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12:03 AM
@Fluttershy I made 20k, saw Avengers a 2nd time, got to play Arkham Horror, got to spend time with one of my loves, and was just gifted Saints Row 3. It's been a day of accomplishments, geekery, gaming, and squee, I can't get much happier right now. I think I'd explode.
12:16 AM
@FAE Sounds like a pretty awesome day.
@Fluttershy 'Tis!
Q: What stats are being optimizing for in Diablo 3 Inferno mode?

KirkAre people going for armor, resists, vitality, damage? Which stat(s) and why? Does it vary with each class?

Q: What are the most valuable items in Diablo 3?

Kirk Which one has sold for the most in the auction house so far? Which one costs the most in game from vendors? This post may be premature - any predictions on what type of item will carry the most value?

@Lazers Not constructive, too localized...
@FAE It can only be one or the other. Which is it?
@Fluttershy Kinda both
12:23 AM
@FAE Fair enough. I picked... one of them
I just don't remember which one.
12:38 AM
@YiJiang wat
Q: What is required for "Plan: Staff of Herding" to drop from Izual?

Ben LeeI've done dozens of runs of Izual on normal mode to farm for "Plan: Staff of Herding", but it hasn't dropped. What are the requirements for it to drop?

@YiJiang Those pastries do look quite gracious.
1:02 AM
@YiJiang what's the occasion?
1:16 AM
Q: Can I play Dota 2 in linux?

HappyDeveloperI've heard Steam will support linux, but I can't wait. So I want to know if it is possible to play Dota 2 using wine or something. Has anyone tried? Note: I'm on Ubuntu 12, and I have never used wine, so I'm not sure how it works.

@agent86 Helllllooooo
@EBongo greetings.
1:33 AM
@YiJiang This makes me quite hungry.
Q: WoW addon to figure out most profitable jewelcrafting route

imaginativeI currently have 525 jewelcrafting and 525 leather working. I'm wondering if there is a solid add-on that would be able to perhaps scan the auction house to understand the economy better on my particular server, and then give me a list of the most profitable things to cut/craft? Any tips are welc...

Q: How does the claymore work?

UllallullooI've been trying the claymore out in Guerrilla mode, but I'm not sure how it works. It blows up, but I'm not sure when. When I lay it, it shows a cone of vision or something, but I'm not sure what that does. I also haven't seen them blow up a vehicle. What determines when they blow up? Do vehicle...

1:54 AM
is this correct? does anyone want to try to test it with me?
A: How does experience work in groups of heroes with different levels?

PentIf players are within 4 levels of each other, experience is worth 100%. Starting at 5+ levels apart, experience decreases by 10% each level until it reaches 10+ levels apart, it then decreases by 95%. Example: a level 1 being boosted by a level 60 will still receive 5% XP per monster kill. ...

@EBongo your post on that is something of a mess tbh
@FAE How 'bout the prospect of someday playing a new Smash Bros. game on this?
@RavenDreamer Why is the right stick in the wrong place!? It angers me
@murgatroid99 I like it. It means that the D-Pad and the button inputs are on the same level, and the 2-stick input are on the same level
@RavenDreamer In smash bros, you use the left stick and the face buttons.
@murgatroid99 You could also use the dpad.
Wait. I'm not sure that's true. I think I'm confusing the GCN controller and the wii controller...
2:01 AM
@RavenDreamer In Smash Bros? That would not work at all.
I say the more options the merrier!
Anyone want a copy of The Ship on Steam?
@RavenDreamer I guess the only consoles I really play with controllers like that are xbox 360 and gamecube, and I feel like they both did it right
anyone around to help me test D3 group xp?:
For science? I'll help out. What do you need?
2:06 AM
what characters do you have?
need a variety of characters with levels close to and far away from mine
Only a 51 and a 25
want to either prove Pent's answer correct or nearly
what's your tag/#?
@GnomeSlice I gave two copies of that away, and I think @Wipqozn is trying to give one away too. <.<
Mario Marathon begins in 2 weeks 4 days 12 hours 43 minutes 05 seconds.
@Fluttershy Mario Marathon?
2:18 AM
Ladies and gentlemen, this needs to be burned:
A: Can I view my Diablo 3 characters outside the game client?

hurro preasi hate niggers, asians, jews, all black people, abbo's, assholes and just about everyone, and i wanna show these useless son of a bitches my charactor, but this post did not help me at all, must of been written by a black guy.

@fbueckert Flagged it.
@Fluttershy Ditto
@fbueckert Me as well
2:22 AM
@Lazers This is a dupe and needs to be closed.
now there's an idea
Oh, and good evening, everyone!
At that point, that user should be banned. Is there any way to flag a user?
2:27 AM
...And the first message I get in D3 General after logging in is, "I'm so high". Tell me again why this was added?
Lack of foresight.
Like much of Diablo 3's... "features".
If I wanted to listen to the unwashed masses, I'd play Call of Duty.
Can I borrow $20 from someone?
I'M HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi :)
Damn this series is awesome. youtube.com/watch?v=1JqR3GVqib4
2:37 AM
can someone kill Diablo for my 27 monk so I can better test XP sharing?
normal diff
@GnomeSlice Why do you need $20?
@Fluttershy Airmech Alpha bundle.
meh, this is too much trouble; nobody helping :\
Q: Can I go back make a quest and then continue to were I was?

WarfaceSimple example I'm in ACT II and found that liquid rainbow that could led me to the Easter egg world. Since I found that item, I've forgot some that were in ACT I. So can I select a quest in ACT I to get those items and then select the last quest in ACT II to resume where I was without losing ...

@GnomeSlice Link?
2:40 AM
@Fluttershy It's in the game. Basically, it unlocks everything in the game and gives you an exclusive mech skin.
I don't really need it, but I started playing it again and I have NOTHING
I'm a little annoyed at the microtransactions they added to the game... everything takes AGES to get if you don't buy it.
@GnomeSlice Ah. I could do it tomorrow... Gotta put money in my paypal first.
I probably shouldn't buy it... but... asrigrkehuyklvtelbisgtv
@GnomeSlice And hence the point of microtransactions.
My solution: Uninstall
@fbueckert Hell no, I've been playing this since an early alpha testers group.
To their credit you can get everything just by playing the game.
@GnomeSlice I gave it a shot. Didn't enjoy it that much.
2:44 AM
@fbueckert Yeah? Huh. It takes some getting into. How long ago did you try it?
@GnomeSlice A couple days. Got it from the Graduation bundle.
meh, can't edit bounty things
@fbueckert Ah, right.
There are so many new things since I last played it.
And you can play as green again
I should point out, though, that my opinion of MOBA games starts at "Burn it with fire", and gets worse from there.
@Brant I give up for now, need to start hacking away at some other stuff
@fbueckert why's that
2:46 AM
@NickT Community invariably descends into hostility.
true, but playing it with a group of friends alleviates much of that
the gameplay of the genre is excellent
@NickT There's a reason I have LoL on my ignored tags.
@fbueckert MOBA?
And so far, the Airmech community seems very friendly.
@NickT Whenever I decide it's fun to play something with friends, we get a game or two in, and then the group falls apart.
However, I still agree, have a star
2:49 AM
@GnomeSlice Massive Online Battle Arena games. Somebody coined the term awhile ago.
@fbueckert in what context?
the MOBAs specifically or everything (then what's the difference)?
@NickT I've tried WoW, some LoL, all sorts.
WoW is not a MOBA
@NickT I know. It's part of the example. My group of friends suck at sustained gaming effort.
Or they outlevel me, and defeat the whole purpose of playing together.
yeah, but that's a vote for playing a MOBA; the levels outside of a given 30-60 minute game don't matter that much
2:54 AM
@fbueckert We have a pretty large group of people who play LoL.
@Fluttershy how many actually play PvP?
@NickT You, @RavenDreamer, @Rapida, and myself on occasion.
LoL bots are so dreary
When I played LoL, I wasn't bad with Heimer.
I'm fucking terrible at Airmech
2:56 AM
@GnomeSlice You ever played Alice?
@Fluttershy Nope.
Yes. I play against real people. Grace does too, though he's not been about lately.
@GnomeSlice Damn... Seriously underappreciated title. American McGee's Alice, and the sequel Alice: Madness Returns... You should check them out.
All the videos I see posted are vs. Bots
@Fluttershy What sort of games are they?
2:57 AM
@GnomeSlice Action/platformer.
American McGee's Alice is a third-person action game released for PC on October 6, 2000. The game, developed by Rogue Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, is set in an alternative universe of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Alice was designed by American McGee and features music composed by Chris Vrenna. The game is based on the id Tech 3 engine first used in Quake III Arena. A PlayStation 2 port was in development but was canceled. A sequel, ', was released June 14, 2011. Downloadable ports of the game for PS3 and Xbox 360 were also made to coincide with the ...
Never mind.
With a dark twist on Alice in Wonderland.
and that
There's one of mine, Nick. Vs. real folks
@Fluttershy Oooh, platformers are yay
3:08 AM
Q: What new systems exist in Diablo 3?

bwarnerDiablo's action RPG core has remained the same, and will do so in the third version. But it sounds like they are also introducing a number of new systems that borrow from WoW, Guild Wars, etc. Can someone list out the new systems with a brief comparison of how they worked in earlier versions of...

why is that open...it seems horribly open-ended
and a bad prescident; why not just ask "what's new in game X?" for all X
Q: What are the biggest changes between Diablo II & Diablo III?

RetrosaurThe question says it all, what changed from Diablo II to III?

is slightly better imho; at least it establishes a baseline to compare it against (D2)
@NickT Juan closed it, and then the community reopened it 2 months later
@NickT Let's discuss the "Heroes of different levels" question. What about it is confusing?
Q: List of all quest rewards in Diablo 3

Michael TaufenI've been searching around the web for a good list of all the main quest rewards in diablo 3, and have been unable to find one so far; everything has been objective lists or pay for guides or incomplete/outdated wiki entries. Does anyone know of a good list?

@EBongo what is confusing about my question? or bounty comment?
@RavenDreamer Aww man, I didn't get to put my name on it
3:12 AM
I've won one multiplayer game of Airmech so far.
@NickT Well as you've obviously read my answer you could be a little more specific - or I could just try and guess what you are thinking. You could make your question more concise, not just by way of a bounty.
@EBongo your answer is 1) confusing because of things like "I was mostly wrong + begin old answer", 2) wordy with no clear conclusion, 3) only has 1 data point
I would try to summarize it into something that Mr. John T. Googler could read in 10 seconds and understand, but I can't
@NickT I know that guy
Just because we give "high-quality authorative answers" doesn't mean we need to hold someone captive for 1-2 minutes reading some long ass post just to convey what really matters.
Pent's post is pretty much perfect if it had a few data points behind it
@NickT Point taken. I agree Pent's post is great if he had any data to back it up. I took more than one data point, I just posted only one example. I don't know how he derived such a complicated formula without a lot of data or a source.
@NickT There are parts of your question that throw me off. If you are asking "is there an anti-twinking mechanic" I think Pent's post is aimed squarely at that. If you are also asking "why does it seem like lower level characters level up faster in low level areas" and "do higher level characters effect experience gain if they don't hit enemies" that seems to muddy the waters.
3:25 AM
I think you're also using the word "twinking" (overgearing some lowbie) incorrectly; do you mean "rushing" or whatever?
I think you are all using that word incorrectly...
@EBongo I have a tendency to over-write my questions (especially during contests) for the sake of cheap votes; due to my "research effort" (e.g. the mouseover reason on question upvote) which can meander a bit
"twinking refers to powerleveling a character through the assistance of a higher level character"
Ooh, two plans from the butcher this time.
@NickT I tend to overwrite my answers for the same reason. :)
3:29 AM
@EBongo "In role-playing video games, particularly MMORPGs, twinking refers to outfitting a new character or player with items or other resources that are not normally available to new or low-level characters. A twink in this usage is a type of powergamer and munchkin. The term can also refer to the twinked character itself (e.g., "My twink has all the best gear."). In its most basic definition, a twink is a character with better gear than they could have easily acquired on their own."
WPs intro for that is terrible imho
it's saying "powerleveling is twinking"; then why call it powerleveling in the first place.
@OrigamiRobot what is the definitive origami definition then? :P
Nothing I care to mention
twinking in WoW pretty much meant getting BiS gear for a lvl 19/29
@OrigamiRobot [3. Twinking As to sticking a twinkie up someones (or you own) anus... ](urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=twinking)?
@NickT It's also a slang, derogatory term for a homosexual.
I can vandalize Wikipedia to clear up any confusion.
yeah, "twink" but not -ing; or would that just mean trying to pick one up
3:33 AM
@NickT That's...... a good question.
and why is the new Korra not available for streaming yet
Legend of Korra seems so dissonant compared with everything else that is on Nick
@NickT If by that you mean "good" then yes.
basically that; the reason for the dissonance :P
I don't know much about the comparative writing (that would involve some sadomasochism--watching iCarly or whatever); but the art stands in stark contrast
@NickT Did you watch the original while it was on?
not when it was on; but since
3:40 AM
It would frequently go on random unannounced hiatus
to make way for shows like Mr Meaty
it was infuriating
I like meat
Kill it
Kill it now
This, too.
After Tales of Ba Sing Se, there was nothing for a while, and then we got the horribly depressing Appa's Lost Days
Than another month before the next episode
Everyone was scared the show was cancelled
yeah, looks like season 2 was sporadic to say the least;
Season Two (Book 2: Earth) of ', an American animated television series on Nickelodeon, first aired its 20 episodes from March 17, 2006 to December 1, 2006. The season was created and produced by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko and starred Zach Tyler Eisen, Mae Whitman, Jack DeSena, Jessie Flower, Mako, Grey DeLisle, and Dante Basco as the main character voices. In the season's beginning, the protagonist Aang and his friends Katara and Sokka are on a quest to find an Earthbending teacher, which finishes when they recruit Toph. Sokka finds important information concerning...
@fbueckert I like his username.
3:46 AM
@GnomeSlice -8 within 5 minutes. Impressive.
Gotta give him points for creativity.
Real fans watch Korra at 8am on Saturday mornings ;)
one in June, a couple (same day) in July, then jump to September, only one in October
Back to good old Saturday morning cartoons
I thought it's on at 11
8am on west coast if you can get the east coast Nick lol :)
3:47 AM
@NickT It is EST
and the wait in the 3rd season was the worst by far
@Ktash Amen
November to July with nothing aired
Sozin's Comet made it worth the wait though
@Ktash The mid season finale was pretty cool though
last 10 episodes were aired in the span of 5 days (July 14-19)??
3:48 AM
Agreed, but it left it in a place where you wanted to see what was next
@NickT Last 4 episodes were 1 movie, but yes
@NickT The last 4 were one big episode
It was a week long marathon of it
yeah; but the others weren't just weekly?
And it was amazing!
Yea that was a good week
3:50 AM
Season 3 is the best season of television I've ever seen
on the season 3 WP page: "Film adaptation

The final part of the planned The Last Airbender trilogy is expected to be based on Book Three with the main cast of the first and second films and M. Night Shyamalan to return as director, writer and producer."
heh, so happy when M. Night was told he wasn't making any more of those movies
@Ktash I loved in The Ember Island Players when they said to skip the great divide
@Ktash Eh? Doesn't he do good work?
@OrigamiRobot That was just a funny episode. A giant parody of itself, poking fun at everything they do
@fbueckert Bwahahaha
3:53 AM
To be fair, I have liked all the M. Night Shyamalan movies I've seen
I just had the foresight to not see The Last Airbender
@OrigamiRobot I'm assuming you've never seen that movie than lol ;)
Yeah, that movie was terrible
I didn't watch it, but I've seen pieces of it and I can't even stand the pieces lol
I've seen 0% of it aside from the trailer
@Ktash I have no words.
@NickT Incidentally, the data I had taken shows Pent's calculation to be wrong, at least in my case.
3:56 AM
@Ktash I thought it was pretty good. Then again, I haven't seen anything else about it.
Except that the Dai Li are awesome.
the movie was a) irritating/confusing (names pronounced differently), b) the action was slooow, c) some of the adaptations were retarded (the earthbenders were imprisoned in a canyon) and d) depressing (Katara is a weakass, firebenders need candles or something)
@fbueckert Watch the series... Seriously. It is so worth your time. The movie is not at all
Yeah, why in the world would they pronounce Aang wrong?? seriously
How did they say it?
and Iroh
3:58 AM
dot dot dot
I sat through the first Twilight movie, but I will never sit through that one...
I would punch someone
@NickT I edited, to make my answer more readable. It may still not be what you are looking for, and it is not really concise, but I think it is better than it was.
Now to bed...
Did they have like $20 to do all the special effects?
This is so awful
From what I've heard, the special effects look nice, they were just done poorly in the canon of the show
@Ktash They are literally slow.
4:03 AM
... he doesn't get it
I could have made a better movie. Seriously.
and I think Iroh "eye-rawh" was "ee-row"
@Ktash they're just slow and not as impressive; far less kinetic
tbh, I don't even know (though I could simply be tainted by the overwhelming underwhelmingness of MNight's crap) if you can do it well in a live-action movie
I don't think it transfers well, honestly
that said; the martial arts were still sloooow compared to anything Jet Li or other guys do
Yeah, not sure it could've been done to my satisfaction, but it definitely could've been done a lot better
anyway, got to run to the store before they close
4:09 AM
Now I'm just going to bask in the awesomeness that is the final battle of the series
I think part of the flaw of the movie's bending was nothing was even that fluid; martial arts happen, beat, then bending, beat beat, then the next move.
Doing it Game-of-Thrones-style where the characters are a few years older than in the books would've helped as well.
4:52 AM
The scenes I've seen don't have great choreography of the martial arts, and yeah, things seem too separated into chunks
In the series it's fluid from one motion to the next
@OrigamiRobot Ah, great fight scenes. Zuko vs Azula is probably my favorite
@Ktash is that actually M Night or is this a parody?
@NickT I think it's him, but I have no idea for sure lol
why does he talk about japan...the Avatar world is based on Chinese culture; from the characters to the martial arts
Apparently people in Japan liked the movie... ?
5:30 AM
Q: Why does replacing my offhand crossbow with a quiver increase my damage? (screenshot)

MicrosisBelow is a screenshot of what I'm referring to. How does a Quiver with those stats increase my total damage when it replaces a one handed crossbow (in my offhand) that has 292.6 damage? I know the damage calculation in D3 is somewhat complicated, but this doesn't make sense to me at all.

2 hours later…
7:10 AM
Can I ask a mod to kill the enchantment tag directly? There are only 8 questions left, and a quick look through tells me that none of the questions actually need editing other than to remove the tag
So I really don't want to bump them just to kill the tag
@Ktash Cartoon is waaaay better
Yes.. I'm a grown man and I watch cartoons :D
@ShyamK You have company in this room
Yeah !!! Cheers to that.
@YiJiang You need a dev for that, and they usually don't bother for so few questions.
Well, I do have a list for them :P
Mobs should be good to go too
7:52 AM
Q: Does the "Blood Lust" item have a cap?

KappeiSamson's starting item, Blood Lust, increases the the damage of Isaac's tears with each kill. Does it have the usual damage cap? Can it go beyond scale, as some damage multipliers do(i.e. Whore of Babylon)?

Q: When is Monk's passive skill Pacifism effective?

BettyThe tooltip says if your are under a Fear, Stun or Charm effect, all damage taken is reduced by 75%. I'm not sure what effects are counted as fear, stun or charm. Some people seem to think it covers all crowd control effects, but I'm doubtful. For instance, does frozen or imprisonment count? Whe...

8:15 AM
8:49 AM
Q: Do failed escort quests permanently kill the NPC?

Jessicatz FairymeadowRecently I took on one of the escort quests and was tasked with protecting Mercedes on her way to Shadow Fort. Unfortunately, she died on the way without me realizing it. I have not seen her around since. Do killed NPCs permanently die when... killed?

Q: Does Sweeping Wind activate Resolve?

Mr SmoothThe monk passive Resolve states that "Damage you deal reduces enemy damage by 25% for 2.5 seconds." Does Sweeping Wind activate this effect? I've been taking Seize the Initiative over Resolve due to its 100% uptime, but since I have an 80% sweeping wind uptime, and it hits all the mobs around m...

9:38 AM
which is the most awaited game of 2012 after today. Don't tell games that are released..
Is it just me or does the new WiiU controller look uncomfortable?
oh god
Steam, why would you ever sell this
@badp > This item is currently unavailable in your region
What is it?
@Pubby Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Special Editions
9:50 AM
@Pubby yes it does look uncomfortable, but who knows.
besides, what games are going to be compatible with that controller anyway?
isn't the new fat screeny thing the whole point of the Wii-U?
@Pubby uncomfortable as hell :(
The fat screeny thing isn't hardcore enough
isn't it limited to one fat screeny thing pr console?
They should turn this into a feature length movie:
10:08 AM
Oh, right. E3.
@Pubby It's nice to see Nintendo has an accurate idea of what gamers are like.
10:26 AM
@Pubby Looks a lot like the 360 controller, which I like. Except for the trigger buttons which I can't stand.
I like the GC controller
@Pubby YAY! Inbuilt useless forums! Go Nintendo!
Yahoo answers in Wii form!
10:43 AM
Q: Do you have to make it all the way to inferno to level the jeweler up completely?

ValadilI appologize if this has already been covered, but I couldn't find the information anywhere. I just made it to Nightmare on my Wizard, and noticed that I needed to collect crafting pages to level up the Jewel Crafter Covetious Shen. Are there pages in each difficulty, or will I be able to finis...

@Lazers DUp
Q: Can my Artisans reach level 5 in normal difficulty?

Ilya MelamedIn order to level up the Artisans to level 5, pages of jewelcrafting and pages of blacksmithing are needed, which are dropped only on nightmare difficulty. But the AH sells them, can I buy them from the AH and upgrade my Artisans using them before any of my characters reach nightmare difficulty?

Q: How much gold does it take to unlock all crafting recipes?

BeofettHow much gold does it take to level up each crafting NPC? If I want to unlock all recipes, how much gold will it cost me?

We don't need to have this question re-asked about every difficulty.
11:02 AM
hi everyone!
Good morning.
Hello all
Congrats on 20k @FAE
@Wipqozn Thanks :)
@FAE So, now that you're 20k, has your entire world view changed?
11:17 AM
@FAE wow, congratulations!
@Wipqozn Yes, to "Delete ALL the things", obviously
@Kappei Thank you :)
@FAE So you've become @StrixVaria?
@Wipqozn I don't think I like Diablo enough for that
Also, Guild Wars isn't your no.2 most played game?!?!?!?!!? FOR SHAME
@Wipqozn But... it is my no. 2 most played game...
11:21 AM
@FAE Nope, sorry. Not good enough. Some fan you are!
Zeus Damn it.
@Wipqozn Mmhmm
I blame society for my typo.
11:45 AM
ping @Wipqozn
@jokerdino hm?
seems like a safe place. i flagged it as inappropriate.. he has a tendency to post random images out of nowhere.
@jokerdino Oh? I'm not sure what the rules of Root Access are, but I wouldn't call that a flag worthy offense, unless he is always posting spam.
Not offensive. Just inappropriate. And borderline spam. I don't know how long he has been doing it but I have noticed it more than often when I am in that room.
He does post a lot of "spam". Quite often.
@jokerdino You should bring it up with one of the super user mods, instead of flagging his messages.
Because without the history, which I lack, I don't see any problem with it.
11:51 AM
Alright. Cool.
see ya around.
tortoise swoosh
@jokerdino hey man.. you a gamer too?
thought you as a solid programmer dude :D
@ShyamK well, err, i am not a hardcore gamer. I play games as a recreation.
12:10 PM
Q: How to install custom hit beep sounds for TF2? (aka dingaling)

badpI've just reinstalled TF2 and I used to have the Quake 4 sounds playing when hitting people, which was great. Now I'm back to vanilla. I've found the hitbeep I wanted, how do I go about to installing it?

@jokerdino ya.. me too.. I game when I got nothing else to
then I dont do anything else
then I become a hardcore gamer :D
eh, good stuff :P
12:58 PM
Can we please talk so that the above depressing convo goes off-screen? :P
which one is depressing?
the dingaling? XD

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