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12:00 AM
@Wipqozn @Unionhawk The construction trailer is fucked
12:23 AM
I'm gonna cry if I have to reset this again
it keeps sticking on the ground here and it shouldn't be
think it might be bugged
12:59 AM
Q: How do I stop my friends' garbage residents moving to my island?

HicsyAfter my friends manage to finally get "in boxes" a resident they don't want: if I have an available plot, that "garbage resident" will always take my available plot: No asking or interaction with the garbage resident required. No visiting of that friend for weeks (and vice-versa). It seems t...

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2:59 AM
Q: In what order are parameters in `/execute` calculated? Does the order we type them in matter? [self-answered]

ExpertCoder14The /execute command is a very versatile command that is used to execute commands in a variety of situations and conditions. It allows multiple parameters to choose, who, when, and where to execute the command. Parameters do not have a strict order syntax (except for run, which has to be at the ...

3:22 AM
Q: I cant save destiny 2 data at all to a usb for Ps4

CyrusIm not getting an option to save destiny 2 data on any account and Im trying to transfer data to another account on the same ps4 but cant and the account im trying to save the data on is most likely Hacked, can any one help me.

3:46 AM
Q: How does Split Anvil interact with cards that cost X?

OakThe Split Anvil artifact says: When you play a spell, spells in hand that cost less are reduced to 0 ember for the turn. I have a spell that costs X. If I cast it when I have 3 ember, will that be considered a spell that costs 3, and so will make Split Anvil apply to spells of cost 2 or less?

4:12 AM
Q: Original DOOM 1 or DOOM 1 BFG: which is better on GZDoom?

Nick BailucI now own the original Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, and the BFG editions for both. I configured GZDoom (on Debian 10) to make it look more refined, and added SmoothDoom for animations (I'm a purist except when it comes to visuals). I read a list of changes on Doom wiki (regarding Doom 1 and 2, not 3 B...

2 hours later…
6:03 AM
lol we're getting real technical on "when you should immediately activate ems" in this book, one of the conditions is literally "Anything your instinct suggests is 'very bad'"
6:49 AM
Q: In Overwatch coop can we make heavy assault fall off cliff?

user4951It's as the question say. Heavy assault often charge at us. Can we do matador style and get out just in time? Also some heroes like Doomfist or Junkrat or Lucio or Pharah can knock people out of cliff. Can this be done to Heavy assault?

3 hours later…
9:58 AM
Q: Does Minecraft Dungeons run on on Nvidia GeForce MX110?

nonpoliticaltagI bought Minecraft Dungeons without reading the minimum requirements. It does run on laptop so looking to buy one that does support it. Requirement os for DX11 equivalent GPU so I found a decent one with an NVidia MX110. This says it supports DX12 but it's not clear whether this is backwards comp...

Q: Steam fails to download the missing ._.DS_Store file for Monaco

Emo MaatThe other day I was trying to download Monaco, which I wanted to play with some friends. However it would result in an unusual error, the likes of which I could not find on the internet (Or I missed it, but I did try). What happens is as follows: 1. I try to download the game. 2. Steam downloa...

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11:14 AM
Q: What's the healtpoint of various enemies in uprising and coop overwatch?

user4951Anyone knows and make a list? Anyone make estimate? For example, that heavy assault can withstand like a few rip tire. Looks like his HP is like 3k or something. Any lists?

1 hour later…
12:37 PM
This is rad and you can do it on your phone
12:50 PM
Q: Play Steam game on different Windows user (Without logging in)

AnotherStudentI own a bunch of games on Steam, but my family only has one computer (capable of running them). My brother would like to play some of the games I own as well, and it would obviously be nonsensical to buy them twice when we're literally physically in the same place. We both have a Windows account...

1 hour later…
1:54 PM
@GnomeSlice I think I remember that one, and yeah
2:06 PM
@Wipqozn moooooooooooood
2:23 PM
@GnomeSlice Doesn't really work on PC
1 hour later…
3:33 PM
Some kind of radio problem on the dragon capsule
Hey chat. My nibbling finds my purple and blue painted nails very interesting. That was all
@Elva I find them interesting too and I can't see them but I like your colour choices anyhow.
Q: House relocated in Minecraft after respawn

John MAfter dying in lava we respawned away from our house, but navigated our way back. However, while our house was there, it seems as if the whole house was relocated. Everything around the house is different terrain and things like farms and animals were all gone. Have you every heard of a whole hou...

They're docked but can't hear each other or something
4:02 PM
Cc @Ash
4:19 PM
@GnomeSlice Did yo uever play REmnant?
@Elva ooh, those are fancy
Q: How to detect score increase?

ImJunnyI am working on a project that detects player sneaking. When you sneak, the scoreboard objective "sneak_time" increases. However, I need a way to decrease the "sneak_time" score by 1 when you don't sneak. I am not aware of a "not sneaking"/"standing" objective, so I thought about a way to detect...

Q: Is there a way to open Minecraft without using the launcher at all?

QueenieIs there a way to open Minecraft without using the launcher? My launcher is taking a long time to open and I do not want to wait so long before I can actually play the game.

4:51 PM
Q: Is asking for code off-topic?

DieheI like glitches, but I really don’t no much about games and there code. If I’m asking about a glitch (Ex. Iron golem falling the floor in MC Dungeons), can I ask for specific code that may have caused this?

5:17 PM
@Elva ooooh yes good I, like your nibling, also like your nails
6:10 PM
Yesssss finally Plucky wants to move away!
@Wipqozn yeah quite a bit
Assuming you mean Remnant: From the Ashes?
Good game in co-op. Kinda short but it took me a while to get through it the first time, pretty challenging
Have not played the new expansion but it's probably fun
@Wipqozn like this time it wasn't stuck inside the parking lot but it's getting stuck on the ground just before making it to the drilling site and I really don't think I can get it out this time
Am gonna have to start the whole contract over again
I suppose I could try bringing my zikz out with the raises suspension to see if it's high enough to get over the hills but the fleetstar just does an all around better job with the big trailers
I need a heavy truck maybe? I guess I could sell the zikz... Or maybe the pickup I started with
@GnomeSlice is this the one on the first Michigan map?
I did that with the white western star
"This is not a drill"
6:23 PM
Things a beast
The fleetstar has gotten it nearly to the bridge but it bottoms out on bumps constantly
It got to a point where it wasn't moving at all and other trucks can just drive right through it like it doesn't exist but if I detach and attach it a few times I can bounce it back a bit
@Wipqozn is that heavy duty or offroad?
If I had raised suspension it might be a different story
@GnomeSlice heavy duty
Also I finally hit rank six and got "average mud" tires for the zikz and man did it make a difference
@Wipqozn okay maybe I will sell the fleetstar if I can afford that one
Do I get money for all the frame attachments i had for it too?
@GnomeSlice you need to rescue it
Blergh. In the dam area?
6:25 PM
It's in the second Michigan map
It's on the loading screen for it so I assume so
Nice. Also figured out how to active the drowned truck task I could not deliver. There was literally a little square right where the sunken truck originally was I had to drive back to and activate lol
Zikz is a champ though offroad now with raised sus and second tier tires
And diff lock
I feel like I'm not progressing as quickly as I could through the game but I'm having fun so
6:51 PM
Q: Teleport entity on same height as player

Tom TomI want to teleport an armor stand with this command execute as @p at @s run tp @e[type=minecraft:armor_stand] ^ ^ ^3 This works well but when the player looks down or up the armor stand changes its height. So how can I teleport it to the players height

Q: How do you change a boss bar in minecraft by a certain value instead of directly

KenadianI can't find it anywhere on the internet, but all I want to do is change a boss bar by a certain amount, instead of directly changing it with the value sub command. Is there a way to simply add an amount to the existing value? ie. Add 1 to bossbar, instead of set bossbar to 2.

Q: Why is it every question I asked on this site somebody deletes it and I never get an answer

Crad87I've asked about five questions on this website and every question I've asked I go back to see if there is an answer and somebody deletes it and they're saying it's because there are similar questions but not the exact question that I'm asking so what's the point of having a site to find out info...

Q: What prompted the change of game packaging with the introduction of the PlayStation 2?

elliott94With the introduction of the PlayStation 2 in 2000, one of the changes I noticed at the time was the different way in which game discs were packaged. Rather than the previous plastic cases, games were distributed in cases similar to the cases in which DVDs are still sold in today. Out of interest...

Q: How to Use F3 without Fn

HowlingWolf256 I have an Fn key to use to get the coordinates with the F3 key but I used to not have to and now i do. I would like to know how to use the F3 key without using the Fn key. I have looked in the controls to help and looked for other questions like this but have not found an answer.

Q: minecraft making mobs attack each other

zombie1111is there a quite easy way to make for example zombies attack other zombies or other mobs? i have tested to summon an snowball as another mob over an zombie so the zombie thinks it was the other zombie that hurt him but it didnt work at all or i did something wrong… im playing in 1.16 (20w22a) i...

Q: Why is it every question I asked on this site somebody deletes it and I never get an answer

Crad87I've asked about five questions on this website and every question I've asked I go back to see if there is an answer and somebody deletes it and they're saying it's because there are similar questions but not the exact question that I'm asking so what's the point of having a site to find out info...

7:39 PM
Q: What do the different vault levels reward you with in Legends of Runeterra?

RapidaIn Legends of Runeterra you get unlocks every Tuesday thanks to the Weekly Vault. What are the rewards for the various levels?

Q: Do Olimar and Alph have the same hurtboxes?

PridTake a look at the picture below, showing how different the sizes and shapes of Olimar and Alph's heads are: I've read in this answer that it's not possible to have different hurtboxes for a single slot, but is that still true for Olimar and Alph despite the graphical difference in head size b...

Q: How can I tell if I have already upgraded my BfA legendary cloak via completing a Horrific Vision this wek?

Mutant BobIn World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth you get a legendary cloak called Ashjra'kamas . As of 2020-May it is possible to upgrade the cloak's corruption resistance each week by completing a Horrific Vision, or killing N'zoth (the final boss of the raid). If your cloak is behind the corruption c...

8:27 PM
Q: Do the Passive Shields of the Hero Alts have different hitboxes?

PridI can't find any place to visually see the hitboxes/hurtboxes of the passive shields of Link (and his variations), and Hero and their alternate costumes. What I'm wondering is whether the different sizes of shields of the Hero alts affect the hitbox of the shield? Additional Image (standing) ...

1 hour later…
9:40 PM
Q: Stuck inside a wall, how can I get out?

Roddy of the Frozen PeasIn Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (PC), I made the mistake of doing a Rush Assassination against a dog that was stuck in a wall. Now the dog is dead, but I'm stuck in the wall. (To be technically correct, I'm stuck in the floor. The ground under the Temple of Athena Itonia in Boeotia is apparently une...


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