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1:42 PM
@Unionhawk He certainly has a consistent visual style.
2:14 PM
Hi everyone
Should I buy 5600G processor now? (if you remember I can't afford gpu and I need to build my own PC). It is available in lowest price since it's launch.

I'm just worried that if I just buy it AMD might launch a new better and cheaper APU again?
If they launch a better APU, it'll still be a 5000 series. Considering that you're looking at a 5600G instead of the 5700G, I think you'll be fine.
@MBraedley 5700G is out of my budget. So if they launch new, it shouldn't be cheaper than 5600G?
@Nzall Yo. Does it also mean GTA4 will work better than before? Right now my poor gpu can handle GTA5 but GTA4 struggles at low graphics.
@Vikas no, it won't. It's only GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas that are being remastered
Right now 5600G price has hit its lowest in India
@Nzall Oops. So it will be even more heavy?
I saw trailer, visuals look better.
I haven't played any of them though. Only GTA5
@Vikas Those game will AFAIK use the same engine as GTA V, so I think they might run just as fine. But GTA IV is not changed and will not run better or worse
2:26 PM
@Vikas I mean, they might come out with a lower end processor, but I doubt it. 5600G is probably best bang/buck right now for an APU.
@Nzall Okay. I wanna play GTA4 but my current laptop can't handle it. So I'm just waiting.
@MBraedley Yeah. Thanks.
How tough is it to build PC as a newbie? I have never done it before, never opened it. Is it risky given I buy all hardware and later find out that I can't do it?
I understand the parts though. Seen many videos online.
As long as everything is compatible, it's not too hard to do. There's plenty of instructional material online.
@Vikas I haven't done it myself yet, but everyone who I've asked has said that it's really easy
The hardest part about building a PC is NOT assembling it
it's making sure your parts are picked well
2:29 PM
@Nzall Oh yeah, I must agree. Since I'm new I'm spending a lot of time on it, about compatibility
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For example: if you're going with an AMD 5000 series build, you should make sure that the motherboard you use has the right BIOS installed, because some older boards need a BIOS update first
The biggest risk for you would be making sure the motherboard has an updated bios to support the 5000 series chips
Oh yeah, I'm aware of that based on my research I did.
Also, you should make sure that your RAM is fast enough, because AMD relies heavily on fast enough RAM
2:31 PM
@MBraedley I'm also checking reviews on Amazon for same. Usually the questions and answers have right information
@Nzall Okay.
I will build it considering I'll add a GPU after couple of years.
But once you got a full assortment of components and are ready to build, it is pretty much just LEGO, but with blocks worth as much as a fancy dinner.
@MBraedley Is it written on Motherboard product itself or you have to ask from seller?
@Vikas My motherboard can flash the bios without a CPU using just a USB drive, but not all have that
Yeah I read this flash thing somewhere
it's hard to really mess it up. it's possible, but with proper guides and paying enough attention, it shouldn't happen
2:34 PM
@Vikas It's not usually clear which bios version is installed, but you should assume that it isn't the latest.
Okay. I'll see what can be done when I buy it
If the motherboard has a flash bios button, you should be fine.
@MBraedley I'd shortlisted this a few weeks ago: amazon.in/dp/B089FY7QT1/…
But it doesn't mention anything about BIOS
How to know it has button?
Also, BIOS matters only for processor or can it also create compatibility problem when you add a new GPU?
Yes, Gigabyte calls it Q-Flash, which allows you to update the bios with only the PSU installed
@MBraedley Yes? you mean the one I shared has flash?
2:42 PM
@Vikas also, a bit of advice: there are browser extensions like Honey and RetailMeNot that can sometimes save you a couple Rupees on purchases. I wasn't sure if you were aware of them, but they may help.
i'll check
@Vikas Not necessarily, but you can update the flash without needing a previous gen CPU
As in, it doesn't necessarily have the required bios, but you can easily update it
@MBraedley will i need a separate amd pc to do that? (i have only intel laptop)
Nope, you just need a USB flash drive and a way download the latest bios file to it. Your laptop should be fine.
pendrive you mean?
2:48 PM
sure. Nobody calls them that here.
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@MBraedley BTW how did you come to know it can be updated by just usb method and a amd pc is not needed? i also want to know it
@Vikas I saw there was a Q-Flash button on the motherboard, then just looked up the motherboard to verify that it did what I thought it did.
2:54 PM
As in look at Gigabyte's documentation on the feature
"make sure"
ithank you for the help
Does BIOS also has something to do with GPU compatibility?
3:14 PM
It shouldn't, just CPU compatibility
Current series motherboards are probably only ready for 3000 series out of the box but it's easy enough to update it for 5000 series
That is with Gigabyte Q-Flash or similar features anyway
Okay. Like MBraedley said the motherboard I'm considering has flash button.
4:00 PM
when should i send a two week's notice? after i sign an offer letter or after signing an employment contract?
4:11 PM
@Yuuki you want to quit job even before joining? (not sure I understood you correctly. Please correct me if wrong)
@Vikas i'm accepting a job offer while i'm currently employed somewhere else
@Yuuki Oh. Makes sense to me now :D
In that case, I can't say much as I think it depends on where you live. In India, offer letter sign is fine.
But yes, I must sign something before I quit my current job so I have a job security.
But again, I don't know how things work in your country.
4:36 PM
@Yuuki a little more than 2 weeks before your expected last day, obviously
Someone made a map for their D&D dungeon. Looks kinda sus though
5:10 PM
@Nzall Is that... a... locker room?
@MBraedley Never heard of Loss?
As in the Ctrl-Alt-Delete comic?
Oh, I haven't read CAD in forever
not since the reset several years ago
@MBraedley I mean, it's an old comic, I'm sure you remember it
it predates the reset
5:11 PM
I also didn't go through the backlog
It's the one without text when he tried to insert more seriousness into the comic by having one of the main characters have a miscarriage out of nowhere
loss is one of those memes that if i run into someone who doesn't recognize it, i don't really care to explain it
@Nzall right, yes, that strip
because the whole thing is a bit messed up
please explain loss.jpeg meme :P
5:30 PM
@Vikas The meme is essentially just reproducing the position of the people in the comic according to the original arrangement in a different medium
Okay. Since I don't read comics I might not get it.
The third con
He says that you have limited options for GPU when you buy APU
I don't understand why he said this?
Does it mean a CPU has more options of compatible GPUs as compared to APU?
@Vikas Crossfire is an AMD technology that allows you to use multiple GPUs side by side and have them work together
What he's saying is that not all AMD GPUs are compatible with APU crossfire
Oh, I'm noob. Looks like I misinterpreted
@Nzall So he means you may or not may not be able to use more than one GPU with an APU, whereas, with CPU, you can add multiple GPUs easily?
5:46 PM
@Vikas No, what he's saying is that if you want to use AMD crossfire to have the integrated GPU in your APU be used as a support for your dedicated GPU, you may a specific GPU from a certain subset of Crossfire capable GPUs and can't just use any old AMD dedicated GPU that supports Crossfire
I think it's likely that those APU integrated GPUs are only compatible with Radeon 6000 series GPUs
Note that using an APU does not mean you're just limited to the supported Crossfire GPUs. You can use any GPU AFAIK, but using a GPU where the Crossfire is not supported with an APU just means the GPU inside the APU gets disabled
And you can tell Windows to use certain software with the APU iGPU instead of a future dedicated GPU as well
@Nzall Oh. So at least the dedicated GPU will always work? And integrated may or may not work depending on crossfire compatibility?
@Vikas forums.tomshardware.com/threads/… Here's a thread on your question that has a lot more technical people talking about it
@Nzall Okay I'll read it
Keep in mind that if you're using the GPU part of an APU, it's going to generate additional heat and take additional power within the CPU cluster, which means your APU will run hotter and potentially overheat sooner.
So we should consider it as a con right?
@Nzall This is true only when the dedicated GPU is crossfire supported?
5:58 PM
@Vikas I think it's always true, actually
But if the dedicated GPU supports crossfire with the APU, they can work together on the same program
Keep in mind though that the thread you originally linked is 6 years old. It's entirely possible that Crossfire support between APU and GPU no longer works
Okay, so in the end, there's not much big loss even when crossfire works or not.
@Nzall ok
@Nzall I've gone through it and they didn't mention as such problem. They said iGPU might get turned off when you use dedicated GPU, that's it
1 hour later…
7:30 PM
@Unionhawk Konar gave me a Dagannoth task on Waterbirth Island
Gonna use it to try to get some Rex kills

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