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2:14 AM
Q: How do I use data tags to make a sign glow?

Anonymous personHow do I use /setblock to make glow signs as if I were using a glow ink sac? I am trying to make a machine with signs telling you what you can do. But I want glowing signs with color. The text is "Reset" and the color is red. This is for version 1.18.2, if it is a different command for 1.19, plea...

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8:12 AM
@PrivatePansy I paid 800 EUR for mine, a Powercolor Red Devil
@Nzall lol, I had no idea that was a Radeon video card until I googled that... Names are getting very funky now :D
@MiG It's a card intended to be quiet
It has a very loud name!
That's pretty nice... I might build a gaming rig again one of these days, should check the state of the art I suppose :)
8:16 AM
Especially compared to more mainstream brands like MSI
@MiG Honestly
I'd wait a while
oh, it's definitely not on the shortlist... got plenty of other things I need to spend both time and money on
@Nzall I'm curious though, why?
Intel is releasing their next generation of CPUs in the second half of the year, Nvidia and AMD are releasing their next generation of GPUs around the same timeframe, and Intel is also bringing out their first generation of GPUs
And even if you're not going to get state of the art
it's still worth waiting, because there's usually a price drop for last gen components
note, not in the sense that I'm interested in blowing thousands on something that's maybe 10% better and 50% more expensive
8:19 AM
Also, Ryzen 7000 is also coming out
I'm guessing that's also a gfx card
No, that's the AMD brand of CPUs
From what I understand, the current rumors surrounding next gen hardware is that it's predicted to be significantly faster than the current gen
As in 50% faster or possibly even more
8:48 AM
I guess I'll find out :)
9 hours later…
6:06 PM
My mother just tested positive for COVID
6:58 PM
ouch :(
Did she get all her shots?
7:15 PM
@MiG yeah, she's had 2 AZ shots plus a Moderna booster
She's also 62, so she's not extremely vulnerable
2 hours later…
9:07 PM
Hopefully all good then
Had covid for the first time last week, first confirmed time at least
Even with triple shots it was like a very strong fever for me, hope she has someone nearby who can take care of her
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