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3:10 AM
Q: How does one prove comprehension in machines?

Landon GSay we have a machine and we give it a task to do (vision task, language task, game, etc.), how can one prove that a machine actually know's what's going on/happening in that specific task? To narrow it down, some examples: Conversation - How would one prove that a machine actually knows what i...

11 hours later…
2:10 PM
I tackled discrete/combinatorial optimization and operations research problems (particularly, placement & routing for electronics design) for several years, but that was quite a long ago. After that I've diverged to a quite different area, where I'm staying right now. I would like reviewing recent advances in this areas and, maybe, trends, but, surprisingly, I've failed to found anything of use - it looks like nothing changed.

I have two related questions:

1. Could one say that these areas do stagnate in a way?
7 hours later…
9:18 PM
Hello!! I have applied the Huffman code for a given sequence of letters and the respective frequencies. Now it is asked for the total weight of the code. How do we caclculate that?

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