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12:03 AM
3 hours ago, by Yannis Rizos
@Piper Agora is taken. It's the Politics.SE main chat room.
Considering the Meta thread has "The Pantheon" at +8 total score beating out the other two that have +1 total scores, I'll go ahead and rename this room.
room topic changed to The Pantheon: General discussion for mythology.stackexchange.com (no tags)
@iyrin The site is currently in private beta; it should be in public beta within 1 or 2 weeks if everything goes smoothly.
@senshin I think it's usually 1 week. At least, that's what it was three years ago...
12:19 AM
@El'endiaStarman Right, it's usually 1 week; though if there are problems in private beta, the CMs extend it to two (or, at least, that's what they did for Hinduism).
@senshin Right, yes, I was aware of that happening to Hinduism.
Religion + many people for whom English is not their primary language is more difficult than usual.
@El'endiaStarman Yup. I don't see this site having any issues beyond the typical pains any new SE site has, though.
12:38 AM
@senshin Yeah, it's actually kinda reminding me of Christianity.SE's early days, but better because there are experienced people involved, like you and me.
12:49 AM
And lo it became the Pantheon, and all who looked upon it were thus enlightened in the ways of myth~
I've never followed a site through private beta before. It's certainly... interesting.
First time for me as well
I need to keep reminding myself to cite stuff :/
8 hours later…
9:01 AM
Hi everyone, first time private beta-ing for me too :) It's exciting!
9:24 AM
4 hours later…
1:20 PM
@Luna Hullo!
I look forward to your participation on the site. :)
1 hour later…
2:43 PM
So... this:
A: Should we include folklore?

Mr. BultitudePersonally, I think so, and I even think the site could reasonably be renamed to Mythology & Folklore.

Should we be named mythology & folklore?
3:01 PM
The rep cap sucks. On the plus side, I just got the first ever mortarboard.
@YannisRizos Why is your "parent user" politics and not Progs?
@YannisRizos Hm, you're #2 in rep, I'm #11. I better get cracking
@durron597 The chat parent must be set to a site where I have a diamond if I want to have access to Teacher's Lounge. It also changes randomly. I guess the last time it did, I picked Politics.
@YannisRizos I guess the "multiple diamond tiebreak" situation doesn't happen that much.
@durron597 Rep will start flowing once the site is public.
4:00 PM
@El'endiaStarman @El'endiaStarman Hullo to you too! Looking forward to participating :)
2 hours later…
5:40 PM
Nice, I'm number 3 in rep. Better keep that up.
6:24 PM
@Piper number 4 here *shakes fist at you* :P
#15 feels out of his league :P
Haha, I wouldn't worry, as Yannis, said, I'm sure there will be questions, answers and rep a-plenty for all once we go public :)
Not worried at all :) Didn't have much time during the day anyway :)
6:50 PM
Good evening
Good morning!
this is my first private beta
I beat you by one
i have even asked a question - doing okay
You need to ask (or answer) three to get the Beta badge.
6:53 PM
just three?
Good morning?! Where are you hailing from? :)
it's evening here..
I am hailing from the Land of the Rainbow Serpent
Visit on three separate days; Vote ten times; Post three times with score of >= 1.
Glastonbury. As mythological as you can get.
I was just trying to answer your question on The Lady Of The Lake.
Haha, nice
She has no physical form in the early legends. Didn't Malory give her form first?
6:56 PM
I am not sure :P thus the question
I had a brief look, but haven't looked into it properly. It seemed like a fair question though, so I put it up :)
I'll have to dig out my old books, but the Lake is on the Mary Ley, not the Michael Ley.
Hence the Lady.
Hellow :)
~_~ nobody around when I am
:D yey a reply
yep, it's all kicking off now :P
7:01 PM
I'm confused.
Idk if I should focus on answering or asking :/
reached daily max tho
@EroSɘnnin You should focus on "adding content" -> both.
@EroSɘnnin Then you should vote a bunch and post ideas on meta
@durron597 hmm .. multi task it is then
@durron597 Yeah I've read some meta posts
It's really important in private beta to vote a lot
7:03 PM
or just main?
main more than meta, but meta too
you want to have a bunch of users with the early beta privileges by the time we get to public beta
On it :D
several people with 2k rep by launch.
Hmm .. okay
This is my first private beta
and I'm very new to SE
So, thanks for the info @durron597
This is the sort of thing we should be thinking about...
Q: What should our policy be regarding spoilers?

WipqoznConsidering the topic of our site, I think it's important that we discuss the issue of spoilers early so it doesn't become an issue later. With that in mind, things we need to address: When should spoilers be permitted in titles? When should we require users to include spoiler markdown in the q...

(I'm picking stuff from the anime meta as it's the SE with which you're the most familiar)
7:10 PM
Yeah .. I'm getting the points
We definitely need
Also this:
Q: Vote early and often!

Scott MorrisonI'm a moderator from MathOverflow, and this "question" is actually unsolicited advice, based on our experience from the initial launch of MathOverflow. We should encourage everyone to vote positively as often as possible! Every Stack Exchange site will eventually end up with a different "ba...

I created the tag which is the same thing.
(every meta uses their own tags for similar purposes)
hmm okay
Private beta ends in 6-5 days right ?
what are the important requirements to be fulfilled by then?
currently in meta we have the scope tag and the on-topic tag, we need to clean up the tagging a bit as they cross over a bit
I think for the public beta we just need to be active, have the scope defined a bit more and be prepared for others to join in and see what it's about?
do we need to define tags and wiki at present?
@EroSɘnnin Read these two links:
Robert Cartaino on July 09, 2010

Groups have an amazing ability to self organize — not by following rules or hierarchies of authority, but through basic human nature. Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a spontaneous brainstorming session with a group of colleagues? Sometimes you just know that you’re at the start of something big — something important — when everyone is abuzz with ideas, collaborating wildly with enthusiasm and energy.

That’s how it feels each time a new Stack Exchange site is launched. Not only in the questions and answers that are posted, but in the back room collaborations where the self-governance is starting to take shape — in meta. …

Q: What Tag Synonyms should be created?

durron597Since nobody has the reputation to suggest tag synonyms yet (and we have no moderators), please answer this question with things you'd like to be tag synonyms for referral to the Community Managers. Obviously, upvote if you agree with the synonym, downvote if you disagree.

7:24 PM
@durron597 are we to encourage tags like ? where the question is specific about one deity ?
@EroSɘnnin I don't know. You should make a meta question "Should we have tags specific to one deity?" Body: "for example, ..."
personally i feel like it is enough to search for "thor" for named deities like that
@oerkelens Hey, I'm #27...
If only you could get rep from Meta. I'd have a lot more!
but thor isn't the only deity in norse mytho
@El'endiaStarman Can you pin stuff in here?
7:27 PM
tags are helpful for searches for, say, norse, since its not like you can search for every single norse deity in one go
@durron597 Yup, all mods can.
@El'endiaStarman Could you pin my message that links to the 7 essential questions of every meta above please?
and if we encourage tags like thor, more and more tags on different deities would follow
@durron597 No problem.
7:28 PM
@EroSɘnnin On the other hand, more tags would make posts more searchable
Having lots of small tags is not necessarily a problem
there's also a tag for willothewisps, which should probably be deleted - a tag for each possible creature would also get messy
@EroSɘnnin Haven't read the preceding conversation, but on Christianity.SE, we do have tags for major figures in Christianity, like (the apostle) Paul or St. Augustine. Thor is a major figure in Norse mythology, so we should definitely have a separate tag for him.
I see both sides. This is why all of these discussions need to happen on meta
so the community as a whole can decide
And likewise for other major deities.
I suppose major deities can have their own tags then
gonna put up a meta post anyway
7:30 PM
tags doesn't make posts more searchable if you can just search for the term
For right now, don't edit anything on this subject (you too @Luna)
just post about it in meta
@El'endiaStarman I think we should also have a meta post attempting to define the exact scope difference between the overlap between sites like Christianity and Mi Yodeya and the other religion sites and this one. But I don't think I should be the one to write it, as I'm not active on any religion sites. Do you think you could write one?
@durron597 Sure.
But I'm going to need more input from the community.
@El'endiaStarman Agreed. I'm just asking you to write the meta question e.g. "what should be the scope" possibly with some suggestions
and let the community give its input with answers
@durron597 Sounds good.
7:34 PM
Is it worth having a "canon" tag question in meta? Like we have an overall "how we are defining the scope of the site", and then furhter individual questions - we could have an overarching question about how we're organising tags, with links to the other questions
@durron597 I know about that question. Look at who answered it. ;)
btw this room doesnt have a bot (yet)?
@El'endiaStarman Tee hee
do these usually have bots?
@EroSɘnnin Bots get written by community members
all of them, individually, I'm pretty sure.
7:35 PM
@Semaphore You can have a Stack Exchange bot post questions from the main site or other sites in here.
@El'endiaStarman Oh, am I wrong about that?
I would love to have a StackExchange bot post the meta questions here
Maid Cafe has too many. Dunno whose is who's
For instance, the Christianity.SE main chat room has a bot that posts Meta.Christianity questions as well as questions tagged on other sites.
@durron597 I'll go ahead and set that up right now.
@El'endiaStarman great, thanks
7:36 PM
@El'endiaStarman Can we actually not pin the "7 Essential Questions" thing? It is woefully out of date, and is full of useless cruft (who cares about the "elevator pitch" for this site?).
@senshin You could un-pin it.
I could, but I didn't want to do that unilaterally.
@senshin I don't mind removing the pin, but we should have a few pins linking to key private beta jobs of the community
@senshin, I see what you mean about some of it being out of date, but as someone who hasn't done a private beta before, I found it quite useful to read, even if not all of it is relevant any more
just to see what kind of scope we should be discussing
7:40 PM
@durron597 I guess? All the discussions that need to be happening are already happening organically, it looks like.
@senshin I mean, it's clear there are several users with private beta experience
For instance, this is my third
But it would still be helpful, in my opinion, to have resources for people for whom it's their first
Yeah, I mean I didn't read it thinking it was gospel, but it was good to get an idea. Not sure it's necessarily worth pinning though?
As a beta virgin, I for one would appreciate resources.
doesn't really hurt to keep it pinned
(i didn't even notice it)
IMO, no harm in pinning it.
We don't even have enough stars to saturate the sidebar yet
7:45 PM
fair :)
Is there any way to view traffic to the site over the past couple of days?
@Piper Not really. Moderators have access to traffic data (which they aren't supposed to share), but that's all.
Once we hit public beta, something like Quantcast would probably work as a decent approximation, but for the time being in private beta, we've got nothing.
4 votes left today. Shoot!
Oh well. Only 4 more hours until I can vote again...
Thanks. Who are our moderators?
don't have any I believe
7:56 PM
@Piper We don't have any yet.
until a week or so into public bta
Then pro-tem mods are chosen by the community managers.
We can start a meta thread on who to nominate in a few days. Or today, I suppose.
@Luna Sometimes longer
@El'endiaStarman Agreed, it's much too early
I think we shouldn't talk about pro-tem moderators until after public launch
@durron597 Which is quite sensible.
@Luna We need to focus on adding content to the site before we start worrying about cleaning up garbage
At the very least, it needs to be possible for spammers to post spam before we need to hire janitors ;)
8:00 PM
@durron597 I would say put work into cleaning up during private beta.
Yes, I reckon start talking mods once it's public :)
Well, the community should do its cleanup jobs, obviously
We agree
The messier it is at public launch, the longer it takes and the harder it is to clean up all the......stuff....that ensues.
I thought so,but figured I'd check.
ugh .. I hate Suggest Edit
8:02 PM
@EroSɘnnin Well, get yourself 500 rep then :)
I am so looking forward to that milestone ;)
@durron597 Daily max reached :P Waiting for rep
aw association bonus counts towards rep limit huh
it does O.o ?
i din't know that
thats not fair tbh
@Luna use the tag "scope" for this, please. Avoid meta tags, even on meta, unless you absolutely have to use them.
8:09 PM
@Semaphore It shouldn't. Your current rep is 301: 1 base + 100 association + 200 from upvotes.
note to self: my maths is super bad at 4am
@Shog9 Welcome Anax Shog
I'd toast to your success in mead, but I don't have any
@Shog9 You could just drink honey instead, the sun is still up
8:12 PM
I have a half-gallon left...
@Shog9 noted, thanks :)
@durron597 I learned something new today!
woohoo!! wrote my first answer
shouldn't it be migrated?
ie option 2 ?
8:17 PM
@EroSɘnnin We don't have migration paths yet
I do not know though, if my answer is okay
@santiago nice
@durron597 Ohh . okay
@Shog9 Who sees flags right now? CMs? (e.g. you?)
yeah, employees
Also, don't migrate anything.
Don't ask for anything to be migrated.
8:19 PM
This is your site, it's brand-new, and y'all gotta figure out what's on-topic here.
@Shog9 I suppose employees monitor private betas relatively heavily, right? Because public launch isn't even guaranteed
@santiago looks good :)
reaosnably so
@santiago looks great m8
8:21 PM
> Private Beta Evaluation — After one week, we will evaluate how the private beta is doing. If the content looks strong and the community highly engaged, we will open the site to the public. If there are any problems (or the community simply needs more time to develop) we may extend a private beta out to a second week. But once the stage is set and everything looks good, it’s time to open the the doors to the public.
I'm pretty sure that our beta is doing rather well, in fact.
Thank you muchly!
Now waiting for the Meta question posts to come flooding in...
Q: Should we have separate tags for the Maya, Inca and Aztec mythologies?

Vixen PopuliWe have separate tags for the Roman and Greek mythologies, despite the fact that these mythologies are very closely intertwined - often even the same stories, only the actors having different names. Like the story of Venus / Aphrodite cheating Vulcanus / Hefaistos with Mars / Ares. The native pe...

Q: Should we have tags for specific elements in a culture?

Ero SɘnninFor example: This question uses the tag thor along with the tags norse and deity. Another question uses valhalla & folkvangr along with norse So the concern is, doesn't the mentioned tags such as thorand valhalla already fall within norse ? Should we allow tags for distinct elements which alrea...

Q: What tags should we avoid?

LunaWe're already having several conversations about what our tagging protocol should be: What tags should become synonyms? Should we have several tags for the Maya, Inca and Aztec mythologies? What should our tagging protocol be for myths/religions? However, in various conversations, there have ...

Q: What sort of separation should we have for derived religion questions?

durron597For example, christianity ultimately is an offshoot of judaism. Some stories are exactly the same, the ones in the Old Testament, unlike this question, where there is a lot of cultural overlap but the stories aren't from the same first source. Other stories in christianity aren't in judaism at al...

Q: How should we decide if a religious question belongs here or on <Religion>.SE?

El'endia StarmanExactly what it says on the tin. How and where should we draw the line between religious questions and mythological questions. For example, here are three questions talking about Adam and Eve and/or Cain: Who did Adam and Eve's son Cain marry? Adam and Eve vs. Ask and Embla Who are those that C...

8:33 PM
@durron597 nope
8:49 PM
@El'endiaStarman liking the feed name :P
Excellent feed name.
I was gonna suggest Hermes :P But this looks cooler :D @El'endiaStarman
9:10 PM
@Luna ^_^
9:27 PM
4 votes left on Meta.Mythology! This is my only chance to get Vox Populi on Meta! [hunts for things to vote on]
2 hours later…
11:14 PM
First ever duplicate question: mythology.stackexchange.com/questions/114/…
Made by me!!! Hooray!!!
Congratulations! :P
Well, it had to happen sometime :P
11:30 PM
hey, don't take this beautiful moment away :P
11:58 PM
Where are them stars!?

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