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Hello World
@DucatiKiller now we are free from the shackles of the close vote limit
really? how is that?
Well, you can place the candidates here for later reference
Q: 2009 Sentra CVT Sounds Like a Diesel Truck When Cold

alduxMy 2009 Nissan Sentra CVT 2.0l when cold sounds very loud, and similar to a Diesel Engine. The noise gets worst when climbing a steep hill right around the corner that I have to go through when driving to work. I've taken it to a shop but they say they couldn't find nothing wrong with it. Thoug...

Like so
I am waiting for my closing powers to come back. 6 more hours before the reset.
Well, you could just paste the question link here
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@Zaid are you just pasting the URL into here and it's showing up like that?
I will
this is brilliant
Q: How do I fix an immobilizer problem on a 2006 Kia Sedona?

Nicholas TrandemHow do I fix a problem with my immobilizer? This is a follow up to this question: 2006 Kia Sedona intermittently not starting What parts (if any) do I need? What would be the best way to go about the repair?

Q: RPM dropped and check engine light came on

user11365I have a 2005 Nissan Murano. I was driving down the road the other day and the car lurched and I noticed the rpm dropped. The idling speed used to be at or above 1000, now its between 500 and 750. the "check engine" light also came on and isn't going off. The car starts fine, although sometimes ...

^Too broad
Q: How does the choke on my mower work?

2NinerRomeoI am wondering if the choke may be part of the reason I am having trouble with my mower. It appears that there is very little force causing it to stay open or closed. I am wondering if there is a spring that should be holding it one way or another, or if is vacuum operated. What could be the mec...

^Too broad, didn't get back
Q: High idle and car shakes badly

Geeshath PeirisMy 2011 Suzuki wagon R engine has idle RPM of about 1700. The engine shakes badly for some period as soon as it is started but later settles down. I got the throttle body cleaned using an injector cleaner, but I still have both problems. Please help me with a solution.

^Too broad, far too many plausible scenarios
The mower question, seems like saying to get a spring is the obvious answer
shouldn't we just answer some of these?
@DucatiKiller If we can we should. The beauty of having a chat room like this is that we can discuss about whether to close or not
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The reason why I'd close it is that they never got back
makes sense but there is a benefit to others perhaps?
(And I don't know enough about carbs to know if it is still answerable)
Your call. You have my backing
Q: '03 Ford Ranger rough and sometimes racing idle

Joe'03 Ford Ranger V6 FF automatic idles rough. Sometimes fluctuating from 1000 to 2000 rpm repeatedly. Sometimes stalling. Once in gear all is well above 30 mph. I rapped on the IAC valve and disconnected the battery for 15 minutes. The "Check Engine" light went out. The idle leveled out at a...

^CEL without pulling codes, too broad
6:16 PM
Q: Rear motorized hatch in 2005 Nissan Armada will not open

jmgMy 2005 Nissan Armada rear hatch has opened unexpectedly (while parked) several times in the past few weeks. Now the rear hatch will not open with either the key fob or via the interior hatch button. Also the exterior handle will not allow it to open either manually or set off the auto open. What...

Too Broad
Q: oil leak on spark plug for AUDI A4 2002 model

DonaldThere oil leaking on spark plug number 2 on my AUDI A4 car 2002 model. i have not tried anything to fix it. how do i go about ti try and fix the leak on the spark plug?

Q: Is there a general procedure for retrofitting "smart key" cars with real keys?

R..With all the cost, trouble, loss-of-use, and inability to shut the vehicle off if electronics fail associated with "smart" keys, if I ever get a car that needs one I think I'd want to adapt it to start and stop with an ordinary mechanical key or other mechanism. Is there any clean, established wa...

Too Broad
^Too broad, need more info
Q: What is the downside to buying an Ebay Leveling Kit?

Chase FlorellI'm looking at a leveling kit on Ebay, but I'm wondering what the downside to this is VS buying the kit from the dealership at $1000

Purchasing Advice
Q: Clicking noise when pressing brake on Ford F-150 driver side

ElliottWhen I'm pressing the brake at a slow speed I hear this clicking noise every time left front wheel on my Ford F-150 . What could this be.

^Too broad
Q: 2006 Expedition wont start when it's hot outside

AmySo I have a 2006 Expedition that wont start when it is 90 degrees or more outside. That is the only time it seems to happen. It wont start and if I come back after dark or a few hours later it starts right up with no problem. So far no mechanic has been able to figure it out. Turn the key and it...

^Too broad
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Q: 2012 POLO 1.2 S hatchback service manual?

AgeisIs there an after market service manual for a my new polo? I have already tried haynes but it's not available for my model I need it before I start messing around with the electrics. I want to attempt to fit a keyless entry system with alarm. My dad and my brother in law have one so I feel left o...

I'm unsure of this one
looking for a 3rd party manual
If the google can't answer it.......I can't
I say keep it
For future reference, has a nice collection of workshop manuals
Q: 2011 Nissan Rogue Ipod Touch 5

jackieJust got the 2011 doesn't recognize my ipod. Does anyone know if theĀ ipod touch 5 just isn't compatible or is there something I'm not doing? Btw, I have all the cords and adaptors.

^ Too broad/kinda unclear what they're asking
Q: Ford F-150 transmission malfunction after rebuild

Marcus applefield2004 2wd. Transmission is malfunctioning and OD light flashing. Reverse is fine. Have to go into 1 and 2 to get to drive. Straight to drive won't work. After I go into drive it's fine. After I am in drive and slow down or stop, you can hear the tranny shifting on its own. I have to go back into 1...

^Unsure about this
Unsure because there could be enough info for an expert to infer what might be causing it
it's possible, there are still a multitude of strange possibilities though
if OP is communicating perhaps more data points could be pulled but....
seems pretty tough to nail
Q: 2000 Chevy Camaro starts, idles low around 1000 rpms for 4 or 5 seconds before dying

sparebytesIt's a 2000 Camaro v6 manual. Most days the car starts just fine but on other days I might have to start it 20 times before it stays on. When I start it, the RPM is around 1000 but slowly drops to around 800 before it dies. If I apply the gas as the car starts it will die almost instantly. I ...

Too Broad and OP sold the vehicle.
Lol, I've seen that a couple of times too - sell off your problems to someone else :D
Q: 2008 Honda Rebel 250 idle problem

user4618I have honda rebel and it's been running great for the last year. It does have about 8000 miles on it but I haven't had any serious issues. Lately, I noticed the idle was higher than normal. It seems to be idling very high in all gears. I can't figure out why this happened all of the sudden. Bef...

Too Broad
Q: Noise from gearbox since new brake pads and discs

LindaI have a 2006 Vauxhall Astra automatic which was making a wearing sound around left front wheel. I had both front brake pads plus discs replaced. Now when my car is in park with the engine running, I press the brake pedal on & off and there is now a clicking noise which seems to be coming from th...

^This one's answerable
I think it's a non-issue. They're just hearing the clicking of the park lock solenoid
6:30 PM
Q: How to fix "lazy" electricity to the cab of an '89 Mazda B2200

GDPI don't know how else to describe it but as "lazy". There's power to the speedometer/temperature/fuel portion of the dashboard, but nothing else in the cab has power, including the interior light. Usually, even when full, the fuel gauge usually shows about 1/4 tank, and the temperature sits aro...

Too Broad
Q: 2004 Chevy Malibu Classic Acceleration & starting problems

deniseI was riding along and my 2004 Chevy Malibu Classic stopped accelerating. I was pressing the gas but it wouldn't go any faster. I coasted off the highway and turned it off, then I started it back up and shut it off as I called for assistance. When I tried to start it back again it would not crank...

Too Broad
Q: 2005 Volvo S60 loses power

ChrisI have an '05 S60 with about 92,000 miles on it. Recently, while driving at a constant speed the car will lose power for a couple seconds- the rpm's drop and then the car will recover and run normally. The check engine light will come on after this event and will stay on for a while (hours and...

Too Broad
Q: vauxhall vectra cdti sri 150 running problems

andrewkerrI recently had low fuel pressure problems with my cdti. I took it to a garage and got the high pressure pump changed. After that it started no problem but after 15mins of it running, it started running lumpy and cutting out, so I got the computer on it again and the error that was cumming up was ...

Too Broad
@Zaid I'm out. Going hiking. Love the room, great idea.
@DucatiKiller See ya. Be safe out there
Q: Stalling when slowing

LarryAfter getting my 1999 Intrepid running by replacing battery, starter and alternator it now stalls during deceleration randomly. What could be the cause?

^ Too broad. Even telepathy wouldn't help diagnose this
Q: Dodge Durango problems after starter replacement

L. Istrei changed my starter on my 2008 Dodge Durango. It still ticking and hesitates to start. When it does start, it goes no faster than 25 mph. whats is wrong

^ Too broad. Now I know what doctors must have to go through
"I have a pain in my chest", "My stomach hurts", "I feel tired"
Q: Honda Accord 2008 AT 2.4 India Bound

user12747How to increase initial pick up of my Honda Accord 2.4 AT, as my car has done 80000 km.

^ Too broad. Funny how they mentioned the mileage, lol
Q: 96 GMC Vortec 5.7 ltr missfire at freeway speed

Jared Misikin1996 GMC 5.7L Misfires at freeway speed. Changed plugs, cap & rotor Is coil and ignition control module bad?

^ Unclear. What exactly is a coil & ignition module?
Q: Repair or replace Suzuki SX4?

dsollenI have a 2008 Suzuki Sx4, I just replaced all it's tires, but during that they checked on an odd sound I was hearing and told me it was an issue with the ball bearing in my axle (if I recall correctly) and that it would need to be replaced for about 700 dollars in the near future. I could repair...

^ Opinionated
Q: my isuzu propshaft vibrate when i rev engine car is in neutral and stationary

Zackmy Isuzu kb 250 diesel, prop shaft vibrates when i rev engine in neutral and stationary, it makes a noise as well but engine run still.

^Needs one more close vote
7:13 PM
Q: engine light on misfires

sandySo already replaced spark plugs, ignition coils and gas cap. Getting codes: P0420 - Catalyst system below threshold bank 1 P0172 - Bank 1 system too rich P0300 - Random multiple misfire P0300 - Random multiple misfire P0303 - Cylinder misfires P0304 - Cylinder misfires

^Too broad. They didn't even mention which Hyundai it was
7:43 PM
Q: loss of gauges on a 2003 Ford Escape

SteveMy son has a 2003 Ford Escape V6, that will all of a sudden have a loss of all gauges while he is driving and then they will come right back up with no loss of power. There has been times he has called me because his car won't start, it will turn over just fine, but, just not start. When I get th...

^ Unsure
Q: 1991 ford explorer, low beam lights don't work but high beams do. And rpm is low and some times dies

OneColdNorthernerHi I bought a 91 explorer about 2 weeks ago. It sat for 2 years before I put a new battery in it and It started fine, Low beam lights were working fine, and then just stopped working after a week, then that little high beam light came on. Checked the fuses there all good so idk what is it. Then t...

^ Too broad, OP didn't get back
Q: Brakes are really touchy

OneColdNorthernerI have a 1991 ford explorer it's winter where I live and is really slippery. My brakes are really touchy so when I use them they lock and I slide. I don't drive it anymore as it's too dangerous. I was wondering if there is something I can do to it so I don't have to pay some crazy price to get it...

^ Too broad, OP didn't get back

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