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9:46 AM
Q: Is there a non-USB-OBD2 adapter made for reprogramming (CAN/ISOTP)?

DrMickeyLauerI'm working on an ECU reprogramming and coding app (iOS, Android, etc.) for a client who is part of the automotive tuning scene. I have been trying out dozens of OBD2 adapters, but most of them fall short in one or the other way. I wonder whether an OBD2 adapter manufacturer is reading here or wh...

This question seems to me to be a shopping question. They are looking for a device. I guess it's borderline ... maybe they are just looking for a widget to do their bidding, regardless of what it is? Someone care to chime in?
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12:56 PM
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 I appreciate that they have defined requirements, not some <what-is-tha-best-thingy-to-make-my-civic-go-wrooom>. They aren't seeking for a shop or prices, just an device. Perhaps an eventual answer is a long-living information, one that does add information for future readers.
@Martin - That is fair
I think if we treat it as a "you need this type of device" kinda thing instead of "you need this product" I can live with it.
1:47 PM
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 can we continue the conversation here? i new to this room and i dont know how it is works.
@Error1004 It's just a chat and absolutely :)
We are free to talk about all kinds of things here which wouldn't necessarily apply to the Q&A of the main site.
And welcome to the chat!
Thanks a lot for the invitation,

what is your opinion about my question?
To be quite truthful with you, I don't think it matters too much. I think the question is rather pedantic ... Put your foot on the brake, put it in park, release the brake.
Please don't think I'm trying to be mean, as it is not meant that way.
As long as you're not being hard on it (sudden stop using the gear shift to get you stopped), you're not going to hurt the transmission.
Brakes are for stopping. The gear shifter (and all of the tranny internals) is used for keeping you stopped, as well as changing directions of travel (forward/reverse). If you aren't beating on things, it should be just fine.
the reason i start to investigate this is because 1-2 times i park on an uphill (almost 90 degrees) and when i try leave using reverse gear it was difficult to move from P to R and a strange sound come out of the car
@Error1004 - Haha ... I really hope its not 90° ... that's straight up/down ;)
What you are describing is very typical. When you put it in park, the vehicle will roll slightly as it puts pressure against the parking pawl. When you pull it back out of park, this can be a little tough, then the car will jerk a little and make a noise. Very common.
2:01 PM
is this a problem?
or is a common procedure
Not usually. If the incline is enough for this movement to occur, just put the parking brake on with the foot brake still being used, then put it in park, releasing the foot brake after it is in park. The parking brake should keep it from moving and protect the pawl from any kind of stress.
so to see if i get it right:

as i m driving and using D, depress foot brake to stop the car, by continue depressing foot brake enable parking brake, move from D to P and then release foot brake?
Basically yes ... at least that's my version of it ... others may disagree.
OK, really appreciate your time and effort!
Thanks you verryyy much
No worries. You can ping me anytime in here. I'm not in here all the time, so the ping will let me know
2:09 PM
thank you!

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