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3:44 AM
Re: I am not a fan of synonyms in general, so I try to avoid them.
I should probably have noticed that based on our past discussions. It seems that we have rather different view on synonyms. (At least this type of synonyms.)
The talk about synonyms reminded me our previous discussion about and . (I should have probably bookmarked it back then - it might be a bit difficult to find since the discussion - if I remember correctly - spanned a few days and was interleaved by some other stuff.)
Apr 6 at 14:57, by Martin Sleziak
@quid I am not sure whether you remember our discussion about and tags related to maximization. Some of them have been synonyms for a long time, the tag is a suggested synonym which is currently at +2.
Apr 6 at 14:57, by Martin Sleziak
I just wanted to remind you this issue. (You mentioned a possibility that you make a post on meta about this.)
Apr 8 at 20:04, by quid
@MartinSleziak thank you for the heads up. I am afraid I might not be able to pursue this, but maybe.
4:01 AM
I'd guess that this should be the bulk of the past discussion related to this specific pair of tags:

About the tags (maxima-minima) and (optimization)

Dec 10 '16 at 3:10, 10 hours 41 minutes total – 90 messages, 2 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked 24 secs ago by Martin Sleziak

Short summary is that quid says that (maxima-minima) should not be synonym of optimization. (And some of the arguments given above seem pretty convincing.)
Of course, if we take this viewpoint, then also the existing synonym $\to$ should probably be cancelled.
1 hour later…
5:03 AM
Since I have mentioned recently a few tag-related issues which need involvement of a moderator, here is one more thing.
in Math Mods' Office, Nov 28 at 2:14, by Martin Sleziak
Some of the top-level tags on MO have changed their names after increase to 35 character limit: is now (ca.classical-analysis-and-odes), is now (oc.optimization-and-control) and is now (kt.k-theory-and-homology).
in Math Mods' Office, Nov 28 at 2:15, by Martin Sleziak
I have mentioned this also in MO editor's lounge (about a month ago): https://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/40838146#40838146
Actually, I am not really sure whether it is indeed an issue. But mods (either from MSE or MO) are probably in better position to judge whether this indeed may affect migrations from MO. (And whether migrations in this direction are frequent enough to even care about this.)
Since this is definitely not urgent (and I am not sure whether it is really something to worry about) I have not pinged anybody. (But since quid and Michael Greinecker visit this room quite often these days, there is quite a good chance that somebody notices the above.)
Since there is on moderator on both sites (MO and MSE), I guess a communication between the two moderator teams is not a problem. (If it is needed in connection with this possible problem.)
14 hours later…
6:59 PM
I marked both functions/relations composition and chaos theory/chaotic system as resolved on meta.
@quid When you happen to have a bit of time, you might have a look at the two issues I mentioned above (max-min, synonyms vs. migrations). But both have been around for some time so neither of those two is something urgent.

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