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5:40 AM
Are you here?
How are things?
5:53 AM
@AIQ Things are crazy
Everybody is insane
@EddieKal Who is this everybody?
Everybody I see, I hear, and talk to
Not very productive these days
Did you have something you wanted to talk about?
Same here
I am slacking off ...
not really
sorry if I caught you at a busy or bad time
No, it's fine. I am doing some writing, but it is so terrible I can't continue anyway
Better to start over later
Did you ever notice some people unabashedly cross post here and on Word Referece?
It is not a big problem, but I'd like to see people putting that in their question if they decide to cross post
@EddieKal Yeah I know what you are talking about. I am guilty of that too ... I did cross post in the past when I didn't know how to properly find what I am looking for ...
One big difference between ELL and WR is that WR encourages very individual specific questions, which ELL doesn't. And so sometimes asking in WR is helpful ...
6:07 AM
@AIQ You are on WR too?
@AIQ What are individual specific questions? Examples?
Like I also feel I need to be at my best here in ELL, but in WR I can be a sore loser with with knowledge about English language
Do you know why it seems so many accounts have been banned on WR?
I often see accounts that show "banned"
And from what I understand a ban on WR is a permanent ban. That user may never come back?
@EddieKal Like say I am writing an economics paper, and I have a question about how to convey a specific information about unemployment/inflation - that kind of things don't get a lot of answers because they aren't helpful to anyone else ...
@EddieKal Not sure. I go there rarely nowadays.
See questions like this interests everyone
Q: Why is "science" in "Bachelor of Science" singular, whereas "arts" in "Bachelor of Arts" is plural?

AIQIn the following degrees — "Bachelor of Science" and "Master of Science" — "science" is an uncountable or singular noun. In contrast, in "Bachelor of Arts" and Master of Arts, "arts" is countable and plural. Wikipedia says the Master of Arts "degree is usually contrasted with the Master of Science."

I have an account on WR but I don't post there.
but this one is no good to anyone
Q: How do you say that X has played a role in sustaining the difference between two things?

AIQLet's say different regions in a country are divided into two categories - high and low unemployment regions. Low unemployment regions have plenty of job opportunities, but workers in high unemployment regions won't relocate to these low unemployment (and high productivity) regions. This is becau...

6:11 AM
@AIQ Oh yeah I kinda miss epl
@AIQ I see what you mean and I agree
I know a few regular users there -they are very helpful
February was horrible for me
How so?
Where is Jason Bassford by the way?
I don't see his posts anymore ...
He was kinda great with his knowledge on grammar and stuff
@AIQ See Jason's profile. I think he must've been busy with his new job
Hey there is a career fair tomorrow where I am meeting some employers
Don't know what to expect ...
6:15 AM
Good luck!
Thanks ...
How was your weekend?
It was an okay weekend
I am constantly worried about getting infected
So I tend to stay home or where I don't have to meet a lot of people
Oh, what is the Vaccine policy in the US for people your age?
I mean where do they fall in the priority scale?
Will you be taking any?
6:41 AM
@AIQ Varies from state to state. I don't think I am eligible where I am
I also would like to wait a bit to see if they will update the vaccine, which I think is bound to happen
But vaccine updates may not be publically announced as its advent
A new question begins with "help me please", lol
Every time I see "help me please" on the internet I think of the poster as possibly Japanese. Japanese internet users say that all the time
Koreans too I guess
12 hours later…
7:00 PM
user image
If posting this was against the rules forgive me and delete it
@GWarner Thank you! Good suggestion!
@GWarner lol good one
2 hours later…
9:10 PM
Arrrgg fuck me sideways ... now I have to open a LinkedIn profile to connect with potential employers ... damn I hate having a public/social account ...
Yeah let's go show off my useless skills to the whole world ...
Economics is shit ... I wish I studied something more awesome - like Engineering or Biochemistry or something ...
9:29 PM
@AIQ like aerospace engineering?
that'd be cool
2 hours later…
11:00 PM
@EddieKal Yeah or like alien technology
11:17 PM
@AIQ If this makes you feel any better, you are not alone. I have had some serious setbacks in real life
in the past year
Things are insane now.

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