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12:00 AM
@enderland Funny thing is the spike really didn't change the mid-term visits all that. Retention appears to have been extremely low (to be expected really)
yah, which makes sense completely
"oh cool fun link, log in, vote! awesome! never return?"
@Shog9: My meta post was just deleted, and it doesn't state who deleted it. This is very suspicious because it was a perfectly neutral post. Can you help?
Pretty much. People universally lose interest fast, and without an immediate call to action (Eh, I don't really HAVE a question...) there's not much to do. Sudden bursts of activity are better when there's some immediate conversion funnel
@JimG. huh? Which meta post?
you have a lot of deleted meta posts on various metas
On TWP meta, you have three, all closed prior to deletion and all deleted weeks or months ago.
oh, wait, I was just looking at questions
...you're really gonna have to be more specific
3 hours later…
2:55 AM
Q: What reason does an employer have to mandate all travel booking be via the same travel agency?

gerritAt my employer, all travel bookings must be made via the same travel agency. If I don't, I apparently violate the contract between the travel agency and my employer (a university in Sweden). A booking made directly via a train company is significantly cheaper than the same travel booked via the ...

this is straight up a poll right?
I guess it's an ok poll though. also @YannisRizos isn't it like 3am on a friday night? wtf are you SE'ing for :)
@enderland 5AM, which is usually when I wake up.
ahhhh. nice! :)
(usually, but not now, now I just got back home... bit drunk ;)
drunken chat is the best! :P
@enderland Well it has a practical answer, you'll get better rates if you always go through the same travel agency... at least I do. Bit of a poll, but answerable.
3:01 AM
yeah that's kinda what I was thinking, though, you could come up with legitimate reasons for a long while
meanwhile, I don't see this question as even remotely salvageable
Q: Can Self studying 6 months + 2 month internship lead to Jr. RoR role?

EdmundHi I have no CS degree (I do have a Bachelor's in Econ.), but I have spent the last 6 months taking a full stack web dev course learning HTML, CSS, jQuery, and RoR. Now I'm looking for jobs and have interviewed at many places for Jr. positions but have flunked them because my Ruby wasn't on par y...

but for some reason I don't really feel like closing it.... :)
Q: Prohibit someone from downvoting the same user twice in 24 hours?

WEFXI've been using the Review feature in SO to read-through new users's posts and provide feedback. I rarely downvote a mal-formed question. Instead, I generally leave a helpful comment w/ some suggestions. There are times when I leave a comment, but somebody else downvotes, so it looks like I wa...

bad idea of the day
no kidding
someone should slap him
Politics.SE is already taking a turn to the crazy... If you think Workplace is full of opinion heavy answers wait until Politics comes out of private beta. It's going to be fun! (the wrong kind of fun, but still fun)
@YannisRizos yeah...someone else can moderate that one
wtf no I'm not going to go check out your skills on git hub...
could you check my skills based on my github github.com/edmundmai — Edmund 1 min ago
3:13 AM
@enderland oh how I'll miss deleting comments like that
I didn't realize until recently if a comment gets enough flags it is auto deleted
@enderland yeah, 3. Though that rarely happens
@YannisRizos I added an answer on that idea :P
3:34 AM
@enderland I think the serial voting script does a pretty good job, and people should stop worrying too much about downvotes.
Q: Map of all SE sites (except the 3 biggest)

Piotr MigdalI've just made a map of all StackExchange sites, except for the 3 biggest ones: (pdf here - high res but small size) The graph is based on users with rep>=200 at a given site. Node size is related to number of such users. There is an edge between two sites if there are common users more ofte...

This is cool
Programmers stands out. As it should. Workplace is under SciFi, took me a couple of seconds to find it.
4:25 AM
@YannisRizos I'm kind of interested about how national/international it is over there. Most countries domestic politics can get pretty gnarly, never mind the international side of things. On a worldside basis its kind of a big topic.
@GuyM I can send you an invite to the site, if you want. I'll need an email.
@YannisRizos Thanks for the offer, but for my own good I need to turn that down. Someone on the internet will be wrong and we all know how that ends. ( xkcd.com/386 ) I think I can only afford a couple of internet addictions, and at least I can pretend LinkedIn and Workplace.SE are work-related.
@YannisRizos I'll take a peek when (if) it gets out of beta, assuming it doesn't go thermonuclear. And the Mayans were wrong.
5:02 AM
@GuyM it's much much less of a trainwreck than you'd expect. How long it stays that way is anyone's guess
8 hours later…
12:40 PM
@GuyM I've also managed to justify this site as being work/career related.... :)
2 hours later…
2:17 PM
Yannis Rizos has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
Yannis Rizos has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
7 hours later…
9:34 PM
@enderland I actually think its an excellent training resource in that regard, for both management and employees....

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