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7:34 AM
@quid I don't know why (probability) and (expected-value) are syn, but both are possible solutions. I personally prefer the later though. — GNU Supporter 13 hours ago
I don't understand that synonym either; maybe it made sense when the site was small. — quid ♦ 13 hours ago
When I look at the list of synonyms, it seems that this was created by Willie Wong in September 2011.
A: Tag merging and synonyms

Mike SpiveyThe tag expected-value was recently created. We used to have an expectation tag, but we decided that it was sufficiently covered by probability, and so expectation was merged into probability several months back. In keeping with this decision, I think expected-value should also be merged with p...

I just looked at the questions tagged with (expected-value). It appears to me that a couple of them perhaps should be tagged (probability-theory) instead of (probability). What do you think? — Willie Wong Sep 19 '11 at 18:18
Okay, I've made the merge. — Willie Wong Sep 22 '11 at 1:02
Should we perhaps ping Willie Wong (as the creator of the synonym) - in case he has something to add to the recent discussion?
Q: Expectation means average?

GNU SupporterWe have three ambiguous tags average, expectation and means. They are often used for probability and statistics problems. The tag expected-value has been synonymized with probability. The current tag excerpts and info for these three tags are not clear enough. The average tag includes arithme...

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8:45 AM
I would be tempted to add and to this question: Can there be an Aleph Two or even greater? But I see that Andrés E. Caicedo, who takes care of set-theory related tags, posted an answer there and did not change the tag, so I am less sure.
Is it possible that adding such tags would change the perception of the question as far as the OP's knowledge level and intentions are concerned?
BTW I've noticed that question from the HNQ list.
Q: Can there be an Aleph Two or even greater?

SonnyACan there be an Aleph Two or even greater? I was reading about Cantor’s Diagonal Proof and learned about Aleph One and Aleph Zero. Would it make sense for there to be an Aleph Two by just using the same method that Cantor used but on Aleph One?

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3:09 PM
Another new tag: .
Q: Stable limit cycle

NatashaFor a system of two differential equations, the eigenvalues determine the stability of the system. When the eigenvalues are positive, the system is unstable. In case of complex eigenvalues, the system is unstable when the real parts of the eigenvalues are positive. In the latter case, how do we m...

@MartinSleziak Since I've asked here in chat, elementary-set-theory tag was added to that question.

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