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8:51 AM
Folks- Is there a way to contact members "out of band" ? Private message, text, or some facility? Forgive my ignorance. Do you have to create a room and ping them into it? There's some things I'd like to talk about with certain people (given upcoming mod elections) that I'd prefer not to be public. Is there a way, or (as I have a feeling) does such communication run counter to SE philosophy?
@SteveRacer Unfortunately no. There are no private messages on SE.
You can open a public chatroom and invite people there, but everything will still be public.
Only mods can create private chatrooms to talk to users.
@JoErNanO Thanks for the candid clarification. Especially because I just wanted to rant about how jealous I am of you...
9:11 AM
@SteveRacer Everyone is jealous of me. Some people are also envious. Most just want to be me.
But they can't.
FCMOTO10161 - fcmoto.de 10% discount code valid until 20th October 2016
Yeah, well. You shouldn't have left your DNA on that Scotch glass. Just sayin...
@SteveRacer Oh damn!
Not to worry, the clones so far have five eyes (not sure that's a negative yet) and they don't mix caps in their screen names.
Five eyes could actually help them see the world as I see it.
True, but the single-malt expenses are exceeding our research budget.
9:20 AM
There's no better budget expense though, am I right?
Seeing as how I am the Director of Foward Projects... yes.
Damn this alcohol (ETOH) and its cooling boost-enhancing properties. In light of my plight, I have resolved myself to only drink on days that end in "y"...
There's a club you can join I think.
"It's dangerous to go alone."
E85 WRX tuners? They are a sad bunch (and I know) as they are mostly concerned with dyno sheets.
Perhaps you refer to my Father's philosophy, which was only to drink on two specific occasions... when you're alone, or when you're with somebody.
9:40 AM
@SteveRacer No no I mean an actual club of people who only drink when they are alone with somebody on days that end in day.
The hold regular meetings, as one would imagine.
Just as long as there's no "steps". That would conflict with my agenda.
Steps can be avoided - just move the fridge closer to the sofa
My bar buddies have grown quite suspicious of me as late, as I take my laptop and answer SE questions. Addiction has many forms, it seems...
perhaps they could help? I'm sure the answers would be much funnier...
Yikes. Fanks! I thought my answers were funny enough. Makes up for the inaccuracy,
Although ... "Did cats make these scratches in my paint or was I keyed?" could do with some group-think, perhaps...
10:18 AM
@SteveRacer there is a hacky way involving User A pinging email in chat, User B acknowledging they have recorded the email, then User A deleting said chat message containing email address
Like I said, hacky. But where there's a will, there's a way, an inheritance lawyer (or both)
10:42 AM
@SteveRacer - if you are wanting to talk to an existing mod privately, then that can be done. If it is something that could concern moderation of the site, you can request they set up a private mod room (other mods and CM's will be able to see it, but it will not be visible to general community)
Or you could let a mod know they can check your profile for your email address if it isn't public, then they could email you, but whether or not a mod wants their email to become known at that point is up to them though
10:53 AM
@MoveMoreCommentsLinkToTop - Larry, you'll still need to do your questionnaire thing here: meta.mechanics.stackexchange.com/questions/1767/…
11:12 AM
@Zaid @RoryAlsop Thanks guys, I hope I didn't mean to make it sound doom and gloom. It is as I suspected: Not really the philosophy of SE. It had more to do with me possibly nominating someone for mod, but I felt like that wouldn't be appropriate without discussing it with her beforehand.
In other thoughts, it occurs to me that "my paint damged cats vs keyed" is not an XOR. In other words, vengeful cats may have keyed the poster's car. Because of weak paws and the lack of opposing thumbs, the scratches would not be very deep... consistent with the OP's pictures. I will research further.
@SteveRacer ROFL
@SteveRacer I remember you talking about an "autel"-type car diagnostic tester. Are you satisfied with it?
11:29 AM
Absolutely love it. Around $100 if I remember, it even does manufacturer specific (P1xxx) if you identify the make. It has a great IM readiness screen useful for those critical drive cycles before the dreaded P0420 reappears. It always connects. It also does Mode 1 and Mode 2 PIDS with unit conversion, including graphs if you want it. I think I have an AL519 or AL719. They have many varients, including those that handle ABS, C-codes, and TPMS
I also have a Snapon Solus with Domestic/Euro/Asian and every know adapter (another addiction; "SnapOn" which cost me many thousands (and continues to cost for legit software updates). Quite necessary for heavy lifting, activating solenoids for EVAP testing, etc. But that said, the Autel is far superior in price/performance evaluations. And if it breaks, so what? I'll buy another one for $100.
I suppose the Autel has no "maintenance reset"?
I have a calibrated paper clip for that. No, Autel doesn't talk, it just listens. Maybe their full-on diagnostic machine does those things, but I'm not interested. Too vested in SnapOn at this point.
"calibrated paper clip" ?
Your humor is entertaining but things are often difficult to understand :)
Yup. BMW use to sell a tool... which was a fancy push-button with lights. A fully calibrated paper clip shorted the same terminals in the diagnostic connector (not OBD II) which caused the same maintenance reset as the expensive tool. GM cars still respond to the key on three accel pedal stomps and key off. Most Asians respond to holding in the trip reset and key on. Fancy Asians have the reset burried in a stalk menu.
I deal with older used stuff, but haven't found one couldn't reset with a paper clip and/or some knowledge.
11:46 AM
Got it, thank you
YW anytime
11:59 AM
@BobCross, you there?
If you aren't, don't worry about it.
If you are, you might want to check out mechanics.stackexchange.com/questions/37510/…
@anonymous2 flagged it as spam
It's gone.
That was probably the 6th spam vote.
"SPAM. Glorious SPAM"
12:04 PM
Q: Where can I get helmet screws

Trevor SullivanI have a MSR Xpedition motorcycle helmet. It's rather cheaply made, and one of the side screws, that holds the visor on fell out. Any ideas on where I can get a replacement screw for it? I reached out to their customer service via e-mail, to see if I can get one from them.

^ @anonymous2 I'm not sure that I'd consider that price-shopping
He doesn't bring cost into it... just "where can I get them"
@LynnCrumbling do you want to weigh in on the latest cat controversy?
Q: Can cats leave scratch marks on cars?

earlyriser01I live in an apartment complex with some stray cats. I have multiple sets of scratch marks on the side doors of my car. I am unsure if these are from cats or from someone keying my car. Is it possible for cats to scratch car paint? Here are some of the pictures. I have more pictures but s...

It's still the type of question that leads to spam, though.
@earlyriser01 Nice flip-flops :) — tlhIngan 16 hours ago
@LynnCrumbling You think it's on topic here?
@anonymous2 I'm having a hard time with that. Which usually means I tend to err on the side of not voting to close. YMMV :)
12:14 PM
Lol, I'll retract my comment, but leave my vote there. I'll let the rest of the community decide. In any case, the vote will expire if it doesn't gain support.
Wait, maybe I should do the inverse.
Well, ran my original plan in the end. Hope I did the right thing. :)
Eh, I don't know that there's a "wrong" thing in this case :)
No, I guess not. At some point, too, you have to learn to make decisions and live with the consequences. Shouldn't be too dire in this particular case. :)
12:29 PM
@Zaid So.. Is the controversy where "cats can leave marks on cars" or whether that question is off topic?
Because.. I notice that it's at 4 atm.
Huh.. people are closing it as POB.
I wouldn't have thought that would be the close reason.
What would you expect?
Some sort of off topic -> custom close reason, I suppose. But I'm having a hard time deciding what that would be... which goes back to my theory that perhaps it shouldn't be closed.
I can certainly see why the POB people went that route, though.
It's one of the challengers that reviewers have. Do you close or don't you? If it doesn't look on topic, what kind of closing should we use?
Frequently what ends up happening is that one person votes to close ie, as POB, and others, who also think it should be closed, just vote to close on the same basis.
I'm sure there's a psych experiment out there that demonstrates that people feel better when they take action vs. doing nothing. Even when that action is the wrong action.
"But at least I _did_ something!"
I heard an absolutely excellent analogy for mods at one point.
Mods are like the exception handler for StackExchange. They should hardly ever need to use their power. But every once in a while, something occurs which can not be resolved via the standard flow mechanisms (close voting, downvoting, flagging), and thats where mods become the last-ditch effort to offer corrective action.
12:48 PM
That is true.
Bob Cross won't even CV unless he's going to be the 5th vote.
Hm, I thought he said he'll sometimes close on 4th, but maybe that was Rory.
Ah, perhaps.
Well, the hell that is VB6 beckons. I hate legacy code.
1:10 PM
@LynnCrumbling I wasn't expecting the question to get closed tbh. I tried to demonstrate how it can be objectively answered
@Zaid Agree. In fact, your answer was pivotal in me not casting a vote.
@LynnCrumbling there are two types of code: today's legacy code and tomorrow's legacy code. Best get used to it. :/
At least tomorrow's legacy code will be OO :)
(as opposed to spaghetti)
Sez who?
BTW, you forgot one: Yesterday's legacy code :) This VB isn't going anywhere...
1:13 PM
Yesterday's legacy is still today's legacy, no?
Just a bit staler
Do you consider COBOL to fit in the same square as Classic ASP? :)
And tomorrow... webforms/winforms? :)
COBOL/ForTran seem to be firmly in their own "huh?" zone for me.
Amazing (and bizarrely), LISP and Perl still seem relevant to me.
I know what you're trying to convey. Sadly though, a headache is a headache regardless of language
Have a star.
Won't make your legacy code any better :)
1:18 PM
Printing to STDOUT - My weapon of choice
okay, Thank you. Is there any form of repellent for keeping the cats off? They're strays and very sweet cats but I am on a budget and don't have funds for a new paint job. — earlyriser01 29 mins ago
Ahem. Cough.
Can you dupe comments?
@Zaid Ok, seriously ... did you need to create a sockpuppet just to take us on this goose-chase back to the cat question? :)
@LynnCrumbling sadly no
I couldn't afford those flip flops
1:26 PM
Engineering doesn't pay?
@anonymous2 of course not. Look at Dilbert
@LynnCrumbling today's Dilbert is especially relevant to you today :)
btw, I made that comment about perl before I saw that you have a dupehammer in it.
@LynnCrumbling I dabble in it from time to time :)
I got on Ducati's case for not nominating himself for mod.
He still hasn't :-/
I know, and nominations end in 6 hours...
1:35 PM
If only someone would nominate themselves via Limerick...
Oh.. wait..
If you write @DucatiKiller a haiku he might oblige :)
With only Eight In,
Election starts soon, we will
For Ducati wait
@Zaid Surely the picture on the can should be a viking, not a knight...
2:39 PM
@DucatiKiller Thanks man, will do
It's election time // The Pitstop awaits eagerly // @DucatiKiller
2:56 PM
Can't believe I'm on the top reviewers of all time!
I hope I did that one review right... :)
3:32 PM
Travel tip: it doesn't matter what direction you go. If you travel for enough hours, jet lag AKA jet kick you in the face will eventually crush your weak human mind.
Fortunately, crushing my mind only compresses more fuel into the central core of pure evil.
@BobCross After a a certain time without sleep you reach a tipping point where you suddenly feel refreshed and ready for some more hours
At least that happened to me once
Yeah, when that happens to me the room generally rapidly clears. It's a bad sign when Bob starts talking about "human frailty" in front of normal people. ;-)
Note to self: don't tell normals that contact lenses are an augmentation to your targeting system. That spooks people. ;-)
@BobCross Perhaps they just hope that things get better for you? ;)
Apparently, I'm expected to use my powers for good. Or something. ;-)
@BobCross Deus Ex was a cool game, yeah
3:41 PM
@Myself yeah now I want to play that right now. Time to go home, get a nap and ware a beautiful day playing games!
I actually want to have a word with the one dude who is responsible for the TLS implementation in KSoap2
..and the other people who suggest to hack the verification class and just allow everything
4:43 PM
@anonymous2 It's sometimes me on 4th, vote - if I'm pretty sure, yes :-)
Where is Ducati? // He isn't nominated. // What is going on?
@Zaid More haiku fun.
Hey @DucatiKiller - I think you'd make a great mod... just sayin'
No nomination // Ducati, man your station // Mechanics nation
4:59 PM
The star haiku board is almost full ;)
5:12 PM
@RoryAlsop preciate it. Too late now. :-)
@DucatiKiller think you still have 2 hours don't you?
or is that the noms closed
2 hours
I hope Larry @MoveMoreCommentsLinkToTop gets his questionnaire answers in within the next 2 hours. I assume it doesn't rule folks out if they haven't, but it may
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 - do you have a way to ping Larry
Wow.. slow day... we haven't had any new questions in the last 5 hours??
@LynnCrumbling everyone's waiting with bated breath for the elections :-)
5:28 PM
@RoryAlsop Apropos:
@LynnCrumbling It's good to have you back
It's nice to be back. You guys are an incredibly friendly and helpful group.
@RoryAlsop The mobile chat leaves something to be desired.
@LynnCrumbling This is how we lure you into the house. When the door closes behind you, it gets dystopian.
@DucatiKiller But.. will there be Twizzlers?
We have ALL the Twizzlers @LynnCrumbling Come on in, relax.....have some Twizzlers....
5:46 PM
mmmmmm Twizzlers.
I get to smell them a few times a week on my way home.
I have to get this off my chest. I'm a little irritated with the entire Global Clown Thing. Anyone else? It's just not that funny. I'm going to bet that on Halloween, there will be a 25% Scary Clown Costume penetration rate.
They make them 10 minutes from my house.
That is glorious 15 seconds of driving down Route 30 with the moonroof open.
@LynnCrumbling Was it a factor in your home selection metrics?
Well, _just before_the Twizzlers factory is the Ramen factory.
And there are days when both of them are kicking...
Ramen. It's more than just a noodle.....
5:49 PM
So you get lunch .. and then snack.. within 20 seconds.
That's touching @LynnCrumbling but we have a Clown Crisis here, OK?
And yes, I secretly let off the gas just a tad to extend the amount of time that it wafts into the car cabin.
Safety First @LynnCrumbling
^ that.
It's ok.. it just means that I drop from 65 to 55 momentarily :)
The clown thing is annoying.
You would think the President would do something....what about the EU too? Everyone is just sitting on their hands waiting for it to fix itself.
5:52 PM
My wife disliked clowns in the first place... Watched "IT" as a child.
I was at a pretty large meeting on Friday and someone asked, "what are you going to dress up as for Halloween?" EVERYONE said some kind of clown......then everybody looked around the table like.....Jeeeeze....EVERYONE else is going to do that to. It was pretty hilarious. EVERYONE also determined that they were NOT going to go as a murder clown before it broke.
I don't find clowns scary in the slightest, but I am willing to bet a lot of people dressed as clowns who try to scare others will end up in hospital this Halloween.
God help the first clown that approaches my kids.
I tend to wear my stage gear at Halloween. It frightens everyone. Heh heh heh heh
Im thinking your right @RoryAlsop There will be clowns getting clocked on the head this Halloween.
6:04 PM
Could be the laser eyes and the fire...
Fire can be scary
Yep, it's gone far enough as a fad that noone will put up with clowns
....and laser eyes.....You must be a mod to have that level of privilages.
Indeed, it will peak this Halloween to the highest levels of craptacular.
If you gentleman were not on the inside regarding the truth about existence and reality, I will share a little secret with you.....
First, this is not reality.
Second, neither is the reality you are in, where you are seeing these words magically appear on your screen or the one where you get into your car and go someplace.
Third, there's someone doing something about it.
6:25 PM
The producers of Inception called; they want their plot back.
Ever read/hear the director's commentary on that ending?
@RoryAlsop Thanks Rory. Still recovering from the hurricane so behind doesn't even come close but I'll do it now. :)
@MoveMoreCommentsLinkToTop Are you down in Florida, Larry?
@LynnCrumbling Nope, Fayetteville NC. We got 18 inches of rain in less than 24 hours, that was a week after we got 10 inches. I'm on the fire department, so between rescues, my basement flooded, and my parents losing power. I've been busy...lol
Oh jeez.
Sorry :-/
6:42 PM
I didn't have it nearly as bad as some of the people we rescued. So folks have 12 inches of water covering there entire house :( I was just stretched thin on time and sleep. We have a good community of neighbors helping neighbors so it went as good as it could have.
@MoveMoreCommentsLinkToTop Oh - jeez, sorry, no I wasn't meaning to be pushy in a time of crisis, I was just worried in case it would be a blocker
Hope you are okay
@RoryAlsop Not pushy at all. Nice reminder actually, as I told myself last night I'll get to that tomorrow... and here it is and I hadn't thought about it....lol
7:05 PM
My daughters insisted on a bedtime story... I broke out in verse and they pleaded me to stop singing :)
@MoveMoreCommentsLinkToTop hope all is well now
@Zaid hahahahaha - singing the election songs
Nah, just silly make-up-as-you-go-along rhyme
@Zaid Now just playing catch up from all the lost time, the crisis is over for the most part for me. I am sure there are others that are still in crisis mode, but they are getting help, even it they don't think it fast enough. Sometimes you just need to remind folks that we have it pretty good even with all of this going on. Remind them to step back and think about there blessings and not so much about the things that they lost.
It sure puts things in perspective. People don't value what they have until they no longer have it
I had a lady in Lowes livid that it was going to take the power company more than a week to restore power and there was no excuse. I explained that teams from Ohio and New Jersey were already here and working 20 hour days to restore her power. Then I reminded her she was standing in lowes to get a connector to hook up the generator to her house and there were people who couldn't even get to their house
7:16 PM
Some people just need to be reminded. Her whole attitude changed when I pointed that out.
HAHA - I filled out all the election stuff and when I went to save it, DOWN for maintenance. Oh well gents....gave it a try. LOL
ah...it just worked
@DucatiKiller nearly got away with it, eh :-)
good man!
7:24 PM
Thanks for pushing me.
For real
Excuse not valid // Failure is not an option // The nation needs you
You're making me wonder if all this typing answering the questions if for nothing right now...lol
@DucatiKiller look at your candidate score!
@Zaid :-)
@RoryAlsop I guess that's good?
Green = Good, right?
@DucatiKiller yep - and 38/40 ... that's a fair bit higher than mine
7:29 PM
I was looking in the wrong spot. I see it now
@RoryAlsop A bit higher than mine, too, lol.
a 39, 38, two 35's a 32...that's a good candidate pool right there
@RoryAlsop I think on the Security site you would be 40/40 though
@DucatiKiller I think I was a 39 - and I didn't have deputy, as I had been a pro-tem
same as Bob and Larry - you can't get deputy if you were in at the start
I don't have Deputy. I think I need to raise another 130 some odd flags
7:33 PM
But honestly, when it comes down to it, it's not the score we're voting for, it's the people whom we feel would best fill the position.
@DucatiKiller well - you'd best get them in quick, as if you end up as a mod, you'll find it very difficult (it can be done though...)
Of course, I'm one to be talking. ;)
@anonymous2 oh, absolutely. I'm just glad peer pressure got to @Ducati
if it was just score then elections would never need to be held
@RoryAlsop Me too. He's got a good mod mindset.
and it could be gamed
7:35 PM
You guys did apply some pressure :-)
we're good like that ;-P
And I feel confident also that none of our candidates will feel frustrated (as I have seen before) if they don't get in or end up dead bottom.
@anonymous2 agreed - the whole candidate pool feels good
It was positive, just don't peer pressure me into wearing am evil clown outfit this Halloween, that would be negative peer pressure.
Agreed, good pool
As I see it, it's a choice between good candidates + one mediocre candidate. ;)
(Myself, of course.)
But seriously, the goal is to promote the community and let the community have the choice of the candidates they feel are the best.
7:42 PM
Which is why we wanted you to nominate, @DucatiKiller. :)
@NickC that video is full of spam!
......it's full of stars.....
8:00 PM
I'm sorry Ducati, I'm afraid I can't do that.
Yes, I'd like to hear it Lynn. Can you sing it for me?
It's called "Daisy Ducati."
8:14 PM
My votes are in! :)
Voting is open!
Of course, my votes may change...
Nice, thanks for the heads up
If anyone has questions to ask the candidates, visit the moderator moderator chat: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/46599/…;
Voting is hard... so many good candidates
I know. I've already changed twice.
I'm sure my votes are not permanent as is; I'm still seriously chewing it over.
8:43 PM
You can change them at any time until the deadline
So don't let it worry you
No, I keep looking over the list on the right and thinking, "That looks like a good selection." Then I change all three and think...the same thing.
9:29 PM
Man... you guys all did horrible in the Primary.
It's a tough gig
9:44 PM
hrmmm.. could I have 2 more votes please?
9:57 PM
@RoryAlsop I'll ping him. Thanks for the reminder.
@RoryAlsop - I sent him a text. Hopefully he'll make it happen I told him not to even worry about answering questions at this point.
10:16 PM
@RoryAlsop - AND he's already posted up. I'm a day late and a dollar short.
1 hour later…
11:24 PM
why is there a preference to take the vacuum line off the brake booster
as opposed to any other vacuum line
or location

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