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12:07 AM
hi does anyone here know audio editing
@HyperNeutrino audacity is great
mhm I'm using it right now
but noise removal is making my friend's voice sound like a demonic chant
like it's keeping the noise that's exactly at her frequency or something like that
is it better to get a larger or smaller noise profile?
also her voice is a lot higher than the other two people in that section of audio so it's hard to do noise removal because then half her audio disappears
actually that might be the annoying little kids in the background blended into the noise or something, idek
this is why we have at least 2 successful recordings for everything
@HyperNeutrino Smaller
ah ok thanks!
(yeah I was using the largest section of noise I found and then tried smaller and it seemed better... lol)
The trick is to make two recordings of the target and a recording of just the background noise
12:12 AM
Use the background noise recording as a sample of the noise, remove it, and then splice the two recordings together
hm what do you mean by splice?
Take the good parts of each
and is it fine if the recording just has a section of "silence" (noise) in front of it?
@Mego ah ok I'll try that, thanks
Sure, but it's easy to remove that
(wonder what happens if I use the noise from one recording as the noise profile for the other)
12:13 AM
It depends on how consistent the noise is
@Mego well I meant is it fine to just have silence/noise in front and use that as the profile
@Mego it's pretty consistent; nearly whitenoise (the camera admittedly wasn't great), and I can just un-amplify it maybe
Sure, but a longer noise recordings will get you more samples
hm ok
wait I think her voice is higher than the noise (or it's too untoned for me to tell) but I might be able to try using equalizing? (idk audio lol)
also holding space bar freezes audacity
huh her word spacing is consistent enough that I can play the two tracks together and it doesn't sound too bad. it seems to get rid of the demonic chanting as well :D
why is PPCG so dead today
12:55 AM
what the hell
how do you make audacity's taskbar/toolbar use the left mouse button as left-click?
it's only accepting right click now....................
then right click?
it's annoying
because the rest of audacity still behaves normally
1:30 AM
Last call for a bounty! 24 hours
(though unfortunately I don't think anyone will be able to do this in 24 hours because it looks pretty hard)
3 hours later…
4:44 AM
@ConorO'Brien if I want to return the generator of a function, this works right? *iterateSubgraphs() { return this._subgraphs[Symbol.iterator] } where this._subgraphs is a Set
2 hours later…
7:02 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Mr. XcoderWho wins a game of Tic-Tac-Toe? Background Skip to "Task" if you are familiar with Tic-Tac-Toe (I think most are!) Tic-Tac-Toe is a famous two-player game. It consists of an 3x3 board that is filled gradually by two players (clarifications below); The first player uses the character X and the ...

7:19 AM
I literally transposed the program from Python to C and it saved like 50% of the time
Anyone here good at Kerbal Space Program?
I'm RCSing a Kerbal 300m away from a ship I want him to board but can't figure out how to get closer.
7:45 AM
Did it! For future ref: align prograde and target symbols while minimizing relative target velocity.
A: Primitive roots density of number

Leaky NunC (gcc) Around 0.6 sec for 1,000,000. int modpow(long b,int e,long n){ long r=1; while(e){ if(e&1) r=r*b%n; b=b*b%n; e>>=1; } return r; } float f(int a,int b){ int ln=1; for(int p=2;p<=a;p*=ln,ln++); int* primes = malloc((a+1)*(sizeof(int))); int** factors = malloc((a+1)*sizeof(...

In other news, I've beaten Mathematica by an order of magnitude
8:22 AM
who said mathematica is fast
8:37 AM
Should I tag this , , or what else? (Apart from and , of course)
9:21 AM
Classification (it is not just a yes-no problem)
10:13 AM
@flawr thank you!
10:44 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

NonameSLSort a nested object by nested value code-golf Your goal is to sort a nested object by a nested value. What does that mean? For example: #1: Input { foo: { category: "A", hello: "world", color: "blue" }, bar: { category: "B", cu: "cumber", ...

11:43 AM
Have you guys set a bios password on your laptops?
12:17 PM
@flawr Nope
On my old laptop, a BIOS glitch "set" a "password", that actually just rejected any input
So I don't do BIOS passwords anymore
12:44 PM
hi.. can someone teach me how to run JS please. I would like to test codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/144086/9206 ?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MegoFrequency Distribution of Multiple Dice Rolls Given two positive integers a and b, output either the frequency distribution of rolling a b-sided die a times and adding the results. A frequency distribution lists the frequency of each possible sum if each possible sequence of dice rolls occurs o...

Can I copy it to a text file and run it with node.js somehow?
Nope, not without huge modifications to accomodate node's insanity
Hit F12 (or whatever button) to open your browser console, do f=<lambda here> to assign it, and call it with params.
@Mego hmm...
trying that now
12:51 PM
The snippet wouldn't work in a stack snippet, because it would be blocked by CORS
what is CORS?
Cross origin site policy.
> Failed to load theguardian.com/film+tone/reviews?page=9: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'http://null.jsbin.com' is therefore not allowed access.
can you get it to run? (F12 is working at least )
@mınxomaτ interesting!
@Lembik Yes, because it doesn't have an origin.
is that fixable?
12:52 PM
CORS does stuff like prevent XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks and make things complicated for code golf :P
ok :)
but.. can you actually get the code to run?
First and foremost it protects site assets from unauthorized use by client applications.
f("U",5) ?
"Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at theguardian.com/film+tone/reviews?page=0&_=1506775456570. (Reason: CORS header 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' missing)."
is that because I ran F12 from this tab?
Ironically, this wouldn't be a problem with node.js
12:55 PM
TypeError: $.get is not a function [Learn More]
(from a different tab)
not going so well so far
@Lembik $ is jquery, it's assumed to be loaded.
@mınxomaτ sorry what does that mean for getting the code to work?
(I know no JS)
The Guardian's website probably has jQuery already loaded so try running it from there
@Mego I still get f("U",5)
TypeError: $.get is not a function [Learn More]
@Lembik The Guardian doesn't seem to have JQuery
1:03 PM
You could manually load jQuery on The Guardian's site
Add a bookmark with url javascript:(function(e,s){e.src=s;e.onload=function(){jQuery.noConflict();conso‌​le.log('jQuery injected')};document.head.appendChild(e);})(document.createElement('script'),'//‌​code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.min.js') and open it on a tab with The Guardian's site open
2:32 PM
I have never written a complete language parser.
So, I decided to use a hand-coded recursive escape system for nested commands instead.
The result: 3 hours of bashing my head against a wall followed by realising that I'd included the wrong number of escapes in two lines.
I will learn how to write a language parser.
On the bright side, I've created an esolang that will probably be Turing complete by the time I've finished extending it.
Q: Digital Calendar

Ian H.Given a date, output the X and Y position of the current day of the date on a digital calendar. The digital calender is sort of the calender that gets shown when you click on your computers clock (atleast on windows), and it looks something like this: If we assume that the given date is 25.09....

Q: Life and Death of Trees

Ian H.The Challenge Write a program that takes an integer N as input, and outputs the stage of life or death that a tree is currently in. N will always be between 0 and 10. The Stages of Life and Death Life: To draw a stage of life, simply draw a base of size N, consisting of ^ characters, then mov...

Then again, I may go insane from using it before finishing it.
I have a suspicion that Ian H. hasn't been using the sandbox. I might be wrong though.
@dzaima I stand corrected.
2:49 PM
@NewMainPosts I'd answer that but I don't know any golfing languages that are not SOGL :p
@dzaima Who needs golfing languages?
@wizzwizz4 Well I can't golf in non-SOGL languages :p
@dzaima Just use small variable names, remove whitespace etc. and you'll be fine.
Oh, and and / or abuse instead of ternary.
I could try SOGL+APL but it's gonna be a disaster..
3:18 PM
18 bytes SOGL and at least 43 bytes APL.. Now to polyglot them together
3:30 PM
CMC: Write a validator for the recursive language where commands are wrapped by {{ and }} and arguments are separated by :: and the following is transformed on each argument before evaluation: text.replace("(*", "{").replace("*)", "}").replace(r"\/", "").
oh, didn't think about codepages..
@dzaima Treat it as bytecode.
@wizzwizz4 facepalm you're right..
though I know nothing about APLs codepages
@EriktheOutgolfer What doesn't work?
Mine or yours?
as I said in my comment, 1|2!=0
3:32 PM
I deleted the comment
and (-~n%2+1) isn't really shorter than (n%2or 2)
I think -~n%2+1 can be shortened though, wait
no -~-~n%2 doesn't work :p
No not that
Odd n->1, even n->2
no (n%2^1) will not work either I'm afraid
3:38 PM
/o_o mine doesn't work
@EriktheOutgolfer not that
then what?
Doesn't matter
Mine is invalid, and 0**(n%2)+1 is much longer
Wait, am I crappy? Isn't 2**0 = 1?!?
Oh lol nvm
CMC: Given a number N, return N - Phi(N). Phi is Euler's Totient function.
6 -> 6 - 2 = 4
Bleh I wish it would be less biased towards Jelly >_> --- 3 bytes
Still trying to figure out APLs codepage stuff...
3:52 PM
The APL code page is an EBCDIC-based code page used specifically to write programs written in the APL programming language. == Character set == Due to its origins on IBM Selectric-based teleprinters, APL symbols have traditionally been represented on the wire using a unique, non-standard character set. In the beginning, there were few terminal devices which could reproduce them—the most popular ones being the IBM 2741 and IBM 1050 fitted with a specific APL print head. Over time, with the universal use of high-quality graphic display, printing devices and Unicode support, the APL character font...
@wizzwizz4 that doesn't give me a converter as far as I can see
Question: does windows support pipes/redirects like prog > /dev/null or prog | other_prog?
@Downgoat Yes.
/dev/null is NUL.
oh ok thanks
:o apparently UW does have free wifi in the library
I always thought you needed a student account / the access password to get wifi but apparently they have free wifi here \o/
4:05 PM
yay 'o¯1H├y¯K×9oLyÄæë€W' is a valid string in APL :D
why is that yay-able xD
it also happens to be a valid string in Python ;P
@HyperNeutrino I'm trying to polyglot this with SOGL and APL :p
oh ok :P
those are the only golfish 2 languages I know :p
you should learn jelly
4:08 PM
@HyperNeutrino no
I don't really like mathy challenges anyway
hm ok
but jelly's good overall
I do want to know at least one golfing language that's not SOGL though
learn 05AB1E if you don't want utter and complete confusion
jelly takes a while to learn because it's golfy but also rather confusing sometimes
05AB1E is stack-based which is way easier to understand
4:11 PM
@HyperNeutrino that's what I'm thinking about too
mhm ok
4:33 PM
@Mr.Xcoder jelly?
4:49 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer >_< one byte totient?!?!
05AB1E is madness
it also has what is ÆfQ$ (4 bytes) in jelly as a 1-byter (f)
what it doesn't have is stuff like jelly's m0$ (you can use « though to reproduce)
grr I'm trying to come up with a good proof-golf for group theory but all the things I know are both too hard to understand for a general code-golf audience, and too short to be interesting (there's pretty much only one approach that's competitive, which is not considered a good challenge by the tag wiki, which I just wrote >_<)
maybe I should stick with something most people know about (i.e. not group theory) :P
Thx for the feedback, Erik, posted
brushes up jelly answer
5:05 PM
Q: Tic-Tac-Toe - X or O?

Mr. XcoderBackground Skip to "Task" if you are familiar with Tic-Tac-Toe (I think most are!) Tic-Tac-Toe is a famous two-player game. It consists of a 3x3 board that is filled gradually by two players (clarifications below); The first player uses the character X and the other one uses O. The winner is th...

Q: Longest hypercube path

Misha LavrovChallenge You are given two bit strings of the same length. (For example, 000 and 111.) Your goal is to find a path from one to the other such that: at each step, you change only one bit (you can go from 000 to any of 001, 010, 100). you cannot visit the same bit string twice. the path is as l...

@HyperNeutrino Oh I got one!
Given a group G such that a = (-a) prove that G is abelian
I did this proof on my first abstract algebra exam and I thought it was quite fun
Its probably not long enough to be a whole question by itself but its a fun golfing exercise
If you want more theorems I have a whole list of AA theorems I think are fun.
@HyperNeutrino I also made some edits to the tag wiki
> Types with @_fixed_layout are always fixed layout
10/10 docs
5:42 PM
Q: Tips for writing [proof-golf]

Funky Computer ManAs you may know a few days ago I asked you guys to prove (-a) × (-a) = a × a in as few steps as possible and it seems to have been more of a success than I had ever imagined. We've had a lot of fun and generated some really small proofs! What you may not know is that I asked another proof-golf ...

5:54 PM
I got an answer and a downvote :)
6:11 PM
can any JS person help me modify codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/144109/9206 please. I would like it to print all the matching movies instead of stopping when it finds one. It's this line that needs changing I think if(bbfc.includes(rating)) return title;
@Lembik {{inuse}} I'll help.
@wizzwizz4 thanks!
I can code, just not in JS
You were right about the line.
phew :)
In Python I'd replace it with yield to make it a generator.
6:14 PM
me too!
python is the language I know best
In JavaScript I'd construct an array.
that I have no idea how to do at all
var thingy = [];
return thingy
I am sorry to be so dim but would you actually modifying the code for me please (on bpaste or similar)
how about just replacing the return with console.log?
@Lembik Sorry to be so dim. That would also work. :-/
6:16 PM
@wizzwizz4 great! Could you show me how to do that? I don't even know JS syntax
if(bbfc.includes(rating)) process.stdout(title); ?
if(bbfc.includes(rating)) console.log(title);
that seems to work
@Lembik Close. It's console.log, not process.stdout.
JS is largely C-like.
the code is non-perfect
try node caub.js U 4
it gives me Peter Bradshaw's film of the week Daphne
the movie Daphne is rated 15
@Lembik added examples
i'm golfing it rn
@Maltysen thanks. I think the other answer is buggy so well done for extracting the movie names
(I commented on the other answer just now)
@Lembik running it is a pain tho
cuz u need to run chrome with special permissions or get an extension to disable CORS
6:24 PM
@Maltysen for your code?
@Maltysen is it possible to make a version that works with node?
I haven't managed to run your code yet
idk i have problems with node on my laptop that I haven't been able to fix for like months
npm install jquery --save works :)
oh! That's annoying
can you just remove it and reinstall?
6:26 PM
are you in linux?
Does BSD count as "Linux"?
while I have you here... could you walk me through how to run your code please
the easiest route :)
I am on ubuntu
@Lembik ಠ_ಠ this is like saying you should throw a grenade to fix your burning house. You'll still have something burning but it won't be a house anymore...
@Downgoat I don't know if reinstalling node is like throwing a grenade :)
6:27 PM
@Lembik run chrome with the flag --disable-web-security
ok I have run chrome
now what?
@Lembik I was talking about the jquery :P
@Downgoat ah :)
@Lembik now go to a site with jQuery like jquery.com
and run my code
in the console
@Maltysen it's not F12 in chrome is it?
6:29 PM
its ctrl-shift-j
(Pyth-based) CMC: Get the main diagonal of a matrix.
Failed to load theguardian.com/film+tone/reviews?page=0&_=1506796176293: Redirect from 'https://www.theguardian.com/film+tone/reviews?page=0&_=1506796176293' to 'https://www.theguardian.com/film+tone/reviews' has been blocked by CORS policy:
[[1,2,3], [4,5,6], [7,8,9]] -> [1,5,9]
@Lembik that's why i said to disale web-security thing
I did that!
6:31 PM
@Mr.Xcoder it's not recommended to answer your own question right away :p
@Lembik hmm
@EriktheOutgolfer did I answer my own Question?
On mobile, confused rn
@Lembik oh wait: Note : Kill all chrome instances before running command
chromium-browser --disable-web-security
ah ok
6:31 PM
What what did you mean @Erik ?
you didn't ask that to help you write an answer for your ttt question did you? (btw that was a joke)
@Maltysen same problem
@EriktheOutgolfer no of course not. It has absolutely nothing to do with it.
seems chromium-browser doesn't like to lower its defenses
@Lembik huh?
6:33 PM
@Mr.Xcoder wrong person, sorry
Mr. Xcoder and Maltysen both start with M ;p
@Lembik darn, would u mind installing the above extension?
that worked for me
and u don't need to close the browser
@Mr.Xcoder SOGL, 5 bytes: {ēIwP
@dzaima niceee
6:34 PM
@Lembik also have u tried it on node with jQuery. that might work
@Mr.Xcoder pyth, 4 bytes
@Maltysen On body and soul! With that dodgy extension
@EriktheOutgolfer I had .e@b (4 bytes)
let me try node
@Mr.Xcoder that too
6:36 PM
@Maltysen it seems some way to be passed the arguments though
@Lembik oh, how does node take args?
annoyingly @ <num> <seq> isn't a thing
@Lembik can u just run the function hardcoded to see if it works?
@Maltysen please tell me what this should be bpaste.net/show/76b800bba789
@EriktheOutgolfer bleh, wish we could do smth like @LU
6:38 PM
@Maltysen if you look at the other answer it shows how it takes arguments
@Mr.Xcoder umm, that would actually make a mess
although @VU wouldn't :p
@Maltysen I know zero JS so I am sure I just have the syntax wrong.. but the bpaste code gives a syntax error
@EriktheOutgolfer actually it doesn't work lol
6:39 PM
2 mins ago, by Erik the Outgolfer
annoyingly @ <num> <seq> isn't a thing
Ah I see now
@Lembik does node do es6?
@Maltysen I know nothing about this, sorry
btw @Mr.Xcoder both would actually only work for square matrixes
6:41 PM
CMC (also Pyth-biased): Remove the first character of a given String, the remove it, and repeat the process until the string is emptied. Return all intermmediate results
@Lembik i'll try to get node on mine
@EriktheOutgolfer Oh yeah shhh let's fix that
worse comes to worse ill go to my windows vm
@Maltysen cool!
@Mr.Xcoder most probably it would be way longer than 4 bytes :(
6:43 PM
@Lembik i'm still golfing the original rn tho
@EriktheOutgolfer i don't really think so
@Mr.Xcoder oww the pyth code is so cute
@Maltysen cool. I don't know why the movie ratings are so wrong for the other answer
3 bytes: _._
like some upside-down emoji
wait it doesn't work
@Mr.Xcoder SOGL, 3 bytes: [kT
6:44 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer nope, forgot reversing
actually it's 6 bytes: _+k.__
@dzaima wrong ping
@EriktheOutgolfer yup nice
or if we want newline join 7 bytes: j_+k.__
not cute anymore :(
6:46 PM
@Maltysen your code is infuriating. Now it won't run even with the extension.. a node version would be very welcome :)
@EriktheOutgolfer lol it's harder for non-square matrices
works for more shapes now
@EriktheOutgolfer wait, how are the diagonals of a non-square matrix defined lol?
I take it like this
Ok mobile is hard ;)
6:49 PM
[ 1]   2    3
  4  [ 5]   6
  7    8  [ 9]
 10   11   12
@Lembik lol the async nature of ajax makes it very hard to loop through many tries sanely
@Erik >_> 9 bytes: <.e@bkQtl
although mine works for more shapes I guess
but a matrix is rectangular
so yeah .e@bk<Qhl
wait it doesn't work
.e@bk<Qlh goddammit
6:52 PM
Doesn't work for horizontally rectangular matrices
maybe mine doesn't too
@EriktheOutgolfer Actually I think this 8-byter suffices our purposes: m@@Qddlh
Lol idk
I'm not sure what that does
@EriktheOutgolfer maps over the length oh the first row
although doesn't work for horizontal matrices
6:56 PM
Yes, our purposes is exactly what I meant by that
...and what are our purposes? squares?
@EriktheOutgolfer yeah ;p
Anyway let's fix that
but for squares we already have @VQU >_>
@EriktheOutgolfer let's do it!
I already have .e@bk<QhS,lhQl btw
6:59 PM
15 butes: <.e@bkQthS,lhQl
Oh lol
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