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4:12 AM
Good Morning, seems TWP is down
SO also...whole SE?
4:48 AM
OK, back again....
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9:11 AM
indeed, quite a deep lie
9:32 AM
morning everyone
@SouravGhosh what an odd scenario!
That question could possibly be my favourite yet
not to answer, but simply to read
9:54 AM
well, the answer is just "not your business", nothing really fun. but the question itself... gosh
wow, I guess it reach HNQ
hi people
mornin' ava
Maybe I'll say I'm pregnant and get 9 months off to play games
After all it would be sexist to say it's not true
And absolutely toxic behaviour
@Twyxz what country gives 9 months for a pregnancy leave? o_o
@Twyxz I just thought you were getting a bit pudgy
@avazula in the UK you're entitled to up to 50 weeks leave, 37 of which are paid
9:59 AM
@avazula None but who's to say male pregnancy isn't different :P
@motosubatsu It's the gym, I swear its muscle :/
that's shared as well so the partner can also use some of that
@motosubatsu woaaaa. That's huge. Here it's only 6 months.
continues to eat his pizza for breakfast
@Twyxz darn now I wanna eat pizza
@avazula the UK's always been pretty good at maternity leave.. finally catching on to the notion of parental leave now as well
10:00 AM
yay! progress!
See, off to get pregnant I go
@Twyxz keep telling yourself that poppet
Oooof what games am I going to play
@avazula I pity our geographically challenged cousins across the pond.. there's feck all maternity/parental leave built in to the laws
@motosubatsu Are you talking about us?
10:06 AM
@avazula nah the Americans
@motosubatsu hah, that pond
10:20 AM
Q: Why was my answer deleted as spam / offensive?

DigitalBlade969https://workplace.stackexchange.com/posts/131840/revisions I have not used offensive language nor have I spammed, so why and how exactly did this get deleted after not even 1 hour of posting?! Oh now (a few minutes after asking here) someone changed the reason of deletion to "spam or rude or ab...

@motosubatsu wow. France has only 16 weeks IIRC, and something like 11 days for the father
@Kepotx 12 days, we're not that cheap ;)
It is bank holiday in uk today?
10:35 AM
@Twyxz means no
@motosubatsu Huh?
@Twyxz never mind.. just a little humor
No never means no. It means yes, maybe, sometimes.. infact anything but no
I wish no meant no
@Twyxz who was that no for. me or moto
@avazula in fact, it seems to be 11 consecutive calendar days, and 3 days when the baby is born.
10:44 AM
@Kepotx Still seems like such a small number ...
I'm currently replacing a Slovakian colleague on his paternity leave... He has 6 months. I admire that.
I honestly believe it should be the same amount for men and women
sure. even for the mother, the number is incredibly low, but just few days for the father is a shame
@Nofel you
These calenders r so strange. It tells me its holiday under UK & NI
well, the mother has to stop working some weeks before and after the delivery for physical reason, but other than that, yes
It is a holiday, it's nationally celebrated
10:47 AM
@avazula that's pretty much how we work it here.. there's a shared allocation that new parents can divide up between them, obviously there's some,er, physical differences that mean the mother is more likely to use more of it than the man does but as much as possible they are given the freedom to both act equally as parents (in theory anyway, it hasn't quite filtered down to employers yet)
but it's not a bank holiday
hey @Twyxz ur into cars
can u advice me on first car
I am looking few but insurance it nuts
What cars you looking at, brand new/used?
I prefer new
Like brand new or 1-2 years?
10:51 AM
new new
@motosubatsu this seems a really great thing
I might give 1-2 years a go. The reason I do not go for used is I had a major accident almost near to death.
@Kepotx did I hear about a baby?
@Twyxz I went for Hyundai Tuscon 1.6
How old are you again?
@Kepotx yeah.. definitely moving in the right direction.
1st car going for a 1.6 brand new and something so big is definitely going to be expensive that's the issue
If you can't afford to save you shouldn't be getting brand new, especially with 0 no claims, it doesn't financially make sense for you. I mean I'm not telling you what to do, you do you but it's probably not the best idea
10:54 AM
As a man and I hope future father, I am ready to do a break in my career for my child. But by having just few days vs few week for woman, it's more impacting
@Twyxz I am 34
The only issue is. I had yaris. too good car but not a family car who travels a lot
coz we did like 12k or more miles in a year
so a lot of stuff in car n then car was tooo good on economy wise
thats why after 3 months of review on carwow I had short listed tuscon. but insurance is 3005 annual
Your insurance can't be that expensive? Have you had some quotes
which is phufff
£3005? pounds?
11:00 AM
yea, confused.com
that was cheapest
I just got my license in post
£3005... O.o
three thousand and five
yes that is annually
I've never heard of anything so high in my life, quote a cheap 2010 car 1 litre ( I know you're not going to get one ) but I just want to see
11:08 AM
that's on a 1 litre?
£3056.69 to insure your HYUNDAI TUCSON PREMIUM TGDI 177
Yeah go check for something like a renault clio 1.2 and tell me how much it is
I just want to see
@SouravGhosh Fake. I don't find pretend questions that interesting.
@JoeStrazzere seconded.. too much specific detail that the OP would be unlikely to know
@motosubatsu everyone thinks they are a comedian
11:17 AM
@Twyxz £2770.79
hey @JoeStrazzere how r u
hows ur dad
@JoeStrazzere ain't that the truth
@Twyxz on my real address 8561.28
that is more than hyundai
confused.com is a wrose site
@Nofel Hi. I'm good. Dad is feeling a little better after some radiation and eating a little better, but the prognosis is unchanged. We are trying to help him be as comfortable as he can in his remaining time. Thanks for asking.
@motosubatsu My worry with this sort of fake question is that The Workplace devolves into a comedy shop with hecklers. I flagged the question. I would invite others who feel that this is a fake question to do the same. Is there a StackEdchange for comedy where folks can try out their materials?
I've flagged it as well.. shock of the day it's hit HNQ, might be one the mods could consider trying their new HNQ-superpowers out on
it's bad enough that we have to cope with the periodic influx of questions from entitled toddlers who are outraged that their employers asked them to do something that wasn't what they wanted to do that day
but at least those are legitimate questions (after a fashion)
11:37 AM
hahah I know
@Twyxz My postcode has been notorious for accident and claims
someone told me
and do you have criminal records or anything like that?
as a 19 year old I can get insured on a brand new nissan GTR for the same price as your real address
that's ridiculous
'sup Mister Bitter Pants
11:46 AM
{Not much, getting first bit of caffeine]
@Twyxz confused.com has been bad in past
try compare the market
@MisterPositive don't make me hurt you
12:13 PM
Elf need coffee, badly.
@MisterPositive I've nearly finished a giant can of red bull
that's on top of the large coffee I had before driving to work
I'm turning into @Snow
Oh no!
You really don't want to turn into me.
Stay in the light!!
grabs moto's leg "DON'T DO ITTTTT"
12:27 PM
@JoeStrazzere OK, I guess I still have some ways to go to identify the fake ones. So far, I was taking every question "in good faith", however, this is the second time I am learning that questions can be fake or made up. I'll be more careful next time :)
Also, just wonder, why would someone post an "imaginary" or "fake" questions, what is that they want to achieve?
@Twyxz but the coffee.. it's so warm and delicious.. and the Macan really is the best car Porsche make.. maybe I should get a dog?
@SouravGhosh </shrug> attention whores gonna attention whore I guess
911 GT3
@motosubatsu ROTFLMAO
@Twyxz nah.. I mean where would I put the dogs? No I think a Macan is the only way, I can fit the various coffees into the cupholders
On the roof? Catch a breeze up there
They'll love it
@MisterPositive You annoy me with that T...
12:32 PM
{oh really, I am soo sorry about that....]
oh my god.
Don't make me mute you
@MisterPositive If you don't get in that plane stop mismatching braces you'll regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.
@MisterPositive oh my gosh, correct braces. something is wrong here
No syntax errors
all good
12:37 PM
@Twyxz will do thanks.
but whats with bigger than liters the most it cost
I thought it shld be bigger the engine
I am no expert on cars but even ppl go for better BHP
@MisterPositive quick, some bad code! i=42;while(i-->1){wakeUpMisterPositive()};// the "-->" is an "arrow function", that make 42 move to 1 so we wake up Mister Positive 42 times
@Kepotx bad formatting
@Kepotx what do u do
Mister positive don't do braces error anymore, so I replace him with bad code
Two there should be. No more, no less. One to embody power, the other to crave it.
@Nofel The litres is the size of the engine...
and bigger engine doesn't always mean higher BHP there are a lot of factors that come into it
The only reason I said check on smaller engine is because smaller engines tend to be slower, therefore cheaper
I would love to go for yaris but according to my my bro in law, it is too light
last week rented car, someone bashed into the left fender
and merc didn't had a bump while yaris fender was whole out of place
according to them german car have strong body
then come question about hyundai, a korean company
12:50 PM
Why does it matter how strong a car body is? or how heavy it is?
Just don't crash it..
unless you're racing, the weight of the car isn't effecting you to change your choice of car
@Nofel well, some cars are designed to crunch
it can absorb much force this way
@Twyxz exactly. it how u drive
Pakistan is full of japanese brands, and there is no insurance thing there yet ppl r so safe
The crumple zone is a structural safety feature mainly used in automobiles to absorb the energy from the impact during a collision by controlled deformation, and recently also incorporated into railcars.Crumple zones are designed to absorb the energy from the impact during a traffic collision by controlled deformation by crumpling. This energy is much greater than is commonly realized. A 2,000 kg (4,409 lb) car travelling at 60 km/h (37 mph; 17 m/s), before crashing into a thick concrete wall, is subject to the same impact force as a front-down drop from a height of 14.2 m (47 ft) crashing on to...
To think to test a cars "crumple zone" you have to waste so many car bodys and even wheels etc...
I would take one untested for free if they were just throwing them out... geez
@Kepotx so ur saying yaris crumple zone is fender?
if I get it right, crumple zone absorb the shock so rest of car is safe?
12:55 PM
that's not what he's saying
@Nofel crumple zones are usually on the front of the car. I don't know model/brand of cars, so I can't say it
what I am saying is that a car that deform during impact is not always a sign of bad quality, it can even be the other way around
1:10 PM
@Kepotx correct
@Kepotx yes those are the crumple zones for toyota cars
thanks for giving me that knowledge
I had a life threating accident, and if it wasnt for those points I would be here today
1:48 PM
OMG.... I'm taking today off from this site... too much conflict.
See y'all tomorrow.
@MisterPositive where's the ending brace?
@Nofel thanks rather those who are at the origin of this knowledge ^^
2:11 PM
who? @Kepotx
2:29 PM
Q: Providing an answer to a "protected" Topic

MrTonyI rcently came across the following Topic: What can I do if I am asked to learn different programming languages very frequently? I am a Human Resources Professional with some experience in this matter and would have to disagree (to some extend) with most oft the answers and would be willing to ...

2:44 PM
@Nofel According to Wikipedia, Béla Barényi was the pioneer of passive safety, but the idea was of course improved by many other engineers.
Nice one.
so this recruiter had no JD of job he was telling me
yet he asked for me CV, told me they r looking for someone who works in Vue
which I did
shld I send him my CV?
Do you want the job?
JD = job description?
Yes ^
yea @Twyxz
@Kepotx yea
2:49 PM
maybe they do not need a specific job
I mean, at my girlfriend's company, they did have JD, but during the interview, they try to know what job could fit the best to candidate
@Kepotx the pain is that u do not know if the recruiter is for real or throwing my cv to get his sale
so even if you apply to job A, you could work at job B
or even at job C, wich is a mix between A,B and your skills
yea I got telephonic interview tomorrow, the job spec says MySQL and PHP.
I told recruiter I do not have those skills
but they said, they r not sure too
tomorrow I have to roast the company to ask what they want
If you want the job why would you not send your CV?
well, if they are still interested, I would definitely send CV. It can't do that much harm (other than companies spamming you to work for them)
2:54 PM
@Twyxz In past, recruiters have thrown my cv like freebies
so one employer said, "How many recruiters u work with, we got yr cv copies 9 times"
which of course I never consented
and you just lost your job
and require a new one
@Twyxz not lost, successfully completed the contract
You posted a question saying you were being let off early
that's lost.
@Nofel is it common to send CV to a recruiter that will then send CV, instead of applying to job directly?
@Twyxz yea, I thought about it and my fault coz I did work too quickly so they notice me as a good worker
but it backfired
yet I have no regrets
3:28 PM
@Nofel Never used a recruiter so I don't know how they work, but maybe keep clear that you don't want your CVV to be shared that much. If 9 is way too much, it still gives you better odd to have the job than 0
The thing is. You were still in conversation with the employer... so it isn't a bad thing
3:46 PM
Folks, hope y'all had/are having a good day!!
I have something to ask of you people
@SouravGhosh shoot!
I mean, please ask :)
Not "darn, Sourav has a question again"
Recently (in last week or so), I am seeing a trend that other answer(s), which basically have the same alignment (yes/no sort of questions) are accepted by the community, whereas, my answer(s), bearing the same opinions are treated in an opposite manner
Is something changed about my answers?
My observation: I'm trying to keep the answers short and to-the point.
Tried reducing the content size, and trying to focus on the concise and clear answer.
I'm gonna review your latest answers
@avazula Thanks to you....
@avazula That is understood
@avazula Don't worry, that's not going to demotivate me (and also is not going to stop me form asking questions, for sure) ... :)
@SouravGhosh I don't have enough rep on TWP to see the UV/DV ratio but upon review of your 5 latest answers, I don't see something wrong in what you wrote
Also, they don't have many comments below (at least now) so I guess it's just lacking of visibility?
3:54 PM
@avazula maybe....let me try to help you....
Coworker is lying about having kids. What should I do? +16/-3 .. the highly-accepted answer is also inclined to "dont do" approach.
@SouravGhosh All shorts answers on that post have low scores (you actually got the highest)
@SouravGhosh Short answers are bad unless they explain why. It is hard to explain why in just one line
Maybe it's because your POV is quite direct in that example and may seem a bit blunt? IDK. If I were OP I'd feel offended because you'd have made me realize it's none of my business, but I'm oversensitive so I know I react too strongly in many situations
@SouravGhosh comparing with Magish's answer (which as you point out is broadly speaking along the same lines) a few things stand out: 1) his answer is slightly less bluntly put 2) he provides a bit more explanation as to why it's the better choice to steer clear of getting involved
@IDrinkandIKnowThings While I dont disagree, but in some cases, it can be
4:01 PM
Short frame challenges tend to be either excessively well received or quite poorly, depending on the people's general opinion
your answer is not bad (IMO) and I think the over all score reflects that - you only have one more DV then Magisch does for example
@avazula OK, so y'all think I should be reverting on my decision to make answers more "compact"?
if a user agrees with both yours and his core answer i.e. "not your business" then they might be just picking the one they (slightly) prefer
@SouravGhosh I don't think there's anything wrong with that answer. I'm just not surprised that a bunch of people didn't like it.
@SouravGhosh I'm definitely not the person to answer that one! :D I'm somewhat known for my verbosity
short and blunt can work (depending on the question) - you only have to look at Kilisi's track record to see that
4:03 PM
@motosubatsu Yes, as do I (it all started with stackoverflow...)
really answers should be as long they need to be to get the point across clearly
@motosubatsu Well, I am guilty of both sides, providing excessive long answers and providing too short of a block as answer....now just trying to find a middle graound
@SouravGhosh You need to explain why your answer is correct. Sometimes that can be done easily in 1 or 2 lines but more often that is not the case.
In the answer you linked it just said this is what the answer is with no explaniation of why the answer is correct.
@IDrinkandIKnowThings Yes, absolutely, that's my point. Why to extend the answer when it can be summarized in a concise way...
@IDrinkandIKnowThings Well, OK, you're right
@IDrinkandIKnowThings I "thought" it is clear...but maybe I need to add a line or two to ensure my thought process is also expressed, not only my "opinion"
@SouravGhosh Because we have an expectation that all answers will explain why they are correct. If you dont then those answers will attract down votes. Similarly if your answer is not too the point enough you can get DV's as well
4:07 PM
It should not come off like I'm passing a judgement
Rather, I need to establish the point...and I guess that involves being a little more verbose than I was assuimg
No issues
I'll try to improve
and thanks to all of you
for taking your time for providing your feedback
@SouravGhosh Glad I can help.
It's really good to have honest feedbacks, it's rare these days
Not so rare in here :)
@avazula Right, I dint mean here.
Frankly speaking, I can't thank the SE (mostly SO) community enough
I received a lot of support, mentoring and guidance...
@SouravGhosh That's nice to hear!
4:13 PM
I believe all those support have a significant contributions to ensure what I am today :)
@avazula Kind of you to say that. :)
OK, 10:00 PM here, time for dinner
The power of SE to help the world be more inclusive is why I continue to contribute here.
and I have had a long day today
@SouravGhosh OK Have a good night!
Will be taking your leave..will connect back tomo...
Good nighty!!
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Q: An open letter to the mods of TWP

Richard UFirst of all, let me congratulate you all on the fine job you do, most of it behind the scenes with little visibility and virtually no thanks. So, on behalf of myself, and everyone who has thought it, but not said it: A warm, sincere, and honest thanks. You take a good deal many verbal kicks i...

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9:40 PM
sup people
A: Should employees with children get special treatment

user1666620I think you're approaching this from the wrong direction. You are complaining about how unfair it is that you have to do so much more difficult, strenuous work than your colleagues. Instead, at your next performance review, you should point out to your managers how you are doing so much more d...

I feel that the word "crying" is a bit strong, as it is directed towards OP and reads a bit rude
any ideas on how to fix this thing I feel? (Or do you think it's ok to leave the word?)

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