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6:41 AM
@Mego I think it has something to do with the "new" Twitter and such, yeah
3 hours later…
9:52 AM
Q: Prime parity peregrination

Luis MendoThe purpose of this challenge is to graphically depict a walk on the plane, where the direction of each step \$k\$ is determined by the primality of \$k\$ and the parity of its binary expansion: Initial direction is fixed, say North. All steps have the same length. The direction of step \$k\$ c...

8 hours later…
6:21 PM
Q: Write the shortest sorting algorithm

BipWrite a sorting algorithm that works for any list of integers (support for empty lists is not required). Your score is the amount of characters your source code has. A lower score is better. RULES: No bogo sort or variants of it (randomly manipulating the list until it's sorted) The characters...

6:43 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

tjjfviA quine of sorts Given a string x, output the characters in x sorted according to order of appearance in your source code. Rules Standard loopholes & i/o apply Input & output can be either a string or a list of characters. If a character is used multiple times in the source, use the first occ...

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7:47 PM
It's neat to see the various challenges that get dredged up. Especially when it spurs a renewed interest in the question.
8:12 PM
@LuisMendo your challenge is almost this sandboxed challenge D:
did you find this question that inspired this challenge or did you come across this somewhere else?
9:05 PM
@flawr Oh, I didn't see the sandboxed one. While preparing my challenge I found the math.SE one.
Why didn't you post it?
This was my thought process:
@Jonah I came up with it (but there are similar walks that are probably well known; see for example here). I wanted a random-looking but reproducible walk. And I wanted it change direction not too often. So primes came to mind (random-looking, not too abundant). Also I wanted for it to change direction left or right with the same probability. The parity of a prime number is obviously not useful for this. So parity of the sum of binary digits was a natural choice — Luis Mendo 5 hours ago
In the middle of that I realized something similar to this must exist, and found the math.SE !&A
I did (quickly) check over 250 posted questions to make sure this hadn't been done before
* Q&A
@LuisMendo I felt like it was a bad challenge ^^
@LuisMendo it's quite interesting that you came up with such a similar thing as the guy on math.se:)
9:46 PM
@flawr 10 upvotes in the sandbox, and a map that resembles America! How could it be bad? :-)
10:34 PM
> America, the prime continent.
11:24 PM
because everyone there is odd?

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