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3:42 AM
@JoonasIlmavirta Just did! I accepted an answer and recorded the score.
@Cerberus Necesse est mihi dormire. Bonam noctem!
@ktm5124 Salve valeque!
@JoonasIlmavirta I'm not a dog to be dragged along by the cart!
I shall walk.
5 hours later…
8:56 AM
@ktm5124 Great!
Now that all these meta things have been taken care of, you can go and ask your NT Greek questions. I'd be happy to see the decision come to life.
@Cerberus While that gives me the mental image of a misbehaving husky, I shall take that as agreement.
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11:00 AM
Q: I am looking for the Latin etymology of what became the English word "pulchritude."

Curt PawlischI working on a literary piece and trying to find the first known use in Latin of of "pulcher" (feminine pulchra, neuter pulchrum, comparative pulchrior, superlative pulcherrimus), e.g., "first known use found in Virgil's . . . ". I do not know Latin, nor am I at all acquainted with linguistics....

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5:42 PM
Q: How to create a word meaning "the act of killing one's cousin"?

q-l-pFor almost every kind of killing there is a word: aborticide: the act of killing a fetus in the womb; feticide. agathusia: the self sacrifice of one's own life for the sake of the greater good. dominicide: the act of killing a master. episcopicide: the killing of a bishop. familicide: a type of...

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10:14 PM
@JoonasIlmavirta No, no, I'm a well behaved Stoic dog!

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