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12:24 AM
@RedwolfPrograms _sure_ly it won't happen again
@HyperNeutrino no, you're not unsure of why that is too.
You're HyperNeutrino
Ffs we've been over this twice now
We must en_sure_ it never happens again
Wait, what? It was italicized a second ago.
I don't know why either lol
Anyway I gtg for now
Welp, see you soon! o/
I think that's the right wave
12:45 AM
my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
1:00 AM
has anyone written a jelly code bruteforcer before? It seems you can get a lot of golfs by just trying to randomly delete/replace characters in a genetic/fuzzer sort of approach
2 hours later…
2:38 AM
@Sisyphus How often would infinite loops appear in Jelly? You might run into some halting problem stuff eventually
I have a timeout per execution
I am currently getting ~1000 Jelly program executions per second with some parallelization, which means I can bruteforce all 2 byte Jelly programs in a minute
2:53 AM
I don't think you could do it without a timeout, there are too many infinite loops. Most programs with a ß for example will run forever
3:37 AM
@JohnDvorak difficult part is to write a challenge with that
@RedwolfPrograms it's funny
2 hours later…
6:04 AM
since therhas been some discussion on this in Discord, I think I should add this here:
Basically, it's the site proposal on Codidact, which has been unlocked again.
meta.codidact.com/questions/41993#answer-278609 this is the place where they're calling people who are interested.
6:20 AM
Looking at CGCC.SE reviving (with three new moderators), I don't think we need another community site for code golf (at least for now).
7:11 AM
ye but there's been talk about removing SE from it so it may be a good idea to indicate that there is some interest
4 hours later…
11:08 AM
@Sisyphus If you avoid ¿ and ß, you should be able to test most atoms/quicks combinations
Especially if you limit it only to atoms, then allow it to start using specific quicks (i.e. only $ and the other grouping quicks), then adding in more possible quicks
2 hours later…
12:41 PM
@Bubbler new moderators don't exactly undo the reasons the old ones left
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

RazetimeHeavily based on this closed challenge. Length of a Sumac Sequence code-golf A Sumac sequence starts with two non-zero integers \$t_1\$ and \$t_2.\$ The next term, \$t_3 = t_1 - t_2\$ More generally, \$t_n = t_{n-2} - t_{n-1}\$ The sequence ends when \$t_n ≤ 0\$ (exclusive). No negative integers...

1:25 PM
@Bubbler I don't necessarily see the harm in having alternative options so we have a choice if SE further demonstrates untrustworthiness; I'm not sure how good the other community sites are but from what I saw from just looking around Codidact for a bit I think it's quite good.
Plus there are some people who will want a code golf community who don't trust/have left SE
Also I agree with dzaima; I became a moderator because I don't want to see this site die and I think having the influx of moderators and activity is good for this site and community but it doesn't mean I endorse SE's actions last year or "oppose"/go against the previous three moderators' decisions to leave, but rather that I believe SE can go in a positive enough direction for me to support this community.
Also yeah a lot of users have left SE, and I'm not sure if they are on another community but we've lost a lot of great people and I doubt most of them would ever return here.
4 hours later…
5:19 PM
Q: Output ISO8601 date string from seconds and nanoseconds

jaaqOne reason why ISO8601 is the best date string format, is that you can simply append as much precision as you like. The standard output format without timezone looks like this: 1970-01-01T00:00:00.000001 Yes, we are allowed to append 6 digits(microseconds) of precision and theoretically more are ...

4 hours later…
8:56 PM
And se is down again lol
2 hours later…
10:48 PM
Q: Output the string "666"

TheCoderProQuestion You must make your code output "666" (with or without a newline). I don't know why I want to do this but why not... Requirements Any language allowed, shortest code wins. Please help me improve this question by commenting :) Have fun!

@LuisMendo I chose Hello World because they're basically the same task, and I didn't want to go searching for some obscure kolmo that would be more similar
But I do agree, there's probably a better challenge to VTC it as
Yeah, I was torn between closing or not. The difference (there's a builtin or not) is not interesting anyway
And the challenge had to be closed anyway
Besides, I doubt the approach of print(666) is going to be shorter than any other in most languages
10:52 PM
The only languages it might be interesting in are esolangs like brainfuck, but even then printing one character three times isn't really that hard
11:13 PM
Q: The square root of the square root of the square root of the…

Peter KageyThis code-golf challenge will give you an integer n, and ask you to count the number of positive integer sequences \$S = (a_1, a_2, \dots, a_t)\$ such that \$a_1 + a_2 + \cdots + a_t = n\$, and \$\displaystyle \sqrt{a_1+\sqrt{a_2 + \cdots + \stackrel{\vdots}{\sqrt{a_t}}}} \$ is an integer. Exam...

Q: Is it a digit haiku?

LynnWe can read 13576870234289 digit-by-digit in English, and it makes a haiku: one three five seven six eight seven zero two three four two eight nine We say it's a "digit haiku", because when read out like this, it's 5+7+5 syllables long, and no word is broken across a line. For example, 11117111...


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