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12:31 AM
bad news: my monitor's power button has failed. good news: it failed while the monitor was on.
1:03 AM
If you used a laptop, this problem won't occur.
Check out MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and more. Visit the Apple site to learn, buy, and get support.
@Λ̸̸ lol no
And hey! Wouldya look at that! I'm back lol.
What's the most powerful button on a computer? The power button.
(The super key is another possible answer.)
@Neil What sort of thing were you doing to your monitor?
Doing this might create consequences from the authorities.
@Lyxal You have an Apple product, right? Why did you say no?
in Set Theory, Apr 21 at 2:04, by Lyxal
@petStorm b...b...but I use macos
@Λ̸̸ because I wouldn't buy Apple again
Never again. Because it's expensive?
1:20 AM
@Λ̸̸ that's right
You definitely don't live in the USA.
@Neil The time when you don't think that things will work but surprisingly things work out the planning of your extra consideration.
CMQ: What word should we make for this? Or, what is the word for this?
@Neil so-so news: i can use my monitor while the power button has failed.
If you are just doing programming, a monitor is just a money-waster.
Like, a Raspberry Pi doesn't have a monitor attached.
It's a perfect example of a modern programmable computer that doesn't employ a built-in monitor.
It also has the advantage of being extremely cheap!
Okay, I stand corrected. You can buy a monitor from the Raspberry Pi website.
You could program in the ENIAC without a single monitor. Actually, we don't need monitors; just a set of one-color LED lights would suffice as an output for a program.
But, without an Internet connection... you can't possibly submit your programs to CGCC.
I'd love an OS that starts up and opens up a Try It Online interface with a "Submit to CGCC" feature. It makes programming easier.
It's in dark mode and you can't change the interface based on your preferences, but that's sufficient. TIO is like that.
The "Submit to CGCC" feature is better console-based; that way, you could avoid seeing the dreaded CGCC interface in the OS.
How do you chat though? Write a program that prints the last 20 messages in your desired chatroom, and then write a program that posts your message to the chatroom.
You'll probably get a chat suspension because you're a bot, since you're basically pretending to be tne Try It Online server.
And then people will say, "What? Try It Online is behaving abnormally!" They can't use Try It Online anymore, they have to download the physical interpreters.
Because, you're using all of TIO's resources yourself!
Dennis creates 100 sites with the same content to avoid your abuse.
And then, you port your Try It Online based operating system to 100 different operating systems.
Then, you got 100 users using your operating systems exclusively, each person using a different OS.
Dennis gets confused. "What is eating up all of my server's resources?"
In fact, it's all of the 100 test users of your operating system that created this problem!
You and your users' TIO accounts gets suspended by Dennis, due to abusive behavior of preventing other people from using Try It Online.
Meanwhile, people have downloaded every single interpreter locally into their computer. Their 1GB memory computer can't fit so many interpreters.
As a result, doing that creates a disaster among all of them. You know what disaster that is, since you have an ominous feeling about the smell of overcooked metal.
Therefore, every single person on the globe can't download intepreters. They had to use your operating system to access Try It Online, due to various problems resulting from being unable to install Windows or Linux.
Which made you a lot of money, of course.
And since a single programmer is capable of using up all of TIO's resources, Dennis had to create 60 billion copies of the TIO website.
Fortunately, Dennis's bot already does it for him. You make these sites Operating Systems and issue them to every single person on the globe.
And then, you know, 60 billion people use the Internet all at once.
As you all know, the central server is a server made by the W3C, used to connect every single computer in the world.
That server is protected severely by the W3C, and if anyone broke it, consequences will arrive onto them.
The central server of the Internet has broken down. W3C has to rebuild various internets to fullfill their needs.
During the emptiness, some people became mad.
2:20 AM
I've been spending time investing in the meme market lately
Like over on MemeEconomy and DankExchange
And I've been thinking we need a way to invest in the code golf market
Using fake internet money
I might make a bot/chatroom if I can figure out how to do it.
But is anyone here interested?
In the CGCC Market that is.
CMQ: How do I make a SE Chat bot using SObotics?
2 hours later…
4:36 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Λ̸̸Is this a half-sort? code-golf string decision-problem The problem over here introduces an new type of strings: if you split the string into equal halfs and swap the pairs, it produces the same output as sorting the string. We call that a half-sort. Given a purely ASCII string, check if the str...

^ Is this question unclear, too trivial... or anything else?
Also, contributions to test cases are welcome.
5:40 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MukundanFind all Belphegor primes code-golf primes A Belphegor number is a number of the form \$(10^{n+3}+666)*10^{n+1}+1\$ (1{n zeroes}666{n zeroes}1) where \$n\$ is an non-negative integer and a Belphegor prime is a Belphegor number that is also prime. The \$n\$ values of the first few Belphegor prim...

What time (GMT) is daytime in the largest number of countries?
6:24 AM
@Anush I'd say just about now catches both the tiny countries on the west cost of Africa and many of the island nations in the Pacific.
1 hour later…
7:27 AM
Q: What Color is that Square?

SUBHAJIT KAR![Positions on a chess board are identified by a letter and a number. The letter identifies the column, while the number identifies the row]1

1 hour later…
8:53 AM
CMQ: If you had to create a formula to assign a monetary value to a question, what components would your formula consider?
Also, considering the nature of CGCC questions to easily be upvoted, what kinds of restrictions/factors would you place on those components?
@Lyxal inverse square of the length. i dislike overly long challenges with back stories, lists of common golfing rules, explanations of concepts every programmer should know, "bonus" tasks, etc
@ngn How do u make a 3angl in C++? Urgent.
@JohnDvorak int t[]={a,b,c};. next question please :)
doesn't work.
9:12 AM
@JohnDvorak are you suggesting verbosity in challenges is desirable?
clarity, at least
clarity, sure
but within the constraints of clarity we could have more brevity
What if I'm struck with a muse?
@JohnDvorak literature.SE or worldbuilding.SE may be more interesting for you than codegolf :)
@Lyxal another (positively contributing) factor is the presence of good tests that at least cover the required edge cases
ideally copyable as json or some other common easy to parse format
but anyway. sadly, codegolf on SE seems dead :(
10:01 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DingusMake true and false global! code-golf kolmogorov-complexity decision-problem We all know true and false, but what do speakers around the globe say? +----------------------+------------+------------+ | Language | True | False | +----------------------+------------+--------...

10:20 AM
@Λ̸̸ I was trying to turn it off, rather than waiting for my screen blanking to let it go into standby
11:15 AM
@ngn I really like the idea of having the length of the question impact the value.
5 hours later…
4:21 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

my pronoun is monicareinstateThe smallest positive integer that cannot be printed in fewer than %NUMBER% bytes of %LANGUAGE% i-dont-know-how-am-i-supposed-to-tag-this Let's assume your language can output numbers - if it cannot, it probably won't be useful for this challenge. Your language must be Turing-complete (to preven...

2 hours later…
6:01 PM
ah, in fact my rep is already rounding up to 100k these days, even though I'm actually 25 rep short
2 hours later…
8:07 PM
Q: Remove loops from a walk

ArcturusI've been playing around with a robot on the coordinate plane. This robot is able to tell me if it goes left, right, up, or down by reporting back a string consisting of the letters L, R, U, and D, such as DLURRDLURDLLLRRLRLDURRU. Each character represents a movement of one unit. However, it seem...

2 hours later…
9:42 PM
Is there a compact way to find the sunset time in all capital cities on Earth?
10:07 PM
Q: Sunset in every capital

AnushThis is a very simple challenge. Task Whenever your code is run, your code should output the next sunset time in GMT for all capital cities on Earth. You should get the list of capitals from here. The times should be outputted sorted by the name of the capital. You don’t need to output the ca...

Shibboleth (fast-paced word-cluing hidden-team game) starting in 1 hour on my Discord server for it. Or, come now for some early rounds.

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