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2:10 AM
Very curious to see if they break 3 million again.
At 2.3 million right now, so it could go either way
area man has crushed ice, rum, mint, lime, and orgeat
@Unionhawk Should add a beet
@Wipqozn What'
1 hour later…
3:40 AM
@Wipqozn They just added a new surprise $100k incentive, so maybe :P
8 hours later…
12:03 PM
@TimStone They did it. Barely, but they did it.
Hi folks! We've got a frustrated user over at GameDev.StackExchange, who's annoyed that users on Arqade told them to post their off-topic question on GDSE.
Just a reminder: GameDev tackles questions about how to develop new games or game mods, not questions about how existing games might have been made or speculating about why other devs made certain choices. If you see someone recommending such a speculative question be asked on GDSE, please let them know that's not what that site is for, to save the poster some confusion/frustration.
12:41 PM
@DMGregory Do you know what their post on Arqade was?
Looks like it's been deleted, or was under a different user name. I've explained it to them over on GDSE, I just wanted to pass along the note in case it helps head off similar issues in future.
Ah, it was this one. Looks like the close message might have been what gave the user the wrong idea:
Q: Why did Nintendo leave digital assets in Ocarina of Time that were unused?

user291937I am aware that this is not unique to this game. I also wonder about this in general, but this game was what prompted me to ask about it, especially as there's so much of it. Yes, I know that there is no extra cost to just "burn" the extra, unused data onto the ROM chips as long as the total size...

I think the phrase "includes speculative questions about developer intent" is meant to indicate "those are ALSO off-topic here" but the user misread it as meaning "those would ALSO be on-topic for GameDev" which is where the confusion arises.
1 hour later…
2:11 PM
@Unionhawk Sounds like a cross between a Mai Tai and a Mojito
@DMGregory Yeah, looks like they read the bit about "GameDev.SE", but skipped the bit about reading the FAQ first
2:58 PM
@DMGregory Yeah there's no deleted comments. So they must've just not bothering reading the FAQ.
@DMGregory We could look at rewording.
@murgatroid99 Yeah that was amazing. Just watched the VOD.
3 hours later…
5:37 PM
Q: How do I know which weapons to keep in Borderlands 2?

SeanI recently started playing Borderlands 2 for the first time. I haven't played any other version of the game. Weapons are frequently dropped by enemies, and are also available from various vending machines. I'm having a hard time figuring out if any given weapon is an improvement over the ones i...

6 hours later…
11:20 PM
Rainbow Road Returns to Regular Road After Pride Month hard-drive.net/…
> “We actually always meant for Rainbow Road to be Pride Month exclusive, but we forgot for twenty years,” said Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser. “We want to show our unwavering support for the LGBT community, but really, isn’t thirty days enough?”
Hard Drive doesnt always hit, but when they do, they hit good.
11:41 PM
@Wipqozn for Gay Pride 30 days is enough
it's now time for Gay Envy followed by.....
curtesy of Wikipedia for giving us the order

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