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12:05 AM
@EddieKal I was around for a long time now but for last few years was not active any more. How are you doing?
12:37 AM
@RajorshiKoyal yes "her" is the right version. This is an example of Pre posing, the direct object of regard i.e her takes the topical position in your sentence.
Her is the right choice because in the normal case when you place the direct object after the verb, you use the accusative case. Example: You regard her (not she) with distrust.
We don't say object of preposition. Object is reserved for Verb phrase. We say complement of preposition.
Of course, object is a kind of complement.
@baied'euzellecité to me, "keeping in touch" has connotations that this is a more regular thing, "getting in touch" connotations that this is the first time in a while you are calling them, and "touching base" connotations that this will be a brief conversation. Depends on the occasion, basically.
@EddieKal you may be interested that this site seems to abuse code blocks quite a bit (click on "CreationDate" twice to get it to sort newest-first). Hurts accessibility.
@Man_From_India I am okay. Busy as hell. I noticed you'd become active again of late. Sorry that I took you off the room owner list some time ago. If you'd like I can restore your ownership.
@bobble Dumb question: what are code blocks?
Oh 'like this'?
Doesn't seem to work in chat
Another try
@bobble I am 100% with you on that. Never been a fan of code blocks.
But even some established users use them
A: When do we double the consonant before '-ing' affix?

StoneyB on hiatusAre they still teaching the old 'long/short' vowels? If so, here's the rule: If the syllable before the /-ing/ is pronounced with a 'long' vowel, leave the final consonant single (and delete any final silent /e/) If it's pronounced with a 'short' vowel, double the final consonant. It may ...

A: Meaning of "half fine"

snailplane"Half" modifies "fine enough". If something isn't fine enough, then it's not suitable; if something's not half fine enough, then it falls well short of being suitable. Fine enough fineness = 1.0 Half fine enough fineness = 0.5 Not half fine enough fineness < 0.5 Both the cl...

even our very own snail
I mean now that we have tables let's hope established, formatting-savvy users won't have to resort to code blocks any more
1:26 AM
@EddieKal no no it's fine. I am not sure how much I can contribute here. But I will try.
I miss snail and stoney, and many others from that time.
@Man_From_India Yes later contributors benefit a lot from legacy answers left during the early years of ELL.
In the early days people are usually passionate about community building. People are nice to each other and are inclined to write long detailed answers
But at the same time the underside of it is a lot of less than satisfactory answers are also allowed and even encouraged
I have seen some terrible answers from years ago with 20+ scores sitting on the site
That's true of all the SE sites I am familiar with
1:59 AM
Yes nods. And that's why this site is friendlier than ELU. But I am really not satisfied with the kind of questions this ELL is getting and the kind of answers there. I am not saying all, but many.
I don't see many, if any at all, good answers coming out of ELU these days either
Not exhaustive as it used to be. Earlier an answer used to attract more comments. Afterall, I miss those people :-) whatever I managed to learn was from them.
3:06 AM
Why am I here? I've had an exhausting day. Oh Hi Eddie! How have you been?
Hello @GWarner
@Man_From_India What do you mean by topical position here?
3:51 AM
Between you and me affairs look dark @Man_From_India .What is the object of preposition could you assist slightly?
4:06 AM
@RajorshiKoyal the front position where subject is to ne expected
> Between you and me affairs look dark.
This sentence doesn't seem correct. What do you want to say by that sentence?
@Man_From_India In Wren and Martin it is written as a part of the sentence
Do you have a copy of Wren and Martin now?
4:17 AM
No my friend. I'm sorry.
3 hours later…
7:45 AM
I really need to discuss this once
@Man_From_India or @M.A.R. If any of you are free please to respond.
I think this topic is not very easy to comprehend.
1 hour later…
9:09 AM
@RajorshiKoyal what is that?
9:30 AM
@Man_From_India Please check the link
Yes it's an article but what is your question?
4 hours later…
1:26 PM
@Man_From_India I don't understand how the mutant types are named.
Although that is hilarious but I feel the question is good.
1:44 PM
@RajorshiKoyal I have literally zero knowledge in that area 😒
What is meant by banker of the government?
Banker to the government or Banker of the government which is correct?
Well I think "banker to the government" is a technical term related to banking or finance, I guess. I am not very sure though. And have no idea what it means.
2:21 PM
Ok thanks for replying. Btw @Man_From_India which city are you from?
I am very near to you 😊
I am from Belur!
2:47 PM
@Man_From_India Are you there?
What is meant by Banker to bank?
How does it compare to Banker of Bank and Banker to Bank?
Please explain both of these, if possible.
3:04 PM
@Man_From_India Hello, kind sir. Welcome to Language Overflow.
Ahh the difference between TO vs. OF..
@RajorshiKoyal i have no idea. May be we are dealing with some technical term here. Not sure.
@GWarner hi. I am a learner my friend. Not a teacher.
3:19 PM
Consider it this way. "United States OF America. President OF the United States. Star OF India. It indicates something that belongs to something else.
American Ambassador TO India. Assistant TO the President. This might be a way to explain they belong to another employer or entity, but hired out to someone else.
@Man_From_India Ok.
Banker of the bank. An employee. Banker TO the bank might mean someone else such as a government overseer.
Banker is too generic though because of the numerous functions in a bank. But is fine I suppose if their function isn't known.
I will return later.
3 hours later…
6:56 PM
@RajorshiKoyal hi, I'm around, if you wanted to discuss anything
@GWarner I always say "the key to my room" and it's interesting to note some people consider "the key for my room" most natural
Obviously only "the key between my room" makes sense.
7:21 PM
One time I had to tell my room to move because my key was hiding under her
4 hours later…
11:29 PM
@EddieKal audits (the thing you mentioned here) are probably not applicable in this situation. First off, looking at the linked review it doesn't say it is a "Review Audit" (see here). Secondly, Japanese doesn't have review audits enabled, since it's not big enough to warrant them. See here
11:41 PM
@bobble Okay. I still think it's the system hating on non-Latin characters
Probably. As far as I know the details of the algorithm are secret

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