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12:04 AM
Q: Are there other games that support simultaneous local+online multiplayer on the Nintendo Switch?

ZonemanContext I play games on the Nintendo Switch with several friends who are geographically separated. Two of my friends live in the same home and only have one Switch between them. We regularly play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which allows for us to connect online, in addition to the two people in the same...

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1:20 AM
Q: Is everyone blind?

BenIn bloodborne, a lot of the NPCs are wearing some form of eye covering, or showing some form of stigmatism. Until recently, I didn't think much of it until a youtuber (during a bloodborne playthrough) stated that everyone was blind. This does make sense, especially with the concept of "insight" (...

2:10 AM
@SaintWacko I think you were interested in a picture of the Ruger 10/22 I got?
@Yuuki Yeah!
Q: Is there a way to connect to an Open To Lan World without a connection to Mojang/Minecraft?

ScythePhantomAs the title implies I am trying to connect to an Open To Lan world in order to play with siblings. I had it setup and running and managed to connect my sibling's computer to the world and mess around there a bit. After disconnecting and trying to let my sibling join later today I get an error me...

I also picked up the CZ P10F today.
i cleaned the ruger today, reassembly was a bit annoying because the bolt spring was being stubborn
also, i had to take it to the smith to get the bolt stop pin removed because it was also being stubborn
Oh, that's beautiful
I don't think I've ever seen a gun before in my life. WEll, unless you count holstered in a cops banana holder.
2:16 AM
i really like the grip on the p10f, the arched back fits into my palm much better than the glocks i tried
Like in RL
So what are the storage laws in Texas? Do you need to lock it up, unloaded?
@Wipqozn well, i live in texas so it's a weird week if i don't see a gun if i go out regularly
@Yuuki I find that wild
Unless you live in a rural area anyway
@Wipqozn they really only have laws if you have a child in the residence
Even in Canada guns are sort of regular in really rural areas. I say sort of in that, you still can't carry them around, but people will actually own them.
2:18 AM
> Section 46.13 of the Texas Penal Code
This statute discusses prohibitions against making a firearm accessible to a child and establishes penalties.
HB 2363 (86th Leg. Session, 2019) — Relating to permitting certain foster homes to store firearms and ammunition in the same locked location.
Updates specifications for how foster parents may store their firearms in a foster home.
that's the extent of gun storage laws in texas
Once again, that's wild.
yeah, part of the reason i've decided to own a firearm is because the firearm laws on the books are so laissez-faire
In Canada we do draw a distinction Non-restricted, Restricted, and prohibited firearms.
For non-restricted you need to either lock them up in a cabinet OR put a locking mechanism on them so they can't be fired. For restricted you need to do both OR lock them in a vault.
and prohibited use the same rules as restricted... the only difference is you can't actually buy prohibited ones. You can only own them via having owned them before they were banned.
well, these are only texas laws
And then there's a whole bunch of rules around transportation.
@Yuuki yeah I don't think CAnada has province specific gun laws?
2:24 AM
i don't think the federal code advises on storage of firearms, but it does restrict certain types of guns
I mean provinces could make them, I guess, just don't think there's any need.
and I think the difference between what's classified as restricted vs non-restricted essentially comes down to how effective the thing would be at killing civilians.
aka weapons intended for hunting are non-restricted, and everything else is basically restricted or prohibited. Handguns are restricted, for example.
How easy a gun is to conceal probably also factors into it?!?
yeah, it kinda wigs me out how lax texas is about firearms
also for example, the gun i bought today took all of 15 minutes for the purchase to clear
had to fill out one form with my address and a copy of my driver's license
Don't you need a gun license ?
you need a license for concealed carry in public
I knew your laws were lax, but not that lax.
In Canada you need to go through a gun safety training, have a minimum waiting period, and then need to wait for the RCMP to actually process your application.. which I think can take over 2 months, since they might do full scale investigations into people applying.
2:35 AM
you need a license if you want to carry a gun on your person, but you don't need a license to keep a gun in your house
and then you need to renew it every 5 years, similar to a driver license.
nor do you need one to store it in a case and take it to a range
@Yuuki oooh okay. That makes a little more sense. But just a little.
IT's still wild, since I suspect lots of folks are strolling around doing open carry without the proper license.
So are you going to basically just be rambo now @Yuuki?
well, rambo had lmgs, iirc
so no
but the ruger fires .22 rimfire, so i could be rimbo?
but i'd need a second ruger
Why is an anime bad mousepad one of the top amazon sellers one of the top sellers for wrist rests.
And why am I surprised by this?
and why are their various options!?
2:43 AM
honestly, the funniest anime boob mousepad i've ever seen was one that was advertised as a boob mousepad but it was just a normal flat mousepad. because the character was flat
This was for the nier girl
Also that is pretty funny
and potentially creepy if it was, like, an 8 year old anime character.
err I mean if she was a 1000 year old dragon!
i think i'll be taking the ruger to the range tomorrow
@Wipqozn and also if they think you might be at risk for harming yourself with said firearm you need someone to write a thing and sign off saying you are capable (I have done this for someone)
Before you can have the license
(I don't remember the details though of what triggers needing to do that)
@Ash Probably just officer discretion. Aka if they think you're a risk for any reason, they can require it?
i don't know if it's the same for canada, but the form i filled out also asked if i've ever been in a mental institution or treated for mental health problems
well, i just got a random invite to a random room for an SE site i've never been to
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5:08 AM
Q: If i buy a gold edition of a game i already own on ps4, will i have to redownload it?

Mhmd OssI have Just Cause 4 for free because of the ps plus free games, and there's currently a discount for the gold edition, if I buy it for the dlc, will I have to redownload the game?

5:59 AM
Q: How do I fly with elytra in minecraft?

KhankI have already seen all related questions but still none of them worked Pleease ghelp me *help

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7:15 AM
Q: I lost my way home on minecraft. How do I find it?

JeyI was on minecraft creative mode and built a whole city. Then I decided to explore the world for a bit on survival mode. After a while, I died but it didnt take me back home. It said my bed was not found or obstructed. Please help me, I worked o hard on that world. I dont remember the coordinates.

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1:11 PM
Q: moded minecraft crash when open

zénó hudáki have minecraft forge 1.16.5 and about 100 mods. when i open minecraft forge, the minecraft and the minecraft forge close. Know somebody why? When it help, this is my mods: Item Physic; Tree Growing Simulator; Inventoryhud; Invtweaks; Just A Raft Mod; Ring Of Teleport; Vanillahamers; Vechile Mod...

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2:30 PM
Q: Are all agents identical except for their abilities?

MeanGreenI'd like to know if there is any difference between the agents when ignoring their abilities. Do all agents for example have the same movement speed while running or walking or jumping? Identical weapon handling such as reload time, draw time, recoil? Basically I'd like to know if the abilities s...

2:56 PM
Q: Is there a way to get player coord on bedrock nukkit anarchy server specifically 2b2tpe?

Shabangbangless So i have been playing on an anarchy server and finding bases to raid is a huge pain because the world is infinite and nobody is going to give away their base coords. So i was wondering if there were any mods or hacks that can track or retrieve player coords.

3:21 PM
Q: Raiding Roblox bun bun meeting place

9degreasSo I started a costume raiding campaign in Roblox bun bun meeting place. Currently I think there is only me protesting. This is bacon only costume raid.

3:47 PM
Q: Where can I find the same suit as the guy from the logo wears in Watch Dogs Legions?

kandiI want to dress like the guy with pig mask here. Where can I buy the suit?

4:13 PM
Q: Why is csgo's matching making so bad

HelloThey matched me multiple times on games that were full of players. They matched me on games that one team has already won. They matched me on a match were scores were 7 and 7. I'm annoyed why csgo does that because I wait a long time just to get in the match only having to exit again because of t...

oh yeah, stories game wooo
i didn't finish the first one because my 3ds has disappeared
Q: How can I deal with Mythra's Photon Edge?

scohe001Pyra and Mythra were just released and Mythra's side-special is one heck of an annoying one. Called Photon Edge, it feels like it hits EVERYWHERE and can be pulled out extremely easily from across stage. I've seen a lot of players just spamming this move. What is the counterplay here? How can I ...

Q: i have a qustion about fabric server mods

Charles Harriswhen making a fabric server and adding mods do you have to download the mods the server has in order to even join your Minecraft server

Q: I have an idea!

MarcpinaHi as you probably already know...I have an idea. So what is it? You may ask. Well, it's simple we need tiny bags for the horses. I know. Pretty great. So now you can carry your chickens in them. And after all...isn't that the dream?

4:44 PM
oh god
There's a free A380 coming to MSFS and I think it's releasing soon
We're about to get a bunch of calls from like, Emirates 2 Super etc
What's the largest plane you can get in the base game?
@MBraedley There's a 747 in the base
And a 78 in premium deluxe
Those are still just Heavy though, the A380 is in an even bigger weight class
Wait till there is an Antonov
As in the plane that Russians use to transport their reusable space craft they had in the cold war
4:59 PM
Yeah I think that's the only other Super
Incredible aircraft, I think it has an active working crew of like 6 guys
Captain, first officer, flight engineer, navigation, radios (so maybe just 5)
Q: Minimum distance between Minecraft job blocks?

KendallI am creating my own village in Minecraft and ran into some questions while following the village blueprints from the wiki. There are multiple buildings that have several duplicate job site blocks (leatherworker has 4 cauldrons, fisherman has 2 barrels, etc). I am curious whether this would mean ...

5:16 PM
ATC ops would be the same as the 380 at least
> in the cold war
so the sixth officer would be the political officer
To be honest it might have 2 engineers to monitor all 6 engines idk
It's still in use today
probably for freight?
or military cargo transport?
Yeah it's in use by a Ukrainian cargo carrier
user image
5:26 PM
@Yuuki Excellent
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6:47 PM
Q: How can I get better at building in fallout 4?

fallout4tipsI build quite decent but I would like some tips and xbox mods for better building or more resources please.

Q: Are Cosplay specific questions on or off topic?

Fredy31Where can I find the same suit as the guy from the logo wears in Watch Dogs Legions? The question is asked pretty badly, and would still be recommandations, but would a question worded as 'What is that type of coat called' be inbounds? Its on the line of 'What is this' but I do think like the gam...

7:13 PM
Q: How do you copy paste on Xbox One?

Parkerdaboss216I wanna book ban my friend with the bee movie script but I cant copy paste things on my controller. I use a controller because I am used to it and i'm bad with keyboard and mouse. I don't have a keyboard and mouse for my Xbox personally and i'm not willing to buy one just to use copy paste. Anyon...

8:02 PM
@fredley I'm trying to get Friday as the opening song to this company wide meeting on friday. wish my luck.
Q: What order is needed to get the highest level enchantments on Diamond Armor in Minecraft without reaching "Too Expensive!"?

JayIn my Minecraft Survival world, I am attempting to get the strongest possible armor I can. Currently, I can easily create the chestplate and leggings with Protection IV, Thorns III, Mending, and Unbreaking III without maxing out the anvil uses, but I can't achieve the same with the helmet or boot...

8:56 PM
Q: How Do You Get The Nitwit Easier On Macbook?

UnicornFairy582I Really Want One In My Village But No Matter How Many I Spawn Its Just A Normal Villager Can You Help Me?

9:22 PM
Q: Minecraft Beta Server?

Ultimate CreeperI am trying to run a Bedrock Beta edition server for me and my friends. Is there a link to download a dedicated server for beta? Stats: !(stats)[https://i.imgur.com/vBORKtA.png]

Q: Minecraft target selectors select by tag / e.g. Inventory item tag wool

Chris F CarrollWe want to check whether someone has wool in their Inventory. We can test if they have minecraft:white_wool or minecraft:pink_wool etc etc with : /data get entity @s[nbt={Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:white_wool"}]}] But there's supposed to be a built-in tag called wool that includes all the wools, s...

9:48 PM
Q: Can you build a Obsidian generator in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

MACgraysonI am currently working on build stone and cobblestone generators in Minecraft. But I am wondering if you can build an obsidian generator. If you can please let me know. I am wondering.

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11:05 PM
Q: So i accidentally hit Crestfallen at firelink shrine, i know the whole get my sins forgiven and all that stuff

Jotarothing is, it'll cost me around 32k souls, is it actually worth spending that amount on him ?, is he relevant to the storyline in anyway? or do I just kill him?


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