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12:53 AM
@MattGiltaji Thanks! Sorry, was a bit preoccupied at a second
6 hours later…
7:19 AM
@jmac Is it good enough to be reopened?
@Ajaxkevi That's the community's decision Ajax!
@jmac Any tips on how to get my question under attention again?
When it gets edited, it automatically gets put in the reopen queue @Ajax
So the community will automatically review it without needing you to do anything else
@jmac Okay thanks
No problem! Enjoy your day.
5 hours later…
11:56 AM
@jmac Stopping in to say congrats on the CM! Just saw it on the SE blog.
12:20 PM
hey guys, I know you don't care but I just got a placement as a developer!!!!!!!!!! Stack exchange was really helpful !
We've had quite a few success stories from Workplace helping people to get jobs, always nice to see
absolutely !
I find myself constantly upvoting Joe's stuff
1 hour later…
1:58 PM
@Bmo rThanks bmo! I appreciate it. Look forward to helping you make the world a better place moving forward!
2 hours later…
3:48 PM
@Eggy Congrats! Please make sure to share the wisdom you learn in your new dev role :D
@MattGiltaji ahhh good call on taht duplicate
@enderland i figured that was a common enough issue that we had to have a q about it
I get annoyed at "my coworker is annoying and I'm passive aggressive! he's a jerk though!" types of questions
We've had good questions today
yeah, I feel bad I burned all my votes last night before they rolled in
but hey, now i have the electorate badge :D
Matt: User of the month. Man, you have been doing some great stuff!
3:51 PM
@jmac go to bed ;)
Q: How should I offer corrections on English for coworkers who are not native speakers?

Ari LacenskiI'm a team lead at a startup. Part of my job is to do code reviews and ask other developers to correct their own work. In my spare time I mentor students learning the same type of work. A few of my coworkers and many of my students are non-native English speakers. When I am reviewing code or hel...

I am handcuffed to my desk. I can't go home!
Oh wait, I am home.
This question voting is weird, no one has voted any answer other than mine and Jmorts, so there are a ton of 0 vote answers
@enderland I smell a hot question followed by protected coming on
@MattGiltaji It's already on hot questions list
@enderland guess I should have checked first
3:55 PM
Workplace has 3 there now
I see the one you posted, the "I wasted time" one, what's the third?
the police/fired one
on a different note, I saw this while exploring the archives and nearly fell out of my chair laughing
A: Jokingly told my boss "I quit" on April Fools, and I think I just got fired

enderlandThe best plan of attack will be to slap your boss. Slapping people at work is pretty common and will help make it more clear you were only joking. If this doesn't work, sleeping with your boss's wife is also an effective way to make it clear you were only joking. Failing that, you should probab...

Am I the only person wondering if the joke is on enderland/enderland's boss, or everyone reading the question on workplace.se? — Dan Neely Apr 1 '13 at 18:31
@enderland yep yep
4:03 PM
The next step is obviously to pretend you're planning to burn the building down. Keep the laughs rolling! — Nathan Long Apr 1 '13 at 18:41
@AJHenderson this is a great answer
A: Does a virus need to be clicked on to function?

AJ HendersonA virus can't do anything by simply being present on your system. A virus is just a program, it must be executed by something. The trick is that that something does not have to be you clicking it. Computers do many things automatically without your attention. They accept requests for file t...

Joe has passed HLGEM on the all-time rep list. He is sure to pass beth soon...
And Vietnhi will pass me soo at this rate. He's at 12.2k
@MattGiltaji thanks
I still the most gold badges. bwahahah
I think it is better now than in it's original form. I was too soft on the possibility of the OS doing things to the file from automated stuff at first, but I'm fairly happy with the current state of it
4:15 PM
@jmac true, but diamond >> rep
@MattGiltaji yeah, I completely stopped even looking at my rep when I got my diamonds on Sound Design and Video Production
though, for that matter, I also stopped looking at my rep much at all on IT Security and Photography once I hit 20k
About the only reason I care is daily rep, less motivation to write answers if I'm rep capped :)
it really sucks trying to get involved in any new communities though. I'm too used to having all the commonly available tools turned on now on the sites I regularly contribute on
Yeah, especially close voting and editing. The lack of editing drives me nuts on some sites
yeah, I don't even notice that anymore. If I see a question that is interesting and I can answer better (in some part atleast) than the existing answers, I start writing
I hate not having access to review queue and atleast VTC
preferably VTD
poor content bugs me
4:18 PM
I'm sad here because I'm the only person with 20k who actively uses delete votes
@MattGiltaji I have 126 diamonds, I think.
@jmac and rising
It makes me sad going through questions and casting delete votes, because it's impossible to tell which I've voted for and I normally have voted already
yeah, I do wish there was an easier way to tell which questions you have taken action on, would be cool if the Data Explorer had a way to let you see more details about your own posts and actions
@enderland 20k seems so far away, but at the same time I wouldn't be comfortable casting delete votes unless I really knew what I was doing... I guess that's the point of the rep requirement
4:21 PM
@MattGiltaji that it is
@MattGiltaji Most answers I vote to delete on are crap though, the problem stuff is a lot less likely to get a delete vote but rather just a downvote
honestly, delete isn't a super common use case. It is really for the stuff that is blindingly off topic to the point of being noise
I cast quite a few on questions that are basically low quality
technically, you aren't supposed to delete a "wrong" answer
@enderland oh, you can VTD answers, not just questions?
if the answer is -1 or lower
@MattGiltaji 10k lets you VTD questions, 20k is answers
and you have 20k
@enderland got it
personally, I think they should require it to be -2
4:23 PM
2k gets you the low quality review queue, in which you can recommend deletion.
So there's that.
more than 40% of my votes here are downvotes. I kinda wish that was 50%
I wish SE had a "meh" vote
just because currently if an answer hasn't been upvoted, you can downvote and then VTD
And don't worry @Matt, just about anything you can do can be reversed easily.
the "meh" vote is not voting on it
yeah, there aren't even many moderator tools that can't be reversed
it's what, two or three that aren't reversible
CM's on the other hand...
watch out for that JMAC dude, he's got dangerous tools
@AJHenderson anything is reversible, provided you have database backups :D
4:25 PM
@MattGiltaji fair point...
@jmac deleting is actually a huge pain in the ass to reverse, you can't undo delete votes and the moderation deletion tools are terribad
@enderland how so?
it's one button
@AJHenderson yeah, I'm waiting for a JMAC SMASH! on all these chatty comments on the hot questions ;)
or 3 votes from 20k if it was a 20k delete
@AJHenderson the "recently deleted" and "recetn delete votes" are really annoying
4:26 PM
oh yeah, finding it can be a pain
@enderland I mean that someone else can undo it. Nothing is permanently lost (even if you can't undo it yourself)
@jmac Yeah, I know, but it's really hard for users (and presumably mods) to manage deleted content
@MattGiltaji Dare I ask? Is this related to the 'gaijin smash' of Japanese blogger fame?
@enderland mods have a much easier time
@AJHenderson good. the 10k tools is more or less useless imo :) I never use it
4:28 PM
@jmac i was thinking Hulk Smash, not familiar with the gaijin version
we need to be able to see deleted stuff to tell if a user is a consistent problem with low quality so that we can try to help them out
where as the general queue is more just for getting garbage removed and making sure things have not recently been removed that shouldn't have been
so the historical need isn't there even if you can see the content if you have the link to it
@jmac oh tv tropes.... where you look something up really quick then click click click and the whole day is gone
@AJHenderson except the "recently delted" things is useless. Undelete votes are really useless on the whole unless you want to really, really, REALLY track stuff
@enderland before I got my diamonds on video and sound, I actually did track it daily, but yeah, I just now realized that I stopped tracking that entirely on photography and sec.se
4:31 PM
I wish it was more manageable
basically it would be great to be able to basically sort the "questions" list with "recently deleted questions"
or "view all questions, sort by delete date"
speaking of deleted questions, it makes me really sad that I can't see the question about making up a resume
that sounds quite priceless
man, Joe is on an editing spree
weeeeeeeeeeee free downvotes
5 hours later…
9:28 PM
Heh all four workplace questions have people in the top 7 for workplace rep with one of the leading answers
@enderland rub it in, eh :p
I just thought it was interesting :-)

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