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12:19 PM
A new tag: . I don't know what you think about this tag - I'd favor removal, it seems too specific to me. Alternatively, it could be a synonym of (linear-algebra) - this is what was done with .
BTW the tag creator was Intuition again. They seem to be quite active tag-creator recently.
It seems that the synonym $\to$ was a result of this suggestion:
A: Tag management 2015

Cameron Williams Resolved. The tag span is now synonym of linear-algebra. I also suggest a removal of the tag span. It isn't really that meaningful to warrant its own tag. Often in linear algebra, we are considering spans of vectors implicitly. If the tag was being applied correctly, a large portion of the q...

5 hours later…
5:34 PM
Another new-tag (as usually, created by Intuition).
Q: How can I calculate the following difficult limit: $\lim_{x\to\infty} (x + \sin x)\sin \frac1x$?

IntuitionHow can I calculate the following limit? $$\begin{equation*} \lim_{x \rightarrow \infty} (x + \sin x)\sin \frac{1}{x} \end{equation*},$$ First, I multiplied and then distributed the limit then the limit of the first term was 1 but the second term was $\sin (x) \sin (1/x)$, I used the rule $\sin...

I'd guess that combination of and (which is a synonym of ) can serve the same purpose.

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