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12:05 AM
@Optimizer Easily meets it, in the same way the Python one does too
It's basically O(n^2)
12:18 AM
@xnor @Optimizer Posted. Won't onebox it because the bot will have it soon, but here is the link.
Q: Is a broken question automatically dead unless the original poster fixes it?

RainboltA challenge was recently posted without a winning criterion. I added one. The revision was then rolled back and I was told that only the OP could make functional changes to a challenge. I disagree with this reaction. If the OP is a newbie and demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge about how t...

Pfffft ninjad.
You forgot to mention that the quesiton was put on hold
as unclear
I think its crutial in this case.
@Rainbolt ^
1 hour later…
1:49 AM
hi all. any Boy Scouts around?
heard of at least 2 in here awhile back.
wondering if anyone has any experience with the programming/ robotics/ video games/ controller badges etc.
fyi decided to finally write this up. list of CS-related badges & links to details.
also plz feel free to contact me if anyone is interested in a prj using genetic algorithms for scientific research. thx!
what do you guys think of google's project ara (the modular smartphone)?
I personally wouldn't get one unless its popular, because it is only useful if it still used 5+ years down the line when I can install new modules
However, if everybody has that attitude, then it won't ever get popular
2:04 AM
Sounds like a good idea to me. I can refrain from buying a camera module, thereby thwarting the NSA from seeing me. bwahaha!
or you can simply turn off data connection
why would I want a smartphone without internet connection ??
same goes for camera
I think a good use would be batteries
If they make it possible to have multiple batteries installed
I know for sure they have an internal battery that will allow you to swap batteries in and out without killing the power
1 hour later…
3:15 AM
something is wrong about my approach, but I don't know what:
I'm calculating the number of 0s at the end of n!
isn't it just int(n/5)?
because the only way a 0 gets added is by multiplying by 10, and multiples of 2 is plentiful, so 5 is the restricting factor
oooh, 25 is my exceptional case
thanks, chat, for allowing me a place to debug my problems
The best rubber duck ever. Sometimes it even talks back :D
3:36 AM
I'm curious, as I don't really participate in code golf:
what makes good code-golf problems?
aka, there's always the standard tricks to save a few bytes here or there
but beyond those tricks, what makes a given program funner to code golf?
or is it simply the enjoyment of programming a particular program, and code golfing is an excuse to program it?
it's not really hard to make a decent code golf question. It can be anything as long it is specified clearly and objectively, and is not excessively trivial or difficult
I'm not talking "good" as in "acceptable to our community guidelines"
I'm talking "good" as in "enjoyable"
I like 1) Something interesting to me (obv very subjective) and 2) something that can be done with more than one or two "obvious" approaches
But I'm not the golfiest golfer around.
And I mostly use Java for it, so lose most golf cred I do have ;)
if an exact algorithm is proscribed, that does make it a bit dull
ah, I can see how the multiple approaches would be appealing for golfing
I'm starting to not enjoy this code chef site...as it gives me out of time errors with good solutions
simply because I'm using python
3:41 AM
no offense but that's funny!
It's definitely multiple approaches for me - what works well in one language might not work as well in another and it really emphasises a language's features
You should probably be using Chef on a code chef site :P
Also 25's not the only exceptional case, it's basically anything that can be divided by 5 more than once
I like python, but I never use it if there's any questiin of runtime efficiency
3:42 AM
bah, they don't support Chef
I know @Sp3000
finding number of factors of x in y = every 3rd project Euler
this is a little bit different as I don't want to factor out 1000000000!
but yeah :P
but seriously, they are expecting me to process 100K lines of output in 8 seconds
on another site I've even had problems with Java's I/O taking more time than the entire allotment
Why 100k lines?
4:00 AM
that's what they test on
they said in the problem description that they would pass around 100K lines
4:49 AM
@Sp3000 your answer to my question is invalid
It isn't implementing a heap, it is simply operating on a list
Python heaps are lists though
Did you mean a class or something?
@globby I don't see any reason why even a sorted flat array couldn't be used to satisfy the spec
That's not implementing, that's using a built in type that functions as a heap (more or less)
I guess I didn't clearly specify what I wanted
or rather, a linked list instead of a flat array
a linked list would be more or less acceptable if actually implemented
well even then
4:52 AM
discard old linked list, bubblesort, and create new linked list after each operation, lol
Well I thought the array implementation was pretty common, so that was the first thing that came to mind...
Yeah but note that those are pointers to the child elements
I did clearly say implement the Heap data type
I do see how that could meet the spec, I should re-word things
If implemented with actual pointers
ooh, even better idea
make it an (N-1)ary heap
I don't think those are actual pointers though
have the max element, and then a list of all the other ones
4:55 AM
You don't need pointers because you can always calculate the children/parent from the current index
@Sp3000 touche. Would the updated question make it more clear?
(Under clarifications)
From what I can see, the haskell solution meets what I wanted
Well the Haskell one is a data type, but it basically operates by converting to a list and back again from what I can tell
It has a custom heap type which is linking everything together and creating a tree
Oh, ok
data Heap=Heap Heap Int Heap|Empty
I assume that the first two heaps are children, the int is the value, and the other heap is the parent
The list conversion is all legal because he defined:
`toList Empty=[]`
`toList(Heap a x b)=x:toList a++toList b`
and used that throughout
5:03 AM
So if we have a heap structure and methods to convert to/from a list, that's okay?
Yes, because you are still implementing the correct heap structure. As long as the methods somehow restructure it as a heap and return it, then I think that using list conversion is actually a cool way to solve the problem
3 hours later…
7:44 AM
@Optimizer you keep the saying that powers of 2 question was closed as being unclear and that that's very relevant. afaict it's been closed as missing a winning criterion. what am I missing here?
7:59 AM
@feersum I have a base class for my Java Project Euler solutions which includes various number theory methods and a lookup table for primes.
@globby An array which is carefully maintained is the standard implementation of a binary heap. No-one implements it with pointers in the real world.
@globby To be honest, given that one of the articles you links to talks about the word "heap" being in general use for any priority queue, I think you should specify that you want a particular type of heap. And if you want binary heaps, you really need to state that: at present you have no argument that someone implementing an n-ary heap fails to meet spec, so it's only necessary to identify the least element.
2 hours later…
10:29 AM
hi all
another challenge idea involving binary strings... :)
3 hours later…
1:16 PM
I just found this. Looks useful. :D
2:14 PM
cool how it tracks keystrokes
definitely possible to abuse, but pretty awesome
1 hour later…
3:37 PM
hey, I have an idea for code bowling
the biggest problem is all of the things you can do to make a problem longer
however, if you make it cops and robbers style
where the cops try to reduce the program (with a max levenstein distance of 7)
and variable names have a max length of 3
would that work?
for being mid-workday, its surprisingly quiet in here
4:38 PM
ah, I just did a search, looks like its already been done
hmm....I still think it hasn't been done justice
5:01 PM
the latest what if is quite epic what-if.xkcd.com
Yea... I've been waiting for a good opportunity to use the phrase "I'd rather be swimming on the moon" since I saw it, but it hasn't come up yet :(
hi all
I have another fiendish binary string challenge if anyone wants to hear it :)
"and swimmers would be able to jump out of the water like dolphins." that was my first thought verbatim. Is it even correct to use the word verbatim when talking about thoughts?
runs to ELU
@Rainbolt "precisely" would do
unless you thought was actually in textual form
I think so, as long as you accept that you think in words. A common definition for verbatim is "in exactly the same words as were used originally".
5:16 PM
Ok cool. I wanted to communicate that not only did I think the same thing, but my thoughts used the exact same words as they floated through my head, so I guess that works.
With permission of you guys I use this phrase from now on.
@NathanMerrill thank you for the comic!
Well at least you sought our permission first this time. Please continue to follow this procedure in the future ;)
5:21 PM
so... about my new puzzle.. I would prefer to have live chat about it before putting it in the sandbox
if possible
but if no one is interested.. sob...
Drown your tears in spec. Until you say something more about it, nobody knows if they're interested.
ah ok.. so here goes :)
consider two binary strings A and B
A has length 2n-1 and B has length n
now consider the binary output array that just tells you if B matches A[i,...,i + n-1] for each i
make sense so far?
for a given string B, there are a number of different possible output arrays
Depending on where you start in A I assume.
you could find them all by iterating over all possible strings A of length 2n-1
@Geobits the output array has n binary values. A 1 at position i means B matches A[i,...,i + n-1]
you get a 0 at position i otherwise
5:25 PM
cool.. so...
given input n, your task is to find a B which maximises the number of possible output arrays . You should also output how many that is
say n = 2
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Nathan MerrillRobbers' Thread In this challenge, your goal is to write a function that accepts a integer N, and that function will return the first N primes. However, you must do this in the most characters possible. However, after posting your answer, the cops will have the opportunity to crack your code b...

then B = 00 will give 4 possible output arrays
you can get 00, 01, 10, 11
but try n = 3
it is already more interesting
can you find a B which gives 2^3 = 8 different output arrays?
That feels like there should be a closed form solution (with a pattern dictating the actual B), but I don't know offhand if that's true (or what it would be).
@Geobits well.. that would be nice too :)
It would be nice to find, sure, but it wouldn't make a great golf if it's found to be "do this explicit formula".
5:29 PM
@Geobits if there is an explicit formula. I mean I don't know that there is
I certainly haven't found it
Right, that's why I said I wasn't sure. I'm not the most mathy one here by any means. I mentioned it as something to look out for if you hadn't considered it yet.
ah ok.. I did consider that but haven't found it
I suppose I could ask on math.se first.. but I would rather not
Heh. I can star my own sandboxed posts
@Geobits I was going to make it a code challenge
I don't like pure code-golf ... :(
What's the win criteria? Highest n?
5:34 PM
@Geobits yes
whcih clearly doesn't work if there is a closed form solution!
If that's the case, you probably should ask on math.se to make sure.
Or just accept that someone might break your challenge :P
I don't mind breaking as that person would win :)
I have another variant where the output array is the edit distance :)
but that seems a lot harder
i mean the output array is an array of edit distances
Hey @MartinBüttner what do you think of this: meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/4665/20198
@NathanMerrill I think similar challenges have been done in the past. Also, the need to print first n prime numbers, has not been done as is, but this has that along with something else
a) It *is* pretty similar to the previous one, although the restrictions make it a lot harder.
b) You've swapped the meanings of Cops and Robbers compared to older challenges. I agree that both interpretations make sense, depending on your point of view, but to minimise confusion I think we should probably be consistent throughout the tag.
c) I think a week works better than 72 hours.
d) It's interesting that there's not guaranteed to be a possible crack.
e) This might be too easy for the robbers (cops in old challenges).
5:46 PM
I do like this cops and robbers model
@MartinBüttner did you try the APL code with the last two test cases ?
@Optimizer just now. finishes immediately
why wouldn't it? looks O(N^2) to me.
I did not bother understanding the algorithm :)
too busy training my cars
hang ten is really something
6:13 PM
Thanks for the feedback @Optimizer and @MartinBüttner
@MartinBüttner I switched cops/robbers. I'm curious why you think it'll be harder for the (now) cops. All the robbers have to do is find 1 small tweak that'll make it shorter, which happens all the times in current code golf to completely remove the submission from the running.
@NathanMerrill I think it will be easier for the cops.
But I think that's what you meant to say.
I think the Levenshtein distance ≤ 10 makes it harder for the robbers. I'm sure there are ways to ensure that any shortening needs more than 10 changes.
the only way I could think of was really long variable names
but now that I think about it, that doesn't really matter
only the number of times you use a variable
well, I'll post it and see
6:31 PM
@NathanMerrill There is no point in posting to sandbox if you are going to take it off in 30 minutes
@Optimizer yes there is. To have people read it
which happened :P
is it a joke to you ?
why post it to sandbox then ? post it directly to main site, many people will read it .
sure, but I'd rather see its feasibility and get feedback to improve it before posting it
the length of time doesn't matter to me
the feedback does
6:33 PM
the feedback you are talking about was just 2 people's personal POV
this is not going anywhere.
@NathanMerrill naming the cops' thread with "Robbers" and vice versa is a bit confusing
Bah, I hoped that that was made obvious with the H1 at the top of the thread
there was no h1 in the robbers' thread which I clicked on first because I took it to be the cops' thread ;)
6:44 PM
^ Makes me a sad panda
Instead of a header, maybe just put (cops) or (robbers) in the title itself. There's no way to differentiate them now without clicking in.
7:43 PM
hi @MartinBüttner
@MartinBüttner just posted a new binary string challenge to the sandbox :)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

LembikAn input with many outputs Consider two binary strings A and B of length x and 2x-1, respectively. Now consider a binary output array Z of length x where Z[i] is 1 if B = A[i,...,i+x-1] and 0 otherwise. For a given fixed B, there are a number of different possible output arrays Z. You can find...

8:01 PM
@Lembik sounds fine to me
@MartinBüttner great!
8:18 PM
It bugs me that the English language has no contraction for "it is not". You have to choose between "It isn't [...]" or "It's not [...]"
Haha of course there is a post for that: english.stackexchange.com/q/15001/72792
the answer is quite right
at least not in British English
it's all about class :)
Go kick some ELU ass @Lembik.
No. It's all about the bass.
the fish?
8:26 PM
@Rainbolt t'isn't something that's ever bothered me :P
The one contraction I miss from high school: Ur
@Rainbolt no
It avoids the major problem of "Your" vs "You're"
"Ur ur own worst enemy."
that should be "u r ur own worst enemy."
It's only a major problem if you're illiterate ;)
8:33 PM
Martin why are you room owner? I keep thinking I'm in the wrong room.
He was dubbed Sir Martin of The Nineteenth Byte.
(or room owner, if you must)
Yay for edits that make my replies look pointless!
I like turtles.
I'm not entirely sure why, but it was around the time the room for the weekly challenge was opened, so I think that had something to do with it.
He's also epic enough to own this place.
Turtles, you say? Fair enough. Turtles are epic as well.
@Rainbolt Because Doorknob added me to the room owners I guess.
(and if you wanna know why he did that it was because I wanted a post unpinned and another one pinned and he was on mobile)
Jan 9 at 18:58, by Doorknob
@MartinBüttner Thanks! I'm busy at the moment, but since you're obviously not going to abuse power or anything...
I'd rather think it's because you told him to. Stop proving my pet theories wrong.
8:47 PM
@Geobits I'm more subtle than that. ;)
I tried to reply with @SirMartin but it didn't work. Geobits lied.
Not my fault you didn't use his full title when I even spelled it out for you.
codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/44571/31414 - is this entry correct ? If yes, what is there to that cops and robbers apart from 2 individual questions (duplicate of each other) asking for a program for printing n prime numbers ..
(with some source restriction)
Seems valid to me. I feel the first few will be like this. It will take something very creative (or simply very golfed) to stop minor changes from shortening it.
but the question asks for as non golfed as possible
9:01 PM
Ironically, the best/easiest approach might just be to golf it well in a language that's really bad at golf.
I just want to confirm, so the robbers have to simply change at max 10 characters from the cops entry and still leaving the program as is ?
And I believe the new entry must be shorter by at least one character, but yes.
So you could bump your distance up to 10 by removing another character from the function name to lower your score.
@Geobits I don't see why more answers will make the robber's task difficult.
Not necessarily more, just later ones tend to be more difficult. The originals see what worked and what didn't and get more creative later, from what I've seen.
I see.
still, I don't understand the point of having most non golfed code. Since that is in turn making robber's task easier
Sigh, all these points should have been discussed in the sandbox post. Only if
9:07 PM
I agree. Like I said, a golfed entry in a verbose language would probably do well.
I guess it might get loads of answers as it gives a sense of accomplishment to the robbers.
Meh. The only reason a robber should bother to even crack a long entry is if they also posted a (shorter) cop that's still uncracked. They can't (reasonably) win the robber thread by cracking long ones, due to the scoring method.
Off-topic: New parents are funny... "My baby doesn't go to sleep right away"
lets see if any of the bigger fishes participate
on a sadder note, the lego movie was not nominated in oscars in animated movie category ..
I just saw that last week. It was much better than I expected it to be :D
@Geobits Such arrogance "Most babies here (in Belgium) sleep full night from the age of like 3 months without using any technique [...]" Bartdude 11 hours ago
9:16 PM
yeah, they added in big hero and a few others in that category and left this one out :/
@Geobits oh, aren't you like a kid ? :P
I shed a few tears during Big Hero 6
@Rainbolt Yea, I really only visit that site for the strange responses people give :P
@Rainbolt I asked a friend how it was and he said HTTYD2 was way better, so I did nto watch it yet
@Optimizer Like a kid? Sure, I'll accept that gladly :)
it would be wrong to call a 14 yr old a kid, :P
9:19 PM
"Are you satisfied with my care?" :*-(
Wait, I think you have me confused with Doorknob. I'm not close to 14.
oh wait, the other one was cfojure not you..
my bad.
@Optimizer I thought HTTYD1 was better than Big Hero, but I thought HTTYD2 was worse (just barely worse).
My kid is closer to 14 than I am :(
@Rainbolt oh, I personally liked the trailer of Big Hero, just did not go to theater to watch it due to the friend's response. I'll have to watch it by other means now
9:22 PM
Unfortunately not in 720p. Some of his movies are, but not that one.
780 ?
Why have I never heard of this site before now?
I've been using since Isohunt shut down a few years ago
Also, I think my other means are better and equally illegal ;)
full movie on youtube. DMRC hammer on its way .
I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this quote "Rainiertamayo, falls within a grey area within the internet media rules. This website is ran by a single man who is actually buying the rights to very popular Hollywood movies and TV shows. Due to the fact that the man literally owns some rights to the multimedia, it's legal for him to post them online, free for anyone to stream the content. He asks for no donations, or compensation in anyway, he's just a true believer in free entertainment. "
Taken from here
I mean, it really seems false given that some of the movies he posts are still in theaters.
9:26 PM
"buying the rights to very... " as in buying the movie ticket or DVD ?
No idea. I don't know why I even quoted it. It seems wildly inaccurate now that I think about it.
@Optimizer I don't understand why its a huge problem that the question was only on the sandbox for 30 minutes. Many questions never even appear there
And that is there call.
but if you post it to sandbox, you are requesting for feedback.
all the comments coming in in the actual post would have been sorted out initially itself.
I will now demonstrate an example.
9:40 PM
only the first two
and technically, yours
@NathanMerrill You can sandbox challenges for thirty days, thirty minutes, or choose not to use it entirely. It's just a (very useful) tool that exists for those who want to use it. Who told you otherwise?
Optimizer thinks I should have kept it there longer
I know there's no required minimal time :P
@Rainbolt but he actually wanted to use it.
and for that matter, I think 30 minutes was very less of a time to get a useful outcome for any post on sandbox.
Optimizer, I will give you this. I should have kept it longer due to the scoring on the robbers
@NathanMerrill Oh. It sounded like there was a "huge problem"
9:46 PM
however, I'm still ok with the status of the cops post
nah :P
It's good to keep it in the sandbox for a day or so even if nobody looks at it, because you might realise something's wrong yourself after you posted it
Just gives you more time to double check :)
I'm studying the comments on the recently posted challenges, and it looks like quite a few good points were made after the post was 24 hours old.
Also Nathan you have a typo with distacne, just wanted to point out
@Optimizer I can't get the "try it online" to work. I just copy/paste the code and input, and press submit, right?
You have to call the function
its just a function
I have given an example of how to call it
10:15 PM
Hmm total max Lev dist makes it seem like if I have an answer with a distance of 2, I'd want to randomly change 8 more chars somewhere just to maximise the score...
why would you even have an answer with distance 2 to begin with ? :P
Maybe someone had a bad cop :P
then it clearly means that you cannot randomly change 8 more chars :P
But my point is that seems like it just encourages meaningless edits, like //2 becomes >>1

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