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4:01 AM
o.O ooohhh, this is cool! Influenced heavilly by IRC i see, wonder if any IRC commands work here.
And @enderland, why? this site is meant to answer questions. Should we delete answers that are submitted before the community can decide to close the associated question? Unless the answer itself is blatantly bad, I don't personally see any issue.
4:40 AM
@enderland I'm bothered more when folks post answers after questions get closed
1 hour later…
5:48 AM
@Shog9 hm if memory, nobody complained about my answer that has been posted after question closure...
Haha, this answer is awesome. Not only does it have Jon Lord, it actually comes damn close to what I would have hoped to get. — Konrad Rudolph Jul 19 '12 at 6:54
1 hour later…
7:15 AM
Q: Can we update our site description (tag line) in the FAQ and About pages?

RachelOur current tag line is members of the workforce navigating the professional setting This is used everywhere to describe the site. It shows up in the Google description of the site, in the very top of our FAQ, at the beginning of the about page, on migration links, etc The Workplace Sta...

Thought I'd drop this in here to get it some attention.
2 hours later…
9:39 AM
A: Should I be sending a rejection letter for every candidate who applies for an online job post?

RhysWGeneral understanding As a general rule of thumb candidates understand that employers will be receiving many many more applications for the position than they will be sending out, so it is understood that to write a detailed reply to every candidate would require an inordinate amount of time tha...

nice edit on this @Jmort253
4 hours later…
1:25 PM
Hmm, why cant comments be downvoted
@acolyte I dislike the brokenwindow problems this creates
if a question is bad enough it should be closed, then it's bad enough it shouldn't be answered
@enderland actually i think i have to agree with acolyte here
(I would much strongly prefer questions to only be answered once edited into a good format)
sometimes the question is a good question but asked badly
we shouldnt punish the 50 people it might help in the future because the 1 person who made it did it badly
though, im actually in two minds about this
no but a questino shoudl be clarified and made good before that
1:27 PM
actually i change my mind again
bad questions shouldnt get answers
otherwise they get the answer and leave us with a poor question
which encourages more poor questions
so in retrospect i agree with you @enderland
everything I wrote here applies to this situation
A: How should one handle an unnecessary question?

enderlandedit: Most of the other answers involve enabling someone to ask more of these out of convenience. You do NOT want to enable people to ask these types of questions more often. Simply giving an answer without trying to change the way people approach questions is not going to make them go away in...

1 hour later…
2:42 PM
There has been a recent influx of people tearing into the OP in the answers and comments. I can't say i like it
2:52 PM
@enderland I would move the edit section to the bottom of your answer. Your answer is good... I do not know that it even needs the edit part but that stands out and overshadows the good part of your answer now imp
@chad imp?
In my pninion, which is like an opinion but better because it starts with a p :)
oh, no impo? :/
Q: How to overcome the anxiety caused by delay in receiving offer letter?

Noob UnChainedI was recently interviewed by a giant software consulting firm. There were around 8 rounds of interview over phone and face-to-face spanned over 45 days. I attended the last round termed as salary negotiation discussion with HR 2 weeks ago and HR confirmed me that the offer letter will be release...

is this not veering towards being off topic?
overcoming anxiety is a thing you will face in life all the time, not just the workplace,
1 hour later…
4:30 PM
@Chad imp it should be imo
4:42 PM
sometimes it blows my mind the conduct of people on this site when they are other people who are either trolling hardcore or legitimately people trying to enter the workforce too, or worse, people with experience in the workforce already
4:56 PM
@enderland some of the ettiquette here recently has been very very poor
just yesterday i let a new user know that they could flag comments or raise meta posts
and someone ripped into me saying that it wasnt needed as there was nothing wrong with anything
A: Is it discrimination when my boss treats me differently after knowing that I'm looking for a new job

James JenkinsDiscrimination is a legal question that is based on you where you live, and is out of scope for a discussion here. What you should do, is talk to your boss. Tell him you are actively looking to increase your responsibilities and position. You would like to achieve this at your current place o...

Is this really suggesting to tell your current boss whenever you are thinking of leaving the company?
5:53 PM
A: How to handle informal influence that contradicts formal agreements?

Robbie DeeHaving been a freelancer/contractor in the past, I myself have been on the sharp end of contracts/projects where they're trying to squeeze every last bit of value out of the dollar. The simple facts are these - you're only paid for the hours you bill. Whether you want to do an extra few hours pu...

The answer is advising that it is ok to collude to commit fraud on a consulting company /shudder
@enderland Actually it is a good answer. He says to advise you want to move up here but that you are looking elsewhere too. In otherwords leaving me at status quo is a terminal choice.
6:23 PM
@Chad you obviously trust your managers a lot more than probably the rest of us...
6:34 PM
@enderland If you do not trust your manager then why are you working there? There are other jobs.
Let me rephrase that if you do not trust your manager enough to talk to them about career growth then why are you working there
@Chad oh, I definitely talk about career growth but the idea of talking about "career growth outside this company, btw, I'm interviewing with competitors that cool?" is a biiiig leap imp (imo :P)
Area 51 stats say we reached 500 avid users
The Workplaceworkplace.stackexchange.com

Beta Q&A site for members of the workforce navigating the professional setting.

Currently in public beta.

other stats don't look bad either :)
5.4 questions per day seems really high for a beta site too
7:01 PM
@enderland Hey Dave, I really love working here but I have the the experience and recruiters are knocking on my door. I really feel like if I am not moving up here then maybe I need to start talking to them.
I am not saying hey Dave, I gotta bug oout early to go interview with innotech... unless you want to promote me
@Chad well that's what the answer kinda says
No the answer was closer to the first example
The point is really you need to be a partner with your bosses career (in that you make him look good) as well as having him involved in the advancement of yours
You can just suddenly start trying to be a team player because you want a promotion either... I know quite a few people who think that way
@Chad I think I see what you are saying now
If you have always treated your boss like an enemy instead of a team mate then it is going to be hard to convince him that you are not the enemy you have portrayed yourself to be
That said I know there are bosses that are not team mates and want underlings... that is where I know i made the wrong choice
7:25 PM
indeed. I have definitely had managers where that is the case (as well as not the casE)
7:36 PM
Did you notice i actually had to answer one that the answer was to quit :p
1 hour later…
8:46 PM
Q: How to bring up relocation / resignation?

TYHI will be moving away in about 5-6 months time because my significant other has an opportunity in another location. I have done quite well at my current firm. I came in as an intern then was brought in full time and was promoted in less than 1 year's time to a senior. I like a lot of the people...

hey first mostly dup of "preparing for getting hit by bus" ?
3 hours later…
11:41 PM
I did comment as to my down vote, and commenting on why, while encouraged, isn't mandatory. In addition we encourage high quality answers that address all aspects of the issue so these are the ones that will attract upvotes, rather than questions which were just around from early on. We also like to encourage the 'why' as well as the 'what' and this answer doesn't seem to contain this explanation. In addition, please keep rude remarks out of the site, they don't add anything of value to the site, which is what we are after. Thankyou and welcome to the WorkPlace. – RhysW 46 secs ago edit

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