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9:39 AM
So Argentina is eliminated from the U20 FIFA World Cup already in the group stage.
It's a bit surprising, since this team won South American Championship.
2 hours later…
11:26 AM
If Tsonga wins his SF match against Wawrinka, Nadal will fall out from Top 10. (But I think that Wawrinka will win.)
Nevertheless, #10 is unusually low ranking for Nadal. But he does not defend many points in the rest of the season. (He did not compete at US Open. He lost in the second round to Wimbledon to Rosol.)
So he will have plenty of opportunities to improve his ranking again.
1 hour later…
12:57 PM
He will play a tournament in Stuttgart next week.
2 hours later…
2:40 PM
Q: How are doubles seeding calculated?

MartinFor singles, the seeding in the tournaments is rather straightforward: We simply look at the rankings and the players with top 8 (or 16 or 32) rankings are seeded. However, for doubles competition we cannot use such simple procedure. There are ATP rankings and WTA rankings (and, in the case of j...

3:24 PM
Q: Before I ask: Questions asking for book suggestion

Jesse P FrancisIs it On-topic to ask for suggestions for books related to sports, like I am looking for a newer edition or book similar to The Oxford Companion to Sports and Games, (I have a 1976 edition of it)? Just being careful since I'm new here!

3:43 PM
@edmastermind29: Why did you migrate ^ that to MSE?
4:02 PM
@Unihedron I had wanted to turn over every stone for the OP, but he was asking for Sports's specific stance on the matter, so my apologies.
@edmastermind29 No worries :) Didn't mean to confront you, I was just curious
@Unihedron Not a problem :)
Keep up the good work! I'm heading to a chess tourney
@Unihedron Ooo....good luck! Don't think too hard :P
lol :p
Likely false, but just in case you're interested: en.lichess.org/@/Unihedron/tv
4:10 PM
@Unihedron blocked at work :/ is it a live feed of your match?
Well, work hard! :D
@Unihedron cough hardly working you mean cough
I often forget about time zones and how people are working when I'm enjoying pre-bed leisure.
It's midnight for me, noon for many.
@Unihedron chess tourney at night? that's intense
@Unihedron where are you from?
4:12 PM
@edmastermind29 I spend my time programming after I get off school at 4pm all the way till 8 when I get my meals; playing chess and chatting with people are the ways I "unwind" :)
otherwise I get dreams about having 900 bugs in my code and wake up at 3 for the horror
@edmastermind29 Alpha Centauri! I'm currently living on Earth.
@Unihedron cognitive exercise. i cringe at the thought of any exercise...especially after working all day.
@Unihedron out of this world!
@edmastermind29 True, but chess has this gamification effect that doesn't kill my mood, it brightens me
Chess as a career certainly isn't for anyone but I take it as a great hobby :p
@edmastermind29 actually, no - centaurus holds one of the brightest stars or whatever thingy you call that in the solar system
@Unihedron havent had a good chess game in years...but i can talk about some sports all day. hence...that's why I'm here....I guess... xD
@Unihedron ahh, okay
4:20 PM
> Alpha Centauri is actually a binary star system (designated Alpha Centauri AB or α Cen AB) whose combined visual magnitude of −0.27 makes it the third brightest star (other than the Sun) seen from Earth after the −1.46 magnitude Sirius and the −0.72 magnitude Canopus.
Thanks, Wikipedia
@edmastermind29 Yeah, everyone has their fields of interest :D
@Unihedron a list for your enjoyment en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_brightest_stars

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