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11:30 PM
I see that tag was created. Most likely in this post, since both the time of creation in the list of the new tags and the edit have the same timestamp.
Q: What's funny about $\forall \forall \exists \exists$?

mavavilj So, what's the joke in number $9$? $9$. You understand the following joke: $\forall \forall \exists \exists$

My impression is that the tag probably could be removed - of course I might be wrong.
Perhaps it would be better to ask in tag-management thread rather than just go ahead and delete it?
These discussion on meta are somewhat related - not directly to the tag itself, but to the questions of this type.
Q: Where is the proper place for math jokes?

Brian J. FinkIs it permissible to post a joke related to math on some board or other on the StackExchange network, or is this sort of levity not permitted? (I thought I'd ask first so I wouldn't attempt something that wasn't allowed. And yes, the joke I have is clean.)

Q: Questions about math jokes

Mehper C. PalavuzlarI asked a question related to a math joke, and there are different reactions. Are math jokes strictly prohibited here? From my comment: I already knew the answer, but there could be new learners that don't know the answer, and these kind of posts could be alluring for them.


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