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9:54 AM
I am trying to be helpful by editing the question into the format that seems to have the most success at getting answers.

I saw a few problems with the original.
The biggest is that it wasn't clear. It is good to have one clear claim that you are skeptical about. It wasn't clear which of the following statements you were doubting:

* Washing hands prevents disease.
* Washing hands prevents disease from faecal transfer.
* Washing hands prevents you from getting a disease from others.
* Washing hands prevents you from getting a disease from yourself.

or perhaps something else.
One of the reasons for asking for a reference to where someone made the claim is so we can see for ourselves what the claim is. I've certainly asked questions where the answer has been "The original claimant was right, but you misunderstood what they were saying."
Another reason for having a claim is to make sure we aren't wasting our time on beliefs that few people (or no-one) actually believes. If the claim was "I was thinking at the pub, that faecal matter is heavier than air. So, if I hold my hands up in the air the whole time, I should be fine. Is that right?" then we should spend our time on more important questions.
The reason I think this is important in this question is because:

1) I strongly suspect washing your hands isn't merely about washing off whatever got onto your hands during your bathroom trip, but also whatever got on your hands since the last time you visited the bathroom.

2) There are plenty of studies, going back to Ignaz Semmelweis in 1847, showing hand-washing has practical results, but there may not be many studies showing how to use the bathroom without handwashing.
That's why I added in a reference - now you, like me, probably learnt to wash your hands from your parents, but it is hard to reference your parents, so I chose a safety sign that I figured everyone would be familiar with.
7 hours later…
5:17 PM
Would it be a good question to post here, asking if the claim made here is valid? The claim is that leaving your phone's Wi-Fi connection on all the time saves battery because the phone prefers Wi-Fi for data over the more energy-using 3G connection. Specifically, the question is in regards to when the phone is "sleeping" as opposed to awake.
2 hours later…
7:06 PM
as a newbie to the skeptics website i just wanted to make users aware of whats wrong with the wesite and what drove me away from it, first off, the front page is filled with closed questions it looked very unorganized scrolling down to find an open question was just shocking to me.
second, there was a lot of armument in the comments section which i feel like it should have been taken up to the chat room i dont belive people should argue openly it should be settled somwhere else
lastly there were barley any answers the name makes me belive its a website filled with various opinions and people would have strong point of views and have very interesting ways of defending it, but one or two answers is not enough! the idea of the website s very good i love the questions too, but the community dosent work well with the idea
@NesreenA We try to clean up the closed questions, but we can't really delete them too early or the community has no chance to reopen them if they were closed in error
i just felt like a view from an outsider of this website would be appritiated
fell free to comment on the new islam website
i would love to see opinions from others also
7:43 PM
@MadScientist Do you think my question above is worth posting on the site?
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 It's probably a better fit for the Android site
@MadScientist Well, the claim is about battery use and not really about android per se.

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