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Q: Why was this question on closed by 1 mod as "requesting personal medical advice", even though the same mod said it was on-topic last year?

Franck DernoncourtThe question is: Title: Vaseline is used to reduce scarring following keratosis. Is there a substitute ointment that will be less uncomfortable when used near the eye? Body: After scaling a seborrheic keratosis one typically uses Vaseline to help reduce scarring. It is uncomfortable when it go...

Q: Why can I not see close votes?

Nigel JHaving sked this question I was told that there was a close vote due to lack of research (to which I have responded by edit) but I am unable to see any close vote on the page. Is this due to lack of reputation votes ? On other sites I am able to see close votes on all questions due to rep but I i...

Q: I have an [allergy] to a tag [allergen]

Robert ColumbiaWe have the following two tags: allergy (83 questions, tag wiki) allergen (15 questions, no tag wiki) There is a scientific difference in meaning between these two words (an allergy is a medical condition while an allergen is a substance that triggers it), but I'm not finding this difference us...

Q: Is our Beta label being removed?

user1271772Since we learned that Matter Modeling is graduating and Quantum Computing is graduating and Freelancing is graduating and Retrocomputing is graduating and Economics is graduating, I'm curious if Medical Sciences will be too?

Q: My post was incorrectly locked

TimThis post has been incorrectly locked: OP was not 12 when posted. The person pictured in the question is 12 - these are two different people, myself and my sister. At the time of posting, I (OP) was 16. This is clarified (to some extent) in the comments.

Q: The percentage of answered questions seems to have suddenly jumped, what happened?

user1271772When I asked whether or not our Beta label would be removed, we were at about 60% answered, and the answer was that we would remain in Beta because we weren't at 70% answered. Now we're "suddenly" at 69% answered and I wonder how that happened?

Q: Is it acceptable to give medical advice (or medical instructions) in an answer?

user1271772In the Meta discussion titled: What is a medical advice?, I found that Carey Gregory defined "medical advice" as a type of question: "Medical advice is any question that asks for a personal advice, diagnosis, prognosis, second opinion, or interpretation of lab results/medical notes/etc. Or more ...

Q: Why am I banned from asking questions?

Sergey ZolotarevWhy am I banned from asking questions? I am certain all of them are good. Most of them have a positive score. Most of them are not closed. Considering the fact that we have a pandemic going on, I find this irresponsible. Everyone should be able to solicit advice under these circumstances. EVEN IF...

Q: Are questions related to health technology assessment and health economics off topic?

EconJohnI'm a mod from Economics.SE and thought it would be better to ask questions relating to health technology assessment and cost effectiveness analysis here since these arent the usual questions non health economists work with. I'm wondering if questions relating to health technology assessment and ...

Q: Is there a preferred referencing style to use?

Chris RogersMany questions and answers will involve citing journal articles and other scientific works. Clearly, it's desirable if there is a link to a free online version of the article. However, such links (e.g., from an academic's website) often disappear over time. So it is also desirable if at the very ...

Q: Should We Request the Close Vote Requirement Be Decreased to 3?

Ian CampbellThe impetus for this question was this medical advice question which (as of the time of writing) had 3 votes to close but obviously remained open. As longtime users of this network know, it takes 5 votes for closure to close a question. However, for a long time, Stack Overflow was the exception, ...

Q: 2021: a year in moderation

JNat As we say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one, we have a tradition of sharing moderation stats for the preceding calendar year. As most of you here are aware, sites on the Stack Exchange network are moderated somewhat differently to other sites on the web: We designed the Stack Exch...

Q: Announcing a Pro Tempore election for 2022

JNatSummary: Medical Sciences Stack Exchange will begin the nomination stage for a special election on February 21, 2022 to bring in 2 more moderators. For full details of the process, see the announcement on Meta Stack Exchange. The timeline: Starting on February 21, 2022, users can nominate themse...

Q: Can I ask this question: How to make sticky DIY electrode pads (for TENS unit)?

JinSnowTENS unit are recommended for many diseases but the electrodes pads don't last really long, and are quite expensive for many people. Is it allowed to ask this question here? If not, do you know in which stack exchange forum it could fit?

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