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12:26 AM
Great. Then we can get into the best caliber for taking down a bear!
1:21 AM
Can anyone fix the spelling of this one?
Q: What can I do to prevent getting poisen ivy?

pelediesLong story short, I get poisen ivy incredibly bad. I take extraordinary measures to avoid any and all contact with it. I wear long socks and full pants in the middle of summer but I still end up getting it on my hands. Is there a spray or cream that I can use to create a barior on my skin?

1:52 AM
@phil fixed it. thanks!
5 hours later…
7:09 AM
hey all, excited to see this site finally launched! :)
@whatsisname I personally don't believe much in bear spray. :)
7:43 AM
it's really cool
I'll hope it will b sucessful
btw I'm also very active on the Travel SE site
I'm mentioning it here because I think there are quite a few overlaps between these two sites, especially when talking about camping. So we have to somehow decide where the border is
Wrote a bit about encountering bears...
A: What precautions should I take to protect myself and my camp from bears?

studiohackWhen you meet a bear, keep several things in mind: Never make eye contact with a bear. Make yourself as large as possible - do this by standing on a stump or rock. take your coat and raise it above your shoulders, etc. Never turn your back to the bear or run. This will make him think you are p...

7:58 AM
cool i like that answer
8:21 AM
just tried to answer your question
Q: What should I do when I'm lost?

studiohackWhat should I do when I get disoriented or lost? How can I find help or make myself easier to find? This is a general question to do when lost in the wilderness, whether it is a meadow or mountain.

4 hours later…
12:21 PM
So hyped, been waiting for this beta for a long time.
me too
even longer than for travel SE
Think I will enjoy it more than Travel SE too
i'm not yet sure
well, from my first impressions, feels like there are more experts here
the travel SE feels like an expert community of googlers lately (no disrespect to the great people there)
Q: What is the difference between men's and women's hiking boots?

victoriahWhen I bought my current pair of hiking boots, the brand/style I tried on and liked was out of stock in the womens version, so the storeperson offered me the mens ones instead. I tried them, liked them, and have used them for hiking ever since. They are incredibly comfortable and provide a ton of...

it's cool that there are SEs on my two favourite topics though
yes that's really great
but unfortunately in both cases my expert knowledge isn't demanded very often ;)
1 hour later…
1:41 PM
I've been waiting for some time as well for this site to go live...
I think I was one of the first 20 people to commit to this site...
hey @Pearsonartphoto
nice to see you here too
I wouldn't call myself an expert in the great outdoors, but I am a scout leader and avid hiker, so I guess I'm getting close...
I'm quite handy in the outdoors - camping and many outdoors sports and activities - but I wouldn't quite say I'm an expert either.
Now that we've launched I suppose I can take the link to the commit page out of my bio.
2:23 PM
Just hit the limit on voting, again... Every private beta...
Q: Increase the number of votes for the first 2 days of a private beta?

PearsonartphotoI am now participating in my 7th private beta, and one thing that I notice consistently, I never have enough votes to survive the first two days... It almost gets to the point where I'm not as active as I could be, if I was given more votes. Is there a chance that for the first 2 days, an increa...

I like the idea.
I've been one of the bigger contributor to finding new ideas for Area 51 and the whole beta process around...
Mostly from this question, and related...
Q: What can be done with Area 51?

PearsonartphotoI'm going to argue that Area 51 is not the optimal solution for Stack Exchange. Right now, as it stands, the following occurs: Someone, probably an expert or at least a strong enthusiast, proposes a site. People randomly follow this site. These people aren't committed to the proposal at all. Th...

81 questions already...
2:31 PM
This is one of the more active private beta's I've been a part of...
We certainly have a lot of people active on other sites. Our commitment and over 200 scores hit 100% way before we had 200 people.
That is certainly the case...
And even a lot of the newbies are quite active as well.
Already fulfilled my commitment:-)
2 hours later…
4:34 PM
Hello. I'm seeing a theme here:
Q: Does drinking alcohol cause problems at altitude?

Reverend GonzoIf I'm going to be climbing a mountain, would drinking a small amount at altitude have any negative effects (besides general alcohol effects)?

Q: What can I do to help relieve joint pain in fingers after climbing?

Reverend GonzoAfter I've been climbing for a while, my finger joints are very sore. Is there anything I can do to relieve that pain?

wonder if they are connected :-)
5:11 PM
@RoryAlsop yep :)

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