrinivasan He has publicized my chatt. Every user of Islam SE gonna read it. Will my account be deleted?
@Aghori Whp publicized?
Q: Does Quraan really teach violence?

Anurag SinghI am Hindu, and I was arguing in a chat that - Abrahamic religion (Islam, Christianity et cetera) are as equally superior as Hinduism. All the others were speaking bad about Abrahamic religion, especially Islam. But I kept on offending. But one quoted various verses of Quraan which show violenc...

@AnuragSingh Has.
@Aghori is that guy Mad?
@Aghori Nothing happens to your account.
11:53 AM
Users are reading my chats there.
The room is full of Muslims.
@Aghori I deleted the room.
It is waste to chat with him. Moron asking to robbers - Do you rob?
@Aghori Let us deal with Anurag. It's not good to make them public.
Leave him. I think he is 17-20 years old. .
12:27 PM
@Aghori All is Well?
Yes @LakshmiNarayanan always. :)
such a childish person, look at the way the question was asked on I.SE as well. We should not tolerate this kind of stupidity.
I'm sure @LakshmiNarayanan someone from his family has married Muslims. Possibly some women.
oh ok, regardless, this kind of behaviour is contemptable and immature.
@LakshmiNarayanan Yeah. He should have asked about Verses or something else without linking chat room. Foolish act. He should know these are sensitive issues.
12:31 PM
Read his about me section. Full of conflicts. Even Adi Shankar the great non dualists couldn't say so. These are merely colorful words. First he say - he is nothing, none is his devotee. Last line he concluded - I'm Anurag of Paradevi devotee.
Confused idiot must have read AV literally instead of getting deeper meaning. Doesn't know difference between rhetoric, metaphor, etc,.
Yes. Not even read. He possibly have just read Nirvana Shatakam without understanding. :)
@Aghori I think he is lying about Devi. He might not be a Devi Devotee.
He has been motivated from random fb pages, celebrities & movies. @LakshmiNarayanan @TheDestroyer
@Aghori This is the problem with 99% of neo-Hindu Idiots.
12:34 PM
He is a liar. His contradictions reveal clearly.
Yeah @LakshmiNarayanan Have been encountering such guys for long.
@Aghori how did you find that he posted there?..
I would have been happy had he asked - Are non Muslims eligible for Heaven?
Chatroom was filled with Muslims 😂
So I checked.
@Aghori Actually there was a question of Islam SE!
@Aghori haha.. I think your heart beat increased after seeing it due ti Autonomic response.. 😀😀
Bounty man:
Q: Why animals other than Goat, Chicken and pig are not given as Animal Sacrfifce?

Sakthi Goats,Rooster and pigs are given as sacrifce to gods. There are also many other animals and birds in Living but they are not Sarificed. QUESTION : Why certain animals like Goat,Rooster,Pigs are given as Animal Sacrifice and others NOT ?

No @Tezz , I just thought whether it can be called as cyber crime or not. 😂
Haha @LakshmiNarayanan @TheDestroyer @Tezz He became so after reading Nirvana Shatakam only. And I am the reason indirectly. Karma is bitch. Read this.
A: How to become materialistic from spiritual?

Aghori Spirituality is ego-less condition of our being. In, non dual terms, indwelling is our real nature is spirituality. After defining spirituality as above in non dual terms, I would like to attempt to answer how to become spiritual, not following which, one can be material. As darkness is not...

He understood this wrongly.
12:45 PM
@Aghori I think best thing to do while quoting such things in public platform is to start by using 'We have these kinds of things in the present version of Quran we have...' this is the same technique which Agniveer uses in his site.. he at last writes 'By Quranas and Hadiths we do not mean the original version of them...' haaha..
That's why he is talking about so called equality.
Hahaha @Tezz thanks for the approach.
@Tezz That's the name given by me.
@SS which name?...
Oh Bounty man..
Haha.. yes..
@Aghori The question itself is arrogant in hindsight now.
Yes. :) ... 99.99% have developed such ideology just to look cool or talk colorful. He is one among.
12:51 PM
@Aghori well developing compassion towards people of other religion is not bad (Karma takes care)... but he is showing immaturity by suddenly posting that question in Islam SE...
@Aghori I think people can get at least some portion of Punya just by pronouncing Islam also.. because while pronouncing Islam ; 'Isha' comes which is name of Shiva... (Obviously I do not recommend this method haha.. )... but who knows what Shiva thinks... Shiva sometimes acts in very weird way... 😀😀
@Tezz Compassion is inwardly. Outwardly we can reject as long as we don't agitate our Chitta.
@Aghori yeah.. we can show anger outwardly.. without affecting our Chitta...
Actually I do admire Sufi saints like Bulleh Shah & Rumi.
@Tezz what is lam then? 😄
A stammer speaking the name ram wrong?
@SS it doesn't matter what Lam is...😀😀
12:57 PM
People are confusedd with the term Ahimsa. Ahimsa is not outwardly, it should be inwardly. We should not be hateful with mind but iitis not necessary that it should manifest in action.
There is no slayer or slain.
People ask me - Shiva had revealed scriptures teaching non violence, love, calmness etc but he himself gets angry sometimes.
I reply - Well he also revealed Natyashastra .
I didn't get it
What you didn't get? :
Why do you say he revealed natyashastra?
1:01 PM
@SS he meant that he knows to do Natak... ie. He is just doing drama (Natak) of being angry 😀😀
But natya shastra means dance
Nātya Shāstra
@Tezz can you give me link to that discussion?
Nātya means drama.
1:06 PM
@SS which discussion...?
That discussion between aghori and anurag
Or post a screenshot of transcript.
@SS are you able to view it...?...
@Tezz can you read it?
@Aghori btw I want to read Natya Shastra... do you have English translation of it...
@TheDestroyer yeah I can read it...
That's why I asked you to post a screenshot
1:13 PM
@Tezz oh..
@TheDestroyer his rep is > 10k. So he can read it
@SS ask @TheDestroyer... I'm using from mobile data.. I can't afford it... 😀😀
@SS which means that 5 people in I.SE can see it.
@LakshmiNarayanan For chat rooms, we have to see total SE rep.
@TheDestroyer you mean sum?
1:19 PM
@LakshmiNarayanan Yes. Sum of all reps.
@TheDestroyer ok
My rep is 3639 in hinduism but overall rep is 5.6k. @LakshmiNarayanan
1 hour later…
2:29 PM
@KrishnShweta I posted that controversial Pushtimarga question and answer I was telling you about:
Q: What are the words of the Brahmasambandha Mantra of Pushti Marga?

Keshav SrinivasanAs I discuss in my question here, Vishnu is said to have taught the principles of Vaishnavism to four disciples: Lakshmi, Brahma, Shiva and Sanatkumara. And in turn they started the four main Sampradayas or traditions of Vaishnavism: Sri Sampradayam, Brahma Sampradayam, Rudra Sampradayam, and Kum...

3:19 PM
@Tezz @Pandya I just posted a question about Adi Shankaracharya's Brahma Sutra Bhashya:
Q: Why does Adi Shankaracharya say magical powers can only be obtained through the Vedas?

Keshav SrinivasanAs I discuss in this question, by far the most popular school of Hindu philosophy is the Vedanta school, which bases its tenets on the doctrines laid out in the Brahma Sutras, a work by the sage Vyasa that summarizes and systematizes the philosophical teachings of the Upanishads. You can read the...

@TheDestroyer You may also be interested in it, as it pertains to Siddhis.
3:55 PM
@KeshavSrinivasan what is the simplest yet useful axiomatic system we know of to which Godel's Incompleteness theorem applies to?
4:05 PM
@KeshavSrinivasan Oh ok...
4:27 PM
@LakshmiNarayanan By simplest do you mean easiest to understand or weakest?
@KeshavSrinivasan easiest to understand.
something i can use to explain as a setting to layman
@LakshmiNarayanan Easiest to understand would be Peano Arithmetic (PA).
@KeshavSrinivasan you mean the X+1 = Y+1 means X=Y thing?
@LakshmiNarayanan Yeah, that's one of the Peano Axioms. Let me list all five of the Peano Axioms: 1. 0 is a number. 2. Every number has a successor. 3. Different numbers have different successors. 4. 0 is not the successor of any number. 5. If X is a set that contains 0 and contains the successor of every number that it contains, then X contains all numbers.
@LakshmiNarayanan So what Godel's theorem says is that if those 5 axioms are consistent with one another, then there is a statement about natural numbers that is true but cannot be proven or disproven using those 5 axioms.
@LakshmiNarayanan By the way, Peano Arithmetic is slightly different from Peano's Axioms. Peano Arithmetic is a first-order theory that restricts axiom 5 to sets X which can be defined by formulas in first-order logic.
@LakshmiNarayanan Godel's theorem applies equally well to the system of Peano's Axioms, known as second-order Arithmetic, and to the system called Peano Arithmetic. But it would probably be easier to explain Peano's axioms to a layman, since then you don't need to explain what first-order logic is.
4:55 PM
@KeshavSrinivasan ok cool thanks!
@TheDestroyer @Aghori ^^^
5:18 PM
@LakshmiNarayanan You're welcome. By the way, did you see my question here:
Q: Who agrees with Adi Shankaracharya on Smriti having no authority over the existence of objects?

Keshav SrinivasanAs I discuss in this question, by far the most popular school of Hindu philosophy is the Vedanta school, which bases its tenets on the doctrines laid out in the Brahma Sutras, a work by the sage Vyasa that summarizes and systematizes the philosophical teachings of the Upanishads. You can read the...

@LakshmiNarayanan It discusses the Purva Mimamsa school's view that Hindu scripture is powerless to discuss objects which already exist.
@KeshavSrinivasan Interesting. I didn't understand the block quotes itself but your explanation after that made sense.
5:41 PM
@LakshmiNarayanan What didn't you understand in the block quotes?
The principles different from the pradhâna, but to be viewed as its modifications which the (Sânkhya) Smriti assumes, as, for instance, the great principle [Mahat], are perceived neither in the Veda nor in ordinary experience. Now things of the nature of the elements and the sense organs, which are well known from the Veda, as well as from experience, may be referred to in Smriti
@LakshmiNarayanan Pradhana refers to Prakriti, and "principles" refer to the Tattvas or evolutes of Prakriti posited by the Samkhya school.
what is Mahat - the great principle?
@LakshmiNarayanan According to the Samkhya school, there are two kinds of objects in the world: Purushas or souls, and Prakriti or matter/energy. Prakriti is naturally a formless entity, but when it's in the presence of a Purushas it evolves into a a variety of forms called Tattvas. These includes gross elements like fire, water, air, etc., subtle elements like Buddhi and Manas, etc.
@LakshmiNarayanan Mahat is one of the Tattvas.
@KeshavSrinivasan ok now it makes more sense. Assuming that mahat has property of being imperceptible and uninferrable
5:52 PM
@LakshmiNarayanan Yeah, Mahat is not a physical object, so it can't be perceived by the senses.
@LakshmiNarayanan By the way, Ramanujacharya accepts the existence of the Tattvas posited by the Samkhya school, whereas Adi Shankaracharya rejects them.
@LakshmiNarayanan By the way, if you remember my Kapila dialogue, the evolution of Prakriti is discussed there: docs.google.com/document/d/…
@KeshavSrinivasan amnesia!
@LakshmiNarayanan Although I didn't use the word Prakriti. I wrote the dialogue entirely using English words.
@LakshmiNarayanan Haha
@KeshavSrinivasan I will read it again!
I remember that you reconcile Vishnu's KapilAvatara with VisistAdvaita
btw i think you should explain the second blockquote as you explained here, in the question
@LakshmiNarayanan Yeah, I could add an explanation of what Kapila's Samkhya, although I find that making my question longer makes people less likely to read it.
@KeshavSrinivasan oh, do you have stats on it?
6:04 PM
@LakshmiNarayanan Well, I don't really discuss Visistadvaita, but what the dialogue tackles is the question of how Kapila could found a philosophical school that rejects the existence of a supreme being when Kapila was an incarnation of Vishnu.
@KeshavSrinivasan that's what i meant sorry.
@LakshmiNarayanan Haha, not stats, just anecdotal data, like looking at view counts and vote scores.
@KeshavSrinivasan I don't know how view counts help but votes for sure.
@LakshmiNarayanan Well, it's kind of like how box office results help tell you whether people liked a movie, or how TV ratings help tell you whether people like a TV episode. Strictly speaking the decision to watch is made before the viewer sees the episode, but there's still a correlation.
4 hours later…
9:57 PM
@Tezz @Pandya @LakshmiNarayanan I just posted a question about the Devata Kanda Sutras:
Q: What is the context of an important Sutra in the Sankarsha Kanda manuscripts?

Keshav SrinivasanAs I discuss in this question, by far the most popular school of Hindu philosophy is the Vedanta school, which bases its tenets on the doctrines laid out in the Brahma Sutras, a work by the sage Vyasa which summarizes and systematizes the philosophical teachings of the Upanishads. (You can read t...

@Tezz @Pandya @LakshmiNarayanan I've wanted to post this question for a really long time. Hopefully this will be the first of many questions on the Devata Kanda Sutras.
@Tezz @Pandya @LakshmiNarayanan This is my favorite question I've posted in a while, which probably means almost no one will read it :-)
2 hours later…
11:53 PM
@KeshavSrinivasan Ratings are done via careful testing and Box Office spreads through word of mouth and reviews, so it's a stretch to say the same applies here!

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