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12:12 AM
Q: Why does the 1H NMR spectrum of methacryloyl chloride show two singlets instead of two doublets for vinyl protons?

ElnaniBased on what I have understood, for methacryloyl chloride there is a geminal coupling of the vinyl protons since they are not chemically equivalent. Why are two singlets observed for vinyl protons instead of two doublets?

4 hours later…
4:23 AM
Q: How do I derive metallic aluminum without electricity?

21st century steampunkI'm laying the foundation for a project called 21st Century steampunk, where I figure out what the world would look like if electricity was never discovered. I'm wondering if it's possible to derive usable metallic aluminum from naturally occurring substances without using the Hall–Héroult process.

3 hours later…
7:18 AM
Q: Are corrosive and reactive synonymous?

Melanie ShebelThis answer on a question regarding whether water is corrosive in pure form, the author implies that "reactive" and "corrosive" are the same thing (at least with water.) "Corrode" seems to mean irreparably damaged which also seems to imply a corrosive reaction is not reasonably reversible where "...

10 hours later…
5:42 PM
Q: What's wrong with my question?

JoeSlavQuestion: Calculate concentration of Benzalkonium chloride with dilution From my perspective: Is it related to chemistry? yes Is it a low effort post? no; clearly asked what I need and provided example of possible solution for which I am seeking validation Now, is it an easy question? Probably....


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