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9:03 AM
Recently I have been trying to re-tag posts from the "analysis" tag. Quite massively to be honest.
But in some scenario 1, 2 some just refused, and even suggest to keep the "analysis" tag alongside with other (e.g. real-analysis) tags.
Is there really any value(s) in using the "analysis" tag, especially when other more specific tags are there?
Q: Finding $\lim_{x \to \infty} (x + \frac{2x^{3}}{3} - \frac{2(x^2+1)^{\frac{3}{2}}}{3})$

EM4$\lim_{x \to \infty} (x + \frac{2x^{3}}{3} - \frac{2(x^2+1)^{\frac{3}{2}}}{3})$ this limit according to wolframalpha is equal to $0$. So this is my work thus far $\lim_{x \to \infty} (x + \frac{2x^{3}}{3} - \frac{2(x^2+1)^{\frac{3}{2}}}{3})$ output is $\infty - \infty$ which is indeterminate for...

@Arctic Char Stop please to change tags, which I made. — Michael Rozenberg 20 mins ago
@MichaelRozenberg Did you see the post on meta that I linked? — Arctic Char 17 mins ago
@Arctic Char OK. You can add a tag real-analysis" or "calculus", but don'd delete the tag "analysis". — Michael Rozenberg 12 mins ago
Q: Help with a proof of a consequence from the axioms of addition and multiplication

Grigori PerelmanWhile reading through Analysis 1 by Vladimir A. Zorich, I encountered this proof which has this 1 step I can't understand. Here is the consequence and the proof: For every $x\in \mathbb R$ the following is true $$-x=(-1)\cdot x$$ Proof. $\ \ x+(-1)\cdot x=\underbrace{(1+(-1))\cdot x}_\text{Which ...

Please avoid the use of the "analysis" tag. Indeed the tag info explicitly suggest to use a more specific tag. — Arctic Char 16 hours ago
@ArcticChar what is the issue with using the analysis tag? — Grigori Perelman 16 hours ago
@GrigoriPerelman Please see here and here for more information. — Arctic Char 15 hours ago
The upshot is: if analysis tag is used alongside other "analysis" tag (say real-, complex-, functional-, ....), then it gives zero extra infomation. If analysis tag is used alone, then it's not specific enough. — Arctic Char 15 hours ago
@ArcticChar I understand, but nevertheless I don’t think it is deficitary in any way. Some people may explore the network using that particular tag and I put it there to reach those ones who do. Please don’t remove that tag from my posts in the future, except if I don’t put the more specific one also. Thanks for the insights on the topic — Grigori Perelman 15 hours ago
I will try to do that (in general when I edit a post I do not check who's the asker - that's irrelevant). — Arctic Char 15 hours ago
@ArcticChar I have copied the comment exchange into this room - so they are archived if the comments are deleted.
If you don't want to have them here, I can move them to Trash. (Alternatively, I could add you as a RO if you with to - although when I asked about that before, I did not recall some response.)
10:01 AM
Definitely it is better to have the comment here. The comment is sort of off-topic in those posts. Yes I am happy to join as a room owner, though I have no idea what I could/should do.
@ArcticChar It just means that there are some things you can now do in this room (pin a message, move messages, etc.)
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10:06 PM
@ArcticChar I think replacing instances of the tag with more specific tags wherever possible is a good initiative. I was considering taking up that clean-up activity myself, but I've been a bit busy with "real" life stuff for some time now.
If some users want to keep the [analysis] tag along with other specific analysis-related tags, there is no harm in making such a compromise, provided that the tag doesn't take up a slot for a more pertinent tag.

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