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12:33 AM
is anyone here?
1:15 AM
@AIQ Yeah>
Oh hey
How's it going?
I am really swamped these days
Glad to see CowperKettle's back
1:37 AM
I am good ... just drank lots of ginger ale
1:58 AM
@AIQ Canada Dry?
I like ginger ale too
Eddie Kal, I have a question
OK, so my professors did a field research. I was their research assistant and worked on the completed survey questionnaires. I found some problems with the questions and I told them that they needed to fix them for the next field research (on the same topic but different location). I want to say that not only did I suggest revising some things, I told them how to do it. I rephrased some of the questions, and then sent them my edited version of the questions. How to I reflect this?
> I showed excellent judgment and attention to detail by pointing out specific problems with certain questions and several inconsistencies in the recorded information. For the next field research, which is planned to happen soon and at a larger scale, I suggested revision of certain questions and response choices to improve clarity and data accuracy.
2:27 AM
@AIQ Where do you want to show this? In an email or a report?
Cover Letter
Oh I see.
When I say "I suggested revision" what is the first that comes to your mind?
"Revisions" would sound better to me
Also "field research project"
I think your passage works great. I'd probably shorten the second sentence
relative clauses don't work really well in CVs and cover letters
I am a fan of accuracy when it comes to CV writing.
So I wonder if you could further clarify "certain questions and several inconsistencies"
@EddieKal oh wait wait ... are you saying "I suggested revisions" indicate I edited the questions and not just "Oye prof you need to rethink your stuff"?
2:35 AM
@AIQ That's not what you meant? Oh I see
I want to indicate that I did both - told them what the problems were and then edited the material to resolve the problems
But if it is just a minor suggestion, I am not sure it should go in a cover letter
@EddieKal I see thanks!
Oh, also I prefer on a larger scale
@EddieKal My cover letter is already getting too big ... I don't want to expand on that ...
2:39 AM
I think "at" may also be used by some people. But usually it's "on", I think
So what I am doing is addressing each competency/skill listed in the requirements section ... and showing how I have those skills instead of just saying I have them ..
@EddieKal Oh right on..
@AIQ Okay, I'd say be as accurate and informative as possible. Give as much information as you can in as few words as you can
@EddieKal right, I took out "which is planned to happen soon and at a larger scale," and wrote "For the second field research project"
Sounds good to me
Thanks so much Eddie
2:47 AM
@AIQ Ha, I found something interesting
What's that?
I decided to confirm my intuition about the prespositions with empirical data
Q: 'At' or 'On' "a large scale"

socrates There had to be some way to automate this process on a large scale. There had to be some way to automate this process at a large scale. Which of these sentences is grammatically correct, and, if both are, preferred or standard in American English?

See the accepted answer, which accords with what I was saying
But then I changed it from singular to plural
Hmm... Strange
I mean does the plural occur in some collocations or contexts where the singluar doesn't? I can't think of any though
hmm interesting ...
you hear it a lot in physics
but on a scale is fixed phrase so I guess can't go wrong with that
2:55 AM
@user85795 Maybe cite an example? I am not really well read in physics
It really depends on the context of the situation.
To me, "on a scale" means you put the thing of interest in a space and you observe it at that level. "at a scale" would mean the thing itself is at that level and it is an intrinsic property
Feynman talks about how the laws of physics are not invariant to changes in scale.
So he's taking about it in the plural as you showed above.
At different scales there are different laws.
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@user85795 Makes sense
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Q: Which one of these sentences is correct?

LexI need some help with the script for my presentation. Which one of these sentences is correct and if you can please explain the difference and grammar rules or tell me which grammar rules I should learn to understand the sentence structure. Thanks! I’m gonna show you the performance difference b...

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@CowperKettle Surprised the guy doesn't get kicked out and told to go to philosophy
6:28 PM
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