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9:53 AM
Q: Is there a way to view comments against a question/answer that was removed?

EveryoneEarlier today I raised a question to enquire whether it may be possible to circumnavigate the globe over the poles by a balloon. Logging in after a few hours, the inbox widget advised there were two comments against the question. However the question is removed, and I'm at a loss to both know why...

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1:15 PM
Q: Question deleted

BelieverMy question here http://skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/7098/is-there-enough-evidence-in-bible-quran-that-earth-is-indeed-5000-years-old was deleted. Ok it was closed as duplicate first and I commented it was not a duplicate. There was a similar question asking, is the world really 6000 yea...

8 hours later…
9:23 PM
Is it acceptable to link to scientific articles behind a paywall/for academic access only? I have some useful & relevant ones for sleep & memory (psychology is my field) but not even the abstract is available to the public. On the one hand it limits the top level proof available, on the other it does stop people posting garbage and lying about what it is (I'm guessing you get your share of special interw
special interest cranks, I mean to say. Hope I'm not using this wrong but it doesn't seem worthy of it's own Question. _ Hunter
9:47 PM
@Hunter Linking to paywalled articles is okay, though usually at least the abstract is available. It's even better to quote relevant parts of the article, staying within the bounds of fair use, of course.
Thanks! Appreciate it, I only stumbled in here by accident but as a general non-binding statement ;) I like the cut of your jib round here, so if I can contribute anything, I will. _Hunter

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