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4:57 AM
Q: Explicit construction of induced character from cyclic subgroup of symmetric group

kcrismanI have been computing some characters by hand, but just can't seem to figure out how they relate to the standard "induced character" constructions I can find. Small example: For $G=S_4$ and the cyclic subgroup $H=\langle(1234)\rangle$, references indicate that the permutation character (well, ch...

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9:28 AM
Q: Old Links to PlanetMath have Broken

Calvin KhorI recently fixed a broken link to a PlanetMath page, by changing http://planetmath.org/encyclopedia/RotationalInvarianceOfCrossProduct.html to http://planetmath.org/RotationalInvarianceOfCrossProduct. Some links also have .html at the end, without /encyclopedia/ see e.g. http://planetmath.org/Ful...

It seems that tags with similar meaning on other metas are on Mathematics Meta and Stack Overflow Meta.
And there is a tag called on Super User Meta.
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11:09 AM
in Martin Sleziak's room, 1 min ago, by Calvin Khor
@MartinSleziak I found that earlier by searching in this room for which you put in this chat message. I thought it a natural tag to have on meta, and put it on the math.meta question hopefully this makes it harder to forget about

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