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12:13 AM
Q: Pls help me figure out my childhood mario game

Udit GoelI don't remember the exact name but it was a version of Mario and it was around 2005-06. It was a PC game.

Q: When i enter castle valkihar I get attacked

Shapeshyfter GamingThis is really confusing to me I’m already a vampire lord and have freed serana I also have completed the bloodline Quest yet I can’t enter castle volkihar without getting attacked by everyone

12:51 AM
user image
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1:53 AM
Q: i cant get my controllers to connect to my ps4

Ted Bundyplayed at my gfs, shut ps4 down properly, brought it home, plugged it in, controllers wont connect, but will charge. ive already: reset controllers, reset ps4, held down middle button and share with both controllers plugged in/not plugged in and in rest mode. whatt else can i try? thanks guys,...

2:33 AM
Q: My ledger says I have 19 direct vassals but the upper-right corner says I have 10 vassals

LongI think that my vassals often control provinces outside my realm, but I have trouble understanding the upper-right corner. It says I have 10 vassals, but maybe it means only 10 vassals with big desmesnes. Or maybe 10 of my vassals are inside my realm but the other 9 are outside my realm. Basic q...

2:53 AM
Q: I bought a disc from a different region and if i do buy a digital version will all my saved data be assesible?

JebzyI was given rainbow six siege on disc as a present from America and when I wanted to purchase some r6 coins I couldn't because my disc was from a completely different region. so I had the idea of buying rainbow six siege on ps4 store (digital version. Rainbow six siege disc version (Hawaii) R...

3:25 AM
well, it is unlimited storage for scrap as in it'll never be full
3:54 AM
Q: What Shaders are animated?

senpaiI'm looking for a list of shaders that are animated, or having "moving" textures, like Gambit Emerald, Rasmussen Clan (the only two I own that seem to be animated). There's no specific category listing in the Collections Page separating animated from non-animated ones.

4:17 AM
Q: Asking questions about cheating in games that have a multiplayer setting?

BenSo, a question has been posted recently about exploiting glitches in Minecraft; which is effectively cheating. The base rule for Arqade is that we do not support this in Multiplayer games. I don't care about cheating in single-player games / game modes at all, but cheats in multiplayer games...

4:56 AM
Q: IV determination using CP for Pokemon in the wild

BenIn Raids, and hatching eggs, a Pokémon's CP is tied to its IVs. For example, I have caught 2 Darkrai in recent raids. Both had a CP of 2124, and both had IVs of 14/14/15 (Atk/Def/HP). Additionally, I have hatched 2 Magikarp from eggs. Again both had a CP of 155, and both had IVs of 15/15/13 (At...

5:15 AM
because Bethesda couldn't even secure their own URL from being stolen
Q: Have MC on Java, wanna use windows 10 edition for cross-play

PaulSo I have MC on Java but I also wanna cross-play with my friend on xbox. I know that you can redeem a free code for MC:Windows 10 edition but when I try to redeem it it won't give me a code it'll just redirect me to the store where I can buy MC:windows edition. Help? As far as I know I'm doing...

5:37 AM
Q: How to use Shockwave Projector to load Game.dcr and wrapper_Game.dcr?

Reece CowanI've got myself a shockwave projector skeleton, and I have the .DCR files (the game.dcr file, and the wrapper_game.dcr file) And I'm attempting to run the game using the projector skeleton. How do I launch the game using the projector? This question is probably really stupid, but I'm pretty new...

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6:38 AM
Q: Running Doom on KaiOS

cyberixaeWhat is the best way to play id Software Doom (1993) on a KaiOS device? Googling "doom kaios" didn't return any results. I wonder if it is available from the KaiOS store in one form or another. I wasn't able to search the store since I do not have a compatible device.

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7:52 AM
Morning chat
I see that Fallout 76 is still the gift that keeps on taking
8:21 AM
@Elva morning
Morning @Elva
and yeah it is
8:39 AM
Q: BOTW: Getting hit by a comet

user239268Does any player ever got hit by a falling comet in the game? If so, any links to images or videos are appreciated.

8:55 AM
I have been addicted to this song lately, from Blind Guardian (great band) about the Wheel of Time (great series) youtube.com/watch?v=BCLsqg05boo
Also it's a good length for a song, a nice 9 minutes
1 hour later…
10:05 AM
@fredley if it were a dutch game you'd be throwing a bike in the canal
2 hours later…
11:40 AM
Looks like I just cast the deciding "rude and abusive" flag on an answer on the Politics stack (someone insulting Bojo)
11:53 AM
If I ever have rat pets again... washingtonpost.com/science/2019/10/24/…
at court as a witness
… with my 100 gecs shirt
On purpose?
12:17 PM
@Ronan yes
Seems legit
aand the Not Nice Judge denied the name change for my partnwr
"Have srs first, I don't care if you have srs permit and if everyone calls you $preferredname"
^ not a legal requirement
I, a witness, was not called to stand
we're going to file an objection
and also ppossibly malpractice
12:33 PM
I was informed that this is ineligable for malpractice due to the broad name change law
However our right to object to the ruling stands
and I'm talking with two lawyer friends for help
gravatar what do you mean a 1MB limit, and what do you mean my discord avatar is 1.32MB
how is that possible
I'll jpegify it 1% at home later I guess
or something idk
Whenever I see footage from someone playing a console FPS it all looks so... stilted and unnatural
Why aren't you looking where you're going? Why don't you look around, why can you only look around in large sections... oh right, controller
1:00 PM
I do like that playing on a controller gives you better control over your movement
Strafing wise yeah I suppose
The true solution is the classic dual joystick setup.
Every fps should have the flexibility and maneuverability of a giant mech.
what would yaw controls do
It's like... Since playing overwatch on PC I don't think I can go back to console but I've played tons of console shooters over the years so I guess I just have a lot of practice... The controller layout is a bit too slow for overwatch though
@Unionhawk Let you peek around corners of course
1:02 PM
Titanfall 2 is probably the fastest shooter I excelled at with a controller scheme
@Unionhawk junk meta data i assumne
Yeah I totally get the advantages of both schemes
But I play Destiny with the mouse in Doom with a controller so maybe I'm just weird
@GnomeSlice That's because Titanfall 2 is not exactly an FPS and more a platformer with FPS gameplay
And platformers are much easier to play with controllers
@Memor-X I found it, the resolution on it is apparently 1024x1024px
@Nzall interesting. Good point
@RedRiderX Actually yeah doom is pretty fast too
I tried playing Warframe with a controller a bit and mouse and keyboard is just way better to me
1:09 PM
To be fair the main reason I played Doom with a controller was because it was on Xbox game pass.
@GnomeSlice Yeah, I usually use a controller for vehicle parts and m+k for on-foot
@Ave hopefully you get the decision overturned because that sounds messed up
@SaintWacko kiitttttyyyyyy
1:24 PM
@RedRiderX did you play on PC or on Xbox?
Because AFAIK you can play some Xbox games with a keyboard
@Elva yep and unfortunately it just keeps making me lower my hopes for TES 6
the elder scrolls 6: skyrim 2
preorder now and recieve a copy of skyrim for ps5
@Memor-X looks at pile of ashes What hopes?
(it's also just inexplicably on the same engine still)
Yeah, Bethesda is a decent publisher, but their stubborn insistence on using a dated engine for their own games is really disrupting their games
1:26 PM
At least half of that joke will definitely happen though
skyrim will absolutely be ported to ps5 and whatever the heck xbox two is actually called
@Unionhawk It's essentially a "ship of theseus" engine where they replaced pretty much every part of their engine
this is just where we live now
@Elva well currently it's at "Copy Skyrim but redo the environment for the new area"
@Unionhawk Let's see... no number, 360, one... my bet is for xbox 720, and then xbox I after that
1:28 PM
but even then i feel they'll fuck up even that
@Wipqozn She kept trying to join in when Worf was fighting Martok
Note that TES 6 is REALLY far out there. They first need to release Starfield
@Elva (it's apparently Project Scarlett, but I do like that I can google Xbox Two and get results)
(I mean, that's a working name anyway, so it'll probably be called something dumber somehow)
@Nzall oh yeh i forgot about that
1:49 PM
@SaintWacko Good episode
I really like the season 7 episode where worf uh, does spoiler things. Not sure if you're watching the show for the first time @SaintWacko
I wish more games supported controller + mouse.
do you use the mouse for quicker menu or aiming
Mouse for better aiming.
I like the analog stick for movement more than WASD.
@fredley @TimStone @GodEmperorDune I'm so excited to watch the new misery horse episodes
Plus certain games have radial menus, which I find more accessible with a controller.
2:07 PM
@Yuuki that's because those radial menus are directly ported from the console version
interesting i never thought to do that. do you have to mount the controller to keep it from moving while using one hand?
need no, would it work better? Probably
Could just have a sawn in half controller on a stand or something
@Nzall It was on the xbox before the keyboard support was added.
But even still keyboard support is very very limited
@Unionhawk Xbox one one
2:31 PM
This morning I got a phone call from another parent who let me know her daughter's been attacked twice so far by the same kid who attacked my son, and she was literally having a meeting with the school the morning before my son was attacked where they told her they "take it very seriously" and "are taking precautions"
I just checked out the backstory on this and holy hell, while I can appreciate not exactly punishing the other kid if that's the case that's also like, definitely not okay for everyone else?
Them just shrugging it off seems extremely inappropriate
@TimStone If nothing else, the school needs to push back on the kid's parents to help curb the behaviour.
This is a failure, at the very least, of the school.
Sucks to hear about such a situation, @Sterno. I hope you manage to come to a resolution with the school.
From what I understand, if the school can't or won't help, you should go above them to the superintendent.
From what reading I've done, when the aggressor has a disability, it's really hard for the typical response of "get this kid out of school then" to actually be done
I'm trying to get a meeting with the Student Services director to find out as much as I can
It's incredibly frustrating that they are as vague as possible so then you end up relying on a 5-year-olds version of events to figure out what's going on
In other news, The Outer Worlds is good stuff
2:49 PM
@Sterno Which is just dumb. A student is endangering other students; either fix his behavior, or he has to go. Mental condition should not even enter into the picture other than when trying to figure out how to help the student.
@Sterno Yeah, it seems like even without removing the child from the classroom they at least seem to have too much opportunity to actually harm other children?
We're worried what happens if one of these times the kid is holding a pencil or scissors
So someone who knows how to properly deal with the kid needs to be available to intervene
The level of detail I have received thus far is " all of our staff is implementing precautionary measures to prevent these incidents from happening, as well as a plan to keep others safe if it does occur."
Extremely Reassuring Hand Waving
Well, hopefully you'll find out more, I'd definitely be concerned too
2:54 PM
My experience doesn't really compare to what your son went through, but when I was in grade school there was one kid who had some mental disability. Normally he was okay, but he had some really bizarre quirks.
The one that aggravated people the most was that during lunch, he'd see other people's food that he thought smelled good, and then walked over and stuck his entire face into it. Especially common if you were eating pizza from the cafeteria. Obviously people didn't like eating food with this kid's facial oils, so a lot of it just got thrown out. There were so. many. complaints. But the school board didn't want to "persecute" someone with his condition, so he got away with it for years.
I can understand a school's hesitation to punish people with disabilities of any kind, but there needs to be a line in the sand for all students, even the challenged ones. I'd definitely say physical violence is across that line.
@Sterno ...except they keep happening.
oh hey it's @GodEmperorDune
Oh god are we on round 3 of "@Wipqozn fails to make a mod room"
@Unionhawk Round 5
...actually round 6....
Good job Wipqozn!
You can get to round 10! I believe in your ability to fail repeatedly!
3:34 PM
Don't worry, I'll come along behind him and clean up the aftermath.
I'm pretty sure I've made 5 chats for @GodEmperorDune alone. It's good times.
> There is an alarm in every room. It shrieks and screeches loudly every time you bake food or make toast. Your neighbour says it's normal, and it's to keep you safe, but they presume you already know what the alarm is keeping you safe from.
@Frank yeah @Ash is gone now, so someone needs to clean up after me.
Wait, is shitty oversensitive smoke detectors a Canadian thing? I thought that was universal.
If you make 100 rooms I think you can prestige.
3:35 PM
I've triggered my home smoke detector one time
Mine goes off a lot
I should really clean my stovetop
well under the stovetop technically
the stovetopbottom
When I used an electric BBQ inside and then moved it outside via a route that took it underneath said smoke detector
So yeah, sounds like a canadian thing
CLEAN ALL THE THINGS! starts spraying people with a water spraybottle
Am I weird that walking around my home and cleaning things can be a self-care moment for when I need a break?
No. I know a few people like that.
Also Monica from Friends
3:39 PM
Okay, that should clean up the detrius from the many failed attempts.
Fun fact: One of them was called "chat why"
@Elva my old roommate would just clean the house compulsively when he was drunk. You kind of just had to let him go and ride the wave
Sounds like a good reason to get him drunk.
@Wipqozn hate to spoil it for you, but that's a fictional character :p
Also note: If you think this means my house is a beacon of cleanliness.. uhm
@Elva Wait. I thought Friends was a documentary?
3:41 PM
Soooooo much no to the cleanliness
@Wipqozn Sure Wipqozn, sure
@Elva Let him have his delusions.
augh i'm going to have a house in two weeks what the hell
@Yuuki I see you subscribe to the "why rent when I can buy?" club.
Okay I need to get back to my job
@GnomeSlice hold down the fort while I'm gone
for all those people living out in nature and members of the family Phocoenidae, a mortgage is pretty much renting.
Q: How can I track currently available maps

Иво НедевFor a month or two now some maps were competently removed from play and the total pool was reduced from I believe 20 to 13. For few days now the previously removed maps are back and some other maps are removed. I can't seem to find any notice about this and what are the current active maps, when ...

3:45 PM
huh, I just realized @GnomeSlice isn't of the wolfeinstein guy
the wolfenstein guy is fictional, so can't give birth to, or own, a real human
4:06 PM
@Yuuki Except usually more expensive, because now you have to maintain your abode.
@Yuuki Yeah I found that flexibility really nice when playing 3rd person games like Witcher 3 and the new AC stuff on PC
4:27 PM
@Wipqozn It's David Hasselhoff
Assuming you're talking about my gravatar
@MattE.Эллен oh right
I keep forgetting fictional characters aren't real people
it's an easy mistake to make
I forget if I'm real or not sometimes
@MattE.Эллен You're not
phew! I was having a moment there. thanks :D
4:46 PM
I used it as the graphic for a music bot on an 80's themed subreddit discord channel and liked it so I made it my grav
Should probably switch up at some point
@Yuuki hahahaha omg
shrimp rave!
Shimp rave best rave
@Yuuki .-.
@Ash Hey now, let's not start blaspheming here. The original crab rave is the one true rave
Don't make the crab overlords smite you
5:11 PM
Fine, fine :P
5:26 PM
Q: Application won't start up

Diriector_DocI updated my game on steam to the most recent release; 13.0, which came out on the 23rd. Upon starting the game, a new window which I have never seen before showed up: The loading bar that can be seen on this window only ever makes it to 50%, which takes less than 2 seconds, and then it crashe...

Homestuck just started updating again with a sequel comic.
So that's something I didn't expect today
5:46 PM
Q: Minecraft PE huge gaps in world missing

DougI have been building a world for a few years. However I opened my world to find huge canyons all over the place where my village used to be and elsewhere. Very disappointed given my time investment in creating my world. Any fixes?

6:09 PM
@Ash idk, is shrimp rave really better than crab rave?
@ToxicFrog from a get in my belly stand point, I prefer shrimp rave.
Fair enough
From an aesthetic standpoint I am 100% about the crab rave, though
That is a good counterpoint.
@(solution eat shrimp rave while watching crab rave)
6:25 PM
ooooh excellent problem solving
Q: What's the most enjoyable quest in Skyrim SE?

user239286I'm looking for a non story, long quest, that keeps me entertained.

lol god dammit
I just got an email from digitalocean saying that they're going to start collecting Ohio sales tax
It's uh, probably definitely time to get our org account changed over to the org credit card, and also maybe change the tax address to Kentucky hopefully, where we are incorporated
Q: How to draw arrows in liChess without beeing annoyed?

Paul ErlenmeyerOn https://www.lichess.org you can draw arrows (only visible for yourself) on the board during the game or during training. You can draw an arrow by holding the mouse button and right click from square A to B. Different colours are achievable when holding Alt (blue), Shift (Red), Alt+Shift (Gold)...

Okay, time to try The Outer Worlds
Okay, so that's a fun start. The very first thing it does it make a connection to my Microsoft account
As in get connected as an app
7:23 PM
I need to buy and play that
But I think I need to free some hard drive space first
@Unionhawk It's included in Xbox Game pass on PC and Xbox, and considering PC is like what, 4 EUR...
One problem thus far: during character creation, you can't click the next button, you need to press the E button
which is annoying since that's the only thing you need the keyboard for
@Nzall Yeah Game Pass on PC is a little janky with that.
I get an email every time I start a new game
SO MANY SLIDERS! I feel like I'm in a hamburger joint. Couldn't they at least have done the basic "show colors as examples instead of a slider"?
Hmm, you can give female characters facial hair
@Nzall Yeah they don't hold back with the randomize button
This is annoying. My mouse cursor is randomly disappearing off the screen
Like, one moment it's there, and the next it vanishes without me moving it
7:32 PM
Although I found it a little silly that they obviously didn't want to make two facial stamp layers so they smashed together makeup and wounds in one slider
I also feel like they could have sorted the various skin colors better. It goes from light to dark in 5 levels, then suddenly goes to light again to do another 5 climbs to dark, then back to light
also, is it me, or is there no meaningful difference between of those 3 or 4 darkest skin tones?
1 hour later…
8:38 PM
@RedRiderX that's a pretty common practice
I think @Unionhawk is gonna love this. Game is full of jokes about bureaucracy and capitalism satire, like "Allow two to four weeks to process and approve your scheduled sick leave"
Oct 21 at 15:49, by Yuuki
> The game [The Outer Worlds] is set in an alternate future that diverged in 1901, when U.S. President William McKinley is not assassinated by Leon Czolgosz at the Pan-American Exposition. As a result, Theodore Roosevelt never succeeded him, allowing large business trusts to dominate society well into the future, where megacorporations have begun colonizing and terraforming alien planets.
8:58 PM
@Elise I guess I don't use enough character creators but stuff like Fallout 4 set my exception of more layers.
@RedRiderX I only played Fallout 4 at release for a few minutes, so I don't remember the character creation there, but most, if not all games I've played with in-depth character creations tends to put scars and makeup in the same category
Heads up: if you are considering subscribing to Uplay Plus, you might want to wait Until they fix the broken cancel page
And that is why chargebacks exist but seriously o.o
Could someone star that (and maybe pin the star) as a PSA?
Like, keep it up on the star board so it's probably still up in tomorrow?
Yeah that makes sense
Done that
9:12 PM
Q: Worker stole tractor and ran off -- how can I get it back?

Roddy of the Frozen PeasIn Farm Manager 2018, I had a field manager assigned to a field of buckwheat. We finished the first harvest in midsummer and she then proceeded to replow and recultivate the field for the second planting. As she went to get the precision seeder and tractor, I went and bought a second plot of land...

9:46 PM
@Lazers2.0 Okay, the title is great but the body of it is even better
@Stevoisiak I haven't read the epilogue yet...
@Nzall It's been like that for over a month? o.0
@Elise Fallout 4 puts them in the same category, but they're in separate sub-categories, so they each have their own list
Where is Outer Worlds available? It's not on Steam yet apparently
@SaintWacko epic store and windows store i think
@Dragonrage Ah. Of course
Ooh, and it's included with Xbox Game Pass?
I have a code for that somewhere...
Might have to try it
10:14 PM
Q: Chunk loading with farms

Sxm txmmsIf I have a spawner at y level 12 and AFK there will it run my farms at the the same x and z level above ground (will it load the chunks?)

10:37 PM
I love Diane cc @fredley
@Wipqozn is that his mom?
@Dragonrage No. Misery horse.
10:53 PM
@Wipqozn i dont see why a diamond porkchop couldnt have a misery horse for a mother
@Wipqozn Only half way through, hopefully will finish tomorrow
@fredley I just started episode 4. Also, in episode 2, I thought her baby was in the car when she went to visit rehab and fell asleep.
Poor Greg
11:16 PM
Q: What does the Golden Pickaxe do?

LessPop_MoreFizzI received a Golden Pickaxe as a reward from a Tickington Sidequest in the Switch edition of Dragon Quest XI. It got sorted into my “Important Items” bag, so it’s not equipment, and it’s not a crafting item or consumable... but I’m not sure what it is for or does. The description in my inventory:...

@Lazers2.0 It's nice to know that LessPop is still alive and kicking. When people disappear from the Bridge, I always hope they're doing well.
@Ash i assumed they got eaten by a polar bear in alaska, because the last thing i remember them posting was pictures from a trip to alaska
I do sometimes wonder where they've ended up since.
11:45 PM
@Dragonrage That's definitely what happened. He just finally managed to claw his way out.

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