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1:36 AM
@StevenJeuris check our Mod room
7 hours later…
9:05 AM
Q: Should we change the site name to Mind?

zodiumFollowing up on previous questions, should we change the site title to Mind? Jeromy Anglim proposed some criteria for a good site title, which I think we ought to adopt for this question. Short Accurate in communicating scope Unique The first question to consider, then, is "Should we change ...

9:32 AM
Chat needs more Europeans.
3 hours later…
12:19 PM
@zodium Yes! Probably so! Most of us are on the east coast of the US, so it's morning for me here now
I watched a fascinating segment about teaching children empathy by exposing them to babies yesterday on the PBS News Hour. Going to ask some questions about that today
12:53 PM
@ChristianHummeluhr I'm European.
1:14 PM
@StevenJeuris yes, but he clearly meant interesting Europeans for him to chat with ;-)
(I'm j/k of course :-)
@JoshGitlin Haha! Never say 'j/k' before you know you actually offended someone. It detracts from the joke. ;p
Good point! I take it back, I wasn't joking! =p
I don't like you anymore.
.. but then again, I never did. ;p
P.s. I got my statement of accomplishment of the coursera course on discussions. ;p
Nice work!
I'm now fully qualified to analyze discussions haha.
1:28 PM
If I had more time I would have done that course
Well it was a bit too easy ... better just read a book on the subject I suppose.
But it's 'free time' and entertainment for me so .. :)
Quite a good lecturer (at least one of the two)
Gave me a good background in terminology and a possible approach if we ever are going to create that discussion platform though!
Yeah! I don't know if I will anytime soon though. I keep wanting to, but failing to figure out how to make it a viable business model
Have you played with Discourse at all?
I guess I can't do much else the coming 3 years.
Just tried it out when it was first released.
It's still fully thread based, but just with fancy features no?
I think so, yes
No pro/con threads
1:36 PM
Welcome back @zodium
Hi @JoshGitlin -- and good to see another euro here, @StevenJeuris
This site is going to be terrible for my productivity.
2:11 PM
@ChristianHummeluhr What do you do for work/studies?
@JoshGitlin My brother mentioned this to me recently: createdebate.com
You tried that one out?
@StevenJeuris Working memory/experimental psychology.
@ChristianHummeluhr Seems like this site might also help you with your productivity then. :)
@StevenJeuris A social network that increases my productivity? I think that's firmly in TGTBT territory.
What are you in?
Human-Computer Interaction at the moment.
So we need to have some basic background in cognitive aspects of humans. :)
Started doing my phd in February, still need to learn a lot.
We basically partially let it guide system design.
2:27 PM
That's excellent. HCI is one of those things that are exciting because it might actually end up getting some cognitive science out and applied in the real world!
I would actually imagine you'd have to learn a good bit more than the basics. We have an interdisciplinary MSc in HCI offered jointly by the psych, AI and CS departments here. :)
I'm trying to think up interesting questions to post, but the range between "This is so small, I should really just answer this myself" and "This is so big, I should really just write a paper" is surprisingly narrow. Any tips?
2:44 PM
@StevenJeuris I have not, I will check it out!
@ChristianHummeluhr True .. that's what makes it most interesting to me. Actually attempting to make real changes in the world. :)
@ChristianHummeluhr No such thing as "This is so small, I should really just answer this myself"! Ask it first, research it, and answer your own question when you find the answer
@ChristianHummeluhr True .. and I come from a software development background, which makes me qualified to make systems, but other than my master's thesis in Game and Media Technology I still have much to learn about HCI. :)
During my master I started learning about it on my own for several months.
@ChristianHummeluhr Whenever you are stuck for longer than let's say 1 hour, it's worthwhile writing a post about it.
If you do find the answer afterwards, you can answer it yourself.
But I wouldn't post questions you are looking for answers to and you haven't searched for let's say half an hour yet.
So yeah ... what @JoshGitlin said. :)
@StevenJeuris Thanks, that's a rule of thumb I can work with. I'm really hoping to get some exposure to viewpoints I otherwise don't have good "access" to, like dynamical systems theory.
@JoshGitlin Thanks to you as well, I'll keep that in mind.
Sure thing. I'm going to ask one of those kinds of questions here shortly
2 hours later…
5:11 PM
And here it is:
Q: What is the study which shows that babies can teach young children empathy?

Josh GitlinI saw a fascinating segment on the PBS NewsHour which said that studies have shown that young children (ages 5 - 8 years of age) can be taught empathy by having a class where they observe and learn to care for an infant. The segment stated that this study showed the children would experience incr...

@ChristianHummeluhr See the above as an example of "This is so small, I should answer it myself. And I did, and posted it to the site and answered it simultaneously"
...until @jonsca tells me it's far too basic of a question and begs me to delete it, that is ;-)
5:34 PM
Haha. :)
5:51 PM
@JoshGitlin Nice! I could see myself using CSci in a similar manner as an additional source of literature, even if I felt like I'd already done a good review, just to see if anyone has anything to add.
6:05 PM
@ChristianHummeluhr Please do! Not only that but it helps others find the site via Google
The ability to ask and answer one's own question is underused IMO
@JoshGitlin Yeah, most often people only ask questions because they really want to know, not because they want to help other people know it too
2 hours later…
7:51 PM
48 minutes on the phone with Intuit tech support and the resolution is "It's an IE 10 issue"... I guess it's good to know that I'm not the only developer who has issues with IE...
8:03 PM
Q: Least painful way to die

Xitcod13There is a lot of talk about inhumane treatment of animals and how we don't kill them in the proper way. I wonder how much research is done on this subject. What is the overall least painful way for an animal to die? I also wonder if this would be the same for a human. It is often said that its...

2 hours later…
10:08 PM
thanks for the buzz-kill, Bio Neuroscience Questions script
@JoshGitlin ugh. is it really that hard to see that the two are related?
as an experiment, let's rename stackoverflow to "Hello Kitty Forum"
then maybe they'll realize a name is not just a name
and it actually affects content and visitors
also, isn't SE supposed to be a democracy? i understand the need to temper rash decisions, but there is a consensus here that a name change needs to be addressed, with meta posts going back pretty much to the launch of our site
what does it matter to them?
@Jeff They have to hire someone to change it. :)
Must be very expensive. ;p
No ... we don't have an alternative yet which everyone stands behind.
10:26 PM
@StevenJeuris true, they'll have to change the favicon... that's easily like $10k, right?
if the issue is that we havent agreed upon a name-- that's totally acceptable
but that's not the impression i got from @JoshGitlin
if it is, then lets vote and move foward
@Jeff There opinion is that focusing on the name change is not of importance and there are bigger concerns. :)
But that argument is moot of course if voting takes up no time at all.
what are the biggest concerns?
and are they orthogonal to the name change?
Not high enough answer rate, and declining visitor rate.
Nope, not in my opinion.
our visitor rate is not declining, it's much better than it was 5 months ago
it was skewed for a while because of a few questions that had tens of thousands of views
True .. that's what we replied. :)
Well, Jeromy did.
10:31 PM
we need the people from stats.SE to show management how to do science
@Jeff I'm all for starting a poll-like name change on Meta, don't let me hold you back.
If a majority prefers one name, or one stands out I guess we have a stronger argument for it.
frankly, i'd argue that most of the non-answered questions are non-answered because they're borderline questions to begin with-- but that may be my personal opinion
the majority of unanswered questions show a lack of research effort, but perhaps have enough valid content to avoid being closed
then again, thats basically true of most questions on here-- unanswered or not
@StevenJeuris hehe ok, i will try to post a meta question in the next few days
@Jeff Hmm .. we could go over them and delete a few.
If they are honestly delete-worthy.
But on the other hand, I think closed questions don't count toward the answer rate.
Aren't most of those borderline questions closed?
@StevenJeuris well i do look through them from time to time and VTC, but the issue is that they're not really off-topic, they just show lack of effort-
so its unclear whether they're close worthy
take this for instance:
Q: Autism: Social Skills: Body Language and Facial Expressions

Adam SmytheWhat is the most effective (research proven) way to teach body language and facial expressions to autistic children?

@Jeff In that case vtc as narq.
10:37 PM
well there is a real answer to that question, and its probably on topic-- but do i really want to take the time to give a well thought out answer to a one line question?>
Well ... I'm for VTC'ing that as NARQ.
But my close vote would be a veto vote, so I don't like doing that.
It's NARQ exactly because of lack of research, not enough details.
E.g. where in his research did he get stuck?
Which ones does he know about/ which ones doesn't he know about?
The more the OP leaves open, the more difficult it is for the answerer, the longer answers are expected, hence, I find this to be NARQ.
well if i did VTC, it'd probably end up like this one:
Q: What is the psychological explanation of why people are sometimes perceived as cool when wearing dark glasses?

user13107The basic purpose of dark-glasses is to protect eyes from strong light. But why did people start to associate glasses with stylishness? In some contexts people who wear dark glasses (e.g., Neo in the Matrix) are perceived as being cool and smart. What is the psychological reason for the associ...

i voted to close, but there's not enough consensus
and my close vote expires
and i can't revote
which is silly, because to close a question on this site basically requires almost all of the active users who have the ability to close questions
Flag it when there are a few close votes already, then we can more easily veto close it.
10:42 PM
in fact, i think that sunglass question is a good one to throw the hammer at-- 4 downvotes, no citations (except for The Matrix), and at least one downvote (mine) that expired-- though i think there were a few others at one point
K, closed that one as NARQ, given the many comments on it which indeed indicate earlier close votes.
heh thanks
im mostly just venting though
There we go, acceptance rate increased!
we're on our way to the big leagues
But so next time, when you see even 2 close votes, and you are afraid it won't reach 5, flag it.
We'll keep an eye on it, and at least me (Josh as well as far as I know), will close it when it becomes too problematic.
Extended discussion ... new close votes, lack of intention of the OP to improve the Q.
10:46 PM
will do
New user, so had to at least leave behind a message on the other question.
Welcome to CogSci, as you might have noticed your question didn't get much response. This is likely due to the fact that you didn't do any initial research yourself to show what you already found out. If you update your question with some details of what you can find out on your own first, the question can be reopened. Give us some more details to work with. ;p — Steven Jeuris 45 secs ago
Yay, I'm on my way to becoming a tyran again!
well content-wise i much prefer the autism question to the sunglasses question anyway
so i think your comment is appropriate
Yup, but same principle applies.

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