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Good morning Chat
Q: Why does a new employer ask for General Practitioner Details

NULLWhat could be the reasons for a new employer asking about General Practitioner details when I am about to sign a permanent contract with them? Is this usual practice ? Edit They are asking for GP Name, Phone and Address.

At first I thought the close reason was valid, but turns out this is common practice, as highlighted by the answer
I've voted to reopen
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@rath same
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voted to reopen as well, probably won't get it a better answer, but it doesn't deserve to be closed.
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morning folks.
how r u @motosubatsu
11:10 AM
@Nofel not bad, you?
@motosubatsu great.
Today I am implementing 5 second rules
and its getting me big wins
I get motivational videos from yt when coming to work and get my pump so i refine my life everday
Morning everyone. I came in here because I'm confused. Perhaps you have some insight for me? This is my first job after dropping out of college (that's a different story that I'd rather not talk about right now). I got hired as a trainee originally but got promoted to the "software engineer with degree" payscale after 9 months because I've impressed them. Now, 3 months later, my manager put me on a PIP, because I don't have any code to show for a project yet.
yet I hate as i can't wake up at 5am. insteaf i do snooze for next alarm to go off.
I originally budgetted 800-1000 hours for the project. I was 200 hours in and finished most of the design at that point. The weird thing is, my manager's manager is transfering me to a different team next month?
@Belle-Sophie morning, what is PIP and can I ask how u manage to impress them and not show any code in 9th months?
11:16 AM
Performance improvement plan. I've been assigned this project about 3 months ago, just after that promotion, not at the beginning. I worked on much smaller projects before that.
3 months with nothing to show for it? Surprised you're not sacked
I have tons of research and a rather large design to show for it.
you designing a spaceship? 3 months is a long time
Besides, I've been working on other, smaller projects while working on that one. I've spent about 200 hours on the design (including meetings and travel time)
did you get any warning before the PIP?
11:19 AM
well, I'd have sacked you 2 months ago, unsure how you think 3 months on design is ok
Glad you're not my manager then
yep, you got lucky there
@Belle-Sophie allocation of time, managment of time. if senior cannot see anything viable they get irritated. sure u did ur research, I study at my new job. sometimes 5 hours and in last 2 hours make up for 5 hours coz I know the hard way. seeing is believing. even broken I show my senior of staging.
@Kilisi I remmeber ur grilling me 3 yrs ago on my first question of WP.
I don't think 200 hours of design on a 800-1000 hours project is that odd
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@Nofel I only joined 3 years ago
@Belle-Sophie yep, you don't, which is why you're on a PIP wondering what happened
unfortunately your manager does
@Belle-Sophie it is nt, but deployment of a thought process need to me visible. understand this. if ur paid a company to move in ur house after 1000 hours, if after 200 hours they come to u and say we r still working on design so everything is fine going ahead with no roadblock. u wuld put them on warning saying, u need to see something or u will bring in other builers
Can you draw up the design somehow to make it look like you have done something?
same thing and ur manager is good enough to still have u after 2 months, I beeen sacked under a week in one job.
@Kilisi Yep. I have the whole design saved. I even had meetings with him every fortnight to discuss it.
I've been taking up the product manager role on this project since it hasn't been done yet. I had meetings with clients discussing requirements and everything.
then you're being thrown under the bus I would think. Manager has something pressuring him/her and you're the scapegoat
11:27 AM
He was supposed to take up the product manager role for it and I was supposed to work with a team on this, but I ended up working on it alone. Now upper management is pressuring him to show something.
Bad management offsetting blame, it's fairly common, dispute the PIP and do what you can to cover your back
The part where it gets weird is that upper management is transfering me to a different team that works with more popular tech. It's basically a promotion.
And the PIP goes away
So do it, your manager has dug himself a hole and is trying to drag others in, get out if you can
Hmm, that sounds like a pretty good assessment of the situation
but don't get cocky, I've mentally sacked you about 4 times during this conversation ;)
11:30 AM
Haha, again, glad you're not my manager ;)
@Belle-Sophie best of luck and like @Kilisi cover ur back. some manager want to subordinates to take the blame and hit.
@Nofel Thanks. It does feel a lot like that.
He likes rubbing the fact that I don't have a degree in my face and gets his favourite subordinate to lecture me on how to write good code.
Keeps calling me a trainee too, even though I got the promotion. It makes me feel insecure.
He does it to a teammate too. The teammate has been on the team longer than me, but believes he's worthless right now.
Thanks guys, this may be the manager, not me. Although I personally have lots of room for improvement too :)
@Belle-Sophie dont't let him get under ur skin.
mainly sometimes when manager does it like that they r trying to cover there incompetencies
keep ur cool, do ur work, earn ur money and keep it rolling. take it from me, who had taken so many hit coz i started to think something wrong with me.
and good luck
11:46 AM
@Nofel That's what I've been thinking a lot lately.
@Nofel sounds like things are going well for you at the new role.. keep up the good work :)
@motosubatsu they made me perm last friday, and yes I have been working hard to get myself in better position, it is all coz wise people here also.
I'll bring my headphones to work until I'm ready to go to the other team and work my rear end off.
but not so hard, i wish i could work smart. @motosubatsu I had given deadline 17th and its 25th still i got bit of alignments issues.
@Belle-Sophie the key is balance. do not give ur manager any signs that ur being rude or he might have a higher grounds then u, but also remember to show ur progress even if its broken.
@Nofel sounds like they are obviously pleased with what they have seen so far if they made you perm. Deadline slips happen.. it's not great when it's your first one for a company but all you can do now is resolve it as quickly as you can and keep them informed as to your progress. "bit of alignment issues" sounds like you are most of the way there (and presumably they will be able to see that)
11:55 AM
@motosubatsu the manager is of my age, in mronign i told him if he can see it and tell wha he thinks, he complied a email of issue
I do not know if I shld email hm back or not and what to say.
he had been big help with complex stuff and teaching me what does X do
@Nofel pretty standard.. it'll be a cold day in hell when a designer/dev presents something to their manager and gets zero changes to make back
man, you guys must have some pretty slack devs
@Nofel I'd email him back and say that you'll work through the list
my guys just do it right the first time... or at least before I see it anyway
@Kilisi or just picky bosses :) I once "failed" a code review for using a tab for indenting rather than four spaces :D
11:58 AM
hge does starts the email "It looking good mate"
it's just a matter of planning and forseeing the details before you start I would think
@motosubatsu ahhh... that would be different
@Kilisi deadlines or what
@Nofel what deadlines? Everything we do is urgent
But we're all old and very experienced and committed, so I don't set unreasonable deadlines, the guys don't break them
@Kilisi "planning" seems to be a major deficit in many companies I've worked for when it comes to requirements for dev work, either through general malaise from POs or the intentional operation of rapid prototyping
@motosubatsu it's a huge asset to have, perhaps even one of the biggest in many scenarios
12:04 PM
@Kilisi couldn't agree more.. during my stints on the other side of the fence I've always lived by the 6 Ps
I'm not a dev, just dabble enough to know 'real' timeframes, but I have devs I can trust to tell me straight to pull my head out of .... whereever
Greetings everyone. Anyone else getting rain?
yeah it's rainy season here, cyclone season soon... looking forwards to it
I think i stepped over my toe when asked for deadline, i gave them
coz i thought if i was efficent i can have the job perm but it was already decided coz I did all the work but clean was remaining
I am wlways afarid if ispeak my mind for "deadline" they culd lay me off saying he is too slow
Giving an accurate estimate in my experience is next to impossible unless I have a stellar statement of work that doesn't change or a simple 1 day or less task.
12:08 PM
@Kilisi Bah :\ we get waterspouts here occassionally, luckily not often
It could very well be that I suck at estimating.
@Snow Hodor
I'm hoping against hope that my neighbours shack, his numerous thieving relatives and perverted offspring all get blown away in a cyclone. 7 adults and none of them work, not even sure how many kids they have.
@MisterPositive Unless I've done something before, I can't do estimates either. I don't get how people can estimate so well!
@Belle-Sophie I am of the opinion most of us suck at it, some just won't admit it.
@MisterPositive I don't think you're wrong
12:11 PM
@Belle-Sophie See great minds think alike.
@Kilisi lol
I suck at deadline
1. I see from surface and estimate
@Nofel Hello sir. Giving an accurate estimate is tough. I always, when pressed, take my gut feeling and add 30%. If I get time to do an analysis I am a bit more on point.
@Kilisi I overheard some people talk recently. They work in the harbour, transhipment, which is a seasonal job. They said something like "Netherlands is awesome! I only have to work 7 months a year and get 5 months paid vacation!"
2. when i get under hood i might not know X and it makes me afarid coz i think if i tell them i need time to do it coz i dont know, i might get "raised eyebrow"
estimating timeframes is a skill like any other that people can learn if they apply themselves.
12:13 PM
@MisterPositive hello
@Kilisi I have been applying myself for a long time to only be mediocre at best at it.
@Kilisi I estimate that would take me too long to learn.
it's extremely important if freelancing because it affects the bottom line directly, but it's a great asset in any position
hehe, cracking up at you guys, I'm sure you could easily learn it.
you just maybe haven't had the incentive
@Kilisi Probably. I just get tasks thrown at me and they're done when they're done.
We don't really work with deadlines here, usually.
I suffer from focusing
12:17 PM
@Kilisi Ok ok ok.....I have a full time job and an EMP....the requirements change so the estimate goes out the window.... I also do side gigs....and in the contract if the statement of work changes so does my estimate. Your right, as a contractor I am much much much more careful.
I'm going back to my happy daydream of neighbours flying around in a cyclone
@Kilisi That sounds horrifyingly funny LOL
I tend to loose focus while seeing multiple problem on a page, working on one and going into another coz that might be easy. It been hard for me but I am training myself
@Kilisi r u they asains?
@Nofel nope, they're same as me
I guess every culture has lazy people
12:20 PM
some people dont care about neighbours
Back when I worked as a cleaner, the other clears told me off. I worked too hard according to them and made them look bad.
yep, this particular bunch are worse than most, it's a family that got banished from their village so they've buil;t a shack on one of their relatives freehold land,
unfortunately it's next door to me... but I have a high fence, cameras, dogs and other stuff... so they've learnt to mostly leave me alone
@Kilisi You should electrify the fence.
@MisterPositive That sounds horrible and humorous at the same time. Do it.
@Belle-Sophie My master plan worked!
12:25 PM
@MisterPositive shockingly no.. it's been raining pretty consistently the last few weeks but today it's actually sunny
hope everyone has a good day. @Kilisi Its good to have one of the elders here!
ahahaha... my daydream just got better, cycloned up against an electric fence... ahahaha
@motosubatsu No rain for us in some time.....
@Kilisi Whoops forgot about the Cyclone part....maybe not such a good idea...
@Kilisi agreed.. it tends to be something that you get better at the more the buck stops with you as well - I used to suck something awful at it, then I had to get involved in proper high level company planning and had to get pretty good pretty quick
sure it is, my house is solid brick, cyclone proof, I've never had a problem
@motosubatsu yep, it's all about incentive ;)
12:29 PM
cheers everyone -- have a good day.....got lots of estimates to do. ;-)
@Nofel if you aren't confident that you know enough about the task or the tech involved to give at least a decent ball park estimation then don't guess. Instead say that you need to investigate the task more and say that you'll give them an answer to the deadline when that is done. This is not uncommon in dev - Agile even has an official term for it, calling such tasks a "Spike"
@Kilisi like a human sized version of those electric "tennis rackets" used to take out flies
@MisterPositive how long is that going to take you?
1:25 PM
Q: Rep changes not popping up in navbar

SaggingRufusNone of my Rep changes (positive or negative) are showing up in the achievements drop down in the top nav bar. I know I gained rep today and my total rep is correct, but I did not receive the notification. Not sure if this should be posted in our meta, or if this is a SE problem.

@motosubatsu u mean give them estimation when task is done?
that is like no estimation at all.
no you have a specific time-boxed session where you investigate the task so that you can give an estimation for how long the task will take to do
1:50 PM
@motosubatsu So you're estimating how long estimations take? You mean estimation estimations? Estimateception!
@Belle-Sophie lol
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@MisterPositive RE: workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/119739/… I just got a chance to update my answer and see it's closed. Is it still worth while updating my answer?
(Joys of getting distracted by real work etc)
3:41 PM
@TolMera Up to you. I already voted for it +1 (probably not IMO)
4:01 PM
morning everybody :)
4:17 PM
LOL guys look at this post and its comments... golden
Q: Could I fake death to stop being Force-choked?

Hannover FistI work for a large government organization. My boss is a total jerk who abuses those working under him. I've tried contacting HR before but they won't do anything about him. Anyways, I screwed up again. My jerk boss is going to be super pissed. I came out of hyperspace too close to some stupid ...

Let me know if this should be migrated to The Workplace. — Hannover Fist Sep 14 '15 at 17:43
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In other news, 12 more posts and we will have 20K questions asked on the site!

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