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5:27 AM
First post with -3: Achieved ^_^
4 hours later…
9:03 AM
Already? !
9:56 AM
Yuss B)
10:12 AM
@EroSɘnnin Hey, at least you got a badge for it ;)
A: Did ancient Greek religion ever become monotheistic?

VirusboyNo, after the down fall of Greece, the Romans instead took the Deities and worshiped them under the names of Celestial Objects. There is, however, a theme in history where there is only one God ruling all other Gods. Egypt, Norse, even Mayan Religion had multiple Gods, but a One God proclaiming...

@YannisRizos Lol yeah. I'm first and only user to get it B) (it's rare)
Every sentence in this answer is wrong. I guess that's an achievement of sorts. :/
Lol . I wonder if it was copied off somewhere or it was the user's creative innovation
and I have a feeling its the latter
@YannisRizos nice question :D
Q: What was the more prominent of Ra's origins stories?

YannisI was browsing Wikipedia and came upon three different variations for Ra's origins: In the former version, a mound arises from the waters. An egg was laid upon this mound by a celestial bird. The egg contained Ra. In some variants, the egg is laid by a cosmic goose. However, the egg was a...

Are questions on how a myth came into being answerable? It feels like it's going to be essentially composed of speculation.
I went through the article yesterday and didn't notice a thing :P
@Semaphore Until there is a legit source backing it up, its just pure speculation
10:19 AM
Yeah I was thinking about writing an answer for mythology.stackexchange.com/questions/282/…
@EroSɘnnin There's a hidden question in there: "Why a goose"? AFAIK geese weren't (mythologically) significant in Egypt.
it took me like 40 minutes just to figure out why I think it's not really answerable
@YannisRizos Yeah. You're right o.o Din't notice that either.
Its wikipedia, so ..
I've found references to the cosmic goose elsewhere, but none on sources better than wikipedia (blogs, etc).
@Semaphore I didn't go through the entire question. I thought OP was asking how the personality of Emperor was. Seems thats not the case
10:23 AM
It feels more like a historiography question than a mythology question, in that its not about how the Yellow Emperor appears in mythology
I'm seeing a parallel to the various [historiography] questions on History.SE there @Semaphore.
@YannisRizos I'm trying dig something up in here
Yes it does, so now I'm wondering whether myth.se considers how a myth appears on topic - is there a name for it?
@Semaphore Mythography?
10:24 AM
do we need zeus tag? (just confirming)
isn't mythography about collecting myths?
@EroSɘnnin I would say no, could just do a search for zeus
It is? I wasn't even sure it's a word. ;)
@Semaphore There are two other questions tagged zeus .. so should we remove those tags?
Q: Should we have tags for specific elements in a culture?

Ero SɘnninFor example: This question uses the tag thor along with the tags norse and deity. Another question uses valhalla & folkvangr along with norse So the concern is, doesn't the mentioned tags such as thorand valhalla already fall within norse ? Should we allow tags for distinct elements which alrea...

I think we should be ignoring tags for the time being. We simply don't have enough data yet to decide on what tags are useful and what are not.
10:28 AM
wait for more opinions to weigh in on meta i think
If someone thought is a good idea, so be it. We can always clean it up later.
hmm .. I suppose you're right. Let it be for the time being
Also, bad tags don't hurt much. Unless we have some evidence that a tag is actually causing harm (e.g. confusing people into asking off topic questions, like the career tags on Programmers) then there's no much value in removing it.
That said, I will resist the urge to add in my Ra question ;P
10:48 AM
it would be fun tho
4 hours later…
2:36 PM
I'm loving this SE ^_^
@Semaphore From a realistic perspective, (I think) Tane wanted the best for his daughter. He loved her very much and was proud of her.
So, having the idea planted in his mind (courtesy of Tangaroa), he thought that would work out well
Because, he could keep a close eye on her and remain proud
2:52 PM
@EroSɘnnin Your link in your citation is broken
@durron597 uh oh .. will check it out right now
@durron597 works now?
@EroSɘnnin Thanks, I think it's a good interpretation.
Although it seems he was ashamed wasnt' able to admit it to his daughter
@Semaphore :D Umm .. I'm wondering if I should add what I told here in chat to my answer
but i guess there's no clearly definitive answer in the oral tradition to draw on
I tried looking for texts
3:07 PM
and yes please do, it would help make it clearer :)
But all were interpretations
Okay :)
i'll hold off accepting until we're out of private i think, but upvoted already for citing the tales
Sure.. But we should wait for a few days after we exit private
maybe someone will have a better answer :D
It's funny how my answer seemed just as clear from the research I did
yet your answer is pretty different
@durron597 Your answer is also right. Because, we dont have the actual texts of these stories to determine which facts are spot on. Mine could be wrong XP
moreover, more the answers, more the fun
and it helps us out in Area51
3:43 PM
Shall I continue pushing the author to edit their answer, or write my own?
It's not a wrong answer, but it doesn't answer the question :/
I'm not sure if the OP knows what the star is
IMO another answer wouldn't hurt
Right, I'll give it a go later.
The source in the question is a conspiracy theorist. Still answerable?
3:58 PM
Umm .. OP's asking whether the source in question is right or not. If we can find proof (textual sources) linking to the mentioned creature and contradict/support the op's source, that qualifies as an answer
@Piper I guess yeah.
Well the source claims Huwawa was a robot, so.
I'm writing something up now.
The answer should prove the source wrong/right (with references)
Okay :)
I think the question would do well without that lil example :P
4:42 PM
I wasn't sure how to phrase "He wasn't a robot" without seeming sarcastic...
3 hours later…
7:29 PM
Q: Can I ask for identification of ancient cylinder seals?

kenorbAre questions about identification of specific ancient cylinder seals on-topic?

2 hours later…
9:22 PM
I made my first answer recently. I think I did alright.
The frenzy is fading, so I feel like I can put the gun away.
On Christianity.se, we take longer to answer questions and it generally shows in the quality of answers that you get. Compared to SO, it looks pretty good.
10:03 PM
Q: Is asking for resources and myth identification allowed?

fredsbendOn most SE sites, eventually someone comes along looking for a specific resource. The usually ask a question in the form "Where can I find a [book, site, etc] about [insert topic]?" These aren't necessarily bad, but the community needs to decide if they are allowed or not. The close cousin woul...

10:53 PM
Frenzy, heh.

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