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@BartArondson It doesn't have any answers that you can see. There are, in fact, several (bad) answers that have been posted and deleted. When a question attracts enough answers that require moderator attention, it is a good candidate for protection, either manually or by algorithm.
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@patrix thanks
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9:10 PM
A: How to troubleshoot WLAN WPA2/WPA not working after updating to OSX 10.8.4?

bmikeSince the update told you it failed, you might need to re-apply the update by connecting to a wired network or downloading the whole update from another computer if yours is off network. Be sure to download the 10.8.4 Combo updater and re-apply the update to be sure the drivers all installed pro...

@bmike just FYI … after reading the opening question I realise that my MacBookPro5,2 connects but no longer gets an IP address from a nearby WPA Personal network. Uninstallation of Little Snitch nightly (3929) has not worked around. I used the full installer for 10.8.4, so I doubt that the combo will work around.
That particular WPA Personal network is no longer used by me (it was a favour from a neighbour a few months ago) so I'm not in difficulty, but seeing apple.stackexchange.com/a/93297/8546 under the question makes me suspect a regression in 10.8.4.
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11:50 PM
@patrix, you still around?
Just curious what others were thinking about this:
Q: Can one Mac mini run twelve displays?

Phill PaffordAt work we have two Mac minis and each can run six monitors (twelve total). I want to use only one Mac mini. How can we do this? Update: We have tried using a Thunderbolt PCIe expansion chassis. We discovered some limitations of OS X and Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis: Graphics C...

@bmike, (so you see this later). Every answer questions why someone would want to run 12 monitors from a single computer.
It seems to me that the point made is kind of mute. The OP wants a 12 monitor setup...
I thought about editing, but it seemed a little too much. Whatever you all want to do is fine. I just wanted to run this up the pole and see if anyone saluted.

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