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12:05 AM
@Ash gamer takes or some account like that posted some idiot like "this game caters to sjws" and I had no clue what they meant until seeing this lol
2 hours later…
1:36 AM
@Unionhawk who knew geese were so progressive
Q: How do I use ! on teams and items, mine-craft

tannerI am working on a mine craft bed-wars map and I want to make 2 things; an alarm and something that destroys items on the ground except iron ingots, gold ingots, emeralds, and diamonds. I can already destroy individual items, but id rather not make a command block for around 20 different items. My...

2:19 AM
Q: How can I add a count to this command:

tannerI am trying to add a count of 3 to this command /execute as @a if entity @s[nbt={Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:diamond"}]}]. Please help...

2:39 AM
Q: How can i remove the border graphics (and possibly window stretch) for Final Fantasy IX?

Memor-Xin the Steam version of Final Fantasy IX it seems most resolutions have these strange grey stone like gradient borders and i find them a little off-putting. Is there a way to remove these? and possibly stretch out the game screen in fullscreen?

2:59 AM
Q: How can I hookup 24 Xbox One controllers on my PC? What is the limit?

user3000724Once a month, I host a LAN where we play various titles, but our 2 hour "warmup" with snacks and social interaction is spent on a desktop playing >= 8 player games. I've had great luck with Regular Human Basketball and Splody, and then also countless 4 player games. I own two Microsoft Xbox Wir...

holy shit I just realized something, congrats to @Wrigglenite @Frank and @Robotnik for making me more mad online than local DSA has this week lmao
that's quite the accomplishment :)
checks our internal discord
Scratch that :)
but good work on being second place I guess
(to be clear, I will continue not to cast close, leave open, or reopen votes on these, as I have done for years)
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4:21 AM
Q: Bought a new laptop that runs Windows 10, Minecraft: Java Edition won’t work

wizard_of_aweRecently bought a Dell Inspiron 2-in-1, and looked on here to see if Java would work. Supposedly, it should be able to. So, I downloaded Java Edition, but whenever I tried to start it up, about half the time it got past the original loading screen on the launcher, but always stopped on the loadin...

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6:02 AM
9 million, yeh can't fault indies for taking it (when they don't be dicks about it)
infact that's really close to my dream of a passive income (assuming after tax, which i doubt). if i got that much i could quit my job and go fulltime at home making a second game and using that to then build up the brand
though when you have crowd funded game, it kinda shits on the supporters who were promised a steam key and don't want Epic
6:38 AM
Yeah, when they change the crowdfunding agreement like that, even if they refund people they're essentially turning the crowdfunding money into long term interest free loans obtained on broken promises.
6:59 AM
@Memor-X Indies most likely wouldn't get 9M. The money that's being paid is roughly equal to how much you estimate you would have made on other platforms
7:48 AM
My borderlands vacation is over :(
8:15 AM
Morning chat
Q: What happened to my villagers?

SteviePPlaying Bedrock edition on iPad. I set up my base about 200 blocks from a village. When I first visited, there were a handful of villagers. When I returned many game-days later, the village was deserted. As the village was generated with a river running through it, I thought the villagers may h...

8:41 AM
Q: What is weapon handling?

JutschgeI don't quite understand what exactly improved weapon handling does in Borderlands 3. In Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel you only had accuracy but now you have accuracy and handling. Does it reduce weapon sway? Recoil? Something else or multiple things combined? What can I expect when using ...

9:21 AM
Q: Achron: How to Take Over Structures and Units?

vicky_molokhIn the seventh mission of the first (human) campaign, the explanation of upgrades includes (after researching Aerospace) the hint 'Taking control of unused structures to build-up forces'. I must be missing something obvious. How does one capture 'unused' buildings and units? This seems especial...

Q: How can i find Marin?

NanocI'm playing the new switch version. I just opened the entrance to the last dungeon and realized i don't have the first ocarina song, so i tried to find Marin: Last time i saw it was right before entering the desert Not found on Mabe village, nobody on her house. Not found on Animal village, i ...

2 hours later…
11:28 AM
My warrior is broken.
I'm plodding along, and onto floor 1145. Nobody can hurt him.
I'm back to paladin paladin paladin paladin paladin warrior
unless you underinvest on damage (hard to do with autobuyers), you basically never linger for a life long enough for clerics to do their thing
and 125% or whatever six times adds up to a lot of percent
autobuy xp, damage, armor
game plays itself
I only have layer 6 prestige. >< All layers underneath haven't gotten anything autobought yet.
@Jutschge as in the game?
And my warrior cleric cleric cleric paladin paladin is just plodding.
They're slow, but damn if they ain't effective.
so your frontliner is a paladin? or did I read that backwards
11:33 AM
ah okay
@Memor-X ah no I took a week off from work to play BL. Now I won't have that much time anymore :(
I woke up to my first 195 PL4 points this morning
I think I'm done the game. There's no more unlocks.
aren't the unlocks additional hero slots anyway
11:34 AM
And stats.
The idea of prestige layers is cute though
I think we can expect more incrementals like that in the future
But I seem to have hit the point of, "nothing can stop me anymore"
and if they do, you'll autobuy to the point where they don't
what's your autobuy settings?
11:35 AM
I thought they'd hit that point 500 floors ago.
Doesn't matter; I have no points in layers 5 on down.
well yes it means you're probably autobuying at 1.01x higher layers first
Nope. I only have layer 6 points, that I bought manually before going to bed.
I've got it set at 2x higher layers first and it's been mixing things up a bit, though perhaps not in an useful fashion
I have it set to prioritize higher layers, and the autobuy multipliers are lower for higher layers.
1.01 for L5, 1.1 for L4, 2 for L3, 5 for L2, and 10 for L1.
Floor 1155. I have 3.32e1582 armor.
nice of this game not to stop at 1e300 like many other incrementals @fredley
you're about to get 1e1e5 armor then?
11:39 AM
Still a ways away from that.
But it'll probably get there if I let it.
god damn it frank
Just try my setup. You, too, can have a boring party of clerics continually buffing the warrior, the warrior stopping everything coming his way, and a couple paladins to round it out and lazily smite everything.
I'm level 2.1e665
I think the floor scaling was fixed last refresh, and now it doesn't go up fast enough.
nah I need to be printing money
my top floor is like 69
the stacked 97x multiplier from having 5 paladins at +150% each can't be matched by clerics (quickly)
I'd rather the game replayed the same top tier floors over and over and over to grind mun
You'll be happy to know that these floors still drop less than 200 gold per.
Although, if nothing can stop you...why do you need better equipment?
12:04 PM
Q: How should the Link’s Awakening remake be tagged?

WondercricketThe remake of Link’s Awakening for the Switch was officially released on September 20th, 2019. And we already have a question for this game. However, the question was tagged with the zelda-links-awakening, which was created for the original and DX versions of the game. I suggest there new be a ...

12:16 PM
@Frank so gold drops are not floor / 10?
@badp Nope
1:00 PM
Cube world private beta has started, and it sounds like there's been some really poorly Recieved changes
Sounds like he dropped random world generation?
@Wipqozn I would not expect this game to be good or even worth playing after all this time
Q: How to Make a Readstone Elevator in Minecraft JavaEdition

BuildHolderEliteI just Finished My Ultimate Survival Home but the problem is that I have use the stair case/ladder to move through the floors, I have 12 floor so its annoying to walk so far, I have been wondering how to make a effective redstone elevator that doesn't malfunction?

I wish they added some sort of +gold prestige
I think this summarizes the changes reddit.com/r/CubeWorld/comments/d854zh/…
1:33 PM
So turns out that hacker game is trivial to hack your gold amount in, to the point that I can give myself 10M gold easily
Not hacker game,, the incremental game Skoodge linked
oh no! now I'm tempted to figure out how
@MattE.Эллен go into dev tools, set a breakpoint on the change of the source tree of the gold number element, then next time you get gold, pretty print button, then edit the gold number in the game variable in that line
Like, that's the way you pretty much hack every HTML/Javascript game
1:52 PM
Can someone turn off the heating? It's 25C in the office again...
It's 19C and cloudy outside
@Elva The sky keeps tricking me into wearing a coat in the morning
@Nzall I shall use my last remaining will power to not do that :þ
@Nzall It's already broken; don't even need to hack it.
My team is probably plodding it's way to floor 1500. Nobody can stop it.
@Frank ... How? i'm still stuck at floor 59
Though I'm probably messing up my manual prestiging
I have no idea. I prestiged layer 6, got the autobuyers and the extra hero, and went to bed.
Woke up, they're still on the same run, and just keep going.
2:05 PM
Yeah, I'm only on prestige layer 3 right now
I don't have any stat multipliers going right now.
There are zero points in any of the lower layers, and didn't have enough points to upgrade even XP in L6.
@Ronan rude of it.
@Elva Can we have that? It's supposed to rain most of this week.
(It's rained most of this month)
It's not cuuurrently rainy, but aside from the weekend which was gorgeous weather until yesterday 5pm it's kinda rainy
2:24 PM
Q: Execute player commands in console

Charlie McShaneI have a plugin called EasyRanks which allows me to assign roles to players. However, I'm looking for ways to run these commands via the console. I've attempted with the installation of Sudo which allows you to execute commands as a player in the console. But it requires the player to be online a...

2:44 PM
Q: Minecraft: Disabling Railcraft features

HannesIs there a way to disable certain features provided by Railcraft? For example, I do not want to be able to get more rails for the same amount of resources, since I want to keep the values as much vanilla as possible.

@Wipqozn Hasn't that game been around forever?
I'm pretty sure I own it
Yeah, I do. I bought it back in Alpha in 2013
Yeah but it just disappeared
And now re-appeared on steam
@Wipqozn ...You have to re-find boats and hang gliders when going to a new region? You lose high-tier armor when moving to a new region?
That's a poor design decision
I think I am going to actually pursue lining up some performances mixing chiptunes at some local arcades and dives
Just for fun
3:04 PM
Then again, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. After all, he's only had 6 years to come up with this new design. That's really not that long /s
@Elva I can still download the alpha from the Picroma site, and there's a link there to get my steam key and access the beta
I remember it being kinda fun
Yeah, development stopped and it went radiosilent to my knowledge
Q: I am stuck on the moon lord with poor weaponry

darius sifuentesI want some of the higher tier weapons in tererria to kill moon lord in ps4 edition of tererria. what do i do? also hacking tips would be nice

3:14 PM
I guess I'll give Cube World a try when I get home from work, but from what I'm reading it doesn't look promising. A game about exploring a huge world now region locks your equipment... yikes. I do like item-based progression systems though (Terraria is my all-time favorite game), so I'm hopeful that will feel okay despite the currently negative reviews.
@MageXy You'd probably like Monster Hunter, then.
@Frank That's been on my list for a long time, I just get sucked into other games first lol
@MageXy Well, try it. It'll suck you in so much better.
@MageXy I can't wait for Journey's End
@SaintWacko Me tooooo
No news since the "2019" release date
3:20 PM
@SaintWacko I'm so conflicted about it. On one hand, another update with awesome content, sweet! On the other hand, that's it, no more updates after :(
not bad
at some point if I keep going I'll hire an actual pixel artist
Now to record some mixes...
hey do you guys prefer drop shadow or nah
@GnomeSlice Definitely with
Agree, at least with this background. thx
Or, if you made the outline of the letters a little thicker, that would work too
Can do as well
thank you textcraft
3:32 PM
@MageXy Yeah, no ones happy with it, from what I've seen.
@GnomeSlice Sounds cool
I'm sure I could get a few gigs even with my current setup
3:45 PM
looks worse now that I say that. yes I live in a basement
anyone see the results of the group draw for LoL?
4:14 PM
If anybody cares, I'll probably start uploading some stuff at some point here
have a lot going on atm though
wew i'm juror 42
@Dragonrage Maybe in a couple hours, depending on how long jury duty lasts.
@Yuuki spoiler, G2 got lucky and didnt draw GAM
@Unionhawk ?
do you have a plugin or something for emotes in SE chat
4:25 PM
I think porkchat can handle standard emoji
Why do you do that then
Internet colloquialism probably, to show that he meant it as an emote
it's like using hashtags outside of twitter
5:07 PM
@Yuuki Wow, that sucks. good luck
5:19 PM
@GnomeSlice did you find her cat in the end?
@Yuuki i think that means you have less chance to get picked right?
Q: Skyrim Special Edition with mods looks like crap!

u123I have just started to learn about modding skyrim using Mod Organizer 2.2.1 and Nexus. I have now tried to install the following 3 mods: But it looks very muddy and bad - looks much better when I run the game without the mods. Am I doing something wrong??

since they only take like 12 people. though i dont remember how many challenges each side gets
@badp pls
5:35 PM
@fredley don't let your incrementals be incremen'tals
6:07 PM
Q: Days Gone side quest scores

Jacob Ryan IngramOn NERO Check points and killing Hordes I find myself completing them and always getting between 16%-90% and I keep wondering how and why I keep getting these seemingly random scores. How can I score higher on killing a horde or clearing an ambush camp or a Nero checkpoint. If anyone can answer t...

Q: What is this end portal thingy?

Igli GerdonI was playing Equivalent Skies modpack for a while until this strange thing appeared in my base. I can't destroy it and I don't now what it is. It just destroy a part of my ME system. I hope someone knows more about this and which mod it is from.

@Yuuki Oh hey, guess we're jury duty buddies this week. Fun fun
thank 2 caffeine
6:24 PM
someone's highest floor is 137438953471
i was stuck on floor 90 for awhile. refreshed an im up to 119 after like 10 minutes
7 hours ago, by Frank
I'm plodding along, and onto floor 1145. Nobody can hurt him.
6:48 PM
Did a mod remove my comment on this question, or did I completely space and forget to hit submit?
@Dragonrage Already got people doing shenanigans to try to get to out of duty.
I was asking OP how they managed to get to the 8th dungeon without the first ocarina song
@MageXy There's nothing there
Okay so I must have typed the comment and then closed the tab before hitting submit...
Another genius move on my part
@MageXy It's murder!
@Dragonrage 10 each.
I need to remember to bring more cash next time I have jury duty so I can get more than just a bag of chips from the vending machine.
7:01 PM
@Frank up to 137 now and i havent made any changes since i refreshed it. still running PPPPWC
@Dragonrage the scaling got borked a while back.
So now there's no real purpose in playing anymore. The game is more or less, "done".
Q: I finished forbidden legend and now the ghost is just standing there, what do I do?

merxSo I read online that what should happen next is the ghost mage fixes the amulet, etc. But now the dude is just standing there frozen. The biggest problem is I cannot even get out of the room. I only have 1 saved game, and of course, it's after I killed the brothers. I've tried rebooting the co...

7:23 PM
@Frank What build are you running?
My build that just won't stop is CCCCPP, but it's really slow
Just prestiged L4 for the first time with 32k points o.0
@SaintWacko WCCCPP
I fully expect to be at floor 2000 by the time I get home.
Someone made an anime girl version of the dog mascot/logo for the product I work on
@Frank Why the first warrior?
7:38 PM
@SaintWacko Armor
He literally cannot get hurt.
@Frank Ahh, okay. I just had a meat shield cleric in front that always had about a thousand times more health than the enemy had damage
I don't even need healing, really.
Just the bless that comes with it.
Q: How to install Skyrim Realistic Overhaul for Skyrim Special Edition?

u123I have downloaded: Skyrim_Realistic_Overhaul_Part_1.7z Skyrim_Realistic_Overhaul_Part_2.7z Skyrim_Realistic_Overhaul_Part_3.7z From: https://www.moddb.com/mods/skyrim-realistic-overhaul/downloads According to the installation guide: Installation: -Extract data folder into your Skyrim insta...

@Frank Same
@badp we have not found the cat. Been a week now
Not looking good. She's extremely distraught
7:50 PM
Do you have your armour autobuyers turned on?
Sucks horribly to see
@SaintWacko Yes. And...it doesn't matter.
She is also upset that she won't have his ashes
I'm on the same run as when I went to bed.
7:50 PM
She always expected to get that at the end
Which has zero points in any of the prestige layers below 6.
8:10 PM
Just found a flag in Android Chrome that basically force turns on dark mode in any website, so bridge is now in dark mode 😲
It's a bit broken on some websites tho. Would be nice if there was an option to enable it on a per site basis
9:06 PM
Oh boy, it's not just a murder case, there's possibly BDSM involved.
@Yuuki Well that sounds like it's at least mildly entertaining.
My jury duty was just cancelled for tomorrow, and I didn't have to report today, so maybe I'll get lucky and not have to report at all haha
@MageXy People are being incredibly awkward about it, not sure if it's just normal cultural sex-aversion or trying to get out of jury duty.
@Yuuki I don't think Jurists are allowed to give out details about the cases they're presiding over like that
IIRC my pamphlet correctly, I'm not allowed to talk about evidence. And they're telling us that nothing they're discussing in jury selection is evidence.
9:27 PM
@Yuuki both?
Q: From where I can find decent mage gear as a low-level character?

user598527Because wearing armor reduces spell effectiveness, it's recommended to wear robes and other mage-orientated gear when playing a pure spellcaster in Oblivion. I've played for hours now and have only discovered basic robes with no abilities. The magical merchant items sell for thousands while my g...

cc @Wipqozn @Yuuki @Ash @fredley @Sterno
@Dragonrage I'm offended I wasn't included
9:45 PM
@Ronan sorry, wasnt sure you were old enough for a bar joke
9:57 PM
@Dragonrage He's in the UK, they let wee babes buy rounds over there.
@RedRiderX Technically you need to be 5, which I guess is toddlers?
Q: how can you get the piston extender block in your inventory

herobrine37If you can use the /setblock command to place the piston extender, how do you get it in your inventory?

Okay, not quite floor 2000.
1888. And no end in sight.
10:26 PM
Armor: e3079
10:54 PM
I think I'm done with incremental adventures.
I have won.
11:10 PM
@Frank is your warrior full armor?
@Dragonrage Yep
11:44 PM
@Frank we shall see what i get to when i get to work tomorrow. seems to be working for now. my armor is the same level of magnitude as enemies damage, but only taking 1/8th damage makes it so they never do more damage than i have armor
at least for now

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