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5:57 AM
How to upset your keyboard? Press Caps Lock.
Because to capsize is to upset.
P. S. When I get 20k rep, I'm going to make a bounty for either Idris or ANI.
@Λ̸̸ No one can answer in ANI, at least in current state, because the wiki says "compiler does not work".
Idris could be interesting, though it'd be pretty verbose since it mandates type signatures to everything (IIRC).
6:32 AM
@Anush The third order difference converges at 12, but I have no idea if it will extend to the next term
If so, the next term is 6883 (demo)
3 hours later…
9:12 AM
@Bubbler that's the correct answer!
@Bubbler Nice use of APL. Now can you answer mine too?
@Adám Of course I can, because I somehow have memorized all the ⎕DR values.
@Bubbler :-D I find it amusing that you can search for my sequence in the Dyalog documentation like OEIS
Googling 11, 80, 83, 160, 163, 320, 323, 326, 645, 1287 APL gives that help page as the first hit, though putting APL there is a bit cheating
@Bubbler Are you sure that's not because Google is tracking you and knows that you often go to that site?
9:32 AM
Well, idk ⍨
hi.. does anyone the skill to copy the table from geographyfieldwork.com/WorldCapitalCities.htm (click on the top of the capitals column to order by capitals) and put it in place of the image at codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/205219/…
I don't know how to do it
@Anush What format do you want it in?
9:48 AM
@Adám I just want to be copy and pastable as that will be much nicer for anyone reading the question
and to look good too of course :)
OK, I can do it.
10:07 AM
@Anush Like this?
@Adám that's great! Thank you so much
could you vote to reopen it now please :)
@Anush No problem. Btw, it was really easy using Dyalog APL under Windows. I simply selected the table you referred to and object-pasted it onto the variable name t (which then became a matrix). Then the below code makes c hold the plain-text I needed for the table body:
⍕('&'@2⍤1⊢1 0 1\{'\text{',('[^a-z)]+$'⎕R''⍠1⊢⍵),'}'}¨t),⊂'\\ \hline'
:) That's very cool
@Anush I'm not so confident about the challenge though. It seems to simply be an underhanded challenge at finding an online resource one can outsource the job to.
that's ok isn't it?
i mean being sneaky is one of the acceptable things for our site
10:22 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

NeilInspired by Draw this planar graph. Your input represents an ascending sequence, e.g. 1 2 3 4. You can require the sequence as input, or you can just input the length. The explanation assumes 1-indexing but you can use 0-indexed or even a-indexed input if you adjust the algorithm appropriately. ...

it looks like the OP of the linked post joined this site specifically to comment on my sandbox post?
@Anush No.
anyway, I was thinking of changing the post to ask for the longest path, given that the number of paths is quite high
2 hours later…
12:49 PM
@Neil just one accept to go... although that won't happen, so I'll miss 100k by precisely the same distance from below and above...
Q: False productivity script for remote work during COVID?

Sol515Scenario: I'm working from home for COVID and would like to take breaks longer than 2 minutes without being flagged/ disconnected from my console for inactivity. The script would run on my laptop, but I will be using remote access software to access my desktop at work. Must at minimum enter ke...

Q: Let's study Neil numbers

ArnauldCongratulations to Neil for hitting 100k rep! As a tribute, we are going to study Neil numbers. Neil's user ID is 17602 and there's something special about the binary representation of this number: $$17602_{10}=1\color{blue}{000}1\color{blue}{00}11\color{blue}{0000}1\color{blue}{0}_2$$ $$\begi...

1:07 PM
how many minutes are there between Wed, 27 May 2020 00:00:00 GMT and Thursday GMT?
@Anush What Thursday and at what time?
the closest part of the closest thursday
1:28 PM
@Anush Is this a trick question? 1440?
no it's not!
why 1440?
24 hours of 60 minutes each.
Oh I see.. So it's 24 hours from Thursday, not 1 hour
How could it be 1 hour? 00:00:00 is right at the beginning of the 27th. It'll be 24 hours until the date changes.
how many minutes are there between Tue, 30 Jun 2015 00:00:00 GMT and Wednesday GMT?
I don't know but....what day is one minute after 23:59 on Wednesday?
1:34 PM
@Anush Usually Thursday.
@Anush However, one minute after Wednesday December 31, 2008 at 23:59, it was still Wednesday.
2 hours later…
3:56 PM
@Adám I think midnight on wednesday is the end of wednesday not the start
@Anush No, that's not correct. A date begins at 00:00:00.000 and (usually) ends shortly after 23:59:59.999
I disagree but how can we check it?
@Anush Easy. Take a date+time representation of 23:59:59, convert it to time serial number, add 1 second, then check the date of that.
are you thinking that 24:00 should exist?
No. And it doesn't, except that it is sometimes used in train time tables to indicate midnight after the main day.
4:03 PM
@Anush i'd personally count time in a day as "time since the start of today", 00:00:00.000 being the start and 24:00:00.000 as the end. I don't know whether 25:00:00.000 should exist (and mean 1:00 in the next day) or not, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
we will soon know as I received this email "Your replacement is scheduled to be announced at Wed, 27 May 2020 00:00:00 GMT."
which could be tonight or tomorrow night
@Anush Press F12 to open your DevTools, press Escape to access the console, then enter (new Date((new Date(2020,4,27,23,59,59)).getTime()+1000)).toDateString()
If it says Wednesday, then you're right. If it says Thursday, then I'm right.
@Adám what happens if I am wrong and so is the person who emailed me "Your replacement is scheduled to be announced at Wed, 27 May 2020 00:00:00 GMT." :)
because all I want to know is what they meant
@Anush Then the announcement might be a day off. That said, I strongly suspect the email wasn't written by a person, as people tend to use less precise times when speaking of when announcements will be made.
@Adám no it is automated. It's for when you submit a paper to the arxiv
4:12 PM
@Anush if that really means that "00:00:00.000 is almost 24 hours after 00:00:00.001" then i definitely completely absolutely disagree. (the am/pm system does a similar thing, but imo this'd be way worse & stupid)
I think the idea would be that 00:xx is in the same day as one hour before
and 01:00 is the day after
but I really don't know and will find out in a few hours
@Anush ok that's indeed like the am/pm system and indeed very stupid.
stupid does exist as an option! :)
codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/205254/9207 is very nice but it's a shame I can't try it online
@Anush wikipedia. also TIL that an alternative for 12pm/am is 12 noon/midnight, which is way way more sane (but still stupid)
I will report back tomorrow :)
but @Adám you are clearly right. The question is, are they also right?
4 hours later…
8:06 PM
Q: Cheat activated

Domenico ModicaBackground The game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas went down to history also thanks to its wide selection of cheats. They're almost 90 and anyone who has ever touched this game, no doubt he tried them all! One cheat is activated (on PC) typing in-game a secret keyword, and then boom, a jet pops o...

2 hours later…
10:09 PM
Q: Program ordinals and omega squared

AndrewA program ordinal is a (possibly transfinite) ordinal which can be assigned to programs in some language depending on their output. To be more specific: Programs that give no output have ordinal 0 Programs that output a program of ordinal n have ordinal n+1 Programs P0 outputting multiple prog...


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