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12:11 AM
Kinda disappointing that Coconut doesn't appear to have an outer-product/table builtin.
12:54 AM
@Adam yah sure but all humans are lazy
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: When to give up and start again
@DLosc that’s quite a pleasing solution >_<
(Am i using the emoticon correctly?)
f(_-1) almost looks like some kind of like... face palm / head in hands emote lol
Haha yeah the f does look like an arm
TIL when you enable WS you also enable Hyper-V so even plain Windows runs in a VM
1:14 AM
@user Windows always runs in a VM in order to separate their so-called "Secure Kernel" from the rest of the system.
Even when you don't enable Hyper-V. They call the feature VBS (Virtualization-Based Security).
Isn’t that only if you enable secure boot?
On Windows 11 it's always enabled. I think it's usually enabled on 10 but I don't know (I neither use nor like Windows).
@DLosc I don't think anyone really learned it. We might want to relearn it
Oh, interesting
It's a good idea to enable it. It will greatly improve Windows security.
1:29 AM
is there any way to simplify this: !(last is OpNode && (last.operator == Operator.PRINTLN || last.operator == Operator.PRINT_NO_NL))
seems too long for a boolean condition
also has too many parens
Assign to variable
@Seggan If && has higher precedence than || (It does in JS): !(last is OpNode) || last.operator != Operator.PRINTLN && last.operator != Operator.PRINT_NO_NL
(didn't test of course)
2 hours later…
3:44 AM
@Steffan yes that is what I was reading
@Steffan last isnt OpNode
Dk if that's valid Java
I mean Kotlin
Looks like it's !is
4:03 AM
Looks like next LotM is tied between Prolog, J, and Nim lol
4:16 AM
@DLosc Oh, that is a nice lang. Can't tell yet if it's different enough from Python to be interesting, nor if it offers enough golfing opportunities over Python for most CGCC challenges. It doesn't intrinsically seem golfier than Python, though.
The terminal repl has syntax highlighting which is quite interesting, though. (They've also taken care to develop syntax highlighting for a lot of editors, and the documentation does seem pretty long. Don't know for sure if necessarily thorough, but definitely had a lot of time invested.)
@AviFS it's definitely intrinsically golfier by virtue of being a strict superset, it's just a question of by how much :P
if nothing else -> for lambdas shaves some bytes off pretty uniformly, if not in a particularly interesting way
more expressive for sure
1 hour later…
5:32 AM
æ‘0nhj56cv 78]\ufim
Cat lol
i'm impressed by actually holding shift for the ||||||||||||||||||||||
6:10 AM
@UnrelatedString The two keys are kinda close I guess
and maybe if enter was held from the beginning that wouldn't be an obstacle having it in the way
but holding \ and then holding shift doesn't work
Does on my computer
6:53 AM
I feel like my cat is more active than I am
7:37 AM
Is there a shorter way to declare a unsigned char in C?
7:49 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

alephalphaIs this graph a tree? code-golf decision-problem graph-theory Given an undirected graph, find out if it is a tree. A tree is an undirected graph in which there is exactly one path between any two vertices. Input The input graph is represented as an adjacency list, i.e., a list of pairs that repr...

8:12 AM
@mousetail You can use -funsigned-char compiler flag to treat char as unsigned (works in both gcc and clang; ato)
8:25 AM
@Bubbler Thanks, can't set command line arguments though unfortunately
Still doing USACO?
Oh, that was a different guy
Anyway, there are several possible answers in that case...
1) there is absolutely no shorter way if you're using `unsigned char` only once
1.a) but sometimes simply using `int` or `char` will give correct results
2) standard solution: `#include <stdint.h>` and use `uint8_t`
3) hacky solution: `#define U unsigned char` and use `U`
4) less hacky solution: `typedef unsigned char U;` and use `U`
8:43 AM
9:27 AM
I wonder if my bounty has the strange property that one person thinks it is easy but doesn't want to get bounty and no one else knows how to do it
You can apply all the bounties you like but if noone is interested in it then you're not gonna get an answer
@pxeger that's also true!
I hope it's not that
I was wondering how much real money I would give for answers
Definitely one dollar :) But maybe more
Going to post this in about an hour, any last minute feedback?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

mousetailRadiation Hardening Koth king-of-the-hill radiation-hardening The goal of radiation hardening is to make a program still work after you remove a byte. However, what if a skilled competitor is purposefully trying to mess with you? In this game, each bot will take turns removing one character from ...

9:49 AM
@ais523 is probably gonna use A Pear Tree :p
I'd like to see that
Is the rule that negative score bots will be disqualified acceptable?
Since you're recompiling the program every time, it seems kinda unfair to allow 11s for compiled langs and only 1s for interpreted langs.
@mousetail How's that possible?
10:34 AM
@emanresuA I'll manually comment them out until their score is positive again
I could just remove the rule, might exclude a few languages with catasrophic compile times
Please do
Since you're only running each version of each program once, execution time is compile time + runtime
And if you add special cases for compilation it turns into a debate on the definition of "compilation"
Ok better now?
2 hours later…
12:53 PM
@emanresuA They're improving. Hitting an Altgr in there, that huge combo multiplier with the |s, and a good randomness entropy in certain places. Soon your cat's gonna be out of the neighborhood keyboard stepping leagues. You better get them a professional trainer.
> wee
1:11 PM
Why do I feel like emanresu's typing that out himself and not his cat? 🤨
@user emanresu is his cat
actually, it's emanresu's monster
emanresu is the name of the doctor
@GingerBot Frankenstein
1:33 PM
LDQ: should negative numbers be falsey?
1:46 PM
That's how hexagony's branching works (positive vs. other)
I guess different truthy/falsy just gives opportunities in different challenges
@user yeah it does
sorry i was trying to fend off a mosquito
fake: vdifvidsfiszfisaowaifsaofsaofoasfoszfsad
real: qec35227b8mn98,ppppppppppp0,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,n7
2:37 PM
Okay, emanresu's cat's keyboard smashes were funny the first couple of times, but this room still has rules against posting noise. If, for some reason, you have a bunch of random text in your text box, don't press enter. If, for some reason, something causes a bunch of noise to be typed and posted, please delete it if you have the time to do so.
3:04 PM
alternatively: your cat can get its own account and post noise on its own terms (without affecting your rule abiding status)
speaking of random text: are there any studies of keymashing yet? me and some friends are trying to make a lang designed to look like authentic keymashes (and are otherwise generally interested in how they are formed)
id think its only a matter of time anyway
also: i forget but isnt there a challenge about verifying how close to "truly random" some input is?
Everything can be considered truly random
It's unlikely for a monkey to type out valid Rust code but it's totally possible
right i guess it was like
"how close is this to expected randomness" or smething
idk i didnt write it lol
it was explained better there :P
Don't mind me, I like nitpicking to annoy others :P
no you have a point
it had some laid out criteria about it
(as any good challenge should)
i just wish i could remember what specifically lol
3:46 PM
Do we still have a permanent bounty scheme?
4:00 PM
@graffe yeah, here
4:14 PM
today a few days ago I learned that (arg) (binop) (unaryop) (arg) is actually a syntax error if binop has higher precedence than unaryop
JS example: (function*(){return 1+yield 0;})
Python example: print(1*not 0)
i dont understand
or wait, i see your spacing is a clue
literally why would it be like that though thats so bad :P
CMP: do yall want a challenge about implementing the JVM?
(at least a subset of the JVM)
@Seggan personally i only do easy challenges :P
what would implementing the jvm entail, asking as someone who has no idea what it is
its the VM that runs Java bytecode
basically youll need to implement the stack, a few basic opcodes, the variables, and jumping
4:42 PM
@thejonymyster cool. Thanks
4:54 PM
@thejonymyster that's a great list!
@Seggan Might be too hard unless the subset is very small but then it's not the JVM anymore and we've had challenges about implementing interpreters for stack-based languages
There is a meme along the lines of

If you saw a keysmash, you're gay
If you saw the alphabet, you're straight
Basically, even the "most natural" ordering of letters can be seen as a keysmash
Huh, I did see a keysmash interesting
@user Sorry, you're gay now. I don't make the rules
I wonder why though
I think maybe partly because we don't always read by starting at the left and taking in each character one by one?
5:09 PM
@Neil Idk what you mean, works for me :P
5:20 PM
@graffe agree, though i have to say my personal favorites are the ones i have up right now :P
1 hour later…
6:29 PM
Why does AES523 community wiki every post?
6:51 PM
@mousetail ais523 dislikes the way the reputation system works, but enjoys code golf and participating on the site
Do you still get notified of comments under community wiki posts?
I think so
7:10 PM
I hope he updates his post, the bot is really interesting but unfortunate that it doesn't fit the output format
7:52 PM
@Neil TIL yield's an operator
8:19 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

loopy waltCarry-less sum given a base b Note: I'm mostly posting this in the Sandbox because I suspect it might be a dupe but can't find any. But, of course, any input dupe-related or not is welcome. Given a list of positive integers \$\mathcal I=I_1,I_2,I_3,...,I_n\$ and a base \$b>1\$ return their "carry...


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