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Thiis was bumped recently by an edit:
Q: Does water training help with competitive eating speed?

MezzanineI entered a 2 pound burger eating contest and I've been researching water training. Water training helps with stretching the stomach to consume more in capacity, but I'm curious if water training also helps with the speed in which I eat since the quickest to eat the 2 pound burger wins.

I’m voting to close this question because I don't believe competitive eating counts as a "sport" as defined in the help center. — F1Krazy Jan 26 at 21:12
There is another related question:
Q: In which ways does drinking gallons of water prepare one for a competitive eating contest?

user527Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest winner Joey Chestnut quotes the following: "I’ve slowly made my body adapt and understand what’s going to happen," Chestnut said about the repetition of his training sessions, which sees him fast for three days and drink gallons of water before binging in...

When I search for eating on meta, I only found one post where competitive eating is mentioned:
A: Guideline for on-topic questions on Sports SE regarding activities

user527Proposal Sports shall be recognized on Sports SE as they are recognized on SportAccord. SportAccord organizes all international sports federations. All sports included in each federation shall be considered on-topic for Sports SE. Pros This would provide an objective answer to "What is a sport?"...

> Some sports, such as MMA or competitive eating, are not members of SportAccord.
> MMA and competitive eating do have international federations. In fact, the MMA international federation (IMMAF)'s vision is to be recognized as a sport through membership with SportAccord with the goal of becoming an Olympic sport.
The author of the post is "user527" - i.e., this was posted by ed mastermind before they deleted their account.

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