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12:12 AM
Q: Cannot connect to my Counter Strike 1.6 online server via USB tethering

Ronak SharmaI can't connect to my CS 1.6 online server when I'm using the internet via USB tethering of my mobile phone. However, using internet via a hotspot from the same mobile phone works just fine. Via USB tethering, I'm able to connect to a few servers in my city. However, when I try to connect to my p...

12:33 AM
Half-Life 2 looks great for something from 2004
Q: I can't jump while walking or sprinting in Minecraft windows 10

j the pI recently installed Minecraft windows 10 edition so I could play with my brother while he was on his Xbox one. I then couldn't do anything at all. I went into settings and fixed most of the problems except that I couldn't jump while walking or sprinting and it really just pisses me off.

1:00 AM
Q: Is Shadow Pokemon Giovanni's Shadow Pokemon reward dependent on the month or the quest?

MBorgI have yet to complete the Looming in the Shadows special research, and have just acquired the Super Rocket Radar to give you access to Giovanni. When this research was first introduced, the Shadow Pokemon you were given a chance to catch after the battle was Articuno. New Special Research quest ...

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2:10 AM
> Whoaaaa Ubisoft just announced that Serge Hascoet, the most powerful creative force at their company and the man at the center of multiple recent allegations involving abuse and abating abusers, is resigning. twitter.com/jasonschreier/status/1282088950341959681?s=19
Looks like Ubisoft wasn't just doing lip service
> This is a huge deal for Ubisoft. Serge Hascoet was the man in charge of ALL of their games. With one word he could greenlight or cancel a project. Many Ubisoft employees believed he was too powerful and close to the CEO to ever be ousted, no matter how many allegations emerged
Q: Custom item models with Optifine in Minecraft 1.8.9?

Sam HillI'm trying to make a resource pack for the Hypixel Network's Skyblock gamemode, where they have hundreds of custom items. Many people including me are making large resource packs to assign custom textures to these items and differentiate between them more easily. While Hypixel supports all player...

2:37 AM
Q: How do I send a custom Tellraw message based on the player in a certain location in Minecraft

FriezKingFor a Minecraft map I'm making, I want public messages to be sent when a player steps on a certain pressure plate or walks through a specific door, and for the message to say who exactly did it. Also, I want it to be able to handle multiple players in the same spot and does its job respectively. ...

3:26 AM
Q: How high up does a mob spawner have to be for it to NOT have reduced mob drops from any caves that may be below it

JustSomeoneRandomI am playing in a Minecraft Server and want to create a mob spawner. How high up does it have to be for the caves that may be below it to not reduce the spawn rate? Is there a difference depending on the Y level of the terrain below, or should I build it a certain amount of blocks above the talle...

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5:28 AM
Q: I lost my follower on skyrim

Kyky FaithAbout a year ago I lost my follower and cant get a new one. I have no clue who it is or where they are. I've already tried finding meek. I've tried sleeping for 3 days. I've tried sleeping for 24 hours. I have no money nor can find a mod to help me. I need help that actually works plz!

I just got followed on Twitter by a weird libertarian Bitcoin account, and I think it's because some guy tweeted that I helped him with some kind of cryptocurrency-related app thing, but he didn't mention that I just helped by fixing issues with the network communications library I maintain.
Make that two Bitcoin accounts
5:58 AM
@murgatroid99 There's a "two cents" joke in there somewhere.
3 hours later…
8:43 AM
Q: Why did my candies disappear on Pokemon go?

dennis goinsI had 124 Eevee candies and when I was going through my eevee's to appraise them I noticed I only had when I seen that my heart sank because I was out grinding that night and all for nothing pretty much

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1:34 PM
Q: How to quickly score 5,000,000 points in Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3?

August JanseI completed all the levels of Super Mario Advance 4, but in order to get 5 stars on the title screen, the game requires you to score 5,000,000 points. How can I achieve this in the fastest possible manner?

1:45 PM
Supposedly has rhythm elements
2 hours later…
3:37 PM
oh there's a story of seasons game in two days?
buuuuut it's the most re-done entry in the series: friends of mineral town
4:24 PM
Q: Minecraft - execute command when receive post request

MatthewHow do I code Minecraft, to listen for POST requests, and execute a command? eg. if I send a POST request (, minecraft should execute the command "/summon tnt 0 70 0"

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6:21 PM
logging into Ubisoft to get Watch Dogs 2 for free isn't working at all :-/
Q: In Ocarina of Time, why is "Kokiri Forest" not called "Kokiri Village" when it's clearly a village and there are no trees?

DialoThe game starts in the "Kokiri village". However, it's not called "Kokiri Village", but "Kokiri Forest". Even though it's clearly a village and not a forest. In fact, there isn't a single tree anywhere inside Kokiri "Forest". It does, however, border to "Lost Woods", so you can see its trees from...

6:40 PM
I had forgotten how aggravating setting up a minecraft server is but it's done now!
Just need to tweak ore generation a bit and then reboot the world and away we go.
Q: Do battlemasters in wow-classic (or wow) ever engage in combat?

bbarkerIn Stormwind, at least, the battlemasters (i.e. the NPCs that will queue you for battlegrounds) never attack Onyxia's dragonkin, so I'm assuming combat with NPCs is not possible (under normal circumstances). I wonder if they can be engaged by Horde? I've not yet made it Horde side to try this out...

7:00 PM
@Stormblessed I don't seem to able to log into uplay at all right now
7:20 PM
Ok question: how many people had to greenlight using the "first they came for" poem in the promotion of watchdogs 3 do you think
7:59 PM
@ToxicFrog It's genuinely the worst
8:27 PM
Q: Can we travel through time?

Tamer KrizemWhile time travel does not appear possible — at least, possible in the sense that the humans would survive it — with the physics that we use today, the field is constantly changing. Advances in quantum theories could perhaps provide some understanding of how to overcome time travel paradoxes

Q: Does the Sceptre of Darkness work post-faction change?

ShabasIf someone has been targeted by Sceptre of Darkness, and changes faction later, do they still remain seen as Demon by seer-type intel? Or does the faction change 'override' the Sceptre's effect? (faction change examples I can think of: familiarisation, recruitment into BMC, drunk sobering up, BMC...

8:38 PM
Yeah, but I think it's done now. Even have a nice browser-based map set up.
@ToxicFrog ah yeah we have one of those too map.1a.pm
And I've tweaked ore generation a bit -- diamond is twice as common and generates 50% higher, redstone is 50% more common and generates 50% higher, gold is twice as common, lapis and iron generate slightly larger veins.
Aah, you're using dynmap too?
This all started because Alex was enjoying building stuff in Terraria's Journey Mode and I thought she might enjoy Minecraft as well
EXPECTATION: she builds the sort of soaring, intricate structures she builds in Terraria
REALITY: she drowns an entire village in lava while practicing her supervillain laugh
But she also wants to play it multiplayer, which I think is permissible as long as I lock her into Survival mode so she doesn't just drown the entire world in lava.
Either that or create another dimension and banish her to it JRPG final boss style.
@ToxicFrog yeah. It's a little janky, but it works.
I'm using Runecraft so I could even do the banishing entirely in-world!
Although the "create a new dimension" rune has very steep requirements (including a fully powered beacon and a dragon egg)
I'll remake this mc server when I uh, have more spoons. I only really brought it back up as we're moving servers and as some people wanted to enter it again before I remade it.
We previously stopped it as attendance dropped and as it was both 1) spammy in terms of logs 2) a resource hog on a relatively weak machine.
New infra should be nicer on that, worst case I can just dedicate an entire blade to it and then we should never have issues.
8:52 PM
Q: Potion of Transmutation effects for Neutrals/basement members

ShabasWhat effect does the Potion of Transmutation have on: Drunk, Graverobber, Vampire (Master), any type of Familiar?

Q: Is there any role that can't be changed by Heart of Fenrir?

ShabasMy question concerns any role that is in extended games. To mind comes: Neutral roles (Drunk/GR). I also wonder if Players that are night immune becuase of role and/or items make an exception as well.

9:02 PM
Yeah, I decomissioned the old one because most people weren't using it anymore and it chewed a lot of RAM.
Bigger machine now, and I was able to update to 1.16.1.
Although Bags 2 got discontinued and it doesn't look like there's any replacement for it :(
I really want to try out terraforged.com
but it's 1) forge 2) 1.15
I'm only familiar with paper side of things
and if I'm playing with a mod for unique terrain, I'd really want 1.16 so that I get the nether changes too
Buddy of mine is going to teach me how to play Lords of Waterdeep on TTS in a little while. Anybody want to join?
@Niro @Wipqozn
Seems better with more than 2
I've never used Paper, only Forge
The ancilla server is Spigot, though -- I don't want clients to have to install anything
@ToxicFrog by paper I mean spigot, yeah, the mods are compatible
Aah, ok
Generally I play Forge singleplayer because a lot of my favourite mods are Forge-only, like AE, MPS, Mystcraft
There's no Forge equivalent to Runecraft though and Runecraft is so good
9:15 PM
What does runecraft use?
@Ave Oh those examples look nice
@RedRiderX ikr!!!
So presumably it will work in Paper too.
@ToxicFrog ah.
Honestly I never manage to get too invested in modded minecraft
9:21 PM
For MP I generally just install QoL stuff. Inventory sorting, death chests, tree felling. Bags back when that was still an option :(
Plus runecraft, because it lets me make moving airships and personal teleporter networks and secret doors
For SP I generally install so much stuff that it handles more like Factorio than Minecraft.
Of course, I have SatisFactory for that now...
@ToxicFrog tree felling is so good
veinminer is a bit more controversial but I love it too
I don't have veinminer
Right, uh
we also have fastleafdecay
Also custom images (does exactly what you think it does), zenchantments, a plugin to connect chat to discord
zenchantments adds more enchantments.
9:38 PM
@GnomeSlice Thanks, but I'll need to decline.
cc @murgatroid99 @InvaderSkoodge @Stormblessed
> Roughly 460k words, so about the length of Oathbringer. 112 chapters, plus interludes, prologue, and epilogue.
112 chapters.
I'm definitely excited
@murgatroid99 Yeah, I'm going to be starting my reread once I finish my current book.
I did a reread pretty recently
10:11 PM
That feels like so much book.
@murgatroid99 I wanted to wait until closer to release.
@Ash Not enough book, really.
2 hours later…
11:57 PM
beef brisket (wrapped in butcher paper)
Oooooh fun
Smoked for about 12 hours
(it has to rest for about an hour)

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