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1:01 AM
Is it OK to "bomb" a poor question with swear words to (temporarily) knock it off the HNQ? Perhaps that's one way to put their HNQ screw-up to good use.
1:26 AM
@MaskedMan are you asking if it's ok to edit that sort of content into a question? How would that not be vandalism?
2 hours later…
3:06 AM
@MonicaCellio It is not vandalism, it is a workaround. There is no straightforward way to knock a question off the HNQ, and bombing swear words temporarily seems to be the only option that works.
And just to be clear on this, I have tried asking the great shog9 to provide easier and more "common sense" options like protecting HNQ from drive-by votes but he is adamant that "poor questions in HNQ means your site sucks, and it is not our problem", hence the need for workarounds.
@MaskedMan "there is no straightforward way" -- 5 close votes takes it off the HNQ
Also, bombing questions without any context would be vandalism, but I don't see why posting a line like, "f* HNQ. Sorry for inserting swear words here. This is done as a workaround to get this question off HNQ, because the so-called Community Managers just don't listen to us and provide an easier option to do it. This edit shall be reverted after a <cool off period>" should be considered vandalism.
@MaskedMan the person who asked the question did nothing wrong. You propose to litter a question with vulgarities in order to defeat the HNQ. I don't see how, from the perspective of the OP, that can be anything but vandalism. Also, while it might keep the question off the HNQ, you're still littering our front page with that stuff. Not cool. Do not do this.
@MaskedMan I have asked on MSE for protection to keep a question off the HNQ. If the question wouldn't otherwise merit closing, it's not fair to close it just because of HNQ. I am frustrated by HNQ too, but don't do greater damage in trying to defeat it.
@enderland Except that it only works when the question is posted in the US daytime, when most of the users with close vote privilege are active. As seen from recent examples, such as here, even that doesn't always work.
@MonicaCellio I am afraid following rules to the letter like that does more harm than good. If there a real good reason to break a rule, then breaking it should be the right thing to do.
@MaskedMan let me be abundantly clear: this moderator considers it vandalism, and while I haven't consulted the others yet (such an idea hasn't come up before AFAIK), I'm pretty confident that I'm not alone in this. You do not get to spew all over someone else's post -- or the site in general -- just because you're unhappy.
We are charged with keeping this site in good order for everyone. That includes question authors, visitors, and regulars.
3:17 AM
@MonicaCellio Speaking of littering the site, sort the questions by votes and you would see the front page littered with this question.
Q: Job asking for bank email and password

user62791I just got a job offer with a mobile entertainment network company. But it doesn't feel right with what they are asking. They want my account information. But they also want my user name and password to my account. I never had a job ask that before. Should I back away?

If it had been knocked off the HNQ early, there is no way it would have littered the front page.
For a HNQ that's really not bad at all, only six answers there I think total in spite of all the upvotes?
My issue with that answer is not the number of votes, but the picture it paints of this site. If a new user shows up here, I would prefer them to see our best questions, not some strange questions where the answer is essentially "Scam!" plus some fluff.
If I am a new user to some site that I know nothing about, the top-voted questions gives me a fair picture of what the community considers good questions, and questions like those don't exactly post a positive picture.
New users look at the front page mainly, from what I've seen. That's one reason it's important not to litter it with vulgarities.
Anyway, I am done with this discussion here. Thanks for hearing me out.
@MaskedMan this might be an interesting query for you - data.stackexchange.com/workplace/query/626501/…
4 hours later…
7:24 AM
@DoritoStyle fusion.net/story/281916/history-of-trolling just saw that and thought of you guys' convo the other day
5 hours later…
11:58 AM
Team based frustration of the day : People who take the last biscuit from a packet on the communal treat table and can't be bothered to throw the empty packet in the trash....
2 hours later…
2:15 PM
@JasonC I posted essentially the same thing a few months ago during the great Troll debate. I thought that was all common knowledge, but apparently not. While not on this site, I've trolled in the past and continue to do so in a "Reducto ad abusrdium", Jonathan Swift kind of way. I don't consider being called a troll particularly insulting, but others beg to differ.
2:45 PM
@RichardU I troll on Quora with pride. That site is full of prima donnas and self-centered people. Few things are more satisfying than bursting their bubble.
My favourite trick is to post a comment about why Facebook/StackExchange is better than Quora, and in particular, how users on the latter site are immature. Then sit back and enjoy the two sides fight it out, while saying to myself, "Wow, there are so many strange people out there."
3:20 PM
@MaskedMan My personal best was completely detonating a site, getting banned along with a friend who created an annual event reminding everyone of the day I got banned, who was then banned for that act. The only problem was, on that site, only the creator of an event could remove the event. Since he was banned, he couldn't. Then, every year, the event would pop up, and the conflagration would start again.
This site, however if FIRMLY on the "I WILL NOT TROLL" list.
@MaskedMan I agree about Quora. I have never seen such a collection of self-absorbed, self-aggrandizing, self-righteous, self-assured, pompous fools anywhere else on the net. There is a cloud of smug hanging over the entire site.
There's a cloud of smug and clique-ness hanging over pretty much every community on the interwebs. Of course, they only ever appear on whatever site you're not 'in-clique' on....
3:37 PM
@Pᴇᴛᴇ but we are far better than that here, provided that your rep is over 10,000
3:48 PM
Being under 10K rep entitles me to cynicism. Having over 10K will allow me to be smug...
@Pᴇᴛᴇ you don't have to limit your options. I enjoy being smug and cynical. I also enjoy a healthy helping of sardonic wit and a healthy dose of misanthropy
Q: "Why is your corporate mentorship program successful?"

David KIn regards to the question "Why is your corporate mentorship program successful?", the author seems to be receptive to feedback and wants to try to make their question on-topic. I'd love to get this reopened for them, but I'm not sure how to improve it. Can anyone else see a way to improve this ...

Hmm... "Pharmacy box" at work. Far too tempting to add a few extras....
4:30 PM
Wondering if I should answer a question, having already hit repcap for the day. :|
That gives me a good idea to game the system. Write an extremely unpopular answer, with a good mix of religion and feminism throw in. Get downvoted to the end of hell in no time. That opens up some "headroom" for my good answer to squeeze out another couple of upvotes. Then delete the unpopular answer tomorrow. I wonder if the reputation recalculation handles that.
2 hours later…
6:21 PM
@MaskedMan I would post something heavily laden with double entendre to maximize confusion. "Mr Smith's colleagues are all willing to comment on his work, and he has never been caught sleeping on the job. Mr Smith is an example of the criticality of good hiring practices. The possibility of hiring another employee like Mr Smith should be discussed immediately. Whenever there was office conflict, I would be sure to turn to Mr Smith. His work is well known around the department.
Q: W2 vs 1099 - Rate Difference

Robert CoI've been a full-time employee for a while and just started contracting work end of last year as W2. With the advent of ACA, I just realized that I can get more benefit from the heathcare exchanges than the vendor company offered plans. I intend to go with a plan from the exchange. However, I ju...

Q: Is there a rule of thumb for calculation of 1099 rate from existing salary + benefits?

KeltariIn the US most salaried positions come with benefits, such as health and dental insurance, etc, etc. Is there a rule of thumb that converts salary + benefits to an hourly rate for a 1099? Obviously, there cant be an exact conversion, but there must be a generally accepted rule. To be more clea...

^^^ These are both old questions currently on the front page. Are they dupes? Neither has any dupe votes.
6:37 PM
Did you see the deleted answer? It was dv'd 3x and marked as spam. I went to the link and it looks like a valid link. Sure the user should have explained it a bit better and perhaps summarized it, but doesn't appear like spam to me.
Also, I thought high rep people could vote to undelete something. That one has no option. Is that because of why it was deleted?
@ChristopherEstep hmm, I guess Community counts as a moderator. (Posts deleted by moderators can't be undeleted by non-moderators.) I noticed that there were answers with links deleted as spam but didn't investigate. Do you think it's worth fleshing out and undeleting?
I read them both and I see them as very similar but not exact duplicates. One is looking for reasons while the other is looking for a formula. I personally wouldn't call either a dupe of the other because they have different goals.
@MonicaCellio Ah, that would explain it.
I do. The link is legit and not even veiled ad spam. It's a clean site.
@ChristopherEstep oh, there's a simpler reason: spam posts are locked, which means you can't edit in their current state either.
Sometimes community goes for the FGITW option.
Ah, locks. Wasn't thinking about that.
And the dv are probably because people just saw a link and clicked down.
6:51 PM
@ChristopherEstep if I clear the spam flags and undelete, are you willing to edit to flesh them out a bit? (And in particular make it look less like spam for the next flaggers?)
@ChristopherEstep spam flags carry automatic downvotes, too.
Ah, true. Forgot about that.
you learn so much just by hanging out in chat.
@ChristopherEstep ok, they're undeleted. Go for it.
6:54 PM
I saw one post and thought it looked off, but was probably fine. When I saw the second almost identical post with the same link, that's when I went and flagged for spam. A brand new account posting the same link on multiple answers always looks spammy to me.
Q: Please change the visited link color

Jan DoggenRiddle: "Detect the visited link". I know this partially depends on monitor settings and quality, but a better contrast between the colors of ordinary text and visited links would be appreciated.

Also, @MonicaCellio, can we get some moderator attention on this post? I think it's an easy change that would make some clear improvement to site usability.
@DavidK yes, I totally understand how that happens -- very suspicious pattern, especially with short answers like those.
@DavidK thanks for bumping that. I'll escalate to SE.
@MonicaCellio Done. Let me know if it needs anything else.
well "they". I did both (and slightly different from each)
@DavidK it's an understandable reaction. And we tend to be careful about clicking spammy links. :) I like to live dangerously though and checked it it. Was very surprised at how lean the link is.
@ChristopherEstep much better, thanks. (Typo in the first one: "size" where you meant "site". This one also has the "hope this helps", which you could trim out at the same itme.)
@MonicaCellio Thanks!
oops. that was my spam flag that validated those >.>
7:03 PM
To all: I'm impressed how, in general, politics hasn't ruined this site as it has so many others. So much so, I find myself here more often than at most other places online
@MonicaCellio fixed, nice catch
@RichardU As compared to other SE sites, or compared to other sites out in the Wild Wide Web?
@enderland I think we can all agree that it looked very spammy. A single link, almost no text and what was there was duplicated on 2 posts and the Q's were 2 and 3 years old.
@DavidK both, but especially with regards to sites outside SE
7:05 PM
@enderland I wasn't going to call you out. It happens.
@ChristopherEstep And even if it's not virus spam, it could still potentially be someone promoting a website.
(But I hadn't made it to the office yet to ping you about it.)
@DavidK this is basically why I felt it was spammy
Well, around the US election, @MonicaCellio brought the hammer down pretty quick about politics and it worked well.
ah well. we all make mistakes :)
7:06 PM
@enderland yeah, back-to-back near-identical answers to old questions, where the answer is mainly a link...
@RichardU I think it helps that SE has many more rules and moderation than other sites. Many people view it as a downside, but I think it's what sets SE apart from other Q&A forums.
@DavidK it's been passed along to the design team to look at.
@MonicaCellio Awesome, thank you!

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